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Daine Leonardo

"What kind of angel do you see me as? An Angel of Death or a Guardian Angel?"

0 · 326 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Normal appearance: Image

Armed With Wings Mode: Image

Angel of Death: Image
Alternate (if wearing modern, casual clothes): Image


Daine loves to eat food. Surprisingly though, he never gets fat. Daine can be a jokester at times but serious when necessary. He believes in Roman Catholism, but not really fully. He likes the angel, Leonardo, as his close friend. However, sometimes he takes even him for granted.

When in Armed with Wings mode, Daine never jokes around. He's direct, and to the point.

For some odd reason, Daine is prone to crashing, tripping, and faceplanting trees.


Daine has a black straight sword named Devil's Eye Blade. It's really a gun-blade, but if he points it at you, it's like the Devil himself is looking for you.
Daine also has control over wind and shadow- but mostly wind.

Daine's Armed with Wings mode is a special ability to momentarily turn into a full angel. He would have heightened senses and enhanced control over shadows and wind. He would also be harder to hurt.

However, if Daine stays too long in the Armed With Wings form, Daine's body would be eaten away. If he manages to switch out early enough, he would just feel pain. If it is later, the pain worsens, then numbness, then unable to be moved (temporarily, of course), then death itself. Leonardo would also die from this. Leonardo can lengthen the time before he starts wearing away by playing chicken (two+ people do a scary, creepy, etc. event, and the loser is the one who backs out first) with this drawback. It trains his body to build endurance of being in Armed With Wings form. Currently, Daine could be in it for 15 minutes without aftereffects.

Daine also has another angel form, the Angel of Death. The form comes with a gun-scythe, and it enhances Daine's powers more. However, Daine's energy is drained faster, so he has to control it. So far, Daine can use it for 5 minutes without any drawbacks.

It's possible to become a Guardian Angel for someone. Usually, he saves it for the one he will love.


Ever since he can remember, Daine lived in the streets, begging for money and food. However, an angel, Leonardo, came down from heaven and took pity on him. The angel asked if he wanted to able to live without the necessary begging. Daine agreed, and he and the angel fused. Now Daine wouldn't need life's essentials as much as others, so he can live in the situation he has. However, now he has attracted some enemies. Daine is always on the run now because of this. However, he finds time to train himself during his stay at one place.

Fortunately for him, the government captured Daine and sent him to this paradise. Lucky catch, huh?

Sample of your RP:
Daine watched as the battle before him ended. he sighed as that lone figure stood out from the smoke and pointed his sword at him. "Why do you foolishly challenge an Angel of Death like this?" Leonardo spoke from Daine's mouth. "You're obviously going to die..." Daine's hand reached for his hip and grabbed his weapon. A gunblade, named Devil's Eye Blade. It looked too demonic for an angel, but then again, this is in the possession of a Fallen Angel. the person in front of him charged, and Daine shot several bullets with incredible accuracy. Even when he dodged, a bullet went straight through the opponent's heart.
Daine sighed again. "Foolishness.... Foolishness..."

So begins...

Daine Leonardo's Story


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Daine was shoved inside, still screaming at the guards until he actually turned around. "What the...?" Daine muttered. This isn't a prison... It's like a resort... There's a bar, a main desk, comfortable chairs... "What is this place...?" Daine wondered out loud as he walked to the person in the front desk. "Um... Excuse me...?" Daine asked in a tone that showed he was a little nervous.


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Timber smiled as the Young man came in. she stood up and walked over. 'Hello welcome to facility X the place where the goverment send all the non-humans. i'm Timber.' she smiled at the young man. Timber dusts her front off and looks back at the man sizing him up. she notices he looks quite lean. 'Angel i'm guessing.'


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"I... um, yeah...? Daine responded, being caught by surprise by the girl. "I'm... Daine... This is a place where the government sends anything that isn't human? You'd think this place would be a prison, considering humans fear what they don't know..." Daine chuckled a little. "Anyway, you're half-right... I'm half-human, quarter Guardian Angel, and quarter Angel of Death... Ironically, those two kinds of angels are opposites..." Daine smiled and he offered a hand shake.

Timber returned the smile showing her canines, 'Yeah i guess i've lived here all my life though and dont know any diffrent. and oh yeah i'm a Were-Tiger half tiger half human.' she drops his hand. and turns to the door. 'You wanna go for a walk?' she offered.

she arrived in the lobby to see and were-tiger and and angel. taking a deep breath she walked over. 'Hi I'm Sierra' she says greeting them both.

