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"How should one live their life?"

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a character in “Facility X”, as played by Liliepanda


Name: Deidre Sangrey

Age: a few decades old

Description: She looks to be about 20ish. Her hair is about to her elbows, it's black with red tips typically worn half up. She's about 5'5, and has a lean build almost delicate looking. Her eyes are a blue with a silver-ish tint. Typically wears Victorian style dresses.

Species: Vampire

Personality: She analysis's everything before reacting. Deidre has a love for the arts (Painting, singing, poetry, ect.) even if she isn't very good at it. She doesn't have an understanding of most modern concepts. She follows rules strictly and appreciates good manors. If someone displeases her it wont be pretty, she might act like a lady but she doesn't fight like one.

Group: hangs out with Sierra

Background: Deidre jumped at the chance to run away from the human world. Having seen human rise and fall so many times had become a depressing pass time. Then having humans try and kill her was also quite distressing.

Other: loves making jewelery

Sample of your RP: Deidre looked about the room "Hello?" she called thinking that she had heard someone. When no one replied she simply shrugged and went back to her book.

So begins...

Deidre's Story

A woman walked into the lobby looking around for someone. "Hello?" she called not to loudly, she set her bag down beside her. She wore a black dress it had hints of Victorian with a modern twist, her hair flowed around her shoulders. there was an air of excitement about her, that was shown plainly in the way she smiled.

Kalin sees a woman in the lobby. She walks up to the lady. "Hello. I'm Kalin. What's your name?" Kalin looks the woman up and down. Kalin thinks,She has weird clothes....they're really old looking. Kalin looks at her jeans and t-shirt. Maybe my clothes are just bad... She looks at her. "Okay. Verification. Name. Age. Species."

"Greetings, my name is Deidre Sangrey. One should never ask a lady her age," she pretended to be stern but gave a wink to let the child know she was playing."and for my species, I am a vampire my dear." Deidre gave a small courtesy. Noticing Kalin looking over her wardrobe and then back at her own, "My style is slightly out of date compared to the more modern fashion." she explained, "May I ask your own verification?" Deidre asked politely.

Stelian looked up as another entered the Lobby. The woman was clearly a vampire. Her aged choice of clothing demonstrated that well enough. Looking at his partner he says. "Well Magiere it seems that there is another vampire coming to join us. I do wonder what her ideas will be... No doubt we will run into her in the training room at some point. Unless you believe we should go introduce ourselves." He smiles waiting for Magiere's reply noticing that Alya is sitting at attention obviously detecting their new room mate.

Stelian smiled at her before speaking "Well Magiere it seems that there is another vampire coming to join us. I do wonder what her ideas will be... No doubt we will run into her in the training room at some point. Unless you believe we should go introduce ourselves." he said his voice relaxed. Magiere glanced down at Ayla giving her a look that the wolf instinctively knew meant to be calm but cautious. "Let us go introduce ourselves, The others aren't here yet and the bombing seems to have stopped, temporarily at least" she said as she stood and walked over to the knew Kalin and the woman. "Hello Kalin, how are you? Not being nosy are you?" She said smiling at the child. Before turning to the new vampire. "I am Magiere, and this is Ayla" she said motioning to the wolf. "And this devilishly handsome man is Stelian." As I am sure you can tell, He is a vampire, my origins are a bit harder to decipher but I am a dhampir, you are obviously also a vampire" Ayla and I could recognize that scent anywhere. she thought. Ayla began to snarl again and Magiere shot her a dirty look "Relax, there is no threat here!" She snapped at her companion. She smiled back at Kalin and the new vampire awaiting a reply, and hoping that Stelian would not be offended that she had introduced him.

Deidre looked at Magiere and her wolf, "Greetings, my name is Deidre and you would be accurate in your deduction." she smiled flashing her sharp pointed teeth. "A dhampir, my I haven't seen one in ages! and your friend...Stelian? He's not a normal vampire is he?" his scent was slightly different than most male vampires. Waiting for the dhampir to respond, Deidre looked down at the wolf and held out a hand so that the dog would know she wasn't a threat. Deidre was extremely happy to have found other vampires that seemed to friendly.

Stelian smiled as Magiere introduced him. As Deidre introduced herself Stealian had to hold back a bit of surprise. She could tell that he wasn't a true vampire. The fact that she could tell that only made him smile more. 'The creatures gathering here are certainly more powerful than most. Most vampires wouldn't be able to detect the different scent.' As she introduced herself to Alya Stelian decided to tell her. Once Alya had gotten used to her scent he bowed to her. "As my friend said I am Stelian. And you were quite correct in your statement. I am not a normal vampire. I'm what I have decided to call a Daywalker. I am very pleased to meet you." He stood and smiled again trying to gauge her reaction to what he had told her.

