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were wolf and were dragon

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a character in “Facility X”, originally authored by Wolflover2217, as played by RolePlayGateway



golden line down forehead

golden breast plates, no beard, golden eyes.

name. Shard Ducaine
status single
age: 19

messy black hair. tall, slightly muscular, blazing gold eyes with flecks of black in them. wears black hoodie and ripped jeans. Sometimes his wolf or dragon form will loom over him, like a shadow cloak, but in the shape of his from. Very hot. Cute smile. boyishly cute, has a deep sexy voice! LOL

jet black wlof with golden line going from fore head to nose. same golden eyes. unlike normal wolves, his size is 6 foot 2.

black dragon, gold horns, gold belly plates. massive wings. long tail with gold spear at the end. same golden eyes. Shards dragon self is 15 feet high. He can breathe fire, and can fly non-stop. He only lets close friends ride on his back.


Keeps to himself, loyal, Is hilerious but can be serious when needed. He used to live on a farm, but that all got taken away.


Wolf, and dragon.


parents got rid of wim when they discovered he could turn into a dragon and wolf

Shards memory: There was a flash of gold, i could not see, my eyes went blurry. Out of the shine, a figure stepped out. it was a wolf, then a human then a dragon then wolf. The person walkes foward swiftly, and touched his head with his staff. Shard screamed, his scream became a roar, then a howl. He morphes into a dragon, then into a wolf, then human. skin to fur, fur to scales, and forth. It hurt like hell, he screamed and screamed. the figure laughed and dissapeered into a puff of gold smoke.
he looked into the water, his eyes were a brilleant gold instead of blue.

So begins...

Shard's Story

"Thanks" Shard said to Firvin as he wrapped a leaf around his hand.

Shard doesn'tknow if he should go over and check Silias. He didnt even know him, but he still wanted to see him anyway. He walked over to Silias and said "Hi. I'm Shard. We haven't met before. Are you OK?" He asked him smiling.

After gesturing to Shard that they should leave, the were ran up to Silas and Sierra. Assuming that Shard was fine Firvin made eye contact with Silas and they nodded to each other, then Firvin entered to the dorms to 'find' Revion. Firvin makes his way to back his room, which was next to Silas's, after arriving at his room he opens his door and enters. He finds the window open, when he sent Revion away earlier he had intentionally left his window so Revion could leave. Upon finding the open window he turned to his bed where he saw his assassin vine sitting there calmly. He walks up asking it "What did you find", Revion tells him what he did while Bane was going on a rampage.

As Silas just sat there, crying his eyes out, the world was moving around him. It almost appeared to be in slow motion. The wolf lady put out all the fires and Firvin took off. Silas managed to stop crying just long enough to nod at him before he left. Timber went over to the two men with swords to chat with them, but Silas couldn't hear what they were saying. There was a newcomer. A pale man named Stelian, who introduced himself to the group. Silas didn't pay much attention to him. There would be time for a meet and greet later, but now, all Silas felt like doing was crying. Helping out with the restoration could wait. Silas hardly even noticed Shard asking him if he was ok. Silas nodded and quietly said, "I'm Silas, I've been here my whole life. This place is my home, but Bane keeps wrecking it. I'm sorry, but could you please just let me be for a little bit. I don't feel like talking to anyone. right now." He didn't want to be rude, but he felt like if he continued to talk, not just to Shard, but to anyone, he'd just start crying again, and he'd finally stopped just then.

Then suddenly, time sped up around him again when he noticed Sierra staring at him. She broke the barrier around her and rushed over to Silas. "You did it!!" she exclaimed. She she leaned in and quickly kissed him on the cheek. "I knew you could." she whispered before standing up and walking over to the wolf. She went over and spoke to the wolf lady before yawning then going back over to the bar. The world slowed down again. Silas was in shock. He didn't even realized the implications of what had happened until a good minute after they did. She'd kissed him. Silas blushed bright red, his whole face lighting up.

Silas quickly stood, shrugging off his embarrassment. Obviously she'd meant nothing by it. It was a congratulatory gesture, nothing more. No matter how much Silas wanted it to be. Silas regained his composure before, standing up and walking off back to the quiet room where witches practiced magic. There was something he needed to do. However, once he got there, he realized what he'd forgotten. Silas's bag was still back at the bar. Tibbers, his spell book, and his notepad were all there. Back where Sierra was. What was he going to do? How could he face her immediately after what had just happened. Silas knew he had to go back though. He needed the book.

