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Arian Darnell

(WIP) "I'm not the thunder, I'm the lighting. The watched-for light show with a chance of causing chaos."

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a character in “Fae-Blood”, as played by Shifter13


Arian T. Darnell

"I've been described as an enigma within a riddle book, locked in a chest... in the belly of a dragon."

The Basics
"Despite what I've been told, I don't think it'd be that hard to figure me out... I'm pretty blut."

|| Name ||
Arian Thea Darnell

|| Nickname(s) ||
Ari, Sunshine

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| House ||

|| Birthdate ||
March 21, Aries

|| Sexual Orientation ||

|| Romantic Orientation ||

The Mirror's View
"I know I have a pretty face, but I don't pride myself on it. That just gives a reason for people to bash on it."

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||

|| Hair ||
Dirty blonde, often kept down but sometimes put in a braid to keep it out of the way.

|| Eyes ||
A nice, bright green that she can manipulate to portray or hide her emotions with ease.

|| Fashion ||
It's relaxed and casual, but not messy. Often, she just throws on whatever she can find before checking herself over and coordinating it some. An over-size hoodies or large shirts with jeans or cargo pants are more commonly seen on her, tank tops are often worn beneath in case it gets to hot. None of her socks have matches, well, that she knows of, so her socks are always brightly colored and mismatched, peeking from her running shoes. Heels are extinct in her wardrobe, and it's rare to ever see a dress or skirt amongst her clothing choices. Any make-up besides some mineral foundation for her skin and some chapstick is rare, but she sometimes gets in the mood to at least paint her nails.

|| Tattoos/Piercings/Birthmarks/Scars ||
Arian's ears are pierced and she has multiple scars, only some of which have real stories behind them and none of them are too new or obviously visible.

Cutting Deeper than the Smiles
"I'm unique but so is everyone else, and that makes me just like everyone else but still so different."

|| Personality ||
To strangers Arian's unpredictable, going from giggling over something silly to breaking someone's nose for nasty treatment of someone else, then back to enjoying her happy time. And to friends she's still unpredictable, but would never dream of harming them or breaking their trust on purpose. She's loyal, sticks up for what she believes in, stays by her friends, and will do anything to help those she cares for. And she's very empathetic, able to easily read someone's emotions, and it takes a good liar to fool her. But despite her happy, care-free, quick-to-change nature, she can be calm and collected, and these are often times when it's best to ask for advice or she's either thinking deeply, hiding her sorrow, holding back her whip-lash anger, or just... zoning out.
But Ariann, as sweet and passionate as she can be, does have a dark side. Her mind is controlled by her heart, which can be characterized alike to weather. Certain things will get certain reactions. She has certain views that are set in a stone and guarded by stubbornness, often causing problems with certain authority figures. But she'll only allow her heart to control her actions if there's not a good reason for whatever's happening. Long thing short, she may seem all sunny smiles and bright skies, but do something unacceptable without even a slightly good reason and you better watch out for her lightning. She has killed someone, once, in self defense. If her life or the lives of any one of the people she cares about are threatened or nearly ended, she will resort to such actions again. She has plenty of control, but in such a situation, she throws her control out the window to help however she can or must.


|| Hobbies ||
  • Guitar and Singing: "No, not country."
  • Free-running: "As it name somewhat implies, it just makes me feel so free. And it's a good workout."
  • Gaming: "It's not something I do too often, but I do really enjoy certain games."

    || Likes ||
    • Nighttime: "I control light, doesn't mean I don't enjoy the dark side a bit. It's just... relaxing."
    • Rough-housing: "I'm a girl and I'm small, but if I find someone willing to be a little rough despite that, I'll enjoy it."
    • Suspenseful/Scary Things: "Movies, books, haunted houses, corn mazes. You name it, I'll take it."
    • Music: "My taste ranges from classical to some screamo, but I have to say that country is my least favorite.""
    • Sci-fi: "Even I can geek out sometimes, I'm allowed to enjoy me some X-Files."
    • Food: Not picky, but my favorite drinks are Chai tea, creamer-loaded coffee, mountain dew, and frozen/hot cocoa."