"My name is Kalin. I'm 14. I'm a demon." Kalin replied to Deidre. "I gotta go now." Kalin looks at Shard. "You silly willy! I think we have lunch now, Shard. I can smell it. Wanna eat with me?"

Deidre nodded a good bye to the young demon. Then turned her attention back to the dhampir and the daywalker, "My what a rare mix you are sir. However did you come to be?" she asked honestly interested. She had met some interesting people on her travels but never a day walking vampire, that definitely explained the difference in his scent. Deidre also noticed the fact that everyone she had met so far had been in pairs, Kalin with Shard and Stelian with Magiere. 'Does everyone travel in two's here?' she thought to herself.

Stelian smiled as the young demon left returning his attention the Deidre. "I mean no disrespect, but the tale of how I came to be is a sad one best left for another time. While I wish that we could indulge you with warmer welcomes but I believe that the others are on their way. Something is happening in the outside world and I don't think we will be spared from it. You are welcome to join Magiere and I at the bar while we wait for the others." He motions to the table they had left to welcome her. He tilts his head to hear the wounds of the facility better. "Though I believe that they will be arriving shortly." He looks at Magiere trying to see what she thinks of their new friend. 'I do hope Magiere won't attempt to kill her. Having another vampire here will make this stay much more enjoyable.'

As Deidre bent down and held her hand out to Ayla she simply stood there looking at it, she didn't respond, Magiere shot her a dirty look and Ayla quickly knew that she was to be friendly with their new companion. She licked the vampires fingers and allowed her to pet her. Magiere listened to Stelian invite Deidre to sit with them, "Yes please do join us, I hear the others on their way then we can finally get some answers. She smiled, "It would seem Ayla is warming up to you quickly, she doesn't typically like Vampires, but that's a story for another time." she said leading the way back to their table.

Firvin blushed as Riley told him she loved him, she then gave him the single most passionate kiss Firvin had ever received, not that he had received many. He was silent as she spoke after their kiss. "I love you too Riley. And there will plenty of time to spend our lives together after the war, for now we must be strong for the others. WE will go tell them what is happening together." He said as he grabbed her hand and the walked with her to the lobby. As they walked he spoke calmly "I must confess, if this place remains the prison that it is, after the war, I can't stay here. I need to be near the forest, it's who I am. I love you and want to be with you, but I cannot live locked up when I have committed no crime." He sighed "This could be a wonderful place for people like us to escape persecution, but it needs to be a freely chosen home, a place where we can come and go at our liesure, together we can make this a paradise for all those humans see as different, it can be wonderful, but only if we remove those terrible walls locking us in." He smiled at her "You know, even with all that is going on you're beautiful, your beauty alone makes this place worth it for me." he said to her as they arrived in the lobby.

"Thank you, maybe while we wait one of you could give a short version of one of these long stories everyone seems to have." Deidre smiled warmly, petting Ayla one more time before standing. "She's a lovely," she complimented, following the duo to their table. The lobby was quite impressive, with all it had to offer certainly thing's that Deidre hadn't gotten to enjoy in many years. Even with what was happening outside this place, it seemed to maintain a form of calming energy.

Stelian sat back at the table with Magiere and Deidre. "Short version of my story. I was an experiment by the vampire council. I was to be the first of many Daywalkers, but I escaped with all of their information and the last of the venom used to make Daywalkers after killing those responsible for having made it. That is how I came to be." He watched Deidre closely to see her reaction. 'Not many Vampires like kin killers... He resumed drinking his coffee waiting to hear how Magiere would condense her story and wondering what Deidre's was.