Silas walked back to the bar. There was his bag, right next to Sierra. Silas swallowed hard, blushing just a little bit before walking over to Sierra and his bag. He quietly grabbed the bag and turned right back around. He quickly mumbled, "Sorry, forgot my bag. I'll be off now," before turning right back around to head off to the Witch's practice room. Hopefully Sierra was too preoccupied and wouldn't try to talk to him. He didn't know if he could take it.

Shard looks around, looking for his room. did he even have a room? H e searched for Timber and found her "Where is my room?" He asked swaying a little.

Sierra rushes off after Silas, 'Dont worry.' she says. She runs to stand in front of him. 'I'm sorry i kissed you i thought you wouldnt mind, i wont do it again.' she mumbles the last bit looking at her feet. She liked Silas a lot but didnt think he felt the same way about her.

Timber walks over to Shard, 'Ok Your room is this way.' she says gesturing to a corridor leading off.

(OOC- i am making rooms 1-? bagsy your room and i will but your name in the title, Sierra has number 1 and Timber has number 2 you can have any other dorm. In the OOC chat post a description of your room and i can add it also you can share if you want.)


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Kalin walked in the magic room. She wanted to practice making her fireballs. She saw Silas. "Oh, Hi!" Kalin said. "My name is Kalin, and you are Silas, right?" I'm new, hello! I am a demon." She looks at him "Is something wrong?"

The Outer World

Silas sat in the corner and crossed his legs. The room was dark and quiet, just the way he'd left it. Silas opened his spell book and turned to the very last page. Silas chanted a short spell and closed his eyes. He felt the world around him spin and he fell into himself. Silas's pulse slowed and his eyes rolled back into his head. Silas was going to visit Bane.

The Inner Soul

"Hello Cry-las." Bane said. When Silas opened his eyes, he was inside his soul, like he had been before when Bane took over. This time, however, it was different. Instead of being dark, and dreary like it always was. There was some light. It pierced the darkness here and there, it was still scary, but it wasn't as threatening as it was looming. The darkness was there, but it wasn't drooling in anticipation of eating you alive anymore. Silas didn't know why entirely, but he knew it had to do with one thing. Something that was different this time. Silas had come here on his own.

"Bane," Silas said. "Train me." Bane visibly faltered. "What?" he asked. "I don't believe it. This is a trick."
"No." Silas said. "I want to be able to turn off my drain. I want to control your aura, and I don't want to be afraid of you anymore. It's time for me to grow up a little. I've been holding onto my Inequities, and my fear of you, for too long."
"Umm..." Bane said, "Well... I don't know what to say. Are you sure you want this? I mean, we both know that when it comes down to me and you, I win. Every time. And you're willing to put yourself through this, because you feel like growing up? I'm impressed. Let's get started. I'm not gonna go easy on you though. If you're gonna turn into the kind of soldier I want, I'm gonna have to break you." Bane taunted, smiling evilly.

The Outer World

In the span of one hour of real world time, Silas trained for what seemed to be weeks in their Soul. Silas learned so much. He learned the secret to Bane's aura, though he couldn't quite control it, he could at least stop it more effectively. He learned how to become smoke and make himself intangible. Finally, and most importantly, Silas learned to turn off his drain. He could control it. It was an extension of Bane's aura. Silas had been repressing it, so it was hidden just under his skin. Finally, after what seemd an eternity. Silas opened his eyes. They were different though. They weren't just a deep brown. There were flecks of amber in them. When he woke, there was a girl in the room with him. He'd never met her before. "Oh, Hi!" Kalin said. "My name is Kalin, and you are Silas, right? I'm new, hello! I am a demon." She looks at him "Is something wrong?"

Silas looked up at her and smiled. "No." He said. "I'm great." He said cheerfully. Just then, the door opened. Sierra cautiously walked in. Her wings extended a bit but she managed to control them. She sheathed her sword no sure how it got to be in her hand. She could see Silas in the corner and a new girl. Sierra walked over to Silas hoping he wasn't angry with her. She folded her wings across her back but they we still tense in case of a swift exit. "Silas I'm so sorry, I got the wrong body signals from you." She looked away. "The truth is I really like you. I have for so long. But I can see you think differently, I will stay out of your way." Silas blushed bright red, but then he frowned. He was so happy. He wanted to jump and shout and throw his arms around her, but he couldn't. He was so embarrassed. He thought he was ready for this, obviously he wasn't, further, something was wrong. A silvery tear rolled down her cheek and she turned around, walking out of the Magic room before Silas could say anything.

