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Silas/Bane Richardson

"I walk the path to the dawn.... Oh stop your driveling Silas. Oi! You there, come over here and fight us!"

0 · 377 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, as played by XShishioX


Name: Silas/Bane Richardson

Type: Wiccan/Witch, though he prefers to be called a Warlock or a Caster.

Age: 14


Silas has a split personality, one is Silas, the other is named Bane.

Silas, the usually dominant personality, is quiet. He doesn't like to talk, and when he does, it's always with small hints of sadness. He's never mean and is always nice to people, almost to the point of being completely submissive and passive. He figures the best way to never get hurt is to never let anyone get angry with you or close to you. When he can tell you just want to be friendly with him, he will open up to you and be very nice. He'll even talk openly with you. Sort of... He likes to make people smile and feels good when his friends are happy.

Bane, the normally dormant personality, on the other hand is loud, obnoxious, more than a little sarcastic, and pure evil. He is everything that Silas isn't. Meaning his good traits are the opposite of Silas's. He's confident, but not to the point of arrogance. He's always in a good mood, which for him means wanting to torture and kill people. He likes to fill people with the worst nightmares and destroy their dreams. He is always watching through Silas's eyes and is constantly assessing whether or not Silas is too weak to handle the situation. He doesn't do so out of care or concern. It's mostly out of self-preservation, and the need to beat things to a pulp. For the most part, Silas usually holds him back with sheer will, as Bane feels that he should be the dominant personality. He's always insulting Silas and trying to wear him down so he can assert himself for good.


Silas is skinny for his age, as just a little bit short sitting at about 5'4". He weighs about 97 lbs and is more scrawny than muscled. He has black hair and brown doleful eyes that make you want to befriend him. He likes to wear what appears to be a private school uniform, but each day it's never quite the same one. The color of the blazer and tie will change, sometime's he'll forego the blazer and just wear the collared shirt with the tie and vest. It depends on how he feels that day. Most always though, he will wear a black vest with a perfectly white collared shirt, a varying colored tie, khaki pants or dark dress slacks, and dress shoes. He likes to look nice. He will, on occasion, dress casually and wear jeans. When he does, however, he will always wear nice jeans with a collared shirt and a sweater underneath with a matching tie.

Bane's appearance is almost completely the same as Silas, the magic in their body doesn't change him much physically. There is one slight difference, however. When Silas subsides and Bane comes out, his eyes will turn golden and his smile becomes disconcerting, it turns more into a confident, evil smirk, showing off his slightly more prominent canines. His constant good mood is off-putting and not cheerful in the slightest. Bane is much stronger that Silas, however, he only appears when he believes Silas doesn't deserve to be in control of their body because he is too weak.



~Cute things, what he calls cute others might call slightly creepy
~Sweet things, like candy and cake
~Drawing, hey carries around a notebook in his satchel that if filled with pictures of an older woman who appears to be his mother
~The color blue, he just thinks that it's a pretty color

~Blood, and lots of it. He believes blood splattering is a form of art.
~Hurting things, he's almost satanic in his desire to constantly murder something
~Meat, preferably as under cooked as possible.


~Bitter things, he hates coffee
~Fighting, all types, arguing and yelling make him just as sad as people physically hurting each other
~The color orange, he dislikes it, doesn't know why
~awkward or perverted situations. They make him blush and become very uncomfortable.

~Silas, he's too weak.
~Sweet things, they're gross.
~Fighting without Style.


Being a Witch, Silas has many darker powers that he has been practicing for use in combat, just in case, as well as the ability to physically hold his own in a fight, he has to in order to combo his spells. However, in combat, he focuses on non-lethal discouragement of the enemy, using holds and redirecting attacks. He also knows practical magic, like scrying. Here is a list of things he can do:

Intention Sensing: Silas can feel your will to hurt someone else, including himself. He will try to use words to deter you from fighting with him or anyone if he can feel you're intending to hurt them. He can also feel if you want to be friendly with him or with others. He uses this "intuition" as a warning about a person's attitude and reacts accordingly.

