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Kalin Struner

Is not human but doesn't know what she is.Has

0 · 211 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, as played by sammy132


Has a birthmark of a devils head on her high chest, Has black hair and pale skin and red eyes


She is nice but gets angry easily. She loves people


She has nothing and has grown up on the streets alone


Birth location: Unknown
Birth mother/father: Unknown
Foster homes gone through:21
Was abandoned and taken as a hobo by most on the streets

So begins...

Kalin Struner's Story


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Kalin walked in the magic room. She wanted to practice making her fireballs. She saw Silas. "Oh, Hi!" Kalin said. "My name is Kalin, and you are Silas, right?" I'm new, hello! I am a demon." She looks at him "Is something wrong?"

The setting changes from magic-room to Lobby


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A girl walks in the door. "Hi, my name is Kalin, what's your name? Are you new? I'm new too. I'm a demon. What are you?Wait, sorry, sorry, too many questions. OK, first your name. Then I am guessing you're new because I have never seen you. Then, what are you? Kalin blushes.

Sierra continued to smile, "Riley's coming back" she squeals. Slias's face lit up. Riley was coming home?! Silas grew up with Riley as a sort of older sister/mom. She' was the one who taught him how to commune with nature, how to use magic. She was a huge part of his life, and the lives of all the residents of the Facility. She was its heart, its soul, its very center. Everything revolved around Riley. She was the perfect leader, kind and compassionate, but she would defend the Facility and its residents with fierce loyalty if it ever came down to it. Silas smiled. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Silas said happily, placing his gloves in his pocket and taking Sierra's hand.

Sierra removed her wings from around them and led Silas out the practice room. They walked down to the lobby hand-in-hand. Silas grinning like an idiot the whole time. He looked around. Everyone was there. Firvin was smiling at him and flashed him the thumbs-up. Silas sheepishly rubbed his empty hand on his neck. Timber was there, but when Silas tried to meet her gaze, she looked away. Was she... blushing? It couldn't be, not Timber, she must have just been excited to see Riley, just like Silas was. He disregarded her blushing. There was a woman, who Silas hadn't met, that walked in with a wolf padding along silently next to her. She said hello to FIrvin and Timber, so she couldn't be all bad. Still, Silas was never good with meeting new people. She spoke up, "I'm Magiere and this is my wolf Ayla, don't worry she's as friendly as any dog you've met." She said introducing herself to Silas and Sierra. "Umm... hi." Silas said quietly. He cleared his throat and spoke up, he wasn't sure if she'd heard him, but it was still so hard to be himself around people he hadn't met. "Hi, I'm Silas, I'm a warlock." he said, louder this time, but still just a little shy.

However, by looking around, Silas saw the damage he'd done. It wasn't that long ago that he'd destroyed half the lobby. To be fair, it was Bane who'd done it, but Silas was still saddened by destruction. It wasn't something he wanted Riley to come home to. Still, he couldn't stay sad. Silas was holding hands with Sierra. He had even kissed the girl, that beautiful, wonderful girl, three times in a single day. Just thinking about it gave him goosebumps and made him smile wider. He was so happy.

Further, Silas had begun the process of befriending Bane. If he could do so, he could finally unlock the secrets in his mind. He noticed that there were parts of his soul that were locked off to others, places only Bane could go. They needed to be broken open. Silas had to know. That however, could wait. Silas could hear the sound of a helicopter's blades thumping against the air. He broke into an even wider grin. Riley was home!

A girl walks through the doors. She looks like a 11 year old but she's really 14."Hi, my name is Kalin, is anyone here?" She looks around. "I, uh, I'll just wait for somebody." Kalin sits on the ground. She lights the table on fire with her mind and stops it before the table charred up. Then she takes clay from her duffel bag and makes eyeballs and sticks them to the wall. "Tee hee!" She giggles. Kalin is really bored and takes out a needle, thread, scissors, and two socks. "Makin' a monkey." She sings. "Monkeys are fun. La la la la lala la la."

