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were wolf and were dragon

0 · 271 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, originally authored by Wolflover2217, as played by RolePlayGateway



golden line down forehead

golden breast plates, no beard, golden eyes.

name. Shard Ducaine
status single
age: 19

messy black hair. tall, slightly muscular, blazing gold eyes with flecks of black in them. wears black hoodie and ripped jeans. Sometimes his wolf or dragon form will loom over him, like a shadow cloak, but in the shape of his from. Very hot. Cute smile. boyishly cute, has a deep sexy voice! LOL

jet black wlof with golden line going from fore head to nose. same golden eyes. unlike normal wolves, his size is 6 foot 2.

black dragon, gold horns, gold belly plates. massive wings. long tail with gold spear at the end. same golden eyes. Shards dragon self is 15 feet high. He can breathe fire, and can fly non-stop. He only lets close friends ride on his back.


Keeps to himself, loyal, Is hilerious but can be serious when needed. He used to live on a farm, but that all got taken away.


Wolf, and dragon.


parents got rid of wim when they discovered he could turn into a dragon and wolf

Shards memory: There was a flash of gold, i could not see, my eyes went blurry. Out of the shine, a figure stepped out. it was a wolf, then a human then a dragon then wolf. The person walkes foward swiftly, and touched his head with his staff. Shard screamed, his scream became a roar, then a howl. He morphes into a dragon, then into a wolf, then human. skin to fur, fur to scales, and forth. It hurt like hell, he screamed and screamed. the figure laughed and dissapeered into a puff of gold smoke.
he looked into the water, his eyes were a brilleant gold instead of blue.

So begins...

Shard's Story


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Daine was shoved inside, still screaming at the guards until he actually turned around. "What the...?" Daine muttered. This isn't a prison... It's like a resort... There's a bar, a main desk, comfortable chairs... "What is this place...?" Daine wondered out loud as he walked to the person in the front desk. "Um... Excuse me...?" Daine asked in a tone that showed he was a little nervous.

Before talking again to Timber, Daine turned around and waved at the girl. "Hello, Sierra." Then turned back to Timber. "So, who made this place?" Daine started to walk, with no direction in mind.

Guards drag Shard in the Facility X. He screams and tries to bite them until they throw him in roughly. he stands up "what the...?" he glances at the area. thinking it was going to be a prison, with cells, no food and everyting. instead it is paradise.


She feels a little sad when Timber walks away but then she see's Shard being dragged in. She may not be as high up in the Facility as Timber but she still had some power. She strode powerfully over to where Shard was on the floor. She sticks out a hand and helps him up. Then she turns to the guards. 'If i see you handling another complier like that again you will be out this place in an instant.' she couldnt really do that but the guards seemed to think she could. One of them takes a step forward and brings out hid knife. 'You can't do anything miss' he spits. Sierra smirks and sheds out of her human form. she ruffles her large dark wings and draws her sword. 'You wanna bet.' The guard is over come with fear. He returns to his mates and walks out the lobby. Sierra turns to Shard. 'Hi Shard i'm Sierra.' she says still in angel form. She sheaths her sword and offers him her hand to shake.

shard grabs her hand and lets her pull him up. "Thanks. What is this place?" he asked looking around.

Shard shakes Sierra's hand and says "how do you know my name?" he asked his gold eyes blazing fire.

Sierra moves back into human form. "I work for Lucifer I think I'm entitled to some knowledge." She says smirking. Turning back to the bar he can see Firvin. She walks over. "Hey Firvin. "She looks at his glass. "Do you want something stronger?" She offers waiting for Shard to rejoin them.

shard follows her silently bumping into her "sorry" he says.

He taps her shoulder. "Then do you know what i am?" He asks her.

Shard tilts his head, his golden eyes shining with curiostiy. He towers over Sierra, his wolf form practicly on him, like a shadow cloak but in the shape of a wolf.

While sitting at the bar, Sierra walked up to Firvin, with one of the men who had been brought in earlier. "Hey Firvin. Do you want something stronger?" she asks him.

"Yeah I'd love something, too bad this damn bar doesn't serve any alcohol. Whose your frie-" He begins to ask but stops his sentence midway. Firvin notices someone walking into the lobby.