Draining Aura: Silas constantly exudes an aura of draining, negative energy. This energy can suck the physical, and mystical strength from your body and make you feel extremely fatigued. This aura is constantly being suppressed by Silas, who hates it, though he is learning to control it. It used to be that the best he could do was to pull the aura into his skin, making touching him lethal. He had to wear gloves and cover most of his body due to the dangers presented by touching him. As it is now, after a lot of training, Silas can manipulate the aura around him enough to completely mitigate the effects of the aura. Unlike Bane, he doesn't use it for Combat, he instead uses it to suck the energy out of people to knock them out, then invade their dreams with his dream walking ability and use lucid dreaming techniques to fight them in their own dream world, effectively making himself a god so his opponent doesn't feel like fighting him.

Dream Walking: Silas can enter the dreams of people he puts to sleep. In their dreams he becomes something of a god and can give himself any power he desires, it's a dream after all. However, if the person who is dreaming realizes it's a dream, they can fight back with the same "lucid dreaming" techniques.

Shield of Darkness: Silas can cover his body with a shield that repels attacking energy. As long as he can tell you want to hit him, you cannot break his shield, unless he becomes too fatigued from holding up the shield, or he cannot sense your intent to attack him. This shield is an extension of his aura. It sucks away some of the energy from attacks and protects Silas and whomever he chooses to shield with it.

Smoke Form: Silas learned to turn his body into smoke, as an extension of the control of Bane's aura, from Bane himself. In this state, Silas can't attack, but he is impervious to all damage.

Bane, on the other hand, is a demon in battle. He is everything Silas isn't, therefore, he loves to duke it out with everything that moves. He doesn't do it for friendly competition, he does it to torment and kill the people he's fighting with. Bane's abilities are much more focused on destruction and damage than Silas's, who focuses more on discouraging the attacker and defending himself. Bane's prowess and presence on the battlefield are prodigious. He is a natural fighter and a perfect soldier, never retreating, and never surrendering. He is strong, and not to be trifled with. These are the powers he has in his arsenal:

Aura: Bane is constantly surrounded by a twisting, shadow like aura. While Silas suppresses his aura, Bane's aura is constantly oozing from his body, simply due to the fact that he cannot contain it if he tried. There's simply too much raw power. The size of Banes aura is directly proportional to the amount of energy he is currently using. The amount of energy required to sheathe his body is roughly 1/16th of his maximum power. The aura has the same properties as Silas's draining touch on a smaller scale because it's spread out. Just like Silas's touch, just being around Bane makes you just feel bad, like your strength is draining from your body and your will to fight is fading. This aura improves the body's capabilities. It makes Bane stronger, faster, and react quicker, Silas's drain stems from this ability.

Aura Materialization: Bane can convert his raw, unholy aura into a physical object that will only maintain its form as long as it's touching his body. Most often he will create claws like meat hooks jutting out from the backs of his hands. He can use it to create scales that shrug off damage, even mystical or elemental attacks, and wings capable of actual flight. He'll even create horns on his head, just to look like a devil. When the aura is solidified, it loses the majority of it's draining properties and converts the absorbed energy to heat, burning whatever it touches. His aura is like playdoh. It can mold into different shapes, however, when shaped, it's draining properties are mostly substituted with heat. He can however, directly absorb heat energy.


Silas and Bane have a good sized wardrobe. Their clothes are sponsored by the institute. Further, they like to carry around a satchel with his drawing notebook and a book of common spells, like scrying, analyzing, communing, and projection. He has a little bear named Tibbers that's been horribly disfigured. It's limbs are all stitched on poorly, its eyes and buttons are haphazardly sewed on and the overall feeling one gets from Tibbers is fear and discomfort. Silas, however, loves Tibbers to death and will be very sad and depressed if he were to lose it, allowing Bane to transfer over easily.


