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Talia Hawke

"I get a job, I do the job, I get paid"

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a character in “Fading Life: Reigning Chaos”, as played by Maci-Care


”Call me Valentine, and just pay me already."

-Nickname: Valentine (Most people call her this, because well, only a few know her real name, those few people know who they are)
-Age: 22
-Gender: Female
-Rank: Wanted. Truly Infamous.
-Role: Rogue, current best and only mercenary working for the Tok'Nowe
-Motivation: Greed, all she wants is money, or any form of payment, or anything valuable.

”I look human, I am human. So fucking what?"

-Eyes: Deep light ocean blue.
-Hair: Pink, the ends of her hair are slightly black from some home make dye, but didn't really work, mainly like stained the ends of her hair, with the rest of it washing out.
-Height: 5”7 1/2.
-Weight: 102 lbs.
-Skin Tone: Slightly tan.
-Build: Average, slender, little muscle.
-Body Markings: The only noticeable one is a scar across her cheek from an arrow shot at her.
-Description: Well Valentine isn’t a typical woman of the remaining human race, well she is a merc, what do you really expect her to look like. Though her hair is pink, it’s not bright hot pink, it is slightly dirty, adding a little darkness to it, and the black at the tips add some of its own personality. Along with that is also her one noticeable scar is a perfect cut across her cheek from a Shem hunter. With her fairly tanned skin from working in the day, and the dirt complexion on her skin from close combat fighting, she was a fairly good looking mercenary.

”You want to know about me? Sorry, but that’ll cost ya a little more money than the job."

-Quirks: Well as a Rogue, she will do basically any job for money, not caring at all who gave it, or really what it is. And taking something from each job as a souvenir
-Fears: Being caught and/or getting killed.
-Likes: There are very few things Valentine like. These things being getting paid, having fun, and other things, but those aren’t important. Out of the races, she only likes the Delani and the Tok’Nowe, mostly because they pay the best.
-Dislikes: A lot of things are things Valentine dislikes. This being ripped off, uh people trying to lead her to death by lying about the job, and this leading to lying. Of the races she doesn't like, are the Shem and the Shalan. She hates nature and animals, thus not liking that they like it and are all dedicated to it and stuff.
-Personality: Much what her name is based off of, Valentine is much like the old holiday. Lovely, beautiful, happy, and all that stuff, but also the same as what it was for the lonely people, bitter, hatred, lonely, and to some of the jocks and other pervs, manipulative, cold, and daring. Though these are probably the best words to describe her, they aren’t the only ones, like respectful, rude and dangerous.

Let’s start with the bad first. With Valentine’s cold, manipulative, bitter, hatred filled personality, this is what she usually uses during a job, getting and doing what she want to get the job done, also when someone sets off her temper. This is what most people see, giving her a good reputation, by good she mostly means good with clients, other humans and victims mostly want her dead, she even has a high bounty. Though this does make her very infamous and heard through-out the lands, this can also be a very bad thing, especially when she doesn't know that she is known to one or two people in a town, which then makes her job even much harder. But with her bitter tone she uses, Valentine can easily scare people into helping her, and sometimes threating their own safety and family just to get more information for a job.

Now to the good side of Miss Valentine. This is what very few people, or creatures, see, mostly when she wants to get a better price, but recently, with the Arch Demon of Tok’Nowe, this basically being her flirty, bubbling, loving, respectful, and nice personality. Though she had to do more than sweet talking for extra cash, this came in a lot during jobs when she didn't want to be seen and floated herself a young woman just trying to get by, and that usually worked to get people’s trust, it worked with the Shemanali. With her bubbly and happy tone, people ignored her, even though she had armor on, but then again, her armor doesn't look like much. But back to the people ignoring her, this helped when the people would ask her questions, this would just make them ignore her and let her go.

”People carry too much stuff, all they need is just money, a bag, clothes, and a weapon."

-Armor: Valentine’s armor is a very lightweight steel and animal pelt combination, with the steel covered in the animal fur, and then her casual clothes on her skin. This same armor combination is with her boots also, no helmet though. Bottom of the casual clothes can be seen since her armor lets the dress out at the bottom.
-Casual Clothing: Victorian dresses, along with the same style boots, mostly stolen from noble’s houses. She is hardly ever seen in just her casual clothes, only in certain and special events. Most common casual is in the picture above.
-Carried Items: Though she doesn't carry much besides her bag of payments, her bow, and arrows for her jobs. With this she also carries two daggers which she keeps sheathed on her thighs, mostly used for close combat encounters.