Sighing she greets Sierra. 'I'm Timber this is Daine.' she looks at the girl who couldnt be older then 13. 'What are you then?'

"Um... sure..." Daine responded. He walked to the door and went outside a little. Because he was half-human, the heat had affected the half-angel. Daine sighed. "Was it really necessary for the guys in black to shove me right through the door?" Daine asked the Were-Tiger.

'i appologise for them.' she says sadly leaving Sierra and joining him at the door.

Before talking again to Timber, Daine turned around and waved at the girl. "Hello, Sierra." Then turned back to Timber. "So, who made this place?" Daine started to walk, with no direction in mind.

"Let go of me, peasants!" The black haired man spat. The guards wrestled over the "prisoner" until Daine saw the scene. "God...damnit... Lucian..." He muttered.

"Guys! I got this." Daine called out. The guards didn't even listen. They kept trying to subdue the seemingly human boy, but utterly failed. It was only when the guards were thrown off when Daine intervened. Before Lucian got his sword, Infernal Blizzard, out, Daine drew his gun-blade and shot a blank into Lucian's head. The boy's hair turned silver and the eyes turned icy blue once again. "For God's sakes... Asher, stop letting your dark side take over!"

"Sorry..." Asher apologized. He looked at the guards, who were now afraid of the silver-haired boy. The boy run to one of them and placed his hands on a wound that Lucian had done. The wound healed instantly. Asher repeated this until all the guards were cured. They did'nt even ask, just ran. Asher sighed. "Forever alone, huh?" He smirked, then saw the girl.

"Oh! Sorry about you having to see that." Asher apologized again, and bowed.

I've seen alot worse. trust me.' she smiled. 'I'm Timber and welcome to Facility X.' she offers her hand to the bowed stranger.

"Um... Hi." Asher greeted. He took the hand and shook it. "My name is Asher... What is this place?" He asked, leaning to the side a little to see the Facility X.

"Supposedly, it's a paradise for the ones that aren't human." Daine said. He had his arms crossed, still annoyed from Lucian. If that bastard continued to thrash about, I wouldn't have shot blanks. Instead, I would've used lethal force... Daine thought. Good thing Asher regained control of his body.

Asher wondered why Timber left so hastily, and followed her, with Daine close behind. When he got to where Timber was, he sighed. "Really? Demons?" Asher muttered, forming icicles in his right hand. "Demon! Calm down!" Asher commanded. Usually he'd say something like "DIE!" but today was different. He wasn't going to kill someone... yet... Especially a demon. Every breath Asher took showed, as if the temperature dropped near him. His icy blue eyes glowed with intimidation.

Daine was shocked to see the demon, and nearly drew his gunblade when Asher started to make the icicles in his hands. As much as Daine wanted to join in, he also wanted to see how this goes. He crossed his arms, but one of his hands was near the hilt of his gun-blade, Devil's Eye Blade.

"Of course it's him, Bane doesn't draw like that. What ya working on over there buddy? Also you haven't ordered anything yet, what do you want, it's on me." Firvin says while putting an arm around Silas in a quick hug, trying to cheer the boy up. The overall effect on Silas, though the Firvin's intentions were kind, was uncomfortable. He shied away from Firvin, ever so slightly, almost not even noticeably. Before Silas could respond that he'd like a soda, Firvin whispers something to Revion, and Revion slithers off his shoulders and out of site.

"I know just checking, Bane could be playing a trick on us. remember the last time?" Sierra said and shivered at the thought. Silas, hung his head a little, he remembered last time vaguely. The only thing he remembered about last time was that a whole wing of the facility had to be remade. "No the drinks are on me. I don't have to pay." She reminds them. Silas smiled, Sierra was nice.

