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Fable Rock

Fable Rock


Parolees serve their time by working at Kite Rock Nature Preserve. Little do people know that Kite Rock is, in reality, Fable Rock: a preserve for the last existing dragons in the world.

908 readers have visited Fable Rock since Kittengoo created it.


Dragons suck.

Anyone who's ever encountered a dragon can tell you that. They are not friendly. They are vicious, cunning, monstrous lizards with the powers of fire and human speech. They aren't the mystical creatures of fairy tales who will grant wishes if can appease their boredom.

They don't grow bored.

And if they did, they certainly wouldn't be amused by lowly mortals.

They are beasts.


It is for this reason that they were slaughtered to near extinction in the middle ages by a divine order called the Phoenix Templars. They were named after the mystic firebird said to be dragons' mortal enemies. The symbolic name seemed to do them well. Almost miraculously, humans managed to push back the dragons. By the year 650, the last of the dragons had fled to deep places.

With the draconic threat thwarted, the Phoenix Templars faded away. Since in those days, literature belonged only to the rich, few records of the existance of dragons remained, and the stories that made it to the modern days, such as Beowulf and The Faerie Queene were disregarded as fantasy.

But several Templars clung to their heritage.

They did not forget.

And as the centuries turned, some of them... regretted.


And here we are.

Kite Rock Nature Preserve.


In 1972, Kite Rock Nature Preserve was established in the heart of Pennsylvania. Though it was a good seven hour drive from any sort of civilization, the surrounding towns were excited to have an attraction nearby.

Unfortunately for them, fifteen-foot tall electrified fences were erected around all its 125,000 acres. The front gates were locked, and no visitors were allowed.

Except for the parolees.

Kite Rock Nature Preserve was not Kite Rock Nature Preserve. In reality, it was Fable Rock Dragon Preserve. Fable Rock was founded by one of the descendants of the Phoenix Templars, but his kind was no longer called the Phoneix-- they were the Draconic Templars.

Fable Rock is home to not only the last eight living dragons in the world, but faeries, satyrs, will-o-wisps, shades, centaurs, goblins, sprites, brownies, selkies, naga, and all manners of mystical creatures. The government-sanctioned program is shrouded in secrecy, but the outside world thinks little of it. It was, after all, just more nature nuts frantic about protecting endangered animals.

In a way, they were right.

And so the Draconic Templar who oversaw Fable Rock lived in a humble home in the center of the preserve, managing its affairs.

But one person cannot manage all of Fable Rock alone. And yet the preserve is far too dangerous for normal people to entrench themselves in.

This is where you come in.



Unfortunately, all is not well in Fable Rock. The preserve has stayed a secret for fifty-three years... at least from the public.

Word trickled through to the Phoenix Templars. And though they were far and few in between, having a cause... and an enemy... unites people. Now a great war is about to begin between the Draconic and Phoenix Templars over the fate of the dragons.

And it all begins with the court bus arriving today.



Must be age 65+ because of the timeline. Intended to be male, but doesn't really matter. Runs the show and must have a strong enough personality to keep the parolees in line... and alive.








Code: Select all
History: This is where you might talk about their crimes, etc. Be reasonable, though; I mean, if the character killed someone, I doubt they're going to be given parole. Additionally, are they new, arriving on the bus today, or have they been at Fable Rock serving parole for awhile now? It can be either way. Also, very important-- are they Phoenix Templar spies?
Password: Have you read everything?
Other: Keep in mind that this template is the bare minimum. You can design it to look however you want, but make sure all this information is in it!

Toggle Rules

On Fable Rock
Literally, you can make up anything to add to the setting. We've got 125,000 acres to work with. You decide the minotaurs have an enormous hedge maze in the east? The minotaurs have an enormous hedge maze to the east. Swamps filled with evil hags, harpies nests high on crags, underground demon lairs, it's all game. The dragons are the stars, however, so they're the biggest, baddest creatures around.

Humans live in a house protected by magic near the front of the preserve. It's simple and wooden, but a few stories tall and enough to hold everyone comfortably. Additionally, no more than 7-8 parolees usually live at Fable Rock.

On Dragons
We're dealing with the standard European model of dragon. They have human intelligence and human speech. The password is 'Dragons suck ass.' Fable Rock workers do not attempt to approach them, even if injured; too many fatalities occur. The exception to this rule is baby or adolescent dragons. If those are injured, despite the dangers, the preserve workers will attempt to save it.

On Role-Playing
Standard rules. No GM'ing, play nice.

This is a literate roleplay.
However, I'm really an easy-breezy person, and I have my own life to juggle as well, so it's not like I expect you to write Moby Dick! :)

Due to the nature of this roleplay, things could get gorey or profane. Try not to be outrightly obscene, but this is also considered a mature roleplay, so understand what you're getting into!

Additionally, I ask that you have no more than two characters. I'm keeping the roleplay small.

NO anime photos, please. Drawings are fine, photographs are fine.

Seven or eight roleplayers all contributing to world-building is so much better than just me. Add all the little details you want and make it your own; go crazy.

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Character Portrait: Sterling "Dave" Davis
Character Portrait: Sasha Romanov


Character Portrait: Sasha Romanov
Sasha Romanov

"You're just jealous you're not as pretty as me..."

Character Portrait: Sterling "Dave" Davis
Sterling "Dave" Davis

I've been here a year and I still... know utterly nothing about animals. I could fix your dishwasher though...?


Character Portrait: Sasha Romanov
Sasha Romanov

"You're just jealous you're not as pretty as me..."

Character Portrait: Sterling "Dave" Davis
Sterling "Dave" Davis

I've been here a year and I still... know utterly nothing about animals. I could fix your dishwasher though...?

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Sasha Romanov
Sasha Romanov

"You're just jealous you're not as pretty as me..."

Character Portrait: Sterling "Dave" Davis
Sterling "Dave" Davis

I've been here a year and I still... know utterly nothing about animals. I could fix your dishwasher though...?

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Re: Fable Rock

Sasha is a wonderful little darling and he's gonna mess so many things up over the course of the roleplay. He'll probably win the 'most likely to flirt with a dragon' award XD

The Fablehaven books are the best books ever. Magic and monsters and strong female characters yayyyyy. They're so good I own all of them and I adore them XD

I hope so too. Have you tried posting in the roleplay advertising section yet? That might get some interest. In worst case, onexones are always a thing, at least until we get more people x3 I'm super excited to get this going.

Re: Fable Rock

Oh my word. You made me laugh twice at Sasha's sheet "Sasha is a cruel little bitch. He will cut you." And that dragons are majestic, but only from a distance. I'm in love with him and Dave, with the sexual prowess of a rock, is probably flustered as well.

One simply google search tells me that the FableHaven books are probably what my middle school self had always yearned for and never got. Any middle grade book where characters died was a good book for me! I've put the first one on hold at the library!

I hope more interest shows up. I'm really eager to get this going...

Re: Fable Rock

Submitted my charrie :33 He's Sasha, and he's gonna be a complete handful for everyone and it's gonna be wonderful.

Also, I don't suppose you've ever read the Fablehaven series, have you? 'Cause if you haven't, something tells me you'd highly enjoy it.

Re: Fable Rock

Absolutely! So far it doesn't look like there's much interest at all... ehehe. I'll reserve it nonetheless!

Re: Fable Rock

Could I perhaps reserve one of the parolees? Just got off a 12 hour shift at work, so I'm not really able to character build right now, haha, but I'll be able to make a charrie as soon as I get home from school tomorrow :33

Fable Rock

Hey everyone, I'm Kitten. I'll be getting my own character sheets up soon. Looking forward to this!