"HEY SILAS! OVER HERE!" Firvin calls out to his young friend while waving.

"Sorry about that, he looked a little worried and I wanted to make sure he found us, Revion, go meet him half way" He instructed as his vine slithered off his shoulders. He turns back to Sierra "Whose your new friend?" Firvin asks.

shard looks at Firvin and blurts out. "what are you?" he snaps his mouth shut becasue he already knew. Shard growls to himself and feels his canines sharpen in his mouth.

"I am a forest elf, that which just crawled of my shoulder, is Revion, a crawling vine, an animate plant. I have the ability to control and communicate with non-animate plant life like flowers and trees" as he said this he made the potted fern on the table grow to double its size and back. "Revion and I have been friends since I was a young child and he lives with me here at the facility. Oh excuse me, where are my manors, I am Firvin, I've been here for about 5 years, and you are?" Firvin asked with a smile.

YAAAAAAAaaaaaawwwwnnnn..... And with a gaping yawn, Silas woke from his nap. He took off his pajamas and put on black slacks, a white long sleeved collared shirt, a black and grey vest with a red tie and no jacket. He pulled on his black socks and shiny black shoes and stuck a red pocket square into his breast pocket. Silas walked over to the mirror to comb his hair and was shocked by what he saw. Bane was staring back at him, his bright yellow eyes glinting in the low-light, and his prominent canines showing in his trademark evil smirk. "Well hello Cry-las. Going to go whine some more?" Bane taunted, they shared a body, but Silas wasn't talking. Bane was making a projection of himself on the mirror. "Why not let me out today? Hmm? Maybe you'll actually grow up a little." He said with a smirk. "Go away." Silas said stoically. "I'm not playing with you today. Now where did you put Tibbers, I want him now!" Silas demands boldly. "Gimme a break. You don't need that dumb bear. Grow some cahones." Bane replies. Silas walks over to his bed, bends down, and grabs the stuffed bear out from under his bed. "Found him. That's not funny Bane!" Silas said, scolding Bane, who simply scoffs before fading away out of the mirror like dispersing mist. Silas grabs his bag, with the drawing pad, spell book, and now Tibbers before heading out the door to the lobby.

Though Silas had put Bane in his place, he was worried. Bane didn't like to show up unless he thought Silas was being too weak. Would he show himself again today? Would he pick a fight with someone? However, Silas was ripped from his worried pondering by the voice of Firvin. "HEY, SILAS, OVER HERE!!" Silas waved with a bright smile. He liked Firvin, the two had known each other for a while, Firvin had been here for a few years and Silas had been at the Facility his whole life. Silas also noticed Sierra, who was sitting with Firvin, and with someone he didn't know at the bar. However, he didn't say anything to them, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. Halfway to Firvin, Silas stooped down and let Revion, the assassin vine, slither up his body and around his waist. His presence was comfortable, his weight pleasant, but not oppressive, Silas knew Revion wouldn't hurt him. Finally Silas stepped up to the bar and laid a hand on Firvin's shoulder so Revion could slither over to his master. Silas then sat next to Firvin and almost whispered, "Hello Firvin, how are you today?" Not wanting to draw much attention to himself, Silas pulled out his drawing pad and began to sketch a picture.

'Ok boy's enough showing off.' Sierra commands after Shard is human again. she turns to him. 'No shifting in the lobby, only a few can do that.' she says to him. then she turns to Silas. 'Your you right? not Bane?' she smiles remembering what happened last time Bane made an apperance. she shivers and turns back to the now.

Firvin is a bit taken aback by Shard's nerve shifting in the lobby, but he doesn't let it show.
"Ok boy's enough showing off. Sierra commanded of them, to which Firvin only smiled and nodded, before Sierra turned to Silas asking "Your you right? not Bane?".

"Of course it's him, Bane doesn't draw like that. What ya working on over there buddy? Also you haven't ordered anything yet, what do you want, it's on me." Firvin says while putting an arm around Silas in a quick hug, trying to cheer the boy up.
Before Silas could respond Firvin whispers something to Revion, and Revion slithers off his shoulders and out of site.

'I know just checking, Bane could be playing a trick on us. remember the last time?' Sierra shivers again. 'No the drinks are on me. I don't have to pay.' She reminds them. Sierra spots Revion but he slithers away again. 'Whats Revion doing?' she says turning to Firvin.