Silas looked up. Someone new had come into the facility. A werewolf from the look of it, all chained and muzzled. It was horrible. The poor thing must be terrified, all locked up like that. That's when all hell broke loose. Sierra went on a rampage, attempting to kill the guards who brought in the wolf. Firvin left the bar, flying after her as fast as he could, telling Silas to, "Just keep calm and focus on drawing." before going off to help Miss Timber detain Sierra who looked like she was about to slice something to ribbons. Firvin was right, Sierra thought HE was the one who was going to be all worked up. Still, Silas got up. He hated to see Sierra so upset. He jogged over to where she was, trying to get a hold on her to calm her down, but she was struggling too fiercely. In the struggle, Firvin accidentally smacked him right in the nose and knocked Silas to the ground, giving him a nose bleed and setting his eyes watering. Eventually, Sierra took to the Aviary, attempting to blow off steam, and the new werewolf was standing in her human form, de-muzzled. However, Silas hadn't noticed any of that. He was still sitting on his butt, trying not to cry. He knew Firvin didn't mean to hit him, he knew Firvin would never, but still. He hit him right on the nose. That had really hurt.

"Oh dear gods. Really?" The world froze. Bane materialized in front of him, like a wisp of smoke suddenly growing corporeal from nothing. "A bonk on the nose. That's gonna make you cry? Puh-lease... Alrighty, it's been a while, but hand us over, it's time to play." "No..." Silas said, barely even a whisper. "No, I won't let you." Silas said, still extremely quietly. "Well, I asked nicely, I'm taking it now!" Bane roared, diving at Silas, his body turning to smoke before it hit him. At that moment, the world shuddered around him. It was him. It was Bane. He was taking over. A thick, bloody red and black aura slowly enveloped Silas. The aura twisted and writhed, as if it had a mind of it's own. Silas felt his eyes roll back into his head. The world faded from him and he fell the rest of the way to the floor. After only a brief moment, Bane's eyes snapped open, golden and not the slightest bit comforting. The world slowly sped up and everyone else turned to look at him. Standing up and brushing himself off, Bane smiled his twisted evil smirk, his slightly longer canines showing. "Well hello there." Bane said, his voice slightly deeper than Silas's, he also sounded more cultured, but there was a rasp to his speech. "So nice to see you all again." Bane said, still smirking evilly. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Timber, Firvin, I'm so sorry, but little Silas won't be coming back for a little while. He wants to let you know that he's very sorry for letting you down, but apparently I'm too strong. Poor baby... Well, I'm off, I have dreams to smash, people to fight, and then, when I'm all done I have to bask in my own glory. I've got a long and busy schedule, so if you don't mind, ta ta!" Bane said, twirling and sauntering off, still grinning evilly.

Asher sheathed his sword when the demon went out the door. At least there weren't any... And then Bane showed up. injuries or anything chaotic... Asher sighed and unsheathed his sword. "God damn it..." Asher cursed. "One thing after another... Can't chaos give it a rest for a while?" He pointed his sword at the man surrounded by dark aura. "Calm down son... I don't want to hurt you... Nor do I want you to be hurt by them..." Asher said.

Daine stood up fully and brought out his gunblade when the man surrounded himself in dark aura and attacked the director of Facility X. He pointed it at the man on the floor, at the same time as Asher.

Just as Bane was about to smash through that flimsy barrier and end the lives of the pathetic creatures behind it, Sierra, or so Bane thought she was called, flew out of no where and landed in front of him, throwing up her hands as if to repel him. "You too, eh? Silas likes you, but to me, you're nothing!" Bane howled. However, he had miscalculated, the girl had thrown a barrier up in front of him, deflecting him from his course. He landed hard on the ground, Firvin the elf flying over the top of him and tumbling off to the side. Bane was just about to get up when Timber stood over him, "I think it will be the other way around." She shifted into a tiger and pinned him to the floor.

"Well, Miss Timber, this is a surprise. Never really pegged you for a cradle robber. I guess you never really know, huh?" Bane taunted, smirking devilishly. "However, you are wrong. It will be as I say, you see," Bane said, looking directly into the eyes of the great tiger, "Your strength is mine. Can't you feel it? Your will to fight with me fading? Your strength failing? That's this blackness. Just being near me is bad for your health. Let me show you why!" Bane roared. Just then, the true size of his aura showed, sixteen times the size of the black sheath surrounding his body. The great blackness formed into the skeleton of a man's torso with four arms and two heads. It was solid as steel and it burned like fire. The air shimmered from the heat coming off of its body. The tiger astride Bane was dwarfed by the giant standing over Bane. "Stand aside!" Bane roared, swiping Timber off of his body with the giant's right arms. Bane slowly stood, the giant's rib cage settling around his body, protecting it while still granting him vision of those around him. Bane swirled his arms around his body and the giant's limbs followed suit, trashing about and smashing away the things that were near him like nothing more than matchsticks. Most of what he touched was stone, but everything else burst into flame.