-Main Weapon
•Name: Silent
•Type: Bow and arrows
•Made of: The bow is carved and built out of the toughest trees of the Shem, the wood called Stonebark, cool thing about it, is that is also the third lightest wood.
•Length: 28 inches.
•Weight: 17.2 lbs. (Including all the arrows she carries.)
•Description/Info: The bow is it’s natural color, the inner part of Stonebark, a silverish black color, smooth and easily able to use in the dark or shadows. Her arrows being a white color with black arrows at the back, five not a typical three, giving it the best curvature.

”I don’t play fair, let’s just say that."

-Natural Talents
•Talent 1: Well first off, Valentine is one good smooth talker. How else do you expect her to get paid so much besides doing what she does best.
•Talent 2: Speed/Agility. This helps valentine get away from a kill without getting caught, and helps in close-combat fights, but that isn’t saying she has no strength, she does.

•Skill 1: Valentine is probably one of the best shots with a bow throughout the territories. Better than most Shem also.
•Skill 2: Stealth. This helps Valentine a lot when she wants to do something when she doesn't want to be caught or seen in the act. Also helps getting to a good place to shoot her bow from.

•Weakness 1: Fighting in open places. This may not seem like a lot, but when Valentine isn’t killing with a bow, and has to fight with her daggers, she is known to play unfair and use whatever is around her to her advantage, and quacking hiding and going around stuff in a fight.
•Weakness 2: Another weakness of Valentine’s, would have to be well her temper. She has a very short one, which can often get her in trouble with clients, and into unnecessary confrontations with other people and races.

”My past is poor, my present is rich, and my future is richer."

•Marital Status: None, and probably never.
•Family: Ha, family, well she had a family, but then killed them for money. (More about it in History.)
•History: Though Valentine says she has no past, she has one, and not a pretty one. As a child, she was born to a noble family, her mom and dad were both nobles and very high ones, so she got she was treated with more respect than other kids and even some peasants. And also was even given guards to keep her safe. As she got older and older, she started growing more dislike of being noble, being expected to everything right, and not being able to do what she wanted. As Valentine reached into her twenties, she was expected to become a noble, like her parents, she was even given her own house and respect among other nobles. But she didn't want that.

As one night when Valentine’s guards weren’t around, she left, ditching everything, her family, her noblehood, and everything she knew. She quickly came up with what she was going to do, be a mercenary, or what all nobles called these people they despised, Rogues, even though some ever used them. She knew it would be fun, and a good way to get rich, richer than any noble, Hating nobles, she left the safety of the human territory area and headed east, into Shemanali region, beautiful with trees and nature, though to Valentine, it was all crap. As she got into their territory deeper and deeper, she spoke to their Elder and basically told them that she was out casted by her own race because she was too poor, though from what she wore, if it wasn’t all dirty and ripped from running, it would tell the truth.

They quickly accepted her and trained Valentine as a hunter and stalker, training her bow skills, speed, and swiftness. Quickly becoming one of the best, and soon given a special armor by the Elder, a mixture of the toughest anime hides and pelts with lightweight steel on the underside of it, made freshly by the Shem themselves. After staying for awhile, thinking of settling down with them, she was confronted by the Elders and some Hunters, them finding out the truth, and not liking that Valentine lied, she wasn’t sure what they were going to do, but she quickly took off with tons of arrows and stuff she was wearing, the special armor and luckily her bow on her back. But she didn't get out without a scratch, while running a hunter shot a couple of arrows at her, one scratching her cheek as it flew by her and stuck into a tree.

As Valentine continued on with her Rogue life, she kept doing more and more jobs, getting more money, and spending more money, buying new stuff to help with jobs, but defiantly not getting rid of her armor and bow. When she finally got into Tok’Nowe territory and talked to the arch-demon in charge, asking for the toughest job they had, and took it. The job being, take out the current two highest nobles, and also her parents. This was a year before now, and the Tok’Nowe were expecting them humans to die eventually, but wanted it to happen sooner, not really caring if who they hired was a human. So she did the job, easily being able to lean it towards the Shem doing it, since the arrows she used to kill her parents were Shemanali made, and to tell how they were killed, arrow through her father’s neck, and two through her mother’s back, one hitting her heart.

Once returning to the Tok’Nowe region and talking to the Arch Demon, Trinity was his name, more and not getting a direct payment, but just kept doing jobs for them for a couple months, and then to a year, to the current time. Being caught in the Tok’Nowe during current events, wouldn’t be safe for most humans, but Valentine had respect of most demons, though many lesser demons and a few greater ones, including a certain commander, didn't like her, but she wasn’t afraid, she was good with the Arch Demon, he respected her and kept her safe. Mainly staying for the huge payment they promised for helping, plus the Trinity didn't look half bad, pretty good looking.

P.S. While reading ancient books about the past, she found out her birthday was actual the same day of an old holiday called Valentine’s day, and liked the name Valentine, so when she became a mercenary.

So begins...

Talia Hawke's Story