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Facility X

Large facility in the middle of the desert


a part of Facility X, by xXTimberwolfXx.

the outer enterance

xXTimberwolfXx holds sovereignty over Large facility in the middle of the desert, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,065 readers have been here.


you arrive at the large outerwalls awaiting enterance.
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Large facility in the middle of the desert is a part of Facility X.

8 Places in Large facility in the middle of the desert:

14 Characters Here

Sierra [73] I am Lucifers warrior
Shard [65] were wolf and were dragon
Silas/Bane Richardson [64] "I walk the path to the dawn.... Oh stop your driveling Silas. Oi! You there, come over here and fight us!"
Timber [58] Weretiger
Firvin [56] An elf of the forest
Magiere Dimir [52] I will not rest until I eradicate them all..
Stelian [50] "It'd be in your best interest to agree with me..."
Kalin Struner [33] Is not human but doesn't know what she is.Has
Daine Leonardo [26] "What kind of angel do you see me as? An Angel of Death or a Guardian Angel?"
Riley [22] Founder/Creator of Facility X

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Sierra, knew it was no good. Then she had an idea, she dug in her bag and brought out a vial of holy water and some candles. Whilst Bane was busy she laid down a circle of holy water. Then she put the candles down and lit them in a certain order. Whilst saint a spell in Latin. The flames roared up then died down a bit.

Timber got back up to her feet and ran to the circle which Sierra constructed. She bounced off and Sierra.step forward. She muttered something under her breath and Timber was aloud access. Timber shifted back as soon as she was in the circle. Sierra gestured to Bane. "No evil can pass through this barrier but he knows we cannot stay here forever." Timber nods and looks back over to Bane.

Shard turns to Timber and Sierra not sure what he saw. He turns into a wolf and whines loudly. H epad over to them and nudges his nose onto under her hand, whimpering softly

Firvin witnessed Sierra creat a barrier, "No evil can pass through this barrier but he knows we cannnot stay here forever." Sierra explained. Timber nods in agreement. "We need to convince Silas he is strong enough to push Bane out of control. How we do that I don't know." Firvin said hoping someone had an idea. At this point the dragon turned back into a wolf, and began to whine. "Dammit Shard, I said we needed to be defensive, not pansies. Sitting there crying won't do us any good we need a plan." Firvin said angrily. I hate it when someone acts tough and gives up when they lose. he thought to himself. I wonder why Bane keeps focusing on Sierra, he's never cared about any individual before. What's he have in store, and why do I have a really bad feeling right now. Firvin was lost in thought for a minute or two as these things crossed his mind. After some time had past Firvin turns to Shard "I'm sorry I yelled, and I know you're scared and maybe feel a little helpless but we can handle this, I've run into Bane before, we just need to convince Silas he's strong enough. I think Sierra might actually be the key this time, Bane keeps bringing her up it can't be trivial, Bane doesn't say anything without meaning."

Timber nods. 'Yes but we need to protect Sierra, she is the youngest here.' Timber smiles at the look of shock on Sierra's face. 'but i agree she is going to be the key. we need to sort ourselves out in here, Sierra can you manifest food?' Sierra nods and to show she can she manifests a plate of bacon. Timber's mouth begins to water.

Sierra picks up a peice of bacon and chews it slowly, she turns back to her human form and stands up. she walks to the edge of the circle. 'Silas i know you are there please come out, you're stronger then him maybe nod in strength but in character, whatever powers he has you have the same, i know you're there just show yourself. Except you can't, I know why you're in there its because you are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid to be something other then that, a cold hard machine. but you can be, you can survive this.' Sierra catches his eye and it holds he doesnt break away.

Stelian was sitting in the back of some government vehicle on his way to what the men had called Facility X. "So now general, What exatily is the Facility X and why is it so dreadfully important that I reside here?" The general looks back at him with slightly foggy eyes. "I'm afraid that is classified." With a glance into the general's eyes 'You want to tell me why I'm going to this facility'. "Well since you'll be living here I believe it would be alright for me to tell you. You are a vampire therefore not human the government has decided that all non human spell type creatures will be sent to live in the Facility. You will be with other creatures with 'magical' abilities that don't fit into the human lifestyle." "So your trying to separate us in order to encourage a feeling of safety for the humans. A dreadful cause but I don't think this entire armed convoy was needed for little old me." "Government ordered I'm sorry, but we are almost there." In the distance a large building comes into view looking much like a prison. "I was under the impression that this wasn't a prison General. You'd do best not to lie to me." Slightly panicked, "It's much nicer on the inside than you'd think. Its more of a resort I promise you don't have to get angry." "Well fine."

