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Sky Winsword

I'm just here for a good time!

0 · 369 views · located in A small village named "Coppergrain"

a character in “Faceless”, as played by LunaSpirit


Name: Sky Winsword

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Picture: Image

Additional appearance: *Cough* WHORE *Cough*

Special skills: Has a away to get around people, mostly men. It’s like she can all most hypnotise others into doing her bidding. Sky also has a rather solid punch and a good strong kick.

Occupation (Adults only): Though Sky has no job, she wishes to be a artist and often sells her work.

Experiences with Slenderman so far, if any: Never heard of the being! She lives her life without worry. Lucky...

Pets?: Has a small very aggressive ginger cat named Minx.

Personality: Sky is flirty, jokey, and rather cold. She rarely thinks of others feelings and views herself of better than everyone else. However, her presence is often useful as she is highly intelligent and able. Some love her attitude, but others hate it...

With a little push, she might change her views on life. Maybe Slendy might give her that push? Maybe she might realize life aint just a party.

History (Optional): As a child, Sky was bullied due to her hair colour, she still is a little...

Other: WIP

So begins...

Sky Winsword's Story

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Sky Winsword

Sky walked in a very confident manner, the small heels of her boots clonking on the cobblestone ground as she headed down the street. She held a sketchpad and pencils in her arms, clasping them tight to her chest, looking very intelligent and rather sexy. Her bright orange hair water falling in thick long curls to her shoulder blades bounced against her back as she walked in her seemingly effort filled way.

She was looking for something interesting to sketch, something different. Sky was bored of trees, and birds, and buildings. She wanted something enchanting and dangerous...but you could never stumble across something like that in little Coppergrain...this place just sucked too much.


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Ray Silverwood

Ray didn’t make a sound as he was slapped, but afterwards grabbed Drakes wrist and harshly dragged his body towards him. "HOW F*CKING DARE YOU!" The black haired youth roared in his face, but there was something in Rays eyes that showed he was faking the anger. He was afraid. He didn’t want them losing anyone else either. Slowly, he loosened his grip on Drakes arm before fully letting go, giving him a semi apologetic and pitiful glance.

Ray then let the siblings words sink into his brain, which being all that honest took quite a while, he was last to speak. "It looks like a kind of curse mark to me, if it does not protect him its got to do the opposite surely?" He said meeting eyes with Jason, before glaring closely at the circle and X on his back. "...And yeah your right about the knife, I was nothing up against the Masked man and Slender...They went cause they wanted to? Or was it another reason...I don’t know..."

He looked to the girl with the dog, she seemed afraid. Very afraid and uneasy. But Ray was too cold hearted to comfort her; she got herself dragged into this. Of course this sort of judgement was not fair, she stumbled upon the group accidently, but Ray still hated her none the less for putting herself into danger...

Sky Winsword

***Time Skip***

This town was very dull to Sky; she hoped to move to someplace else soon, somewhere busy with lots of life and action. Here it was almost silent and empty. The ginger haired girl clung to her sketchbook and pencils tightly; she wandered the edge of the forest, searching for something to draw. Finding nothing she headed father in, not knowing what to expect.

Sky had never been in the forest before. She was new here and already wanted to move. Her parents had already explained it was simply trees for what seemed miles around but she felt like exploring anyway since there was nothing else to pass her time. Then suddenly a stench met her nose. The girl froze in fear as her eyes found the culprit.

Animals...slaughtered...hung on the trees...Their flesh now rotting...

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(Sooo god damn sorry. Going to post everyday from now on! EVERY SINGLE DAY! <3 By the way I added a new off topid thread about Character Theme songs. Anyone got any ideas?)

Ray Silverwood

"Nice language..."

Ray let out a breath of air that sounded like a half hearted snarl. He couldn’t help it, he had just grown up with such a attitude and it’s how he was. People could either deal with it, or he dealt with them. But now was not the time to be aggressive, though that was a little too late. Suddenly the girl who he did not yet know the name of ran to the door to see what had annoyed her canine so much. "He is right there..." She whispered in a almost un-audiable voice.

Rays blue eyes widened to the size of golf balls.

"Why won’t he just leave us alone!" The raven haired teen cried, clenching his fists and glaring at the door that this creature was supposedly behind. He saw the state that Anna was in and slowly made his way towards her, trying to keep his cool even in a situation such as this. Ray pulled his arms around her and gently dragged her into his chest, but said nothing and just comforted her in pure silence. He looked up towards Jason, seeing the distress on his face at his sisters fear. Ray hoped he had also put her Brother at ease too, but he doughted just some hug would help much.

The dog owner suggested in some way of harming Slenderman, but Ray was unsure if he would be affected. "I don’t know...It might not do anything, and is it really worth the risk of one of us getting killed...?" He said in a uneasy tone.

"Where is that knife you got from Chaos...uh...that masked man?"

"Chaos....Who the" Ray turned around to face 'Drake' when sudden surge of pain blasted through his mind as he met eyes with him, causing him to cut his sentence short. He rubbed his forehead franticly, trying to rid himself of the ache which was not happening. "Sorry...Slender se...seems to have this kind of effect on me...W...what do you mean by Chaos...?" The youth asked, dragging the knife from his pocket. It was still speckled with Jason’s blood which had now turned crisp on the blade. "Yeah its" Ray did not hand it over though, he held it close to his thighs...he wanted a answer first...

Sky Winsword.

Sky had to force her stomach to hold the vomit that was about the spill out of her mouth. She froze at the sight of all the blood and dead animals strung from the trees and was even too afraid to scream out. For a good long while, she just stood there, frozen; her mind began working like frantic clockwork. How the hell did these get here? Who was so sick to do this? Why would anyone hear waste good animal meat? Nobody shoots for the fun of it... The ginger haired girl then stretched out a arm and pushed a dead rabbit with delicate finger tips, stepping back in disgust as the carcass dropped onto the leafy ground.

Sky could not leave a opportunity like this too go to waste. Though this was horrific, it was interesting and investigating was something she loved. The girl pulled out her sketchbook and began the sketch the horrorfilm like scene...