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"It'd be in your best interest to agree with me..."

0 · 265 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, as played by Venom0861


Name: Stelian

Type: Vampire/ Day Walker

Age: Appears to be around the age of 20

He is very condescending to almost everyone he talks to, though never flat out disrespectful. He seam to know everything or he at least likes to think that he does. He doesn't like to be told that he is wrong and if someone presses the point they are likely to be thrown into the nearest wall. When in conflict most vampires favor close quarter combat. He prefers distance using knives and other tools to attack from a safe distance.


Tall and pale. He normal garb is a black trench coat as well as a black fedora. As a vampire his canine teeth are very much pronounced. His other teeth appear normal but if he becomes enraged they begin to lengthen and come to a point. A sure sign that you will soon be hitting a wall. He is tall reaching 6'6 at his fully drawn height. His weight is only 160 lbs so he is very light and mobile.



Dark and Quiet places.
Training his Vampric abilities.
Anything the color of blood.


Excessively bright areas
Garlic- Not deathly alergic to it like vampires but still doesn't like it.
Holy Symbols- burn his skin slightly and reduce his quick healing in the pressed area

Abilitie s:

Day Walker: An expirement by the Vampire council to bring into light a new breed of vampires who don't fear the daylight. He is able to walk in and survive in direct sunlight. Though the brighter and more intense the sun the more quickly he becomes tired and more difficult it is to use his abilities.

Transformation: He has the vampire's basic transformation abilities: Wolf Form, Bat Form, Mist Form, True Vampire Form.

True Vampire Form: In true vampire form He becomes much more powerful all of his abilities double in strength and he grows wings in his human form.

Hypnotic Sight: Via direct eye contact he is able to impose his will on the minds of other individuals.

Superhuman Abilities: Speed, Strength, Scenes, Reaction Time

Increased Healing: After being injured his body begins to instantly heal cuts and bruises. Broken bones heal in a matter of hours. Consuming an amount of blood will further speed the healing process.

Vampire's Venom: Is able to spread the vampire infection to humans or other creatures only if the creature is willing.(does not give Day-walker abilities.)


Various knives and throwing darts for his ranged combat. Rope darts. Throwing Stars etc.


Stelian woke up one day with no memories only his name and a feeling of immense power. 'What happened I've never had a headache like this before.' He rubbed his head as he looked out the window the sun almost blinding him lessening the power he felt. 'What the hell?' Suddenly he felt eyes in the back of his head. Spinning around "Who are you and what do you want with me?!" A cold response came from a tall cloaked figure "You are the product of thousands of years of research. The council has destined you for greatness." With that the figure left leaving a coat and a hat laying on the bed. Since that day Stelian has worked to find this council and what they had done to him. He has since learned that his is a vampire more specifically a day walker. The first and only. Though he still wasn't immune to the affects of the sun the affects are nowhere close to deadly. He traveled to this facility to hopefully find peace and family though so far he has been disappointed by the creatures that have come to the house.

So begins...

Stelian's Story

Deidre listened carefully to Riley, then stood after she was done and headed to the vampire meeting room. There Stelian took claim to the leadership, Deidre didn't care to take charge of the leadership. "I don't mind if it comes down to an interrogation, then I am most qualified to do so." She smiled, no one could read people like she could. Stealth came naturally but all of her skills focused more on human behavior. When it came to technology Deidre was completely lost, "But i am terribly sorry to say, i know nothing about technology so my uses might be limited." she said sighing at her faults. She looked around the room she knew majority except one person who was in the room.

Magiere remained focused listening to the missions, she could be suited to the jungle mission but when she heard about the mission in China she knew she would perfect. She stood and headed towards the basement conference room. In a situation like war she would need to be at her best, and she couldn't do it without feeding, but ... who was she close enough to, to feed on. Taking advantage of an innocent would be unforgivable. Furthermore since they were attempting to be stealthy in the tunnel system she could not guarantee an enemy to feed on. Her mind suddenly shot towards Stelian, he would probably offer her his blood if she asked, as he had done it before. She declined because it was an intimate act, surely he would not judge her for asking for his blood in such a dire situation. She thought through all of this as she walked to the basement conference room. It will probably be just the three of us down there, oh and Ayla, how could I forget about her. She will probably invaluable in the tunnels her sense of smile guiding us to our targets. I'll have to be sure to mention that during our briefing. She was first to arrive in the conference room and she took a seat at the table and awaited the others.

Firvin sat next to Riley as she gave a brief description of the 3 missions to those who had agreed to fight, occasionally giving her a reassuring look. Once she finished he began to speak "Riley, I know it's now where I fit best, but I will be going with you on the first mission ..." He paused slightly as Silas made eye contact with him, he did not say anything but his look said it all "Dude, go where you fit, Riley is a powerful caster she can handle herself". Firvin understood the message and responded "On second though I think I'll go with the weres to the forests of Brazil, my unique bond with nature is too valuable to ignored for my own personal preference. I will lead the mission and we will come back in one piece, I can promise I'll do all I can to ensure that." He said. And with that he stood and left the room on his way to the dining hall. He looked back for just a second making eye contact with Riley. Looking in her eyes, he knew she would be safe. He was first to arrive in the Dining Hall. He sat at the head of the table and began looking over the briefing materials. So he would be prepared for the meeting.