Firvin witnessed the caged wolf enter, and was a little thankful, because now he doesn't have to lie about Revion's whereabouts. But when Sierra started to get really upset Firvin got nervous, He covered Silas so he didn't have to witness this happen. "And to think she was worried about you..." Firvin muttered.

Firvin told Silas to "keep calm and focus on drawing" as he ran over to Sierra and grabbed her from behind. "CALM DOWN SIERRA! Look she has the muzzle off, she's turned back. Everything his fine! Timber will take care of the guards later, but you need to relax or else you'll be the one in trouble!" Firvin exclaimed hoping it worked. He looked back over to Silas hoping everything was fine, he knew how much the kid hated violence.

"Of course it's him, Bane doesn't draw like that. What ya working on over there buddy? Also you haven't ordered anything yet, what do you want, it's on me." Firvin says while putting an arm around Silas in a quick hug, trying to cheer the boy up. The overall effect on Silas, though the Firvin's intentions were kind, was uncomfortable. He shied away from Firvin, ever so slightly, almost not even noticeably. Before Silas could respond that he'd like a soda, Firvin whispers something to Revion, and Revion slithers off his shoulders and out of site.

"I know just checking, Bane could be playing a trick on us. remember the last time?" Sierra said and shivered at the thought. Silas, hung his head a little, he remembered last time vaguely. The only thing he remembered about last time was that a whole wing of the facility had to be remade. "No the drinks are on me. I don't have to pay." She reminds them. Silas smiled, Sierra was nice.

Silas looked up. Someone new had come into the facility. A werewolf from the look of it, all chained and muzzled. It was horrible. The poor thing must be terrified, all locked up like that. That's when all hell broke loose. Sierra went on a rampage, attempting to kill the guards who brought in the wolf. Firvin left the bar, flying after her as fast as he could, telling Silas to, "Just keep calm and focus on drawing." before going off to help Miss Timber detain Sierra who looked like she was about to slice something to ribbons. Firvin was right, Sierra thought HE was the one who was going to be all worked up. Still, Silas got up. He hated to see Sierra so upset. He jogged over to where she was, trying to get a hold on her to calm her down, but she was struggling too fiercely. In the struggle, Firvin accidentally smacked him right in the nose and knocked Silas to the ground, giving him a nose bleed and setting his eyes watering. Eventually, Sierra took to the Aviary, attempting to blow off steam, and the new werewolf was standing in her human form, de-muzzled. However, Silas hadn't noticed any of that. He was still sitting on his butt, trying not to cry. He knew Firvin didn't mean to hit him, he knew Firvin would never, but still. He hit him right on the nose. That had really hurt.

"Oh dear gods. Really?" The world froze. Bane materialized in front of him, like a wisp of smoke suddenly growing corporeal from nothing. "A bonk on the nose. That's gonna make you cry? Puh-lease... Alrighty, it's been a while, but hand us over, it's time to play." "No..." Silas said, barely even a whisper. "No, I won't let you." Silas said, still extremely quietly. "Well, I asked nicely, I'm taking it now!" Bane roared, diving at Silas, his body turning to smoke before it hit him. At that moment, the world shuddered around him. It was him. It was Bane. He was taking over. A thick, bloody red and black aura slowly enveloped Silas. The aura twisted and writhed, as if it had a mind of it's own. Silas felt his eyes roll back into his head. The world faded from him and he fell the rest of the way to the floor. After only a brief moment, Bane's eyes snapped open, golden and not the slightest bit comforting. The world slowly sped up and everyone else turned to look at him. Standing up and brushing himself off, Bane smiled his twisted evil smirk, his slightly longer canines showing. "Well hello there." Bane said, his voice slightly deeper than Silas's, he also sounded more cultured, but there was a rasp to his speech. "So nice to see you all again." Bane said, still smirking evilly. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Timber, Firvin, I'm so sorry, but little Silas won't be coming back for a little while. He wants to let you know that he's very sorry for letting you down, but apparently I'm too strong. Poor baby... Well, I'm off, I have dreams to smash, people to fight, and then, when I'm all done I have to bask in my own glory. I've got a long and busy schedule, so if you don't mind, ta ta!" Bane said, twirling and sauntering off, still grinning evilly.

