Amber "The Firehawk" Griffin

"Some people just want to watch the world burn. Me? I'm the one to start the flames."

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a character in “Face Everything And Rise”, as played by Kuron Shiro



γ€Œ"Some people just want to watch the world burn. Me? I'm the one to start the flames." 」

[center]|Amber Griffin|

|Alias: The Firehawk|

|Age: 19|

|Role: Mage|

|Gender: Female|

|Face Claim: Emma Stone|

γ€Œ"I guess you're asking me what my favorite things to do are? Ok, lets see. I like taking a break from things, i like to have showers or baths. Hmm what else? Oh! Fire! I love fire!” 」



|FACTION: "The Mages, obviously"|

|Song? "I haven't really been around music in a while"|

|Movie? "I've only ever seen one movie. I think it was... The Hunger Games?"|

|Weapon "Does fire count?"|

|Season? "Gonna have to go with Summer. For the obvious reasons."|

|Animal? "I JUST LOVE CATS!"|

|Color? "My fave color is actually blue"|

|Celebrity? "Leonardo DiCaprio, yet he still hasn't got an Oscar..."|

|Food? Mangoes and bananas. Man goes bananas for mangoes and bananas!"|

|Smell? "A smell? How about cooking food"|

γ€Œ"Names aren't important. Just call me... The Firehawk” 」


-Getting clean
-Getting to know new people
-Good Food
-Having people around that care


-Being dirty for extended periods of time
-Chinese food of any kind
-The colour green


|| Power ||
"I have the power to create fire at will from my bare hands. I guess you could say i'm kinda hot, yeah? Oh yeah i should probably say that i learnt all about my magic at the School of Creation, pretty much the only magic school left."

"Now i gotta tell you my weakness's? Fine. For starters water if i'm at all wet i cant light a flame. So i guess rainy days are my inside days. Secondly if i get in a car or any vehicle for that matter expect to see chunks flyin' because motion sickness is a thing for me apparently."


-"I hate spiders so that's one thing"
-"Claustrophobic, definitely claustrophobic"
-"Let's just say i don't like the dark..."


Doesn't care about nudity || Often creates fires || Tries to whistle || Likes burns

γ€Œ"Alright i just want to see this guy taken down. That way we can go back to being normal and if you aren't with us, you're against us! So pick a side already!" 」

Bossy: Sometimes
Opinionated: Sometimes
Afraid//Paranoid: Rarely
Ruthless/Relentless: Sometimes
Demanding: Sometimes
Broken: Rarely
Affectionate: Rarely
Risk-Taking: Always
Fearless: Mostly
Tough: Mostly
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Independent: Always
Honest: Always
Loyal and Faithful:Always
Serious: Mostly
Romantic: Rarely
Flirty: Rarely
Sympathetic: Sometimes
Sarcastic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Mostly
Determined: Mostly
Logical: Sometimes
Hyperactive: Rarely
Sweet/Kind/Caring: Sometimes
Protective: Mostly
Nurturing: Sometimes
Humorous/Funny: Sometimes
Seductive/Manipulative: Rarely
Violent/Cruel: Sometimes
Ill Tempered: Sometimes
Social: Mostly
Emotions: Sometimes

Amber didn't really see her family growing up after they sent her to the tower when they discovered her "disability". She spent most of her time learning how to harness her powers at the School of Creation where she met a lot of other mages who were in the same situation as her. Because of her hotheadedness she joined the rebellion to be able to save the world from the tyrant and to make mages be seen and thanked instead of hidden away and feared so that the next generation of mages aren't just thrown away by their families and instead helped by them. She knew that after she was approached by Eric that the world will be different for her, and she wants to make a difference.
Because of her life in the tower she hasnt really had much free time on her hands until now, now's her chance to be herself to be something else.


So begins...

Amber "The Firehawk" Griffin's Story