"I will destroy everything he loves, I will mold him into a soldier, into a man and he will finally be of use to me. You!" Bane roared, targeting Sierra. "As I said earlier, Silas likes you. You're first." Bane slowly strode over to Sierra, intent on reducing her soft body to nothingness.

Stelian was sitting in the back of some government vehicle on his way to what the men had called Facility X. "So now general, What exatily is the Facility X and why is it so dreadfully important that I reside here?" The general looks back at him with slightly foggy eyes. "I'm afraid that is classified." With a glance into the general's eyes 'You want to tell me why I'm going to this facility'. "Well since you'll be living here I believe it would be alright for me to tell you. You are a vampire therefore not human the government has decided that all non human spell type creatures will be sent to live in the Facility. You will be with other creatures with 'magical' abilities that don't fit into the human lifestyle." "So your trying to separate us in order to encourage a feeling of safety for the humans. A dreadful cause but I don't think this entire armed convoy was needed for little old me." "Government ordered I'm sorry, but we are almost there." In the distance a large building comes into view looking much like a prison. "I was under the impression that this wasn't a prison General. You'd do best not to lie to me." Slightly panicked, "It's much nicer on the inside than you'd think. Its more of a resort I promise you don't have to get angry." "Well fine."

They shortly arrive at the facility and Stelian departs the vehicle cuffed with some form of hand and foot movement device. Looking into the eyes of one of the guards. "These aren't needed I did come here willingly after all. Release me and give me my papers and I'll go quietly this is all unneeded." After a moment's hesitation the guard releases the cuffs and hands him the papers. "Now you can leave me I can escort myself into this facility." Another moment of hesitation and the guards leave. "Finally I can be alone. This desert is much to bright They should have been much more quick to move."

He reaches the door and lets himself in a very unexpected sight welcomed him. The inside of the prison was like a tropical resort. Everything was perfect except the fight that was going on near what he assumed to be the bar. 'Well I'd hate to get in the way I'll just sit here in the corner and watch may be entertaining after so many hours driving through the desert to get here... I wonder who's in charge here."

Bane, the Outside World.

As Bane walked calmly and coldly over to Sierra, he was tackled by a fifteen foot tall dragon. Bane yelled in fury, "Get off!" Bane moved his own arms as if to intercept the attack, and the giant skeleton followed suit, grabbing the dragon and throwing him off of him. The dragon clawed at him, slapped him with his tail, and attempted to burn him to a crisp. Bane's skeleton couldn't dodge the tail and it knocked him slightly off balance, but not enough to knock him over. Bane steadied himself and intercepted the claw, applying pressure and leaning into him so as to get back up. He dug the skeletal claws into the dragon's soft paw as he did so. When he finally stood, the dragon attempted to roast him alive. The fire didn't even phase him, the skeleton absorbed it, and used the energy to create more aura, and covered his skeletal giant's body in muscles made of aura. The skeleton roared and thrashed about some more, wrecking everything around him. When the dragon finally backed off, Bane roared in triumph, and turned back towards Sierra who had put up a shield to protect them. Bane strode over to the group, who were hiding behind the shield. There were others behind him, challenging him with raised swords, however, they weren't his target. They could wait, Sierra was first.

Bane raised his right arm and swung it forward as hard as he could, the giant on top of him mimicking his movements. The giant raged at the invisible wall in front of him, pounding it repeatedly with all four arms. Just as he was about to break through, he caught Sierra's gaze.

"Silas i know you are there please come out, you're stronger than him. Maybe not in raw strength but in character, whatever powers he has you have too. I know you're in there so just show yourself... except you can't. I know why you're in there. It's because you are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid to be something other than that cold hard machine. But you can be more, you can survive this." She said stoically, not breaking her gaze with Bane, looking straight into his cruel golden eyes without flinching. Bane just smirked coldly at her and flung his fist ito the air, the barrier was crumbling, once more was all it would take. He was just about to retort with a snappy rebuttal, about how Silas was a cowering weakling and would never beat the mighty Bane when he began to swing his hand down one final time. Suddenly he stopped, Bane dropped to his knees and screamed an unholy scream, as if he was in the most pain anyone had ever endured. Silas was... fighting him? No! It couldn't be! He was... winning?