Shard watches as ew girl walks through the big doors. "Monkeys are fun la la la la la." She sang.
Shard chuckles a little bit. "Hey there." He said to the girl.

"Oh, hi! My name is Kalin. I'm 14. Whats your name?" Kalin puts her sock monkey aside, looks at the clay eyeballs and blushes. "Sorry, I'll take the clay off." She peels the eyeballs off the wall. "So.... your name is......?"

"I'm a demon. I can light stuff on fire with my mind. I can create other peoples headaches. Finally, I have small, leathery wings. I can sorta fly. What's yours?" Kalin asks, her deep black eyes staring intently at him. "Don't worry. I won't use my powers on you."

"Ok!" Says Kalin. She stares at a dead leaf that blew in from the door. It suddenly lights on fire. "I can turn it off, too." Kalin looks at the fire. It extuinguishes. "Ok, now this." She looks at Shard and gives him a minor, short burst of pain in the head. "Finally!" Kalin lifts her shirt in the back and unfolds her small wings. She flaps them and lifts from the ground.
"There. You like it?"

"Okay, Shard! Let me see the dragon then the wolf. Let's go!" Says Kalin. She takes a step back. "Go now!" She exclaims. "Unleash the awesome!"

"You're nice!" Exclaims Kalin. "Is there a schedule or something? Or can we do whatever?" She grabs her duffel bag. "Can you show me where my room should be after you answer? Also could you tell me when you turn twenty?"

"YOU'RE 20 TOMORROW, SHARD!!" Yells Kalin as she runs behind Shard and jumps on his back. "Oh, man, you are getting old! 2-0, can you believe it? Okay, I got something for ya!" Kalin looks at his head and makes his brain thinks it smells like citrus. "Can you smell it?"

Kalin sees a woman in the lobby. She walks up to the lady. "Hello. I'm Kalin. What's your name?" Kalin looks the woman up and down. Kalin thinks,She has weird clothes....they're really old looking. Kalin looks at her jeans and t-shirt. Maybe my clothes are just bad... She looks at her. "Okay. Verification. Name. Age. Species."

"Greetings, my name is Deidre Sangrey. One should never ask a lady her age," she pretended to be stern but gave a wink to let the child know she was playing."and for my species, I am a vampire my dear." Deidre gave a small courtesy. Noticing Kalin looking over her wardrobe and then back at her own, "My style is slightly out of date compared to the more modern fashion." she explained, "May I ask your own verification?" Deidre asked politely.

Stelian looked up as another entered the Lobby. The woman was clearly a vampire. Her aged choice of clothing demonstrated that well enough. Looking at his partner he says. "Well Magiere it seems that there is another vampire coming to join us. I do wonder what her ideas will be... No doubt we will run into her in the training room at some point. Unless you believe we should go introduce ourselves." He smiles waiting for Magiere's reply noticing that Alya is sitting at attention obviously detecting their new room mate.

Stelian smiled at her before speaking "Well Magiere it seems that there is another vampire coming to join us. I do wonder what her ideas will be... No doubt we will run into her in the training room at some point. Unless you believe we should go introduce ourselves." he said his voice relaxed. Magiere glanced down at Ayla giving her a look that the wolf instinctively knew meant to be calm but cautious. "Let us go introduce ourselves, The others aren't here yet and the bombing seems to have stopped, temporarily at least" she said as she stood and walked over to the knew Kalin and the woman. "Hello Kalin, how are you? Not being nosy are you?" She said smiling at the child. Before turning to the new vampire. "I am Magiere, and this is Ayla" she said motioning to the wolf. "And this devilishly handsome man is Stelian." As I am sure you can tell, He is a vampire, my origins are a bit harder to decipher but I am a dhampir, you are obviously also a vampire" Ayla and I could recognize that scent anywhere. she thought. Ayla began to snarl again and Magiere shot her a dirty look "Relax, there is no threat here!" She snapped at her companion. She smiled back at Kalin and the new vampire awaiting a reply, and hoping that Stelian would not be offended that she had introduced him.

