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Sasha Romanov

"You're just jealous you're not as pretty as me..."

0 · 518 views · located in Pennsylvania

a character in “Fable Rock”, as played by MatthiasAleksander


Aleksander "Sasha" Romanov

Pretty Boy

Name: Aleksander "Sasha" Romanov
Age: 23, although he could easily pass (and usually does) for younger.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Aromantic Pansexual. He'll (gladly) sleep with anyone, but start talking about commitment and he'll immediately find an excuse to leave.
Height: 5'8". Not too tall, not to short, just right. Even if it is annoying to find clothing.
Weight: 115 pounds. A tad underweight, but he's not complaining.

Appearance: Sasha is the type who most people refuse to believe is a guy. He's delicate, skinny, and kinda short, and all in all looks like someone could easily break him in half. This is likely not the case, because, for all his size, Sasha packs a mean little punch (He did, after all, make it all the way to green belt in his karate course before money ran out, something he's very proud of).

His hair falls to about his shoulders, sometimes wavy, sometimes not. It's a chocolate-y brown colour, something which he rather despises, but doesn't really have means to change. If he had the money for hair dye, it would be bright blue. But, alas, he doesn't have the money, and therefore brown it'll have to remain. Sasha guards his hair with his life, and getting scissors near it could very easily become a life threatening task for the hand holding those scissors (They tried to shave it in prison - after he broke a guard's arm, they decided to leave him be).

Sasha's expressions are very measured, and don't often change. Usually, he'll be wearing a neutral-but-interested mask, or a small flirtatious grin, regardless of how he feels about the situation. He rarely shows fear so blatantly upon his face, and some serious shit has to be going down before he'll outwardly express his worry. He has surprisingly well cared for skin and hands, and is always meticulously clean.

In terms of clothing, he'll wear whatever he's given. He's been poor for too long to be picky, and is usually just glad to have clothing. If he does have options, the shorter the better. Sasha doesn't get cold easily, and is usually a little furnace of heat. Not to mention, he's rather fond of his body, and realises he can use it to achieve his ends easier, so why not show it off?

Personality: In general, Sasha seems to be a fairly decent person. He's very flirtatious, and some might even be bold enough to attach the term 'friendly' to his name. Those people are wrong.

Sasha is a cruel little bitch. He will cut you.

Years of poverty and abuse have lead to Sasha having an extremely maladaptive personality. He will use whatever means to get what he wants, and what does it matter to him if they hurt you in the end? As long as he's happy, he couldn't care less to what happens to other people.

Of course, he doesn't show this. When he's trying to get something, he'll be an utter darling. Sweet, shy, dainty, the perfect little lover anyone could ever ask for. They might even think him a little dull, naive from his innocence. What they don't see is the utterly cutthroat mind lurking beneath that mask, plotting and scheming every single move and breath he takes.

Honestly, he probably would be considered a sociopath, or at least somewhere on the spectrum. He doesn't know - he's never had the money to go see a psychiatrist, and why bother, when they would just tell him something he already knows? It's not like it would affect his actions or anything, after all.

He does have a tendency to be rather depressed, and can have some pretty severe mood swings and anger outbursts, although he does try to hide that from others, terrified they'll view him as weak. He knows he needs a lot of help, but thinks that he's so broken he can't be fixed anymore, and will refuse others attempts to try and get him that help. He doesn't think he can change, and thinks that his actions are all that will ever define him.

History: Sasha grew up in a completely poor family, to a whore of a mother and an abusive father who was gone for half his life. It seems that he's been learning how to make ends meet since he was able to walk - first as a petty thief, then a pickpocket, and now, a prostitute. His mother was bringing him to the brothel she worked at since he was a child, and once he turned thirteen, he began working there too.

Personally, Sasha never saw anything wrong with sex work. Sure, he was underage, and yeah, maybe some of his clients sucked, but it paid well, and it actually made it possible for him to have the money to get his mother the occasional gift here and there. Without it, he wouldn't have been able to put food on the table, and would likely have starved to death.

Of course, he learned to keep it quiet from a young age. His mother made sure of that after the first note the teachers sent home, voicing their concern over his overly sexual behavior towards other students. So Sasha hid in school, and didn't draw attention to himself, and passed with fairly mediocre marks.

His mother died in the winter shortly before his nineteenth birthday. There was no funeral, no mourning. Sasha simply arranged for a morgue, and then went about life as usual. There was no time for mourning, not when you had to fight to keep food on the table. If anything, it was easier for him now, now that he only had to feed himself and not anyone else.

He was never more pissed than he was this past spring, when the brothel he worked at was raided by police. The arrest didn't really matter to him, but more so that an easy source of income was off the table. He jumped at the opportunity to go to Fable Rock - after all, it meant a place to stay and food on the table, and somewhere where he wouldn't have to fear the other inmates. So far, he's been here for a month. He's really rather positive about the whole situation. The working with animals bit is really rather nice - even if half the animals would slaughter him in a heartbeat - and he doesn't have to struggle for food. Also, he gets to shower daily. That's probably his favourite part.

Password: Dragons suck ass, although personally Sasha thinks they're rather majestic to look at. Well, from a distance. A very large distance.
Other: He doesn't know what the Templars are and honestly doesn't care, as long as they don't get between him and his food.

So begins...

Sasha Romanov's Story