They shortly arrive at the facility and Stelian departs the vehicle cuffed with some form of hand and foot movement device. Looking into the eyes of one of the guards. "These aren't needed I did come here willingly after all. Release me and give me my papers and I'll go quietly this is all unneeded." After a moment's hesitation the guard releases the cuffs and hands him the papers. "Now you can leave me I can escort myself into this facility." Another moment of hesitation and the guards leave. "Finally I can be alone. This desert is much to bright They should have been much more quick to move."

He reaches the door and lets himself in a very unexpected sight welcomed him. The inside of the prison was like a tropical resort. Everything was perfect except the fight that was going on near what he assumed to be the bar. 'Well I'd hate to get in the way I'll just sit here in the corner and watch may be entertaining after so many hours driving through the desert to get here... I wonder who's in charge here."

Sierra saw then vampire walk in. She stood up and shouted for him to come over before Bane killed him. Sierra knew that Bane wouldn't mind. In fact he would enjoy it.

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Sierra saw then vampire walk in. She stood up and shouted for him to come over before Bane killed him. Sierra knew that Bane wouldn't mind. In fact he would enjoy it.

Shard bared his teeth at firvin and displayed his bleeeding paw. He did not know how he got it, he thinks it was from Bane. He turned into human form, and studied his wound. blood was gushing onto the floor. "Owww..." he mumbled. he turned to sierra, firvin and timber. " Can i have a band-aid or something?" he sais pointing to his cut on his hand.

" How can you stop Bane?" he asked tilting his head. "He seems invinsible to me. Did you see the way he sucked in my fire when i was a dragon? Is that what he does whenever you cast a spell or something, does that happen? " he asked.

"His aura absorbs your strength, attacking it outright is guaranteed to be your downfall. As you can see I have coated myself in an armor, that is our only hope against Bane, to block his attacks until he lets Silas have control, or as I stated we convince Silas he can take control. All of your attacks our meaningless. Also it is important to remember that what you see before you is NOT Silas, Silas is a sweet innocent boy who would harm no one. Do not judge Silas on this impression of Bane." Firvin explained to Shard. He then takes a nearby plant growing it's leaf to an abnormally large size and ties around Shard's injured hand. "That should stem the flow of blood until we can get you to the infirmary."

Ouka growled at Bane. She heard the elf named Firvin say that attacks are not effective. Her magic defense are not to well but they can slow him down. "Better think of something quick." She made another ice shield and moved closer to the rest of the group.

Bane, the Outside World.

As Bane walked calmly and coldly over to Sierra, he was tackled by a fifteen foot tall dragon. Bane yelled in fury, "Get off!" Bane moved his own arms as if to intercept the attack, and the giant skeleton followed suit, grabbing the dragon and throwing him off of him. The dragon clawed at him, slapped him with his tail, and attempted to burn him to a crisp. Bane's skeleton couldn't dodge the tail and it knocked him slightly off balance, but not enough to knock him over. Bane steadied himself and intercepted the claw, applying pressure and leaning into him so as to get back up. He dug the skeletal claws into the dragon's soft paw as he did so. When he finally stood, the dragon attempted to roast him alive. The fire didn't even phase him, the skeleton absorbed it, and used the energy to create more aura, and covered his skeletal giant's body in muscles made of aura. The skeleton roared and thrashed about some more, wrecking everything around him. When the dragon finally backed off, Bane roared in triumph, and turned back towards Sierra who had put up a shield to protect them. Bane strode over to the group, who were hiding behind the shield. There were others behind him, challenging him with raised swords, however, they weren't his target. They could wait, Sierra was first.

Bane raised his right arm and swung it forward as hard as he could, the giant on top of him mimicking his movements. The giant raged at the invisible wall in front of him, pounding it repeatedly with all four arms. Just as he was about to break through, he caught Sierra's gaze.

"Silas i know you are there please come out, you're stronger than him. Maybe not in raw strength but in character, whatever powers he has you have too. I know you're in there so just show yourself... except you can't. I know why you're in there. It's because you are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid to be something other than that cold hard machine. But you can be more, you can survive this." She said stoically, not breaking her gaze with Bane, looking straight into his cruel golden eyes without flinching. Bane just smirked coldly at her and flung his fist ito the air, the barrier was crumbling, once more was all it would take. He was just about to retort with a snappy rebuttal, about how Silas was a cowering weakling and would never beat the mighty Bane when he began to swing his hand down one final time. Suddenly he stopped, Bane dropped to his knees and screamed an unholy scream, as if he was in the most pain anyone had ever endured. Silas was... fighting him? No! It couldn't be! He was... winning?