Recently, Silas has taken to leaving Tibbers in his room. He instead carries around the wand that Riley gave him. The wand is made specifically for Silas, Bane is completely unable to use it. The wand is a perfect conduit and amplifier for Silas's energy, making it a powerful tool.


Silas grew up in the Facility. His parents were known Wicca, powerful and dark. They would rather die than surrender their son and live a life of isolation from the natural world. They didn't want their powers and souls to be contained by some anti-septic government sink-hole. The government on the other hand, wanted desperately to control all the magical creatures of the world. The argument grew heated and turned into a full scale battle. His parents lashed out with their magical might, becoming everything the government feared about the Wicca. Finally, they called in a specialist, a Witch Hunter. The hunter managed to separate baby Silas from his parents who made a deal that if they gave them selves up, Silas could go free. Instead, they killed Silas's parents and took him. Using their last breath to give a small fraction of their powers to Silas, in order to protect him, they died, leaving baby Silas in the hands of the Facility X faculty. The power they left him was too mature for his use, too dark and full of their hate for the government. It fractured his mind, creating Bane who was locked away from Silas until he was old enough, strong enough, for Bane to have a reason to take over his body. Silas and Bane have been in the Facility ever since. Silas still doesn't know who his parents were and why he's grown up away from them. He believes the government took him away from the world because he's too dangerous. Bane knows the real story, but he's too infuriated by Silas's weakness to actually force himself to tell him.

So begins...

Silas/Bane Richardson's Story

While sitting at the bar, Sierra walked up to Firvin, with one of the men who had been brought in earlier. "Hey Firvin. Do you want something stronger?" she asks him.

"Yeah I'd love something, too bad this damn bar doesn't serve any alcohol. Whose your frie-" He begins to ask but stops his sentence midway. Firvin notices someone walking into the lobby.

"HEY SILAS! OVER HERE!" Firvin calls out to his young friend while waving.

"Sorry about that, he looked a little worried and I wanted to make sure he found us, Revion, go meet him half way" He instructed as his vine slithered off his shoulders. He turns back to Sierra "Whose your new friend?" Firvin asks.

YAAAAAAAaaaaaawwwwnnnn..... And with a gaping yawn, Silas woke from his nap. He took off his pajamas and put on black slacks, a white long sleeved collared shirt, a black and grey vest with a red tie and no jacket. He pulled on his black socks and shiny black shoes and stuck a red pocket square into his breast pocket. Silas walked over to the mirror to comb his hair and was shocked by what he saw. Bane was staring back at him, his bright yellow eyes glinting in the low-light, and his prominent canines showing in his trademark evil smirk. "Well hello Cry-las. Going to go whine some more?" Bane taunted, they shared a body, but Silas wasn't talking. Bane was making a projection of himself on the mirror. "Why not let me out today? Hmm? Maybe you'll actually grow up a little." He said with a smirk. "Go away." Silas said stoically. "I'm not playing with you today. Now where did you put Tibbers, I want him now!" Silas demands boldly. "Gimme a break. You don't need that dumb bear. Grow some cahones." Bane replies. Silas walks over to his bed, bends down, and grabs the stuffed bear out from under his bed. "Found him. That's not funny Bane!" Silas said, scolding Bane, who simply scoffs before fading away out of the mirror like dispersing mist. Silas grabs his bag, with the drawing pad, spell book, and now Tibbers before heading out the door to the lobby.

Though Silas had put Bane in his place, he was worried. Bane didn't like to show up unless he thought Silas was being too weak. Would he show himself again today? Would he pick a fight with someone? However, Silas was ripped from his worried pondering by the voice of Firvin. "HEY, SILAS, OVER HERE!!" Silas waved with a bright smile. He liked Firvin, the two had known each other for a while, Firvin had been here for a few years and Silas had been at the Facility his whole life. Silas also noticed Sierra, who was sitting with Firvin, and with someone he didn't know at the bar. However, he didn't say anything to them, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. Halfway to Firvin, Silas stooped down and let Revion, the assassin vine, slither up his body and around his waist. His presence was comfortable, his weight pleasant, but not oppressive, Silas knew Revion wouldn't hurt him. Finally Silas stepped up to the bar and laid a hand on Firvin's shoulder so Revion could slither over to his master. Silas then sat next to Firvin and almost whispered, "Hello Firvin, how are you today?" Not wanting to draw much attention to himself, Silas pulled out his drawing pad and began to sketch a picture.