    || Dislikes ||
    • Daytime: "Again, I control light but I don't bask in the sun's baking heat. I only really like cloudy and stormy days."
    • Certain Authority: "We... don't always get along. I can stand some, but it really depends on the person."
    • Bullies: "Okay, seriously, I get that you have issues. But so do your victims, and you've just added more."
    • Hot/Dry Atmospheres: "The heat drags me down and the dryness saps me."
    • Monotony: "Do I even have to clarify? It's so boring."
    • Spicy Food: "It's the only kind I can't eat. Good flavor, it just really burns and for far too long."

    || Habits/Quirks ||
    • Playing With Light/Fire: "Light mesmerizes me and is sorta my thihng, fire's just fun."
    • Humming/Singing Quietly: "It's only when I'm distracted or really focused."
    • Observes Strangers Closely: "It's a sort of gauging-of-true-personality thing I do, it's a habit."

    || Fears ||
    • Deep, Murky Waters: "Anything could be lurking beneath. Leeches, crocs, big-ass snakes, a fucking dinosaur, (continues)"
    • Being Buried Alive: "...Don't ask about the origins of the fear."
    • Being Helpless: "I can't be a burden, absolutely won't. I don't want to hold anyone down or be bedridden all day."

Highs and Lows
"I've got my ups and my downs, just like everyone. I'm imperfect, but in a way that's perfect."

|| Powers ||
Light Control- Arian has struggled with this power for years, but she's made a surprising amount of progress on her own. She's studied light and has quite a few great ideas for when she finds out how to really control her own focus, which is actually the problem. Her past holds more than just living on the streets, she's had to do too many things to make it and still have herself almost completely together. With so many different secrets and memories making a mess of her mind while she tries to keep herself together on her own, it gets hard to concentrate on magic. But she'd rather help someone else out than dump her problems on them, which then adds more things to her mess of a mind. She just needs someone to talk to, to listen to her, someone she's comfortable with being around and knows won't make too much fun of her, but it's difficult for her to put her full trust in someone. Without that, all she can do is form stable enough spheres of light that will float around the area as long as she's calm.

|| Strengths ||
  • Independent: "I'm a free spirit, I don't like clingy people, and I need to be able to do things for myself."
  • Stubborn: "I stand my ground, it's hard to change my mind once I'm stuck on something, unless you've got good reason."
  • Athletic: "My earlier life-style kind of molded me to be ready for fight or flight. And it succeeded."
  • Caring/Compassionate: "I can't help it. I'm independent, but once someone's close I can't let them be harmed."
  • Strong Will and Mind: "My mind used to be one of my weakest assets, but it was toughened with my body in the streets."
  • Musically Inclined: "I love music, but I can't always just listen to it, I have to take part in it."

|| Weaknesses ||
  • Pitch Dark: "I can't create light yet, I can only pull it from elsewhere. So in a cave, I'd be in trouble."
  • Temper: "I've got pretty good control, but there are times I'm just too tightly wound to watch myself."
  • Concentration: "...I have a problem with it sometimes, which means a problem for completely controlling my powers."
  • Strength: "I'm small and not overly muscular. I rely on speed and quiet. Personally, I think it's enjoyable."
  • Deep/Murky Waters: "Okay, I like swimming, just... not in waters I can't see beneath."
  • Romance: "Never really had time for it and never got any advice... never spent enough time in the same place either."

Ancient Bridges, New Roads
"I don't regret my past, I just learn from it."

|| History ||


|| Family ||
~Leon Darnell, Father, Deceased~
~Maya Michelson (Remarried), Mother, Deceased~
~Henry Michelson, Step Father, Alive, in prison~
~Caleb Michelson, Step Brother, Alive~

|| Other Relationships ||
~ Ronan: Typically Ronan prefers to be the one playing games, not the one being played, so there's a dynamic that is relatively friendly but with a sort of tinge of rivalry.
~ Darcy: Darcy understands her keeping distance given how risky an inhibitionless Arian could be, and respects the choice by never moving too close (physically as well) to her.
~ Olly: Olly considers himself friends with anyone who is friendly to him, he's not real picky on that front. So they're just friendly when they run into each other around the school.
~ So-Ra: She's knows her fairly well, mostly due to being close enough to Aiden to better get to know So-Ra. That, and she trusts Aiden's taste in people.
~ Johanna: Since Arian is kind of unpredictable, Johanna often tries messing with Arian and setting her up, so that she can figure her out, know what makes her tick and what things are likely to set her off. Obviously, they don't get along very well...

So begins...