Silas, within Their Soul.

When Silas opened his eyes, he was surrounded by darkness, sitting on the cold, hard floor. He immediately drew in his knees and closed his eyes, not daring to get up. He knew where he was. This was inside his soul, where Bane usually was. He sat for what seemed an eternity, listening to Bane as he rampaged through the facility. He was hurting so many of Silas's friends. He was the single worst thing that had ever happened to Silas and they both knew it. He tried to fight Bane, like he'd done before, however, Bane was too strong. He was intent on razing the Facility to the ground, he wanted to make Silas pay for being weak and innocent. Silas did the only thing he could do. He attempted to cut off Bane's access to the core of their soul. That was where they got their strength from. He managed to blockade it for a while, but when he heard Miss Timber jump on top of him and taunt Bane, he knew he couldn't keep the barrier up for long. Bane smashed through his walls and easily gained access to their power. Then, just as Silas was sitting down and preparing for Bane to wear himself out, Bane materialized in front of him. "Hello Cry-las." Bane smirked. "I take it you can hear whats going on? I will murder them Silas. I will crush their bodies into dust and burn whatever remains. I will destroy them Silas. There's nothing you can do about it."

"Stop it!" Silas cried out, he tried to make himself seem loud and threatening, but his voice seemed so small within the cavernous space he and Bane were currently in. "Please! Stop... Don't hurt anyone..." Silas said, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

"Awww... poor baby." Bane taunted. "You gonna cry? Do something about it then. Hmm? If you don't, I will kill them, starting with her." Just then, a double of Sierra was brought into existence, swirling into being from the smoke all around them. "You and I are one in the same. I know what you think of her just the same as you do. Her barrier is almost down. It won't be long now." Bane said. Just then. Silas heard her.

"Silas i know you are there, please come out. You're stronger than him... maybe not in raw strength but in character. Whatever powers he has you have too, I know you're in there so just show yourself... Except you can't. I know why you're in there. It's because you are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid to be something other than that cold hard machine. But you can be more, you can survive this."

Silas looked up, finally opening his eyes since Bane had taken over. "Go away..." Silas said. He had only whispered, but his voice was strong.

"What's that? Go away? Why you insolent little pup. What would you be without me? How would you have survived if it wasn't for me?" Bane shouted, almost accusingly.

"I said, 'Go Away.' I'm not going to let you hurt them." Silas said, now standing, his courage growing with every passing second. "I'm not going to let this continue any longer. Get out of here!" Silas yelled at Bane. "I won't let you do this anymore!" Silas said, getting stronger and stronger. In the darkness of their world, Silas was shining. He whole body seemed to light up as he stood his ground against Bane.

"Pathetic," Bane said, shaken but standing firm against the growing might of Silas's confidence. "This is it?" He chuckled nervously, "This is nothing! You're nothing! I am the stronger of the two of us!" Bane said, trying to believe it. "you will always be too weak for the power you hold. I'm the only one who can truly utilize it, you'll never be as strong as me!"

"There are different kinds of stregnth," Silas said. "However, reckless strength like yours, that has no purpose, is utterly worthless!" Silas finished, yelling as he said it. "Be gone!" He roared at Bane, jutting his hand out towards him as if to blast him away. At that, the light on his body finally broke free, running rampant through the darkness like it did whenever he managed to drive back Bane. Bane's shadowy form dissipated and Silas felt himself rocket upward, he looked up but had to sheild his eyes from the growing light until...

The Outside World

Silas's eyes snapped open. He was kneeling on the ground underneath Bane's summoned colossus. The white wolf from earlier appeared to be casting a spell that created a wall of ice. Silas stood, his brown eyes blazing, he raised his hand into the air and suddenly, the massive evil aura was swept up into his palm as if it were caught in a whirlpool, spinning and shrinking until it was gone from the world. Silas fell to his knees once again, drained from the effort and panting with exhaustion.

"I did it..." he whispered. Looking over to the others, who were hiding behind one of Sierra's shielding spells, "I really did it! I beat him!" Silas exclaimed, pure joy radiating from his face. His happiness wouldn't last. Silas looked around, he'd smelled... fire? The lobby was completely trashed, walls were broken, things were on fire, and worst of all, his friends were hurt. His expression immediately darkened. "Oh no..." he whispered, trailing off while he surveyed the damage. "Did he do this?" Silas asked, horrified at what Bane had done. "I'm sorry." He said, tears beginning to form in his eyes. "I'm so sorry everyone." Silas cupped his face in his hands and cried, his body shaking with the force of his sobs. "I'mb so sowwy..." he said. His words distorted from the tears streaming down his face and his running nose.

