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Trinity Marchosias

"Lies Are Entertainment."

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a character in “Fading Life: Reigning Chaos”, as played by Black


"Remember who I am, it might save your life."

-Nickname: Many refer to Trinity as Sir Marchosias due to his position and as a sign of respect.

-Age: Fifteen

-Gender: Male

-Rank: Arch-Demon

-Role: Leader Of The Tok'Nowe

-Motivation: Trinity's motivation is purely based on the destruction of the other forces. He is not entirely pleased by the alliance made with the Delani, but he has learnt to use it to his own advantage. He has a pure hate for the other species, mostly directed at the Shemanali.

"I'm not cute!"

-Eyes: Both eyes have a red iris, however one eye has white sclera (left), the other has black (right). Both eyes turn to black/red when Trinity is in his 'released' form.

-Hair: Black

-Height: 5"7

-Weight: 120lbs

-Skin Tone: Pale, Snowy Tone.
-Build: Lean

-Body Markings: When Trinity reveals his true form, three small triangles appear beneath both of his eyes. Apart from this, Trinity has no scars or markings elsewhere.

-Description: Trinity is one of the most attractive Tok’Nowe around, attracting a lot of attention from female demons. Or perhaps they are just interested in his power; either way he remains the type of demon everyone wants to be. Long and slender in body, no real defined muscles but that just wouldn’t suit him. His skin is extremely pale, almost a snow white colour. Demons are generally known for their pale skin, but Trinity’s is a lot paler than most. God-like due to the apparent glow radiating from it’s smooth surface. It remains free from any impurity or imperfection, no scars mark his body. The only marks which his body has is those situated around his eye, the mark of his family and sacred amongst demons; three black triangles beneath both dark eyes. The marks which his father had and the marks which his ancestors had, many demons call them ‘marks of the Gods’. Both of Trinity’s eyes are another defining feature of his, the sclera of them is pure black whilst the iris is red. Evil looking indeed and always portraying a prideful look. Short black hair bounces around these dark orbs, whilst it appears slightly messy, it is soft to touch; a rarity amongst demons. It needs no care, his hair is naturally like that.

As an Arch-Demon, Trinity has large black wings. The shape is unique to Trinity, no other demon has wings quite like his. They span out to a huge eight metres either side, giving a good and powerful beat during flight. They appear rather bony with black leather stretched out across them; the ends of the razor-sharp bones stick out at the end. When used, they tear through Trinity’s clothes. The Arch-Demon also has two large, slightly curved, brown horns protruding from his hair. They aren’t that uncommon amongst demons but continue to grow as Trinity ages. His final defining feature is his tail, unlike other demons who have a traditional forked-tail, Trinity has a tail with tuft of fur at the end. The tail is completely black and is five feet in length; mainly used for appearance rather than attacks.

In order to blend in with other species, Trinity is able to take a more human-like appearance. The sclera of his right eye changes to white, though the other remains in it’s demonic state. The symbols disappear from his face along with the horns and his wings. His tail is usually wrapped around his body underneath his clothes, or just let freely. What Trinity usually wears depends entirely on what he feels like wearing, usually it is something dark and simple. However he has been known to go for more complex outfits, and experiment with blues. It didn’t work out too well for him.

"Get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness, you incompetent fool."

-Quirks: Trinity does not have many 'cute-enduring' features, apart from the fact that he considers himself to be much more older than he really is. He's extremely mature for his age, but his body betrays that, making him laughable most of the time. Trinity also enjoys hot cups of tea with a slice of orange or lemon. The taste to him is strange, unusual and enjoyable.

-Fears: The other demons rebelling against him and demanding his blood be spilt.

-Likes: Trinity has a rather unique collection of things he likes, it is not what you'd expect a demon to like. Then again he is not your typical barbaric beast. The Arch-Demon enjoys drinking hot drinks, tea being his favorite. He likes human food, especially fruit and often sends other demons to collect some for him. Being an intellectual creature, he enjoys reading a good book or a game of chess, though it disappoints him that no one seems smart enough to play it with him. His favourite books are crime stories and romances, despite the fact that he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. He likes other demons as long as they like him back and do as he wants.

-Dislikes: Other species for one thing, Trinity despises other species because they do not compel with his own wishes. That doesn't mean that he'll go out and fight all of them though, he dislikes violence because it gets him dirty; but he'll happily send other demons to do his own dirty work. Trinity hates incompetence, which is why he's taken a liking to a certain human named Talia. At least she has not failed Trinity yet, for that he respects her and relies on her. Most of the other demons fail him which is what he hates, he looses all trust (and liking) in a demon if they fail. Oh and Trinity is not one for screams of pain or torture, he prefers the quiet or perhaps a little bit of music played on an instrument live. Not if the singing/playing is bad though.

-Personality: To start with Trinity is extremely mature for his age, despite the fact that he is barely fifteen years old. Many question his leadership skills, which he proves to them in a variety of ways -- striking fear into the hearts of his fellow demons. Always keeping up a cold and ruthless demeanour when around other demons (with the exception of a few), he is a fearless demon and very arrogant in his skills. Though he has something to be arrogant about, it is rare for anyone to ever go up against an Arch-Demon due to their enormous strength and intellect. Trinity is no exception here, especially when it comes to intellect. He is the smartest demon around and he likes to make sure everyone knows that; he'll challenge them to games which involve the mind and command armies, figuring out the best course of action. He'll never make a move unless it has been thought out once, twice, three times. This also means in battle too, it's not uncommon for Trinity to dodge every attack he can and wait for an opening, striking at the precise moment and dealing a great deal of damage. He's not actually that strong, but his battle abilities come from his mind and the reasoning behind attacks. He knows an opponent's weakest point and he knows how to play a team off against each other. Trinity truly is a dangerous foe.