Silas, within Their Soul.

When Silas opened his eyes, he was surrounded by darkness, sitting on the cold, hard floor. He immediately drew in his knees and closed his eyes, not daring to get up. He knew where he was. This was inside his soul, where Bane usually was. He sat for what seemed an eternity, listening to Bane as he rampaged through the facility. He was hurting so many of Silas's friends. He was the single worst thing that had ever happened to Silas and they both knew it. He tried to fight Bane, like he'd done before, however, Bane was too strong. He was intent on razing the Facility to the ground, he wanted to make Silas pay for being weak and innocent. Silas did the only thing he could do. He attempted to cut off Bane's access to the core of their soul. That was where they got their strength from. He managed to blockade it for a while, but when he heard Miss Timber jump on top of him and taunt Bane, he knew he couldn't keep the barrier up for long. Bane smashed through his walls and easily gained access to their power. Then, just as Silas was sitting down and preparing for Bane to wear himself out, Bane materialized in front of him. "Hello Cry-las." Bane smirked. "I take it you can hear whats going on? I will murder them Silas. I will crush their bodies into dust and burn whatever remains. I will destroy them Silas. There's nothing you can do about it."

"Stop it!" Silas cried out, he tried to make himself seem loud and threatening, but his voice seemed so small within the cavernous space he and Bane were currently in. "Please! Stop... Don't hurt anyone..." Silas said, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

"Awww... poor baby." Bane taunted. "You gonna cry? Do something about it then. Hmm? If you don't, I will kill them, starting with her." Just then, a double of Sierra was brought into existence, swirling into being from the smoke all around them. "You and I are one in the same. I know what you think of her just the same as you do. Her barrier is almost down. It won't be long now." Bane said. Just then. Silas heard her.

"Silas i know you are there, please come out. You're stronger than him... maybe not in raw strength but in character. Whatever powers he has you have too, I know you're in there so just show yourself... Except you can't. I know why you're in there. It's because you are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid to be something other than that cold hard machine. But you can be more, you can survive this."

Silas looked up, finally opening his eyes since Bane had taken over. "Go away..." Silas said. He had only whispered, but his voice was strong.

"What's that? Go away? Why you insolent little pup. What would you be without me? How would you have survived if it wasn't for me?" Bane shouted, almost accusingly.

"I said, 'Go Away.' I'm not going to let you hurt them." Silas said, now standing, his courage growing with every passing second. "I'm not going to let this continue any longer. Get out of here!" Silas yelled at Bane. "I won't let you do this anymore!" Silas said, getting stronger and stronger. In the darkness of their world, Silas was shining. He whole body seemed to light up as he stood his ground against Bane.

"Pathetic," Bane said, shaken but standing firm against the growing might of Silas's confidence. "This is it?" He chuckled nervously, "This is nothing! You're nothing! I am the stronger of the two of us!" Bane said, trying to believe it. "you will always be too weak for the power you hold. I'm the only one who can truly utilize it, you'll never be as strong as me!"

"There are different kinds of stregnth," Silas said. "However, reckless strength like yours, that has no purpose, is utterly worthless!" Silas finished, yelling as he said it. "Be gone!" He roared at Bane, jutting his hand out towards him as if to blast him away. At that, the light on his body finally broke free, running rampant through the darkness like it did whenever he managed to drive back Bane. Bane's shadowy form dissipated and Silas felt himself rocket upward, he looked up but had to sheild his eyes from the growing light until...

The Outside World

Silas's eyes snapped open. He was kneeling on the ground underneath Bane's summoned colossus. The white wolf from earlier appeared to be casting a spell that created a wall of ice. Silas stood, his brown eyes blazing, he raised his hand into the air and suddenly, the massive evil aura was swept up into his palm as if it were caught in a whirlpool, spinning and shrinking until it was gone from the world. Silas fell to his knees once again, drained from the effort and panting with exhaustion.

"I did it..." he whispered. Looking over to the others, who were hiding behind one of Sierra's shielding spells, "I really did it! I beat him!" Silas exclaimed, pure joy radiating from his face. His happiness wouldn't last. Silas looked around, he'd smelled... fire? The lobby was completely trashed, walls were broken, things were on fire, and worst of all, his friends were hurt. His expression immediately darkened. "Oh no..." he whispered, trailing off while he surveyed the damage. "Did he do this?" Silas asked, horrified at what Bane had done. "I'm sorry." He said, tears beginning to form in his eyes. "I'm so sorry everyone." Silas cupped his face in his hands and cried, his body shaking with the force of his sobs. "I'mb so sowwy..." he said. His words distorted from the tears streaming down his face and his running nose.