"Sorry sierra." shard mumbled brushing fur off his hoodie. "where can i shift then?" He said looking around the lobby. he rested his gaze on Firvin. "sorry if i scared you." he joked. He waved at Revion and smiled showing caines. Shard turnded to sierra. "Do i have a room or somethin?" he asked casually looking around swaying a bit.

shard whiped his head around as he heard a fight. He glanced at a white tiger. He wanted to help, join in, so badly, but he did not know is Sierra would get angry. He badly wanted to turn into a dragon, or wolf.

Just as Bane was about to smash through that flimsy barrier and end the lives of the pathetic creatures behind it, Sierra, or so Bane thought she was called, flew out of no where and landed in front of him, throwing up her hands as if to repel him. "You too, eh? Silas likes you, but to me, you're nothing!" Bane howled. However, he had miscalculated, the girl had thrown a barrier up in front of him, deflecting him from his course. He landed hard on the ground, Firvin the elf flying over the top of him and tumbling off to the side. Bane was just about to get up when Timber stood over him, "I think it will be the other way around." She shifted into a tiger and pinned him to the floor.

"Well, Miss Timber, this is a surprise. Never really pegged you for a cradle robber. I guess you never really know, huh?" Bane taunted, smirking devilishly. "However, you are wrong. It will be as I say, you see," Bane said, looking directly into the eyes of the great tiger, "Your strength is mine. Can't you feel it? Your will to fight with me fading? Your strength failing? That's this blackness. Just being near me is bad for your health. Let me show you why!" Bane roared. Just then, the true size of his aura showed, sixteen times the size of the black sheath surrounding his body. The great blackness formed into the skeleton of a man's torso with four arms and two heads. It was solid as steel and it burned like fire. The air shimmered from the heat coming off of its body. The tiger astride Bane was dwarfed by the giant standing over Bane. "Stand aside!" Bane roared, swiping Timber off of his body with the giant's right arms. Bane slowly stood, the giant's rib cage settling around his body, protecting it while still granting him vision of those around him. Bane swirled his arms around his body and the giant's limbs followed suit, trashing about and smashing away the things that were near him like nothing more than matchsticks. Most of what he touched was stone, but everything else burst into flame.

"I will destroy everything he loves, I will mold him into a soldier, into a man and he will finally be of use to me. You!" Bane roared, targeting Sierra. "As I said earlier, Silas likes you. You're first." Bane slowly strode over to Sierra, intent on reducing her soft body to nothingness.

Shard gave up. He roared, and turned into a massive Black dragon. He reared, and landed. He padded to where the fight was. Shard looked at Sierra as i to say sorry. He focused his golden eyes on Bane, and growled, showing his huge canines.

Dragon form: He gazed at the Bane, and pounced on him, pinning him down with his great size, fire rolled up and down his throat. He opened his mouth, ready to let loose a jet of flame on TheBane, (Shard called Bane that i dont know why lol) which would kill him instantly.

Firvin missed his target as Bane was repelled by the barrier, and flew into the ground rolling and popping back onto his feet, bits of bark and thorns flying off Firvin as he hits the ground. Firvin looks back at Bane seeing Timber now in her tiger form on top of him holding him down bad idea he thought to himself. Bane's aura greatly increased in size and threw Timber off him. Firvin was concerned for her, but he knew she should be ok if she didn't try to fight anymore. Firvin looks back at Bane in time to hear him scream "I will destroy everything he loves, I will mold him into a soldier, into a man and he will finally be of use to me. You!" He saw Bane's eyes through the aura, he was looking at Sierra. I have to help her. With his wooden armor still active Firvin goes to stand beside Sierra. "Sierra you know that fighting back doesn't work. He can absorb your strength, defense is our only option, we must not attempt to injure him or it will be flung back at us." Just as Firvin said this that new one, the dragon, attempted to pin Bane, and let loose a jet of flame, which did nothing as Bane easily absorbed the energy from the fire. "See what I mean, every time we attack him, he deflects or reflects it, we need a new strategy. He said that Silas likes you, try talking to him. I know it sounds crazy but it just might work."