Firvin watched as Bane's eyes closed, and reopened, as Silas's eyes. He then made the giant that Bane summoned disappear, "I REALLY DID IT! I BEAT HIM!" Firvin heard Silas exclaim. Firvin was beaming with pride for the kid, it was always a struggle for him to overcome Bane, and this time was particularly difficult for him. When Firvin next looked at Silas, he was shaking and crying, but knew there was nothing he could do to comfort the kid, he'd been in that position before, and the kid just didn't respond to him anymore. He turned to Sierra, and told her "Silas having a real hard time right now, and I need to go find Revion, will you go talk to him? I'm sure he would appreciate any sympathy you might have to offer." He turned to Timber "I'm going to find Revion, and then I'll take Shard to the infirmary to get his hand taken care of. Afterwards I'll be back here to help with clean up. If there is anything else you need from me you can come find me." he said to her, and then turned to the were, "Come on, let's go take care of your hand" he said to him, gesturing to one of the doors heading deeper into the complex.

Stelian watched as the giant beat at the defenses that the people had created. They weren't going to last very long. As he was about to stand and offer his assistance the giant paused mid killing blow. 'What is this now?' After a moment the giant and aura were absorbed by the boy who had been attempting to kill everyone. 'This is certainly a change of heart... though change of soul may be more correct.' The boy fell to the ground exhausted and crying. 'Maybe living here won't be as boring as I thought.'

He walks up to the group. "Greetings everyone I am Stelian. I'm a new arrival that the government just delivered. I'm simply going to assume that given present circumstances I will not be given a tour at the moment and paperwork will be taken care of later. So I offer my assistance. How may I be of service to you?" He says all of this in a rather bored voice much like he'd seen it happen before and becomes quite condescending towards the end. He bows low removing his fedora his shaggy green hair falling over his eyes.

"I beat him!" Ouka melted away the ice shield and looked at the child named Silas. Such power from such a small child. She sighed and watched as the child began to cry. She felt bad that it was because of her this all happened. Ouka was weak from using such high powered magic and her earlier ordeal. However, there were fires in the building that need to be put out. Ouka did one last spell, she froze the whole room for a quick minute and put out the flames. "Well hope I did something right." She smiled. Finally she collapsed and her form reverted to that of a wolf.

"Thanks" Shard said to Firvin as he wrapped a leaf around his hand.

Sierra broke the barrier and rushed over to Silas. 'You did it!!' she exclaims. She she leans in and quickly kisses him on the cheek. 'I knew you could.' she whispers before standing up and walking over to the wolf. 'Yes you did.' she says to her. Sierra didnt realise how exhausted she was. Sierra yawns then goes over to the bar, orders a drink then goes to sit down.

Timber stands up and walks over to Silas 'You did really well, I knew you were strong enough.' she says, before walking over to Daine and Asher, 'Wow guys that doesnt happen often.' she says sighing. 'Are you hurt?' she asks getting a little worried.

Shard doesn'tknow if he should go over and check Silias. He didnt even know him, but he still wanted to see him anyway. He walked over to Silias and said "Hi. I'm Shard. We haven't met before. Are you OK?" He asked him smiling.

After gesturing to Shard that they should leave, the were ran up to Silas and Sierra. Assuming that Shard was fine Firvin made eye contact with Silas and they nodded to each other, then Firvin entered to the dorms to 'find' Revion. Firvin makes his way to back his room, which was next to Silas's, after arriving at his room he opens his door and enters. He finds the window open, when he sent Revion away earlier he had intentionally left his window so Revion could leave. Upon finding the open window he turned to his bed where he saw his assassin vine sitting there calmly. He walks up asking it "What did you find", Revion tells him what he did while Bane was going on a rampage.

Revion's Tale

Firvin whispered to Revion telling him that "now is the time, go take care of things". Revion slithered down Firvin's shoulder and onto the ground. Down through the lobby and into the dorms. He makes it to Firvin's room, uses his hand like leaves to open and close the door, and slithers out through the window and onto the grounds. While outside Revion slithers along the entire outer complex walls, looking for any weaknesses that can be exploited. He knows the gates are guarded, so he avoids them, furthermore he avoided any other obvious exit points like sewers, and water pipes. He instead focused on looking for ways to climb the walls. He found a few places where some natural vines were growing and he climbed them easily reaching the top of the wall. At the top he noticed that the vines grew on both sides of the wall. He then rushed back to Firvin's room, noticed he wasn't there and then curled up on Firvin's bed to wait for him. When Firvin arrived he told him the what he discovered.