Magiere listened quietly as Stelian was so open about his past with Deidre. After he finished speaking Magiere reached down and pet Ayla. She then took a deep breath. "My mother fell in love with a vampire, but the asshole left when he found she was pregnant, leaving only this armor and this sword", she holds up her Falchion completely ignoring the saber. "Because I was only half human the pregnancy was tough on my mother, she died in childbirth and I was raised by her sister. Since I have been old enough I have been hunting, and training. Looking for my father so that I might take his life, as he took my mothers." Magiere paused for a minute staring off into space before continuing. "Then the good old government came along. Apparently even though the public doesn't like vampires, the government doesn't like people killing them either. And I guess it was an even bigger problem when the one killing them was half vampire herself. After finally catching up to me they sent me here." Magiere quickly realized that telling a vampire that she used to kill vampires for a living might have been a bad idea. She studied Deidre's face attempting to discern if she was offended or threatened by Magiere's comments. Finally Magiere decided it would be a good idea to explain herself, "Don't worry, even though I used to hunt vampire's for a living, I have ultimately decided that all I really crave is my father's death, so I don't feel the need to kill every vampire I run into anymore, and I certainly will not try to harm you." Magiere looked at Ayla who could tell that she was lying, Magiere gave her a look, a look she had only ever given Ayla once before, but the wolf knew exactly what it meant, "Don't give me away, even though we both hate vampires, these two might be able to help us." Although the exact meaning was a little different both times Ayla was able to get the message without Magiere needing to say anything in front of Stelian or Deidre.

Deidre looked from one to another, both have a habit of killing vampires. "I see well most vampires can act like monsters and just like animals if they go mad and try hurt everything living they need to be put down. I've done my fair share of putting such creatures out of their misery." She took her seat, keeping her posture straight. "Once you start to abuse the abilities given to you, it should be taken away." In a way Deidre felt almost ashamed for how most of her kind treated people, that's why she had always tried to keep to herself instead of living with a group of her own kind. "As for my story I was turned by a man who wanted to create an army of vampires, specifically a women army. The poor fool didn't know that trying to control an army of young vampire females is an impossible feat." she looked at both of them again her face sincere, "It looks like we have a group of rogue vampires, doesn't it?". Deidre hoped that they believed her story, since this had been the first time in years she had tried to make friends with people who were almost her own species. Knowing both had been hurt by full vampires made her extremely self-conscious of her actions, the last thing she wanted was to offend anyone.

Stelian watched their new friend closely as she told her story. He wasn't able to detect any dishonesty from her. As she finished he laughed. "Rouge Vampires? That sounds about like us. Eh Magiere?" He chuckled again and ordered another coffee. "I tell you the rest of the gang sure takes a long time to gather up. We just got another new arrival. Usually they come running to join the welcome wagon. So Magiere do you feel like sharing your story as well? We rogue vampires must stick together." He laughs again and begins sipping his coffee slowly waiting to see how she would react to his slight taunting.


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Finally, after much coaxing, kisses, hugs, and reassurances that Sierra would be ok, Silas managed to get her to come with him out into the lobby. WHen they finally got there, Silas was shocked at what he saw. Firvin had, apparently, just arrived in the main lobby. Further, he was... HOLDING HANDS WITH RILEY? 'Whoa...' Silas thought. 'Is everyone pairing up?' He was shocked. He thought the pair of them liked each other, he never expected it to have happened so suddenly. There were a few new faces, but Magiere was there, Stelian too, Ouka the white wolf, Timber, Shard, and Kalin were all there as well. SIlas looked around, slightly confused. The mood in the air was strange, like everyone was on edge. Then Firvin spoke, still holding hands with Riley. He was so confident, so poised, so ready to do what needed to be done. Silas was shocked. To see the normally jokester Firvin take on such a dramatic personality change, what could have sparked it? Glancing between him and Riley, Silas put two and two together. Riley was going because she owed the government and Firvin would go to protect her.

Silas was terrified, literally shaking in his boots. War? With real people? It was so different from the practice dummies in the Witch's spell room. Silas didn't know what to do. On one hand, how could he stand by and let others fight to defend him with their lives on the line and do nothing. He couldn't, he'd have to fight. But then again, how could he snuff out another person's life? How could he possibly kill someone? Silas was so distraught, he felt like he was being pulled apart. He felt the need to protect his friends, but could he end another's life to do so? He sidled closer to Sierra. "I don't like this." He said quietly, squeezing her hand. Finally, after a few more encouraging and empowering words, Firvin finished his speech. Silas was impressed. Despite his own reservations, he couldn't help but respect Firvin's confidence and preparedness. Silas was enamored with him, the way he stood tall, the way he called for action. It was breathtaking to scared little Silas. Was Firvin such a presence this whole time?

