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0 · 362 views · located in Large facility in the middle of the desert

a character in “Facility X”, as played by xXTimberwolfXx


species: Weretiger
Apperance: Brown hair (usualy in high ponytail) pale skin (thanks to her tiger part) that has a sort of glow to it. Wears mainly blouse with leggings and her favorite red converse


loyal always in control. she is quite territorial and hates it when people intrude on her buisness.


she is the director at the Facility. no-one questions her authority well the last being to do that wasnt seen again.

So begins...

Timber's Story


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Timber walks into the lobby weilding her pass. she stops the bar in the corner and decides she could wait to go outside. she walks over and orders a small coke. after recieving her drink she walks over to a chair. she sits down on the red leather and puts the pass in her pocket. she liked it here at the facility there was room for her to be herself. she yawns exposing her sharp, long canine teeth.

after she finishes the first drink she orders another. the lobby was quiet at the moment but she liked it that way. she leans back in her chair and closes her stunning blue eyes but leaves her ears open on high alert.


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Timber smiled as the Young man came in. she stood up and walked over. 'Hello welcome to facility X the place where the goverment send all the non-humans. i'm Timber.' she smiled at the young man. Timber dusts her front off and looks back at the man sizing him up. she notices he looks quite lean. 'Angel i'm guessing.'


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"I... um, yeah...? Daine responded, being caught by surprise by the girl. "I'm... Daine... This is a place where the government sends anything that isn't human? You'd think this place would be a prison, considering humans fear what they don't know..." Daine chuckled a little. "Anyway, you're half-right... I'm half-human, quarter Guardian Angel, and quarter Angel of Death... Ironically, those two kinds of angels are opposites..." Daine smiled and he offered a hand shake.

Timber returned the smile showing her canines, 'Yeah i guess i've lived here all my life though and dont know any diffrent. and oh yeah i'm a Were-Tiger half tiger half human.' she drops his hand. and turns to the door. 'You wanna go for a walk?' she offered.

she arrived in the lobby to see and were-tiger and and angel. taking a deep breath she walked over. 'Hi I'm Sierra' she says greeting them both.

Sighing she greets Sierra. 'I'm Timber this is Daine.' she looks at the girl who couldnt be older then 13. 'What are you then?'

"Um... sure..." Daine responded. He walked to the door and went outside a little. Because he was half-human, the heat had affected the half-angel. Daine sighed. "Was it really necessary for the guys in black to shove me right through the door?" Daine asked the Were-Tiger.

'i appologise for them.' she says sadly leaving Sierra and joining him at the door.

Before talking again to Timber, Daine turned around and waved at the girl. "Hello, Sierra." Then turned back to Timber. "So, who made this place?" Daine started to walk, with no direction in mind.

"Let go of me, peasants!" The black haired man spat. The guards wrestled over the "prisoner" until Daine saw the scene. "God...damnit... Lucian..." He muttered.

"Guys! I got this." Daine called out. The guards didn't even listen. They kept trying to subdue the seemingly human boy, but utterly failed. It was only when the guards were thrown off when Daine intervened. Before Lucian got his sword, Infernal Blizzard, out, Daine drew his gun-blade and shot a blank into Lucian's head. The boy's hair turned silver and the eyes turned icy blue once again. "For God's sakes... Asher, stop letting your dark side take over!"

"Sorry..." Asher apologized. He looked at the guards, who were now afraid of the silver-haired boy. The boy run to one of them and placed his hands on a wound that Lucian had done. The wound healed instantly. Asher repeated this until all the guards were cured. They did'nt even ask, just ran. Asher sighed. "Forever alone, huh?" He smirked, then saw the girl.

"Oh! Sorry about you having to see that." Asher apologized again, and bowed.

I've seen alot worse. trust me.' she smiled. 'I'm Timber and welcome to Facility X.' she offers her hand to the bowed stranger.

"Um... Hi." Asher greeted. He took the hand and shook it. "My name is Asher... What is this place?" He asked, leaning to the side a little to see the Facility X.

"Supposedly, it's a paradise for the ones that aren't human." Daine said. He had his arms crossed, still annoyed from Lucian. If that bastard continued to thrash about, I wouldn't have shot blanks. Instead, I would've used lethal force... Daine thought. Good thing Asher regained control of his body.

Asher pondered for a moment. Sure, he can tell the nice lady, but his race is supposed to be secret. Asher weighted the consquences, then replied. "I... am going to have to speak to you in private about that..." His voice lowered, as if he feared someone might listen.

