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'Speaking to you would be easier if I had a mouth.'

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a character in “Facility 51”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock


X, Four Years, Shows Mainly Masculine Traits

< Physical Info >


X is what seems to be the human template of a young adult man. X's features are mainly masculine, with just-above-average height and slightly lanky appearance, but not without its terms of muscle. There is no hair upon his head, nor any facial features to note of. X prefers to wear nice, black suits, and will rarely be caught wearing anything denoted as 'casual'.

Experiment 000-X

< Mentality >

X is naturally cool and semi-sociopathic. He does not understand emotions, including his own, but he is curious, and always willing to learn.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Education Inhumane treatment of subjects x
o Social Learning Destruction of Education and Learning x
o Experimentation Lead x

< Ability Statistics >

Power or abilities
Atomic Rearrangement: X has the ability to rearrange the sequence of atomic particles to transform or transfigure an object into something else

Personal Mutation: X has the ability to mutate himself, rewriting his genetic and subatomic code

Concentrated Radiation: The very being of X is radioactive, so it is easy for him to concentrate this radioactivity into a beam or ray of some sort

Mind-Speech: Having no mouth, X communicates by signals of concentrated thought

[Note: The powers of Atomic Rearrangement and Personal Mutation have a limit to them, for these cause a spike in radioactive energy, which, in too high of levels, can be toxic to X. The only way to alleviate heightened levels is through emitting the radioactive energy into the environment through a concentrated form. Mind-Speech is not to be confused with mind-reading; X can only send out, and not receive, unless mutated otherwise.]

Personal Traits
Radioactivity: The core being of X is radioactive energy. While X's flesh contains this, a penetration to this flesh will leak his glowing yellow 'blood', which can irradiate an area quickly.

Half-life: Due to its own radioactivity, X has a short life span, which is approximated to that of half of the average human--approximately thirty-five years of age, possibly shorter.

Favorite Mutation: His favorite mutation, in terms of battle, is to grow external black tendrils from his back. It is for this reason he has been mistaken for the urban legend of 'Slender Man', and sometimes nicknamed as such.

< Personal Background >


So begins...

X's Story