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Alexander Inverness

"Wonderful. I, the image of masculine perfection, am the figment of the imagination of a total loser. Let's see if we can't change that."

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a character in “Fabricate”, as played by :Nagato:


Alexander Inverness



Name: Alexander Inverness
Nickname(s): He prefers either Alex or Alexander. He can't stand being called Al or Xander.
Age: As a Fabrication he's essentially only as old as Maxwell...though because of his mature, strongly sculpted features he could easily pass for as high as twenty five years old, even if in Max's mind he's only seventeen.
Gender: Alexander is definitely male. As male as male can be.
Role: Fabrication Four

Everything about Alexander simply screams alpha male--dominance, handsomeness, strength, masculinity. He towers over all around him at a menacing 6'4, weighing in at 185 pounds, with the lean, well-muscled build of a rugby player and smooth, slightly pale skin, utterly free of acne. He has wavy hair of stark black falling down as far as his shoulder blades, with a thick, lustrous texture to it. Alexander's face is the image of masculine attractiveness--a strong, chiselled jaw, sharp nose, high, well-sculpted cheekbones, everything about his facial features seems built to appeal to the opposite sex. His mouth is small, with thin lips that constantly seem to be turning up at the ends, as if he is about to break into a smirk, and his eyes are like soulless obsidian stones set in the canvas of his statuesque face, keen and sharp, never losing their shark-like focus; he has a bit of stubble adorning his features--not at all slovenly, it only completes the masculine image. Alexander does not walk--he strides, confidently and, indeed, in a rather arrogant manner, carrying himself proudly like a predator constantly on the lookout for prey to snatch up.

In terms of clothing, Alex can often be found in a tight tank-top or t-shirt that showcases his powerfully built muscles, with a pair of regular-fit jeans and athletic or slip on shoes; he can sometimes be seen to top off the outfit with a light jacket, though this is rare, as he is loathe to, in his words, 'cover up perfection'.

Alexander Inverness has always been there with Maxwell--though never in any sort of encouraging sense. Hell, with Alexander around it's any wonder Maxwell has any self-esteem left; that tends to run out when you have to share your imagination with an alpha male guy who seems to derive a great deal of enjoyment from highlighting all the ways he's better than you and how much of a loser of a geeknerd you are. Of course, just about everyone gets the same treatment from him, not just Maxwell--everyone is inferior and needs to be put in their place, which preferably would be deferring to Alex's obvious superiority. He's always been there trying to get the damn kid to get a life, and, you know, actually start acting like a guy and not a 'shut-in antisocial nerd', as Alexander is so fond of referring to Maxwell as; he constantly tells Max he needs to be more masculine, more robust, more...just more like a guy should be overall.

And goddamn how Alex tells the kid to get a damn social life. A social life besides the pervert and the shut-in he's managed to claim so far, that is. Okay, Alex gets it--you gotta take small steps to the top. Except Max is still hanging out with those two losers as if they actually mattered (the very thought...) and he clearly isn't trying to get with the in crowd. What the hell is up with this kid? Alexander doesn't understand how someone can possibly think having real friends is more important than being the number one on the playground...but he'll be damned if he's going to be a figment of the imagination of a lifeless loser. With this attitude in place, Alex has dedicated himself to trying to get the kid to finally see sense and start getting with the cool people.

Alexander is, in essence, a total douchebag. He's that guy who's intimidating, knows it, and uses it to his advantage--that guy everyone secretly hates to all hell but are too afraid to say it to his face because they know he'll kick their sorry ass and then toss them in a dumpster for everyone else to laugh at. A grade-A asshole if ever there was one, Alex is constantly bullying and insulting everyone he comes across, no matter who--wearing the same expression that manages to convey the ruthless contempt of a scowl, the condescending disgust of a sneer, and the self-conceited confidence of a smirk. Utterly vain and arrogant as can be, he thinks the world of himself, and literally can't picture someone being stronger, more handsome, more masculine than he is. Alex clearly doesn't give a shit about anyone else--if he saw an old lady being mugged in an alley, he wouldn't raise a finger to help her if he didn't think she'd reward him for it. Hell, he'd probably wait until it was done and then mug the mugger himself and take the money. He is never Mr Nice Guy, he never honestly praises anyone but himself, and he never does anything for anyone if he doesn't think he'll benefit off of it somehow.

That doesn't mean he's incapable of laying on the charm. He can pull it off on certain occasions--that is, when a hot chick is nearby. After all, as a self-respecting male, he feels obligated to give all attractive women in the vicinity the gift of his attention. Alexander constantly encourages Max to go flirt with that chick, go chat up that hottie over there, try to pick up that cute girl--and ignore the rest, because none of them are sexy enough to be worth Alex's attention. What about personality, you say? Well, Alex says--fuck that. Personality doesn't matter if all you want is a good lay and nothing more--which is in essence all Alex really wants. Screw committed relationships, who needs to deal with being tied down to one chick? That said, Alex knows when a girl probably isn't going to put out the second she sees him (he doesn't get why not, but that's the way it is, for some reason). So he'll typically tell Max not to bother with those ones--not that Max tends to really listen to Alexander's relationship advice.

For the most part, however, when he isn't trying to charm the pants off a girl, he's an irritable dick who truly doesn't seem to like anyone at all but himself. It would be rather sad an existence if he was, you know, a real person--but as it stands, he represents only a part of Maxwell's latent imagination--a part that he'll probably never be able to pull off, but a part that everyone involved can only hope he'll never start channelling.

Not much to say in terms of quirks given he's not a real person. As said Alex delights in insulting Maxwell, and just about everyone else, in nearly every way possible; Luna Two is just about the only person who can stand him for more than a couple of minutes (and in turn she's just about the only person whose presence Alex doesn't start getting annoyed). He has a tendency to crack his knuckles and neck when he's starting to get pissed off, and he hates the Good Fabrication's guts, not only because...well, everything he stands for is in direct contrast to everything Alexander stands for, but also because he shares his name--as if there's room for two Alexanders in one kid's imagination.

So begins...

Alexander Inverness's Story