'Ok boy's enough showing off.' Sierra commands after Shard is human again. she turns to him. 'No shifting in the lobby, only a few can do that.' she says to him. then she turns to Silas. 'Your you right? not Bane?' she smiles remembering what happened last time Bane made an apperance. she shivers and turns back to the now.

Firvin is a bit taken aback by Shard's nerve shifting in the lobby, but he doesn't let it show.
"Ok boy's enough showing off. Sierra commanded of them, to which Firvin only smiled and nodded, before Sierra turned to Silas asking "Your you right? not Bane?".

"Of course it's him, Bane doesn't draw like that. What ya working on over there buddy? Also you haven't ordered anything yet, what do you want, it's on me." Firvin says while putting an arm around Silas in a quick hug, trying to cheer the boy up.
Before Silas could respond Firvin whispers something to Revion, and Revion slithers off his shoulders and out of site.

'I know just checking, Bane could be playing a trick on us. remember the last time?' Sierra shivers again. 'No the drinks are on me. I don't have to pay.' She reminds them. Sierra spots Revion but he slithers away again. 'Whats Revion doing?' she says turning to Firvin.

Firvin witnessed the caged wolf enter, and was a little thankful, because now he doesn't have to lie about Revion's whereabouts. But when Sierra started to get really upset Firvin got nervous, He covered Silas so he didn't have to witness this happen. "And to think she was worried about you..." Firvin muttered.

Without the muzzle on, Ouka shifted into her human form. She watched as the woman who took the muzzle off, flew into a rampage. Literally. She watched in amazement as she had wings. "I'm alright." Ouka said hoping to ease the tension.

Firvin told Silas to "keep calm and focus on drawing" as he ran over to Sierra and grabbed her from behind. "CALM DOWN SIERRA! Look she has the muzzle off, she's turned back. Everything his fine! Timber will take care of the guards later, but you need to relax or else you'll be the one in trouble!" Firvin exclaimed hoping it worked. He looked back over to Silas hoping everything was fine, he knew how much the kid hated violence.

"Of course it's him, Bane doesn't draw like that. What ya working on over there buddy? Also you haven't ordered anything yet, what do you want, it's on me." Firvin says while putting an arm around Silas in a quick hug, trying to cheer the boy up. The overall effect on Silas, though the Firvin's intentions were kind, was uncomfortable. He shied away from Firvin, ever so slightly, almost not even noticeably. Before Silas could respond that he'd like a soda, Firvin whispers something to Revion, and Revion slithers off his shoulders and out of site.

"I know just checking, Bane could be playing a trick on us. remember the last time?" Sierra said and shivered at the thought. Silas, hung his head a little, he remembered last time vaguely. The only thing he remembered about last time was that a whole wing of the facility had to be remade. "No the drinks are on me. I don't have to pay." She reminds them. Silas smiled, Sierra was nice.

Silas looked up. Someone new had come into the facility. A werewolf from the look of it, all chained and muzzled. It was horrible. The poor thing must be terrified, all locked up like that. That's when all hell broke loose. Sierra went on a rampage, attempting to kill the guards who brought in the wolf. Firvin left the bar, flying after her as fast as he could, telling Silas to, "Just keep calm and focus on drawing." before going off to help Miss Timber detain Sierra who looked like she was about to slice something to ribbons. Firvin was right, Sierra thought HE was the one who was going to be all worked up. Still, Silas got up. He hated to see Sierra so upset. He jogged over to where she was, trying to get a hold on her to calm her down, but she was struggling too fiercely. In the struggle, Firvin accidentally smacked him right in the nose and knocked Silas to the ground, giving him a nose bleed and setting his eyes watering. Eventually, Sierra took to the Aviary, attempting to blow off steam, and the new werewolf was standing in her human form, de-muzzled. However, Silas hadn't noticed any of that. He was still sitting on his butt, trying not to cry. He knew Firvin didn't mean to hit him, he knew Firvin would never, but still. He hit him right on the nose. That had really hurt.

