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Nova Swann

"I don't have a choice either."

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a character in “Facility”, as played by Jynxii



Nova Annabell Swann

Touch, Swann


Cell Number:



Nova is a strange creature to behold. Her eyes are a startling burst of blue against the almost albino color of her skin. The darkest part of her features is the faint dusting of freckles over her cheekbones and nose. Her hair is a startling snow white in color, and falls just past her shoulders in straight, soft locks. Her eyes are large and owlish, and her face is softly heart shaped. When standing straight she only comes to five foot three inches, and when on a scale she only weighs around one hundred and thirteen pounds. In short; Nova is delicate.

Likes Dislikes
Sunlight The dark
Knowing things others don't Ignorant people
Painting and sketching Being lied to
Climbing Feeling helpless
Writing and novels Bugs and Rats

! Apiphobia [Fear of bees and/or wasps]

Nova is an extremely bright and caring young woman. She will almost always go out of her way to help anyone in need. This could be considered a weakness of hers, as she is often giving more than she should be. Because she is extremely caring, she gets herself hurt or into trouble. Nova is a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, and enjoys life. She loves sunlight almost more than she loves reading. She is not an outgoing person. She is very shy, but accepting. Nova does not have that many friends, given that she's the only one outside of bars around her own age. The other receivers don't talk to her, and are kept on the opposite side of the grounds. Nova is terrible at lying, and not very good at being sneaky either. On the other hand, she is very good at keeping secrets... Then again, who would she tell? She loves animals, particularly birds, because her mother used to call her ‘little bird’. Robins and Blue Jays are her favorites. She secretly writes in a diary, religiously, every night. She’s a huge, huge scardie cat. Ghost stories and midnight walks are most certainly not for Nova. I mean, the girl sleeps with all of her limbs tucked under the covers for fear of a demon grabbing them if one dangles off... Overall she's extremely sheltered and a touch naive. She believes that her father's work helps people and would never do anything to cross him.

Although she loves her father want wants to please him, Nova has started to grow tired of babysitting his experiments. She just wants to live a normal life, move away, perhaps go to college-- maybe even find a boyfriend? Alas, she is kept locked away from the world in her father's facility. She may be on the outside of the cell bars, but she's trapped just like the Powered she helped capture. Nova is slowly starting to see that she's not so different from the creatures in the cell blocks.

"Maybe we're not so different after all..."


Nova grew up like every other normal girl, until she turned eleven. Both of her parents were lost to her in a plane crash. Too young to fully understand, she was moved to a foster home in a small town named Heathcrow. She walked into her sixth grade classroom as the odd orphan girl who moved to town. She was forced to stand at the front of the classroom and introduce herself. At eleven, she was all knees and elbows, with hair down to her waist and half pulled into her face. She looked like an ugly duckling. She mumbled an instruction for herself, her voice quiet and shy, “I’m Nova Annabelle Swann… I… I just moved here..” At the time, she felt as if the teacher had made her stand there for hours. Once she was finally told to sit down, she was faced with another terror. Where to sit?

Then, as if sent from above, a beautiful angel raised her hand and waved. “Sit next to me!” the angelic voice called. Nova meekly made her way over to the girl, and sat next to her. “Hi, Nova, I’m Lily. Lily Fawn.” Nova felt a blush hot in her cheeks as she looked to the beautiful blonde she was sitting beside. “Want some gum?” Nova knew then that they would be the very best of friends.

Two years later.

Nova, now thirteen, sat cross legged beside her friend Lily in the grass of the neighborhood park. "Look what I can do," Lily whispered. With wide eyes, Nova watched as Lily made a flower grow from the ground and bloom in front of them. Terrified, Nova went screaming into the foster home. The next day, Lily was gone. Heartbroken, Nova locked herself into her room. What had she done? What had happened to Lily? A week later a tall blonde man visited the orphanage. A scientist. Nova stood back as the younger children rushed to him, showing off their loose teeth and adorable baby grins. But over their heads, the man saw Nova-- sitting quietly by the window. He adopted her that day.

Nova was taken to the hospital by Dr. Hart, her new father. Test after test was given to her, and unknown to her-- she passed them all, and she wasn't in a hospital. She was in the development department of a facility that would become her home. Unknown to her, small doses of Powered DNA from dead Powered were being injected into her food, her water, and into the air she breathed at night. She grew up admiring and loving her father, and so when her powers began to develop-- he was the first person she told. Unlike her reaction to Lily, her father was thrilled and overjoyed to hear the news. On her fifteenth birthday her father took her to the Facility, giving her her own ID and personalized room. Unlike the cells the Powered were placed in, Nova was put into a room much like a hotel room for a teenage girl. Tutors took over her schooling, and she was given daily exercises in which she was instructed to use her powers.

Now 18, Nova actively participates in the experiments on Powered in any way she is asked. For instance, she is often asked to use her power of psychometry to perform object readings on the belongings confiscated from the Powered. She uses their personal belongings to try and get readings of what their afraid of. She's never thought to ask why, because she does not feel that it is her place. Her father has taught her that these mutants are here for their protection and the protection of every day citizens. After all-- some of the Powered are extremely dangerous. Nova genuinely believes she is helping others, and knows no other way of life. To her, her father saved her from the orphanage and gave her a home where she is loved. She has no idea that she is actually no more than a glorified bloodhound that seeks out her own kind and brings them back to rot away in cells. To this day, she still hopes to find her friend Lily walking the halls. She won't, of course. Lily died when she was twelve from an experiment gone wrong.