Firvin had been living in the facility for quite some time. He happened to be walking through the lobby when there was quite a bit of commotion. He saw Timber sitting at the bar and considered joining her for a short while. But before he made up his mind there was a crash at the door and a few guards threw a man dressed in black into the lobby, and Timber seemed distracted as she went and helped him up, beginning to speak with him. Firvin stopped paying attention to what Timber was doing as he realized he wouldn't be able to talk to her now anyway.

Firvin thinks for a minute and decides that he should swing by the bar after all and walks over sitting down. He orders a pop, wishing he could order something stronger, and sips it slowly, enjoying people watching.

YAAAAAAAaaaaaawwwwnnnn..... And with a gaping yawn, Silas woke from his nap. He took off his pajamas and put on black slacks, a white long sleeved collared shirt, a black and grey vest with a red tie and no jacket. He pulled on his black socks and shiny black shoes and stuck a red pocket square into his breast pocket. Silas walked over to the mirror to comb his hair and was shocked by what he saw. Bane was staring back at him, his bright yellow eyes glinting in the low-light, and his prominent canines showing in his trademark evil smirk. "Well hello Cry-las. Going to go whine some more?" Bane taunted, they shared a body, but Silas wasn't talking. Bane was making a projection of himself on the mirror. "Why not let me out today? Hmm? Maybe you'll actually grow up a little." He said with a smirk. "Go away." Silas said stoically. "I'm not playing with you today. Now where did you put Tibbers, I want him now!" Silas demands boldly. "Gimme a break. You don't need that dumb bear. Grow some cahones." Bane replies. Silas walks over to his bed, bends down, and grabs the stuffed bear out from under his bed. "Found him. That's not funny Bane!" Silas said, scolding Bane, who simply scoffs before fading away out of the mirror like dispersing mist. Silas grabs his bag, with the drawing pad, spell book, and now Tibbers before heading out the door to the lobby.

Though Silas had put Bane in his place, he was worried. Bane didn't like to show up unless he thought Silas was being too weak. Would he show himself again today? Would he pick a fight with someone? However, Silas was ripped from his worried pondering by the voice of Firvin. "HEY, SILAS, OVER HERE!!" Silas waved with a bright smile. He liked Firvin, the two had known each other for a while, Firvin had been here for a few years and Silas had been at the Facility his whole life. Silas also noticed Sierra, who was sitting with Firvin, and with someone he didn't know at the bar. However, he didn't say anything to them, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. Halfway to Firvin, Silas stooped down and let Revion, the assassin vine, slither up his body and around his waist. His presence was comfortable, his weight pleasant, but not oppressive, Silas knew Revion wouldn't hurt him. Finally Silas stepped up to the bar and laid a hand on Firvin's shoulder so Revion could slither over to his master. Silas then sat next to Firvin and almost whispered, "Hello Firvin, how are you today?" Not wanting to draw much attention to himself, Silas pulled out his drawing pad and began to sketch a picture.

Sierra saw the Wolf being dragged in and forgot about her group. rushing over she takes off the muzzle. 'You must be Ouka' Sierra says waiting for her to shift to human form. 'Now those guards are really gonna pay.' she says fuming with anger. she walks to the door the guards dissapeared through. Her body was shaking ferociously and counting to ten wasnt helping. shedding her human form she partialy opens her wings. she draws her sword ready to get revenge for the poor wolf. No-one should be treated like that. she also needed the paper work. turning back to the matter at hand Sierra could feel the heat radiating off her body. she continued to pound on the door to the break room. she got ready to kick it down.

Timber could feel something wrong, she made her excuses to Daine and Asher and ran back to the lobby full speed. When she got there she knew she was just in time. Sierra's usuals; Silas and Firvin where there. there was also a new person and a wolf on the floor. she turned to Sierra who was ready to break the door down. even though Timber had seen Sierra in this form many times the beauty shocked her. Taking control of the situation she ran to Sierra and grabbed a wing pulling her back far enough For Timber to stand in front o the door. someone standing in front of Sierra was usualy enough to stop her but today she wasnt detered. 'Someone detain her!' Timber called as Sierra swung her sword at Timber.

Without the muzzle on, Ouka shifted into her human form. She watched as the woman who took the muzzle off, flew into a rampage. Literally. She watched in amazement as she had wings. "I'm alright." Ouka said hoping to ease the tension.

Asher wondered why Timber left so hastily, and followed her, with Daine close behind. When he got to where Timber was, he sighed. "Really? Demons?" Asher muttered, forming icicles in his right hand. "Demon! Calm down!" Asher commanded. Usually he'd say something like "DIE!" but today was different. He wasn't going to kill someone... yet... Especially a demon. Every breath Asher took showed, as if the temperature dropped near him. His icy blue eyes glowed with intimidation.

