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Edme Ombrelli

Dragons, dragons! I love em!

0 · 396 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, originally authored by Wolflover2217, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Edme Ombrelli
age: 14
gender: female
I am a: Weredragon
Human formEdme has long brown hair, normally down. She has pale skin. Pink lips. Big brown eyes. She is tall and slim, with long lean legs. She wears a purple top with a bunny on it. She has black shorts, and knee high socks with black shoes.
Dragon form
Her dragon is large, (5 meters) with white scales and golden horns. She has along tail she uses as a whip, and sharp teeth.

"I hope it does not matter but i brange some friends. *smirks*
These are my friends
Yazzie. 30cm. Does not breathe fire and is harmless. She always likes to perch herself on Edme's shoulder.

Ivy. 17CM. She has a twig tail, and loves to sit on Edme's shoulder and play with her hair. She is very cute and tiny and everyone loves her. sometimes she goes in Edme's bag and sleeps in there.

Clairzali. Zali. 63cm. She loves to fly and play with Yazzie. In fact they are sisters.

Flutter. 16cm. Flutter seems to hover when she flys. She has an adorable roar, and can sometimes sing like a bird. It sounds like wind chimes and bells.


Edme is very kind and funny. She is yound and perky with a hilarious sense of humor!
She has a bubbly nature, and talks really fast. She is very hard to get angry or annoyed, and she always spoils her dragons.
She can be serious when needed, and likes to turn that frown upside down!
Her favourite game is when she has to make people laugh. She always wins by doing silly sound or actions! Like a chicken crossing the road them a car comes, in slow motion. So sahe goes "Bakakkkkkkk bakakk" In slowmotion.
She is never sad, and had heaps of friends.


Edme lives in a small town called Kazan. They have draogns fly around, and all is happy. She lived there most of her life until the goverment found out she was a weredragon. She has 4 dragons called Yazzi, Ivy, clairzali and Flutter. In her town they are onyl alloud to have 3 dragons but she has 4.

So begins...

Edme Ombrelli's Story

Kalin sees the girl in the lobby. The girl has about 4 dragons. She looks like she was crying. Kalin runs past the girl. behind the couch, Kalin grabs a dragon. She examines the creature in her arms. Weird.

"My name's Kalin. I think your dragon likes me! What are your dragons names?" Kalin asks "Oh, just so you know, I'm a demon but I can only fly like a chicken, start fires with my head and make people have headaches. I won't make anything of yours get on fire though, and I won't give you a headache unless you want it so you don't have to go to class or something."

Stelian watched their new friend closely as she told her story. He wasn't able to detect any dishonesty from her. As she finished he laughed. "Rouge Vampires? That sounds about like us. Eh Magiere?" He chuckled again and ordered another coffee. "I tell you the rest of the gang sure takes a long time to gather up. We just got another new arrival. Usually they come running to join the welcome wagon. So Magiere do you feel like sharing your story as well? We rogue vampires must stick together." He laughs again and begins sipping his coffee slowly waiting to see how she would react to his slight taunting.

Kalin giggles. She runs her hand down the scales on Zali's back. "Where did you use to live? I want a dragon!" Kalin lifts a small lizard from her pocket. "Oh, also, I found him in the forest." She says, talking about the lizard. "I think I'll name him Ash." She laughed when the lizard crawls up her arm. "He likes me!" She puts the lizard in her shirt pocket, its head poking out. "Oh, your silly, Ash!"

"I used to live in... the underworld. We were allowed to have hell hounds, but they always creeped me out. I stuck to lizards instead. Scales always attracted me, I don't know why." Kalin looks at the lizard. She closes her eyes and whispers something. The lizard sprouts small wings. "Ha! I created homemade dragons! Those words were spell code for lizard and wings! Lizard wings!" Kalin drops the winged lizard and it flits in the air and starts playing with Edme's dragons.

"Yeah, the underworld was pretty creepy. It was all fiery and stuff. My dad, Hades, sent me up here to do bad things. I didn't want to and I found out about this place a couple months ago and two weeks before now, I finally arrived!" Kalin looks at her winged lizard playing with Zali. "So, how old are you? I'm like 85, or something, my kind of demon is immortal and I don't really even count anymore.

"Oh my gosh! Yazzie just broke the fan from the ceiling!" Kalin's dragon-lizard flitters around where the fan was. "Yeah, I look about 14. I'm only 5 feet tall." She looks at the fan on the ground. "So, what are you gonna do about.... all that? I could help fix it if you want, I don't even need a ladder, I could probably fly up to the ceiling and stay there for a little."

"I don't know, I could maybe wield it back on with fire." Kalin says. She runs her fingers down Yazzie's back. "You would probably need to hold it in place though if I did wield it. Also, if you didn't know, wield means melt back on."


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Finally, after much coaxing, kisses, hugs, and reassurances that Sierra would be ok, Silas managed to get her to come with him out into the lobby. WHen they finally got there, Silas was shocked at what he saw. Firvin had, apparently, just arrived in the main lobby. Further, he was... HOLDING HANDS WITH RILEY? 'Whoa...' Silas thought. 'Is everyone pairing up?' He was shocked. He thought the pair of them liked each other, he never expected it to have happened so suddenly. There were a few new faces, but Magiere was there, Stelian too, Ouka the white wolf, Timber, Shard, and Kalin were all there as well. SIlas looked around, slightly confused. The mood in the air was strange, like everyone was on edge. Then Firvin spoke, still holding hands with Riley. He was so confident, so poised, so ready to do what needed to be done. Silas was shocked. To see the normally jokester Firvin take on such a dramatic personality change, what could have sparked it? Glancing between him and Riley, Silas put two and two together. Riley was going because she owed the government and Firvin would go to protect her.