"Um..." Silas stuttered at the new girl. "I'm sorry, but I need to go chase her. It was very nice to meet you." Silas threw himself down the hallway, following the sound of footsteps to the practice room. There she was. Silas closed the door behind him silently. He was panting softly, nervous, but ready. Sierra was obviously upset, she was viciously attacking the training dummies. Silas walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder, ducking when she twirled around, sword in hand. "Easy. It's me." Silas said reassuringly. "I'm sorry. I was too shy to say anything before, but...I-I like you. When I said I wanted you to stop, it wasn't because I wasn't enjoying k-kissing you. I did enjoy it. Very much so. I wanted to stop because... because I was afraid my draining powers would hurt you, but I'm not scared anymore. I can control them now." Silas demonstrated by taking off his gloves and gently touching her face. He wiped away a tear forming in her left eye. "So... umm... c-can we try again?" Silas asked. However, he knew he couldn't wait. He was too nervous, and he knew he couldn't hold it in any longer. Silas leaned over and gently placed his lips on hers.

Timbers grin widens. She looks to her friends 'He is a vampire.' She says before turning around. 'I need to go find Sierra meet me in the lobby in an hour. Don't be late' she warns before jogging off to find Sierra. Using her senses Timber sniffs her out immediately. She also smells Silas. Timber slows to a walk as she gets close to the practice room. She pushes open the door to see Sierra and Silas kissing. A blush rises to her cheek but she cannot draw herself away. Sierra was like a little sister to her but she wouldn't listen. Anyway if no one could date Sierra Silas would be worthy enough. Slowly she backs out the room as Sierra's phone beeps.

Timber bumps into Shard on the way out. 'Sorry' she says as she helps him up. 'You were watching them were you?' She asks getting a bit annoyed.

As Stelian walks across the hall to his room he hears someone shouting out his name. Turning he sees Shard running up to him. "Do you know where my room is?" he says. "I have been looking everywhere. well not everywhere but some places." He says laughing. "If your new here I'm going to guess that yours would be the room next to mine if you look inside your belongings will have been put there already. Also, you should know that I think there's a meeting in a little while I'll be heading down to the Lobby soon if you wish to attend with me." He smiles his almost devilish cunning smile.

Sierra continued to smile, "Riley's coming back" she squeals. Slias's face lit up. Riley was coming home?! Silas grew up with Riley as a sort of older sister/mom. She' was the one who taught him how to commune with nature, how to use magic. She was a huge part of his life, and the lives of all the residents of the Facility. She was its heart, its soul, its very center. Everything revolved around Riley. She was the perfect leader, kind and compassionate, but she would defend the Facility and its residents with fierce loyalty if it ever came down to it. Silas smiled. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Silas said happily, placing his gloves in his pocket and taking Sierra's hand.

Sierra removed her wings from around them and led Silas out the practice room. They walked down to the lobby hand-in-hand. Silas grinning like an idiot the whole time. He looked around. Everyone was there. Firvin was smiling at him and flashed him the thumbs-up. Silas sheepishly rubbed his empty hand on his neck. Timber was there, but when Silas tried to meet her gaze, she looked away. Was she... blushing? It couldn't be, not Timber, she must have just been excited to see Riley, just like Silas was. He disregarded her blushing. There was a woman, who Silas hadn't met, that walked in with a wolf padding along silently next to her. She said hello to FIrvin and Timber, so she couldn't be all bad. Still, Silas was never good with meeting new people. She spoke up, "I'm Magiere and this is my wolf Ayla, don't worry she's as friendly as any dog you've met." She said introducing herself to Silas and Sierra. "Umm... hi." Silas said quietly. He cleared his throat and spoke up, he wasn't sure if she'd heard him, but it was still so hard to be himself around people he hadn't met. "Hi, I'm Silas, I'm a warlock." he said, louder this time, but still just a little shy.

However, by looking around, Silas saw the damage he'd done. It wasn't that long ago that he'd destroyed half the lobby. To be fair, it was Bane who'd done it, but Silas was still saddened by destruction. It wasn't something he wanted Riley to come home to. Still, he couldn't stay sad. Silas was holding hands with Sierra. He had even kissed the girl, that beautiful, wonderful girl, three times in a single day. Just thinking about it gave him goosebumps and made him smile wider. He was so happy.