At that, a line formed, most everybody was agreeing to help. Silas shrunk back. He couldn't, how could he? The only one who had ever hurt anyone was Bane. Silas wouldn't hurt a fly. Bane was always the one pushing Silas, he was even doing it now, raging against Silas's barriers, trying to make him fight. Silas swallowed hard, sweat was beginning to form on his face. Bane was raging against him, fighting for dominance with every fiber of his being. Silas held him back with sheer force of will alone. 'Go away Bane. I won't let you hurt people.' Silas yelled at Bane, scolding him in their mind. 'Come on you wuss, those people are evil, they're attacking your home Silas, your HOME. Doesn't that mean anything to you?' Silas couldn't think of anything to say. Bane was right, but a life was still a life. Who was he to decide who should live and who should die? That was when he heard Sierra speak up.

"I will fight to protect my brothers and sisters, I will speak to my lord and ask him for help. The humans have got themselves into a mess... again. I suppose they should learn who really are the more powerful race." Silas felt his heart shatter. How could he stay home while his Sierra, his darling, sweet Sierra went off to war. What would he do, stay home? Watch the Facility till they got back? How could he possibly be content staying home while everyone he loved fought to protect each other. Silas felt his hand squeeze around his wand, whose tip shimmered for a moment in response to Silas's fighting spirit. Silas walked up to Firvin, his hand clecnhed tight around the handle of his wand. "I-I'll go too. I have to protect you. Besides, if Bane gives us that much trouble, imagine how much he'll give to our enemies." Silas said, fumbling at first, then slowly gaining confidence as he spoke.

Standing in for xXTimberwolfXx

As the members of the Facility stood and confirmed their agreement to join in the fight Riely looked up at Firvin and nodded. "Very well then. If everyone will take a seat at the main table I will begin the briefing." Once everyone had sat down Riely took her position at the head of the table. Taking a deep breath she steadied herself for what she was about to say. "We have been given three different missions each one playing into different strengths of our members." After another breath and an encouraging look from Firvin she continued. "The first mission focuses on stealth in Tokyo, Japan. This task would be best suited to our spell casters. The mission is to capture a High Value Target hiding somewhere within the city. No other information is given other than the target's name and this photo. I will be going with this group. Any who wish to follow with me wait here at the end of the meeting." She looked around trying to gauge the reaction of everyone.

"The second mission is best suited for our weres. It is an ambush in the deep forest of Brazil. It give a location and a description of the targets. After the ambush you are to search the area and destroy any remaining forces. Those interested in this mission will be meeting in the dining hall after the meeting. Timber I hope you can take the charge of this one." Again looking to gauge the reactions she took another deep breath and continued.

"The third mission is best suited for the Vampires or other night based creatures. It is a search and destroy/capture mission in an elaborate tunnel system under Central China. The mission is to clear the tunnel of any enemy forces and to destroy or capture any technology or weaponry. Those interested in this mission meet in the basement conference room." Having given out all of the missions Riely let out a sigh of relief. 'That was easier than I thought it would be. "I can't thank you all enough for agreeing to help with this war. If we do our part we will be rewarded. Watch each other's backs I want to see everyone returning in one piece. Now everyone go to the meeting area of your wanted mission. Decide on a leader and prepare to move. We leave tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone." With that Riely sat, more of collapsed, into her chair watching as everyone went to their meeting areas.

(OOC: You do not have to go on the suggested mission if you would rather do a different one show up to that meeting. However try to keep the teams even.)

Stelian took his seat at the beginning of the meeting and listened closely to what Riely had to say. The more information she gave out on the missions the less interested he became until the third mission. The third mission is best suited for the Vampires or other night based creatures. It is a search and destroy/capture mission in an elaborate tunnel system under Central China. The mission is to clear the tunnel of any enemy forces and to destroy or capture any technology or weaponry. Those interested in this mission meet in the basement conference room." 'This mission would suit me perfectly. Stealth and close to mid range combat. Speed will be my strong point plus the heightened senses in the dark. This will be perfect.' With the dismissal of the meeting for the three groups to disburse and go to their designated meeting areas Stelian headed down to the basement. He quickly took a seat it the back corner of the room watching for anyone else who would be filing in. Once all of the members he expected had arrived he stood. "I would like to take lead in this mission if the rest of you find that agreeable." He looked around to see what the others were thinking and wondering if anyone would challenge him.

Deidre listened carefully to Riley, then stood after she was done and headed to the vampire meeting room. There Stelian took claim to the leadership, Deidre didn't care to take charge of the leadership. "I don't mind if it comes down to an interrogation, then I am most qualified to do so." She smiled, no one could read people like she could. Stealth came naturally but all of her skills focused more on human behavior. When it came to technology Deidre was completely lost, "But i am terribly sorry to say, i know nothing about technology so my uses might be limited." she said sighing at her faults. She looked around the room she knew majority except one person who was in the room.