Daine was shocked to see the demon, and nearly drew his gunblade when Asher started to make the icicles in his hands. As much as Daine wanted to join in, he also wanted to see how this goes. He crossed his arms, but one of his hands was near the hilt of his gun-blade, Devil's Eye Blade.

Sierra calmed down a little and put away her sword but she still had anger to burn, she ran outside and snapped open her wings lifting off the ground she felt a bit better. She flew to the Aviary and pulled out her pass. She landed and put her pass in the card slot, it beeped and the door opened. she walked in and sat on the bench, she may not look it but she was only 13 she had alot to deal with.

Timber sighed and turned to Firvin, 'Thanks, that helped a lot.' she said and she meant it. Then she turned to Ouka, 'Are you ok?' she wondered quickly scanning the girl for injuries. when she finds none she stands up and offer's her a hand. 'Now lets find a room from you.' she say happily, trying to draw attention away from the now nonexistant Sierra. Timber kind of felt sorry for Sierra, she died young and now she's in this place, Timber wasnt much older and even she found this place daunting. The only thing she could do was clutch the charm Riley, her witch friend gave her and hoped it would bring her courage.

"Of course it's him, Bane doesn't draw like that. What ya working on over there buddy? Also you haven't ordered anything yet, what do you want, it's on me." Firvin says while putting an arm around Silas in a quick hug, trying to cheer the boy up. The overall effect on Silas, though the Firvin's intentions were kind, was uncomfortable. He shied away from Firvin, ever so slightly, almost not even noticeably. Before Silas could respond that he'd like a soda, Firvin whispers something to Revion, and Revion slithers off his shoulders and out of site.

"I know just checking, Bane could be playing a trick on us. remember the last time?" Sierra said and shivered at the thought. Silas, hung his head a little, he remembered last time vaguely. The only thing he remembered about last time was that a whole wing of the facility had to be remade. "No the drinks are on me. I don't have to pay." She reminds them. Silas smiled, Sierra was nice.

Silas looked up. Someone new had come into the facility. A werewolf from the look of it, all chained and muzzled. It was horrible. The poor thing must be terrified, all locked up like that. That's when all hell broke loose. Sierra went on a rampage, attempting to kill the guards who brought in the wolf. Firvin left the bar, flying after her as fast as he could, telling Silas to, "Just keep calm and focus on drawing." before going off to help Miss Timber detain Sierra who looked like she was about to slice something to ribbons. Firvin was right, Sierra thought HE was the one who was going to be all worked up. Still, Silas got up. He hated to see Sierra so upset. He jogged over to where she was, trying to get a hold on her to calm her down, but she was struggling too fiercely. In the struggle, Firvin accidentally smacked him right in the nose and knocked Silas to the ground, giving him a nose bleed and setting his eyes watering. Eventually, Sierra took to the Aviary, attempting to blow off steam, and the new werewolf was standing in her human form, de-muzzled. However, Silas hadn't noticed any of that. He was still sitting on his butt, trying not to cry. He knew Firvin didn't mean to hit him, he knew Firvin would never, but still. He hit him right on the nose. That had really hurt.

"Oh dear gods. Really?" The world froze. Bane materialized in front of him, like a wisp of smoke suddenly growing corporeal from nothing. "A bonk on the nose. That's gonna make you cry? Puh-lease... Alrighty, it's been a while, but hand us over, it's time to play." "No..." Silas said, barely even a whisper. "No, I won't let you." Silas said, still extremely quietly. "Well, I asked nicely, I'm taking it now!" Bane roared, diving at Silas, his body turning to smoke before it hit him. At that moment, the world shuddered around him. It was him. It was Bane. He was taking over. A thick, bloody red and black aura slowly enveloped Silas. The aura twisted and writhed, as if it had a mind of it's own. Silas felt his eyes roll back into his head. The world faded from him and he fell the rest of the way to the floor. After only a brief moment, Bane's eyes snapped open, golden and not the slightest bit comforting. The world slowly sped up and everyone else turned to look at him. Standing up and brushing himself off, Bane smiled his twisted evil smirk, his slightly longer canines showing. "Well hello there." Bane said, his voice slightly deeper than Silas's, he also sounded more cultured, but there was a rasp to his speech. "So nice to see you all again." Bane said, still smirking evilly. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Timber, Firvin, I'm so sorry, but little Silas won't be coming back for a little while. He wants to let you know that he's very sorry for letting you down, but apparently I'm too strong. Poor baby... Well, I'm off, I have dreams to smash, people to fight, and then, when I'm all done I have to bask in my own glory. I've got a long and busy schedule, so if you don't mind, ta ta!" Bane said, twirling and sauntering off, still grinning evilly.

Timber stood in front of Bane. 'Bane you aren't going anywhere' she commands standing in his path. 'Let Silas out now.' she growls looking him in the eyes.