Deidre looked at Magiere and her wolf, "Greetings, my name is Deidre and you would be accurate in your deduction." she smiled flashing her sharp pointed teeth. "A dhampir, my I haven't seen one in ages! and your friend...Stelian? He's not a normal vampire is he?" his scent was slightly different than most male vampires. Waiting for the dhampir to respond, Deidre looked down at the wolf and held out a hand so that the dog would know she wasn't a threat. Deidre was extremely happy to have found other vampires that seemed to friendly.

Stelian smiled as Magiere introduced him. As Deidre introduced herself Stealian had to hold back a bit of surprise. She could tell that he wasn't a true vampire. The fact that she could tell that only made him smile more. 'The creatures gathering here are certainly more powerful than most. Most vampires wouldn't be able to detect the different scent.' As she introduced herself to Alya Stelian decided to tell her. Once Alya had gotten used to her scent he bowed to her. "As my friend said I am Stelian. And you were quite correct in your statement. I am not a normal vampire. I'm what I have decided to call a Daywalker. I am very pleased to meet you." He stood and smiled again trying to gauge her reaction to what he had told her.

"My name is Kalin. I'm 14. I'm a demon." Kalin replied to Deidre. "I gotta go now." Kalin looks at Shard. "You silly willy! I think we have lunch now, Shard. I can smell it. Wanna eat with me?"

Deidre nodded a good bye to the young demon. Then turned her attention back to the dhampir and the daywalker, "My what a rare mix you are sir. However did you come to be?" she asked honestly interested. She had met some interesting people on her travels but never a day walking vampire, that definitely explained the difference in his scent. Deidre also noticed the fact that everyone she had met so far had been in pairs, Kalin with Shard and Stelian with Magiere. 'Does everyone travel in two's here?' she thought to herself.

Stelian smiled as the young demon left returning his attention the Deidre. "I mean no disrespect, but the tale of how I came to be is a sad one best left for another time. While I wish that we could indulge you with warmer welcomes but I believe that the others are on their way. Something is happening in the outside world and I don't think we will be spared from it. You are welcome to join Magiere and I at the bar while we wait for the others." He motions to the table they had left to welcome her. He tilts his head to hear the wounds of the facility better. "Though I believe that they will be arriving shortly." He looks at Magiere trying to see what she thinks of their new friend. 'I do hope Magiere won't attempt to kill her. Having another vampire here will make this stay much more enjoyable.'

Kalin walks to the lunchroom and gets a lunch. She sits at a table and motions for Shard to sit next to her. "C'mon, sit here!" She says. Kalin says, "So, what's your, like....... life story?"

Kalin smiled at Shard. "Okay. First, I was born in the underworld. They sent me up here to... hurt people. I didn't want to though. I was found and put in a foster home. Everyone was scared of me, and I could never find a permanent home. I found out about this place last week and I decided I would come." She starts spooning food in her mouth. "Are ya gonna eat?"

Kalin sees the girl in the lobby. The girl has about 4 dragons. She looks like she was crying. Kalin runs past the girl. behind the couch, Kalin grabs a dragon. She examines the creature in her arms. Weird.

"My name's Kalin. I think your dragon likes me! What are your dragons names?" Kalin asks "Oh, just so you know, I'm a demon but I can only fly like a chicken, start fires with my head and make people have headaches. I won't make anything of yours get on fire though, and I won't give you a headache unless you want it so you don't have to go to class or something."

Kalin giggles. She runs her hand down the scales on Zali's back. "Where did you use to live? I want a dragon!" Kalin lifts a small lizard from her pocket. "Oh, also, I found him in the forest." She says, talking about the lizard. "I think I'll name him Ash." She laughed when the lizard crawls up her arm. "He likes me!" She puts the lizard in her shirt pocket, its head poking out. "Oh, your silly, Ash!"