Silas was terrified, literally shaking in his boots. War? With real people? It was so different from the practice dummies in the Witch's spell room. Silas didn't know what to do. On one hand, how could he stand by and let others fight to defend him with their lives on the line and do nothing. He couldn't, he'd have to fight. But then again, how could he snuff out another person's life? How could he possibly kill someone? Silas was so distraught, he felt like he was being pulled apart. He felt the need to protect his friends, but could he end another's life to do so? He sidled closer to Sierra. "I don't like this." He said quietly, squeezing her hand. Finally, after a few more encouraging and empowering words, Firvin finished his speech. Silas was impressed. Despite his own reservations, he couldn't help but respect Firvin's confidence and preparedness. Silas was enamored with him, the way he stood tall, the way he called for action. It was breathtaking to scared little Silas. Was Firvin such a presence this whole time?

At that, a line formed, most everybody was agreeing to help. Silas shrunk back. He couldn't, how could he? The only one who had ever hurt anyone was Bane. Silas wouldn't hurt a fly. Bane was always the one pushing Silas, he was even doing it now, raging against Silas's barriers, trying to make him fight. Silas swallowed hard, sweat was beginning to form on his face. Bane was raging against him, fighting for dominance with every fiber of his being. Silas held him back with sheer force of will alone. 'Go away Bane. I won't let you hurt people.' Silas yelled at Bane, scolding him in their mind. 'Come on you wuss, those people are evil, they're attacking your home Silas, your HOME. Doesn't that mean anything to you?' Silas couldn't think of anything to say. Bane was right, but a life was still a life. Who was he to decide who should live and who should die? That was when he heard Sierra speak up.

"I will fight to protect my brothers and sisters, I will speak to my lord and ask him for help. The humans have got themselves into a mess... again. I suppose they should learn who really are the more powerful race." Silas felt his heart shatter. How could he stay home while his Sierra, his darling, sweet Sierra went off to war. What would he do, stay home? Watch the Facility till they got back? How could he possibly be content staying home while everyone he loved fought to protect each other. Silas felt his hand squeeze around his wand, whose tip shimmered for a moment in response to Silas's fighting spirit. Silas walked up to Firvin, his hand clecnhed tight around the handle of his wand. "I-I'll go too. I have to protect you. Besides, if Bane gives us that much trouble, imagine how much he'll give to our enemies." Silas said, fumbling at first, then slowly gaining confidence as he spoke.

Standing in for xXTimberwolfXx

As the members of the Facility stood and confirmed their agreement to join in the fight Riely looked up at Firvin and nodded. "Very well then. If everyone will take a seat at the main table I will begin the briefing." Once everyone had sat down Riely took her position at the head of the table. Taking a deep breath she steadied herself for what she was about to say. "We have been given three different missions each one playing into different strengths of our members." After another breath and an encouraging look from Firvin she continued. "The first mission focuses on stealth in Tokyo, Japan. This task would be best suited to our spell casters. The mission is to capture a High Value Target hiding somewhere within the city. No other information is given other than the target's name and this photo. I will be going with this group. Any who wish to follow with me wait here at the end of the meeting." She looked around trying to gauge the reaction of everyone.

"The second mission is best suited for our weres. It is an ambush in the deep forest of Brazil. It give a location and a description of the targets. After the ambush you are to search the area and destroy any remaining forces. Those interested in this mission will be meeting in the dining hall after the meeting. Timber I hope you can take the charge of this one." Again looking to gauge the reactions she took another deep breath and continued.

"The third mission is best suited for the Vampires or other night based creatures. It is a search and destroy/capture mission in an elaborate tunnel system under Central China. The mission is to clear the tunnel of any enemy forces and to destroy or capture any technology or weaponry. Those interested in this mission meet in the basement conference room." Having given out all of the missions Riely let out a sigh of relief. 'That was easier than I thought it would be. "I can't thank you all enough for agreeing to help with this war. If we do our part we will be rewarded. Watch each other's backs I want to see everyone returning in one piece. Now everyone go to the meeting area of your wanted mission. Decide on a leader and prepare to move. We leave tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone." With that Riely sat, more of collapsed, into her chair watching as everyone went to their meeting areas.

(OOC: You do not have to go on the suggested mission if you would rather do a different one show up to that meeting. However try to keep the teams even.)

Deidre listened carefully to Riley, then stood after she was done and headed to the vampire meeting room. There Stelian took claim to the leadership, Deidre didn't care to take charge of the leadership. "I don't mind if it comes down to an interrogation, then I am most qualified to do so." She smiled, no one could read people like she could. Stealth came naturally but all of her skills focused more on human behavior. When it came to technology Deidre was completely lost, "But i am terribly sorry to say, i know nothing about technology so my uses might be limited." she said sighing at her faults. She looked around the room she knew majority except one person who was in the room.