"Oh dear gods. Really?" The world froze. Bane materialized in front of him, like a wisp of smoke suddenly growing corporeal from nothing. "A bonk on the nose. That's gonna make you cry? Puh-lease... Alrighty, it's been a while, but hand us over, it's time to play." "No..." Silas said, barely even a whisper. "No, I won't let you." Silas said, still extremely quietly. "Well, I asked nicely, I'm taking it now!" Bane roared, diving at Silas, his body turning to smoke before it hit him. At that moment, the world shuddered around him. It was him. It was Bane. He was taking over. A thick, bloody red and black aura slowly enveloped Silas. The aura twisted and writhed, as if it had a mind of it's own. Silas felt his eyes roll back into his head. The world faded from him and he fell the rest of the way to the floor. After only a brief moment, Bane's eyes snapped open, golden and not the slightest bit comforting. The world slowly sped up and everyone else turned to look at him. Standing up and brushing himself off, Bane smiled his twisted evil smirk, his slightly longer canines showing. "Well hello there." Bane said, his voice slightly deeper than Silas's, he also sounded more cultured, but there was a rasp to his speech. "So nice to see you all again." Bane said, still smirking evilly. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Timber, Firvin, I'm so sorry, but little Silas won't be coming back for a little while. He wants to let you know that he's very sorry for letting you down, but apparently I'm too strong. Poor baby... Well, I'm off, I have dreams to smash, people to fight, and then, when I'm all done I have to bask in my own glory. I've got a long and busy schedule, so if you don't mind, ta ta!" Bane said, twirling and sauntering off, still grinning evilly.

Timber stood in front of Bane. 'Bane you aren't going anywhere' she commands standing in his path. 'Let Silas out now.' she growls looking him in the eyes.

"I'm sorry Miss Timber," Bane said, mocking her by mimicking Silas's voice, "I can't come play right now. I'm busy whining and crying and being undeserving of this powerful body." Bane spat, his real voice coming out in the end. "That little whelp gets to live with this. He needs to grow up. He needs to feel true despair if I'm ever going to be able to do anything with him. And you,". Bane said, words full of venom, "If you think your bitty ickle charade of bravery and authority is going to phaze me, you've got another thing coming. However, I guess if you really wanted my attention, you got it. Congratulations, you now have my full attention!" Bane said, fake happiness and sarcasm dripping from his everyword. "I suppose that also means that since you have my attention, you won't mind putting up with the consequences. It's actually not a bad idea. We've a score to settle, and Silas needs tutoring. If trashing the place and trouncing some talentless hacks like you is what it takes to get Silas to man up, so be it. Don't go crying when your strength runs out, and my jaws are closing around your neck." Bane howled at Timber as he molded part of his aura into wings, taking to the sky. Finally, after a moment of observing, he dove at her, his hands like claws, aimed for her throat. He would strangle the life out her, and enjoy every second of it.

Ouka took this persons hand. "Thanks." She tried not to look sad. It was hard on her coming to a place that was not so open. She never hurt anybody in her forest. Well except brats who defiled it by chopping down trees and littering. She'd give them a scare but that was the extent of her doings. Sort of. She didn't want to remember that day.

She smiled until, all of a sudden, all of the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Where is this evil feeling coming from? Ouka turned and saw a child. It couldn't be from him? She showed her fangs and poised to attack. She then saw him dive, at an incredible height, for the woman who was helping her. Ouka did the only thing she could do, she created an ice wall and pulled Timber out of the way. "I don't think that'll stop him.." She stated "My magic is not too strong."

