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Welcome to the Mall, you can buy what you wish, just put it on your Pass

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Welcome to the Mall, you can buy what you wish, just put it on your Pass



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Firvin was sitting in his room wondering where Revion had run off to. He turns on his TV and begins to watch a crappy movie. "Eh it's something to do" he mumbles to himself. He walks over to his table, where he had placed the Silainius plant that Riley had gotten him and he picked it up, moving it to the windowsill. He looks at it for a moment, what a wonderful gift, I can't believe she did all this for me, I wonder what I should get her in return he thinks to himself. He turns of his TV and sprints from his room, he had realized exactly what to get her and he makes his way to the mall.

Upon reaching the mall he walks around for a while trying to find the right shop, he wanders into H&M. He makes his way to the jewelry department. He looks around for a while and finds an amulet made of platinum on a silver chain. The amulet was teardrop shaped and set in the center was a deep red ruby cut to match the teardrop shape. this is perfect, beautiful yet simple, it will match her wand as well he thinks. He tells the woman working the counter that he wants it and wants it gift wrapped, she smiled back at him "That'll cap out your pass for the month." she tells him. "That's fine, I don't plan on buying much else anyway" he replied with a smile. He walks out of the store with a smile.