Sierra broke the barrier and rushed over to Silas. 'You did it!!' she exclaims. She she leans in and quickly kisses him on the cheek. 'I knew you could.' she whispers before standing up and walking over to the wolf. 'Yes you did.' she says to her. Sierra didnt realise how exhausted she was. Sierra yawns then goes over to the bar, orders a drink then goes to sit down.

Timber stands up and walks over to Silas 'You did really well, I knew you were strong enough.' she says, before walking over to Daine and Asher, 'Wow guys that doesnt happen often.' she says sighing. 'Are you hurt?' she asks getting a little worried.

As Silas just sat there, crying his eyes out, the world was moving around him. It almost appeared to be in slow motion. The wolf lady put out all the fires and Firvin took off. Silas managed to stop crying just long enough to nod at him before he left. Timber went over to the two men with swords to chat with them, but Silas couldn't hear what they were saying. There was a newcomer. A pale man named Stelian, who introduced himself to the group. Silas didn't pay much attention to him. There would be time for a meet and greet later, but now, all Silas felt like doing was crying. Helping out with the restoration could wait. Silas hardly even noticed Shard asking him if he was ok. Silas nodded and quietly said, "I'm Silas, I've been here my whole life. This place is my home, but Bane keeps wrecking it. I'm sorry, but could you please just let me be for a little bit. I don't feel like talking to anyone. right now." He didn't want to be rude, but he felt like if he continued to talk, not just to Shard, but to anyone, he'd just start crying again, and he'd finally stopped just then.

Then suddenly, time sped up around him again when he noticed Sierra staring at him. She broke the barrier around her and rushed over to Silas. "You did it!!" she exclaimed. She she leaned in and quickly kissed him on the cheek. "I knew you could." she whispered before standing up and walking over to the wolf. She went over and spoke to the wolf lady before yawning then going back over to the bar. The world slowed down again. Silas was in shock. He didn't even realized the implications of what had happened until a good minute after they did. She'd kissed him. Silas blushed bright red, his whole face lighting up.

Silas quickly stood, shrugging off his embarrassment. Obviously she'd meant nothing by it. It was a congratulatory gesture, nothing more. No matter how much Silas wanted it to be. Silas regained his composure before, standing up and walking off back to the quiet room where witches practiced magic. There was something he needed to do. However, once he got there, he realized what he'd forgotten. Silas's bag was still back at the bar. Tibbers, his spell book, and his notepad were all there. Back where Sierra was. What was he going to do? How could he face her immediately after what had just happened. Silas knew he had to go back though. He needed the book.

Silas walked back to the bar. There was his bag, right next to Sierra. Silas swallowed hard, blushing just a little bit before walking over to Sierra and his bag. He quietly grabbed the bag and turned right back around. He quickly mumbled, "Sorry, forgot my bag. I'll be off now," before turning right back around to head off to the Witch's practice room. Hopefully Sierra was too preoccupied and wouldn't try to talk to him. He didn't know if he could take it.

The Immortalis and the half-angel lowered there weapons as they saw the stranger- Bane was it?- called off his summonings. During the whole thing with the happiness, Asher walked out of the facility and stood in front of the entrance for a while. Daine, on the other hand, stayed there and watched from afar, then shrugged and walked out as well to meet up with Asher. "Hey."


"You alright man?" Daine asked.

"Yeah... It's just that I'm not sure whether or not I can live here... I have too many secrets to keep, ones dangerous to reveal... Them... They all can reveal theirs whilst I am not to reveal mine."

"Dude... You revealed that so many times already..."

"Only to certain individuals..."

"Well, what can you do?"

"That's what I was asking you." Asher and Daine-or at least, Leonardo- were best friends. They both helped each other in their times of need. Asher is in his, trying to live a normal life inside a facility made for people like him. "I'm used to hiding, man... It's not like I can freely express my true self that easily..."

"Then at least try..." Daine responded. He sighed then went back inside, sitting on one of the chairs of the bar. Asher went back in as well, sitting right next to Daine.