Further, Silas had begun the process of befriending Bane. If he could do so, he could finally unlock the secrets in his mind. He noticed that there were parts of his soul that were locked off to others, places only Bane could go. They needed to be broken open. Silas had to know. That however, could wait. Silas could hear the sound of a helicopter's blades thumping against the air. He broke into an even wider grin. Riley was home!

After Silas introduced himself, he looked down towards the floor, smiling sheepishly. There was just something about meeting new people that unnerved him. He didn't know why. Sierra rubbed his hand, "It's ok," she whispered to him, getting Silas to smile. "I'm Sierra, I'm Lucifer's angel." she says smiling. "This is Silas, my boyfriend." As if to prove her point she stretched up and gently kissed him. Silas blushed, kissing was great in private, but in front of everybody it was a little too much for him. He didn't mind her kissing him whenever she pleased, in fact, he liked her boundless confidence. It was his favorite trait of hers, however, it still didn't change the fact that it was being done in front of everybody. Maybe they could talk about it later. "You may have to be careful with her around Cole he is very dominant." She says gesturing to Alya, at which point, SIlas nodded in approval. Cole was territorial and strong. Though he'd be friendly once he got to know her, there would definitely be some conflict over dominance in the future. At that point, Firvin came up to them. "Hey everyone, what's up?" he said, greeting them. 'Not much.' Sierra says with a giggle. Silas blushed and studied his shoes. He knew Firvin would say something embarrassing about his dating Sierra, he just wasn't sure what. Silas, however, didn't have time to prepare a rebuttal, the sounds of helicopter blades were becoming even stronger. It was here!

The doors blew open from the wind made by the helicopter blades and Riley stepped in. She looked around, blackened furniture lay strewn across the floor and there were marks on all the walls. She looked back at the large group who had gathered to meet her. "What the Hell happened here?" she exclaims a smile breaking across her face. Timber ran forward and hugged her in a friendly way. Cole whined at Riley's feet so Timber lent down and scratched his over sized head. Silas saw Timber say something, and Riley nodded. She must have told him it was Bane's... his fault. Silas's eyes were boring holes in the carpet. He was so ashamed of what he'd done.

Just as Silas was about to stop contemplating the carpet patterns, he heard footsteps. Riley walked up to him, and handed Silas a rectangular, thin box. She took a step over and produced a large wrapped box with holes in it. She handed it to Sierra gently. "Be careful with her." She said before walking over to the rest of the group, she handed out other gifts to the new-comers, Magiere, Daine, Asher, Ouka, and Stelian. The final gift she has, she hands to Timber.

Silas waited until everyone had gotten their presents, then he carefully opened the small, wrapped box. Inside was a wand. It was a dark, strong wood with runes carved into it, and a blue stone placed in a socket on the end of the handle. It was no ordinary, toy wand. Silas could feel the power flowing from it. It was a powerful tool for channeling energy and creating magic. Silas gasped when he picked it up. It was perfectly sized for his hand. Riley always brought him back something nice, but this was too much. Silas ran over to her and threw his arms around her. "Thank you so much!" Silas exclaimed, though his voice was muffled, as he'd buried his face in her midriff. Letting go slightly, his arms still wrapped around her waist, Silas looked up at Riley, "It's perfect!" He said, his eyes lighting up and a huge smile breaking across his face. "Well, no better time to test it out than right now. Let's see..." He trailed off, rummaging around until he found his book of spells. Riley had helped him write it.

Leafing through the pages, his eyes scanning for a particular spell, Silas stopped suddenly, he'd found it. Silas put the book down on the floor, and raised his wand and off hand like a conductor preparing for his concert. He closed his eyes, and began chanting in a low voice in words only understandable by witches. His hair flung upwards, as if a wind were blowing it and a small magic circle made of light appeared around his ankles, hovering a few inches off the ground. After a good half a minute of chanting, Silas raised his other hand then flicked the wand once, twice, as if tapping a music stand, and made a grand sweeping motion with his wand. Silas finished the gesture with a skyward, spiral flourish before slowly bringing down both his hands. Like water pouring over the lobby, all of the burn marks made by Bane washed away, leaving the place as if it'd been completely refurbished. After a second or so, the light faded, Silas's hair fell back to its usual style, and his eyes opened. Silas sat down, "Whew... that was hard." Silas said. "Still, I'm glad I could fix something, I... I hate how Bane wrecked our home like that." Silas paused for a moment, clearly upset at what Bane had done. He shook it off and spoke up again, "This wand is very strong Riley, are you sure you want me to have it?" he asked.