While struggling with Sierra, Firvin's arm went flying and hit Silas on the nose, he hadn't even noticed the kid was there until it happened. Sierra put her sword away and flew off. At least she's not gonna kill anyone, I'll leave her be for now. 'Thanks, that helped a lot.' Timber said to Firvin. Then she turned to Ouka, 'Are you ok?. Firvin ignored Timber's words, focusing on Silas, who was still on the ground with tears in his eyes. Oh god, I hope he's alright Firvin thought to himself knowing that Silas wouldn't be here for long. As soon as Firvin thought this, a black aura began to engulf Silas, Silas was Silas no more.

"Well hello there.So nice to see you all again. It's been a while, hasn't it? Timber, Firvin, I'm so sorry, but little Silas won't be coming back for a little while. He wants to let you know that he's very sorry for letting you down, but apparently I'm too strong. Poor baby... Well, I'm off, I have dreams to smash, people to fight, and then, when I'm all done I have to bask in my own glory. I've got a long and busy schedule, so if you don't mind, ta ta!" Bane's little speech was unnerving for Firvin, as he knew there was nothing anyone could do to stop him. The only technique with Bane was to let him wear himself down and defend yourself. Before Firvin could say anything Timber stepped in front of Bane screaming "Bane you aren't going anywhere. Let Silas out now.". Firvin could only stand by thinking to himself Dammit Timber, you know that won't work... Bane responds to Timber's threat with great malice mocking the Silas he took over "I'm sorry Miss Timber, I can't come play right now. I'm busy whining and crying and being undeserving of this powerful body. That little whelp gets to live with this. He needs to grow up. He needs to feel true despair if I'm ever going to be able to do anything with him. And you, If you think your little charade of bravery and authority is going to phaze me, you've got another thing coming. However, I guess if you really wanted my attention, you got it. Congratulations, you now have my full attention! I suppose that also means that since you have my attention, you won't mind putting up with the consequences. It's actually not a bad idea. We've a score to settle, and Silas needs tutoring. If trashing the place and trouncing some talentless hacks like you is what it takes to get Silas to man up, so be it. Don't go crying when your strength runs out, and my jaws are closing around your neck." Bane jumped at Timber arms extended towards her throat. Firvin had to act quickly if he was to save his friend's life. He used his abilities to turn his skin into a thorn like armor, hard as a tree, he knew from past experience that with his hardened skin he could take a few hits from Bane before receiving any real damage. "TIMBER GET OUT OF HERE, YOU KNOW FIGHTING BACK DOESN'T WORK!" he dove at Bane, hoping to meet him midair before he could kill her.

Sierra rushed back feeling a wave of dark power. She reached the lobby as Bane dived for Timber. Sierra was more agile and she rushed to stand in front of Timber. She concentrated and built up a spirit barrier. Bane bounced off it. "Get him out of here"she said gesturing to Bane. "I can't hold this much longer.

Timber gasped as her friends all came to help her. She was even more surprised when Sierra flew in and built a barrier which saved her life. She growled disrespectfully at Bane and step forward. The pushed through Sierra and stood on top of Bane. "I think it will be the other way around"she growls. She shifts and in her place is a huge white tiger. Timber leans down and softly exhales in Banes face. She placed her two front paws on his arms.

Asher sheathed his sword when the demon went out the door. At least there weren't any... And then Bane showed up. injuries or anything chaotic... Asher sighed and unsheathed his sword. "God damn it..." Asher cursed. "One thing after another... Can't chaos give it a rest for a while?" He pointed his sword at the man surrounded by dark aura. "Calm down son... I don't want to hurt you... Nor do I want you to be hurt by them..." Asher said.

Daine stood up fully and brought out his gunblade when the man surrounded himself in dark aura and attacked the director of Facility X. He pointed it at the man on the floor, at the same time as Asher.