After Revion relayed the information to Firvin, he was ecstatic "You found a way out?!" he exclaimed. That's wonderful he thought. "When do you want to check it out?" Revion asks Firvin. "Tonight, well after most people are asleep, around 2ish would be best" he responded to his plant friend. "For now let's head back out to the lobby and see if we can help clean up." Firvin picked Revion up and placed him back on his shoulders as per usual and they walked back to see how everyone was doing.

((OOC: sorry about the triple post, but it was the best way I could see to properly relay what Revion had been up to without the rest of the players actually knowing. Also as some time has passed while Firvin was gone, I'll wait to post again until a sufficient in game time has passed so as not to break any laws of physics and space-time))

As Silas just sat there, crying his eyes out, the world was moving around him. It almost appeared to be in slow motion. The wolf lady put out all the fires and Firvin took off. Silas managed to stop crying just long enough to nod at him before he left. Timber went over to the two men with swords to chat with them, but Silas couldn't hear what they were saying. There was a newcomer. A pale man named Stelian, who introduced himself to the group. Silas didn't pay much attention to him. There would be time for a meet and greet later, but now, all Silas felt like doing was crying. Helping out with the restoration could wait. Silas hardly even noticed Shard asking him if he was ok. Silas nodded and quietly said, "I'm Silas, I've been here my whole life. This place is my home, but Bane keeps wrecking it. I'm sorry, but could you please just let me be for a little bit. I don't feel like talking to anyone. right now." He didn't want to be rude, but he felt like if he continued to talk, not just to Shard, but to anyone, he'd just start crying again, and he'd finally stopped just then.

Then suddenly, time sped up around him again when he noticed Sierra staring at him. She broke the barrier around her and rushed over to Silas. "You did it!!" she exclaimed. She she leaned in and quickly kissed him on the cheek. "I knew you could." she whispered before standing up and walking over to the wolf. She went over and spoke to the wolf lady before yawning then going back over to the bar. The world slowed down again. Silas was in shock. He didn't even realized the implications of what had happened until a good minute after they did. She'd kissed him. Silas blushed bright red, his whole face lighting up.

Silas quickly stood, shrugging off his embarrassment. Obviously she'd meant nothing by it. It was a congratulatory gesture, nothing more. No matter how much Silas wanted it to be. Silas regained his composure before, standing up and walking off back to the quiet room where witches practiced magic. There was something he needed to do. However, once he got there, he realized what he'd forgotten. Silas's bag was still back at the bar. Tibbers, his spell book, and his notepad were all there. Back where Sierra was. What was he going to do? How could he face her immediately after what had just happened. Silas knew he had to go back though. He needed the book.

Silas walked back to the bar. There was his bag, right next to Sierra. Silas swallowed hard, blushing just a little bit before walking over to Sierra and his bag. He quietly grabbed the bag and turned right back around. He quickly mumbled, "Sorry, forgot my bag. I'll be off now," before turning right back around to head off to the Witch's practice room. Hopefully Sierra was too preoccupied and wouldn't try to talk to him. He didn't know if he could take it.

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A bus stops in front of the facility. A girl steps out. "Well, I guess this is the place." Says Kalin. She walks to the entrance and pushes the door open. She looked around and hesitantly walked in. "Uh, hello? Is anybody here?" She looks around and doesn't get a response so she hangs her leather jacket on a coat hanger near the door. "I guess I'll go find my room now." She walks down a hallway and opens a door that has nothing in it but a bed and a drawer. Kalin drops her suitcase and jumps on the bed. "Where is everyone?" She thinks aloud. "I-I'll just wait. For nobody." And she falls asleep.

Shard looks around, looking for his room. did he even have a room? H e searched for Timber and found her "Where is my room?" He asked swaying a little.

Sierra rushes off after Silas, 'Dont worry.' she says. She runs to stand in front of him. 'I'm sorry i kissed you i thought you wouldnt mind, i wont do it again.' she mumbles the last bit looking at her feet. She liked Silas a lot but didnt think he felt the same way about her.

Timber walks over to Shard, 'Ok Your room is this way.' she says gesturing to a corridor leading off.

(OOC- i am making rooms 1-? bagsy your room and i will but your name in the title, Sierra has number 1 and Timber has number 2 you can have any other dorm. In the OOC chat post a description of your room and i can add it also you can share if you want.)