(OOC: Sorry, double posted on accident.)

After a while of sitting and watching it becomes apparent that this meeting is a reunion of old friends. Stelian begins to feel slightly out of place around all of the reminiscing and greetings. He decides to go off to the Vampire haven and practice some of his attack patterns. 'I doubt they'll miss me and I'd rather not interrupt their reunion.' He wanders through the halls until he finds a door marked Vampires. He opens it and walks in. Inside are practice dummies and the room is almost completely dark shutoff from all natural light lamps illuminate the edges of the room. "So this is the practice area for vampires..." He finds a group of practice dummies and takes his stance with a rope dart in hand. After a moment he launches the dart at one of the dummies flicking the string as he did so causing the rope to wrap around the dummy's neck as the bolt impacted. After pulling the rope tight the dummy vanishes in a puff of dust. A smile comes to Stelian's face. 'This is going to be fun.' He continues practicing using each of his weapons in turn finishing off with practicing some hand to hand combat against a group of moving dummies.

As Silas fills his head with worrying, Sierra picks up on it and says, "Don't worry." Sierra had whispered the words, just loud enough for Silas to hear, and draw confidence from, all the while stroking his hand softly. Silas smiled at her, "Thanks," he said, his voice just loud enough for her to hear. "I just can't help it. He's been a part of me for as long as I can remember. He's been around every corner, every closed door, and inside every dark room. He's everywhere, and he's nowhere all at once. How can I beat that? How can I be strong enough to face him, to protect you, and all my family here, from him?"

Riley must have heard Silas worrying about the wand and about Bane, because she said, "Don't worry about the wand and Bane. It was made especially for you. No-one else can use it not even him." she says with a happy sigh. "It is all yours." She adds. Silas's face instantly brightened, "Really?" He asked, his voice full of joy, "it's just for me? That's a huge relief. I was just thinking how horrible it would be for him to get a hold of it. Whew, well, it's been fun, but... ummm..." Silas said, trailing off and looking at Sierra pointedly, hoping she'd take the hint that he wanted to go somewhere else, to be with just her. It had been a long day, Silas wanted to spend his time with Sierra, relaxing and just being with her. She made him feel calm, and simultaneously confident.

Revion watched as Riley and Shard conversed, there was a break in the conversation so he slithered out of his nearby potted plant and over to Riley, He climbs up onto the table and looks toward her, waiting for an acknowledgement.

Timber smiled at Magiere, Yes I can take you there after our drinks, if you would like." she replies to Magiere's question. "That would be lovely" she replied "I'm going to have to stop by my room and get my swords, but if you just show me where it is I can find my way back there after getting my things." she replies. Magiere takes a sip of her drink, it was steaming and hot, just how she liked her coffee. It was a dark roast with a deep and strong flavor, she preferred her coffee this way, lighter flavors just seem tasteless on her semi-vampiric tongue. She takes a big drink of her coffee, "Don't like coffee?" she joked with a smile?

Shard watches as ew girl walks through the big doors. "Monkeys are fun la la la la la." She sang.
Shard chuckles a little bit. "Hey there." He said to the girl.

"Oh, hi! My name is Kalin. I'm 14. Whats your name?" Kalin puts her sock monkey aside, looks at the clay eyeballs and blushes. "Sorry, I'll take the clay off." She peels the eyeballs off the wall. "So.... your name is......?"

"I'm a demon. I can light stuff on fire with my mind. I can create other peoples headaches. Finally, I have small, leathery wings. I can sorta fly. What's yours?" Kalin asks, her deep black eyes staring intently at him. "Don't worry. I won't use my powers on you."

"Ok!" Says Kalin. She stares at a dead leaf that blew in from the door. It suddenly lights on fire. "I can turn it off, too." Kalin looks at the fire. It extuinguishes. "Ok, now this." She looks at Shard and gives him a minor, short burst of pain in the head. "Finally!" Kalin lifts her shirt in the back and unfolds her small wings. She flaps them and lifts from the ground.
"There. You like it?"