Just as Bane was about to smash through that flimsy barrier and end the lives of the pathetic creatures behind it, Sierra, or so Bane thought she was called, flew out of no where and landed in front of him, throwing up her hands as if to repel him. "You too, eh? Silas likes you, but to me, you're nothing!" Bane howled. However, he had miscalculated, the girl had thrown a barrier up in front of him, deflecting him from his course. He landed hard on the ground, Firvin the elf flying over the top of him and tumbling off to the side. Bane was just about to get up when Timber stood over him, "I think it will be the other way around." She shifted into a tiger and pinned him to the floor.

"Well, Miss Timber, this is a surprise. Never really pegged you for a cradle robber. I guess you never really know, huh?" Bane taunted, smirking devilishly. "However, you are wrong. It will be as I say, you see," Bane said, looking directly into the eyes of the great tiger, "Your strength is mine. Can't you feel it? Your will to fight with me fading? Your strength failing? That's this blackness. Just being near me is bad for your health. Let me show you why!" Bane roared. Just then, the true size of his aura showed, sixteen times the size of the black sheath surrounding his body. The great blackness formed into the skeleton of a man's torso with four arms and two heads. It was solid as steel and it burned like fire. The air shimmered from the heat coming off of its body. The tiger astride Bane was dwarfed by the giant standing over Bane. "Stand aside!" Bane roared, swiping Timber off of his body with the giant's right arms. Bane slowly stood, the giant's rib cage settling around his body, protecting it while still granting him vision of those around him. Bane swirled his arms around his body and the giant's limbs followed suit, trashing about and smashing away the things that were near him like nothing more than matchsticks. Most of what he touched was stone, but everything else burst into flame.

"I will destroy everything he loves, I will mold him into a soldier, into a man and he will finally be of use to me. You!" Bane roared, targeting Sierra. "As I said earlier, Silas likes you. You're first." Bane slowly strode over to Sierra, intent on reducing her soft body to nothingness.

Shard gave up. He roared, and turned into a massive Black dragon. He reared, and landed. He padded to where the fight was. Shard looked at Sierra as i to say sorry. He focused his golden eyes on Bane, and growled, showing his huge canines.

Dragon form: He gazed at the Bane, and pounced on him, pinning him down with his great size, fire rolled up and down his throat. He opened his mouth, ready to let loose a jet of flame on TheBane, (Shard called Bane that i dont know why lol) which would kill him instantly.

Firvin missed his target as Bane was repelled by the barrier, and flew into the ground rolling and popping back onto his feet, bits of bark and thorns flying off Firvin as he hits the ground. Firvin looks back at Bane seeing Timber now in her tiger form on top of him holding him down bad idea he thought to himself. Bane's aura greatly increased in size and threw Timber off him. Firvin was concerned for her, but he knew she should be ok if she didn't try to fight anymore. Firvin looks back at Bane in time to hear him scream "I will destroy everything he loves, I will mold him into a soldier, into a man and he will finally be of use to me. You!" He saw Bane's eyes through the aura, he was looking at Sierra. I have to help her. With his wooden armor still active Firvin goes to stand beside Sierra. "Sierra you know that fighting back doesn't work. He can absorb your strength, defense is our only option, we must not attempt to injure him or it will be flung back at us." Just as Firvin said this that new one, the dragon, attempted to pin Bane, and let loose a jet of flame, which did nothing as Bane easily absorbed the energy from the fire. "See what I mean, every time we attack him, he deflects or reflects it, we need a new strategy. He said that Silas likes you, try talking to him. I know it sounds crazy but it just might work."

Shard beat his wings impatientaly, and let out another jet of flame, knowing that it would do nothing. He clawed at TheBane's face and swiped him with his tail. He roared and beat his wings.

Then he turned into a wolf, and tried to aim for his neck. He knew it was useless, so he turned into dragon again and contuined to make fire balls, which Bane absorbed them. He gave up with a flick of his long tail, and walked over to Firvin and Sierra and sat down next to them.

Sierra, knew it was no good. Then she had an idea, she dug in her bag and brought out a vial of holy water and some candles. Whilst Bane was busy she laid down a circle of holy water. Then she put the candles down and lit them in a certain order. Whilst saint a spell in Latin. The flames roared up then died down a bit.