However his personality can change in an instant when around the right people. Trinity is still a child after all and he acts like one half the time; pulling childish faces and whining to others about his problems. He finds the little things amusing and loves to have games with other demons, as long as they let him win. Otherwise he'll demand their heads on a pike and served up on a silver platter for lunch. At times you cannot take him seriously, but at others one wrong word and you'll be begging for your life. Even when he acts childish, the Arch-Demon is still very fearful. It is very rare for Trinity to act childish around those he doesn't know though, but that doesn't mean he won't turn immature during a grave situation.

"Pray that you don't make me use Caedis."

-Armor: Trinity does not wear armour, ever. However he uses his wings as a shield, since they are very durable and can take a lot of attacks before being damaged. The only drawback is that because of how large the wings are, it takes a while for them to be moved. They also need to be grown and the process takes a minute at best.

-Casual Clothing: Anything dark, complete with a black jacket Trinity always wears. The jacket has white fur on the hood as well as on the cuffs. The Arch-Demon is usually very cold and thus he will always wear this wherever he goes (even during the summer). What he wears underneath the jacket is usually just a plain black or red t-shirt and black trousers on his bottom half.

-Carried Items: None apart from the sword at his side.

-Main Weapon
•Name: Caedis
•Type: Rapier
•Made of: Steel
•Length: 100cm
•Weight: 1kg
•Description/Info: This light weight blade is kept at Trinity's side for most of the time, with the exception of him being in his own home (he'll still keep it nearby). The blade rests within a black sheathe, with silver writing down the side. Though most people cannot read the writing (because of the Tok'Nowe language) it says the name of the weapon 'Caedis' meaning 'Blood'. The blade is very thin and lightweight, the handle of it having a very intricate and complex design, made to protect the wielder's hand. The rapier was a gift from Trinity's father at the tender age of twelve, it is also the same weapon which was used in ending his father's life.

"Traits which you'll come to fear."

-Natural Talents
•Talent 1: His childish appearance (and sometimes personality) makes him have an innocent look. It also causes many enemies to under-estimate him, thus he is able to surprise them and take them out quickly.
•Talent 2: Arch-Demons are known for their intelligence, Trinity is certainly no exception. If anything he is one of the smartest Arch-Demons to have ever lived. Dangerously smart.

•Skill 1: By using his wings whilst in Demon form, Trinity can fly and at a great speed too. His large and powerful wings allow him to move freely in the air, avoiding any oncoming attacks or merely blowing them away with a few beats of them.
•Skill 2: The ability to transform to and from his human/demon form. In order to blend in a little better and not be hindered by his large wings, Trinity is able to cause certain features of himself to disappear; his wings, horns, marking and make the sclera of his right eye change to white. It might not be the most convincing look but it certainly helps.

•Weakness 1: He is terrible at hand-to-hand combat, the demon is physically weak and cannot handle fist fights or close ranged fights. Usually he'll have to get someone else to handle those for him. Meaning he has to keep an escort with him at all times, one which is preferably good at close combat.
•Weakness 2: His childish attitude can be one of his greatest weaknesses, sometimes he will not take things seriously at all and mess around whilst he is supposed to be working out a plan. It can be his greatest friend or enemy, depending on the situation. Too bad Trinity doesn't know entirely how to control it.

"The road I walk is painted gold."

Martial Status: Single

Family: All Deceased

History: Trinity was born into a family of Arch-Demons; meaning that Trinity would be the one to take over from his father when he died. He was raised in the arte of fighting and in the belief that he would be the one to lead their people into a new age, a beginning of hope and freedom. That is what their parents wanted at least, however they were impatient and wanted to bring the Tok’Nowe into the spotlight and claim their place as rulers of the world. They gathered the Demons together and signed a treaty with the Delani to aid their plans. Trinity was raised during this time, a time of emerging for the Tok’Nowe people. All he knew was violence because that was what his parents talked about. They were obsessed and he was too young to understand their true intentions. They ignored him and his desperate pleas for attention. A very bright demon who’s talents went unnoticed because they were too worried about putting the Tok’Nowe on the highest point of the food-chain. Of course the other Tok’Nowe didn’t’ complain. They loved their leaders and agreed with them through everything.

Trinity was taught how to fight by several Demons, showing off his newly learnt skills to his parents in the hope that they would finally notice him. They admired his dedication to fighting, but they didn’t let him fight in the upcoming battles. He was forced to stay at home and practice with a few demons left behind, however he was much more interested in games such as chess. No other demons knew how to play and he couldn’t really teach them, no one understood him and he felt outcast from the world around him. The other Tok’Nowe didn’t like him and his own parents ignored him. Life couldn’t get any worse.

Unfortunately it did. News spreads quickly, like wildfire on a plain which had not seen water for months. The news of his mother’s death on the battle field reached the Tok’Nowe’s home within hours of the event taking place. She was fighting against some of the Shemanali at the time and killed by their hands too. Trinity was told whilst he was practicing his sword-play. The sword dropped from his hand and rolled away, leaving the Arch-Demon staring blankly in disbelief. He knew it was his father’s fault and he swore revenge on him. Later on when the army returned, along with his father, Trinity took the rapier he was given for his twelfth birthday and slaughtered his father with it. The young Arch-Demon was crowned as their new leader a few days later. Many were weary of making him the leader because of his age and they knew of his act against his father. However they had no choice since he was the only Arch-Demon alive. He was crowned at the young age of fifteen, readying himself to lead the Tok’Nowe into human territory and claim the land for their own. He would complete his parent’s wishes and the wishes of the Tok’Nowe.

So begins...

Trinity Marchosias's Story