Powers & Weaknesses
Neutralize. Nova can neutralize the powers of anyone she touches, or, if she is concentrating, anyone around her up to ten feet away. The range started with only touch, but as the scientists used her ability to contain more and more gifted around her, the range grew. Now, her DNA is harvested regularly, in a desperate attempt to form a "Plan B" weapon, should the 'gifted' they have created ever decide to turn on them. Luckily (for everyone but Nova) all of the experiments to use her DNA to form said weapon have failed. Sadly, for Nova, this means more testing. She does have control of this ability, it is her 'mastered' ability, through years of practice with the scientists commanding her to turn it on and off during experimentation.

Healing touch. Nova has the ability to heal any living thing she touches, including animals, plants and humans. Larger injuries require more energy, and using her ability repeatedly for large heals in a short amount of time has led to side effects such as; nosebleeds, dizziness, blackouts, and vomiting.

Psychometry ["Object reading"]. Nova can pick up on psychic impressions, or vibrations, left on an object by someone connected with it. For example, she could touch an unfamiliar object, and said object would reveal details about its owner such as what they had for breakfast, their last telephone call, where they were going when they touched the object or what they were doing, a secret no one knows about, or evens that happened around the person at a time that they had been near or touched the object. The ability works best with personal belongings, or things that have deep meaning to the person. While getting a reading Nova cannot move, see or hear what is happening around her. She cannot turn this ability off, and so she constantly wears a pair of white leather gloves. When she does not have her gloves on, the information of objects come and go without her permission. She has no control over what will, and what will not, give her a reading.

[FC: Devon Jade]

So begins...

Nova Swann's Story


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#, as written by Jynxii

Gingerly she pulled her gloves off and nodded Mark, the lab assistant who was helping her today. He was new, and he looked nervous. "Don't be scared," she said gently, offering him a small smile. "I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to get a reading... if I can. Pass me the watch, please." She held out her hand, her palm facing up to receive the watch. Foolishly, Mark placed the watch into her hand- making contact with her skin. Instantly, Nova was paralyzed. Images of what mark had seen recently flashed across her mind, causing her body to tense and freeze. Outside of her, Mark was panicking, staring at the girl as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and vibrated violently.

Images flashed by quickly, some of them on repeat. One. Two..Three. Four. Five. Blood slowly began to ooze from her left nostril, causing Mark to freak out and run from the room for some help. By the time he made it back to the room, Nova was slipping on her gloves once more. "The subject is terrified of spiders, Mark. Make sure you write that down. Oh, and, next time.. Just putting it on the table will do... Are you alright?" Mark stared at her in horror, as if she had murdered a kitten in front of him. She smiled softly. This was the reaction she expected from people when witnessing her powers for the first time. It was completely normal- after all, it was her initial reaction the first time she saw a Powered too. With her gloves securely over her hands, she gently gave Mark's shoulder a pat as she left the room.

"Nova!" The call from down the hall caused her to stop and turn in the direction of the feminine voice. It was Merl, a dark haired woman in her mid forties. "I just got through with Mark, I was headed--" "Yes, yes, that's wonderful. Listen, we need you to go down to cell block G and tell Miranda that 2342 has been relocated." Nova crossed her arms over the black of her tank top and glared at the older woman. "Please, Nova?" With a sigh, Nova dropped her arms beside her jean shorts and nodded. "Fine," she huffed, "but you owe me one, Merl." "You're a life saver!" Nova shook her head, waving the words away as she walked past the woman to head toward the cell block.

There was quite the commotion going on in block G this day, as the Powered chatted among themselves or thrashed in their confined spaces. Nova walked quickly and quietly through their ranks, keeping her head down in case any of them had their walls revealed. As she was walking, the sound of a voice caught her attention. "..want ta go home, I dunna-- I'm no' ready ta die..." Nova frowned and walked toward the voice, looking into the cell. The man looked completely petrified. With a sigh, Nova swiped her ID card against the panel on the side of his cell, causing the glass to clear on his side and allowed a view of the short pale girl standing on the outside of his cell. Nova gently put her hand to the glass and gave him a kind smile. "You're not going to die." With that, she swiped her card again and would fade out of his sight as the glass would mist over once again. Within minutes she could hear him yelp from the pain of a shock sent to his room. When would they learn to stop resisting?

She stood back and looked into his cell, aware that it was once again a mirror to him. She watched him for a moment longer before jogging the rest of the way down the hall, trying to ignore the sight inside some of the other cell blocks. When she reached the end, she found Miranda and relayed the message. With her mission complete, Nova turned to go back to her room but once again was stopped. "Nova," Miranda said, batting her eyes in a I-Need-Something-From-You kind of way. "What now?" Her tone was one of amusement. "We need you to go up to the observation deck." "Of course you do," Nova replied with a smile- not bothering to hide her amusement. "Trust me, you don't want to miss this."