Timber got back up to her feet and ran to the circle which Sierra constructed. She bounced off and Sierra.step forward. She muttered something under her breath and Timber was aloud access. Timber shifted back as soon as she was in the circle. Sierra gestured to Bane. "No evil can pass through this barrier but he knows we cannot stay here forever." Timber nods and looks back over to Bane.

Firvin witnessed Sierra creat a barrier, "No evil can pass through this barrier but he knows we cannnot stay here forever." Sierra explained. Timber nods in agreement. "We need to convince Silas he is strong enough to push Bane out of control. How we do that I don't know." Firvin said hoping someone had an idea. At this point the dragon turned back into a wolf, and began to whine. "Dammit Shard, I said we needed to be defensive, not pansies. Sitting there crying won't do us any good we need a plan." Firvin said angrily. I hate it when someone acts tough and gives up when they lose. he thought to himself. I wonder why Bane keeps focusing on Sierra, he's never cared about any individual before. What's he have in store, and why do I have a really bad feeling right now. Firvin was lost in thought for a minute or two as these things crossed his mind. After some time had past Firvin turns to Shard "I'm sorry I yelled, and I know you're scared and maybe feel a little helpless but we can handle this, I've run into Bane before, we just need to convince Silas he's strong enough. I think Sierra might actually be the key this time, Bane keeps bringing her up it can't be trivial, Bane doesn't say anything without meaning."

Timber nods. 'Yes but we need to protect Sierra, she is the youngest here.' Timber smiles at the look of shock on Sierra's face. 'but i agree she is going to be the key. we need to sort ourselves out in here, Sierra can you manifest food?' Sierra nods and to show she can she manifests a plate of bacon. Timber's mouth begins to water.

Sierra picks up a peice of bacon and chews it slowly, she turns back to her human form and stands up. she walks to the edge of the circle. 'Silas i know you are there please come out, you're stronger then him maybe nod in strength but in character, whatever powers he has you have the same, i know you're there just show yourself. Except you can't, I know why you're in there its because you are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid to be something other then that, a cold hard machine. but you can be, you can survive this.' Sierra catches his eye and it holds he doesnt break away.

Stelian was sitting in the back of some government vehicle on his way to what the men had called Facility X. "So now general, What exatily is the Facility X and why is it so dreadfully important that I reside here?" The general looks back at him with slightly foggy eyes. "I'm afraid that is classified." With a glance into the general's eyes 'You want to tell me why I'm going to this facility'. "Well since you'll be living here I believe it would be alright for me to tell you. You are a vampire therefore not human the government has decided that all non human spell type creatures will be sent to live in the Facility. You will be with other creatures with 'magical' abilities that don't fit into the human lifestyle." "So your trying to separate us in order to encourage a feeling of safety for the humans. A dreadful cause but I don't think this entire armed convoy was needed for little old me." "Government ordered I'm sorry, but we are almost there." In the distance a large building comes into view looking much like a prison. "I was under the impression that this wasn't a prison General. You'd do best not to lie to me." Slightly panicked, "It's much nicer on the inside than you'd think. Its more of a resort I promise you don't have to get angry." "Well fine."

They shortly arrive at the facility and Stelian departs the vehicle cuffed with some form of hand and foot movement device. Looking into the eyes of one of the guards. "These aren't needed I did come here willingly after all. Release me and give me my papers and I'll go quietly this is all unneeded." After a moment's hesitation the guard releases the cuffs and hands him the papers. "Now you can leave me I can escort myself into this facility." Another moment of hesitation and the guards leave. "Finally I can be alone. This desert is much to bright They should have been much more quick to move."

He reaches the door and lets himself in a very unexpected sight welcomed him. The inside of the prison was like a tropical resort. Everything was perfect except the fight that was going on near what he assumed to be the bar. 'Well I'd hate to get in the way I'll just sit here in the corner and watch may be entertaining after so many hours driving through the desert to get here... I wonder who's in charge here."