Arian Darnell's Story

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Hex Code = #5EA33B

"This is all so boring," Johanna groaned to herself. The end of another summer and the beginning of another school year. It was all so mundane, and expected. Johanna wondered when something exciting and different would happen. It was late morning, and many of the students were returning from spending their summer with their families. Of course not everyone had left the academy for the summer, there were the students that had stayed. Johanna had stayed at the academy because she had nowhere else to go, no family to visit. Everyone had their own reasons for staying though.

It was late morning and soon she would have to head back to her dorm for lunch, but right now she was content. It was warm out, but it wasn’t too hot to be in the sun, the summer heat having died off over the last week, and there was no wind about. It was just a nice day to be outdoors. Johanna was sitting alone up on the hill next to the Andromeda dorm building. It was her favourite place in the academy because she could see everything that was happening around the school from that hill.

She could see people trudging through the front gate loaded up with their various bags and the oval where some kids had started a ball game. Past the oval, if she squinted she could sort off see some of the people who were hanging out in the student lounge, since the wall facing her was made of glass. The student lounge was a common place for kids to hang out, as unlike their dorm buildings, there was never any adult supervision there. The lounge was decked out with tables, couches and beanbags, there was also a sitting area of the roof for when the weather was nice, like today. She couldn’t see Cyprus dorm though, since it was surrounded by the other school buildings that were filled with classrooms.

Johanna could also make out the people who were walking down the one path that led away from the school buildings and towards the Lyra Dorm building. From her view she couldn’t actually see the dorm as it was surrounded by a woodland area with plenty of trees. Though she had been down that path enough times to know what was there, the dorm laid in a large clearing of trees, next to it was a large vegetable patch, and behind it there was little dirt path that led to a large lake. Johanna wasn’t one for swimming, but when the weather warmed up, a lot of the students used the lake as the school’s own personal swimming pool.

Johanna sat and watched people arriving for a bit more, before she decided it was time to head back to the dorm and get lunch. Andromeda was different from the other dorms who would leave the meal stuff out for hours, letting their students wander in whenever they want and grab a bite to eat. Maggie always kept to strict meal times, there was generally a half an hour window and if you didn't grab food then, too bad, so sad.

Johanna arrived at her dorm to find Maggie already in full dorm head mode. She was already yelling a small group of students who had left their bags in the hallways. Though they were let off the hook when Maggie was distracted by one of the younger kids walking in with muddy shoes and leaving tracks on the floor. The poor kid looked terrified when Maggie started on him. She was always worst on the first day back, Maggie felt being super strict on the first day set a good impression for the rest of the year.

Rolling her eyes, Johanna drifted into the dining room which was filled with a bunch small tables for the students to eat at. She grabbed herself a bowl of fruit and headed to the table tucked into the corner, which was always her first preference for seating. In the back corner she could watch everyone and no one could watch her. Sitting down, she tucked her leg underneath her and starting stabbing at the fruit in front of her, waiting for someone she cared about to show up.

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[Shitty Double Post]

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#, as written by CutUp
Aiden had been going hard since six a.m., preparing the house for the new students. It wasn't too unusual for him to be up early, but usually it's for his intense morning work out. He spent most of the last bit of the summer preparing for the new arrivals, but he had a few little last minute details to work out in the rooming situation. He wasn't quite sure where the house's head was. Knowing Patrick he's most likely in the library, probably having his nose in a pile of books as per usual. Once he was done he decided to get him some breakfast/lunch. He was rather hungry.

Aiden walked the halls of the Cyprus building, making his way to the dining area of the house. Along the way he introduced himself to the many new faces to the house, and pointing them in the right direction if need be. He really wanted to touch base with most of them, making sure they knew who to go to if they needed help, namely himself. Once he arrived at the dining room, he quickly grabbed him something to eat. His meal was a bowl of chili, and a ham sandwitch. He took a table in the near center of the room. As he began chowing down on his food he took his phone out of his pocket, and placed it on the table. He opened up his messages, and started to send a text as he ate.

[To: So-Ra]
[Hey, hows it goin? Doing ok with the new peeps? Wanna meet up later?]

Once it was sent he returned to his food. He was worried by her. He knew how uncomfortable she was around large groups of people, and meeting new ones. He figured she'd be a bit more relaxed if her mind was kept off the new students. Once he was finished with his food he pushed his tray aside, and leaned back in his chair. He rubbed the back of his neck, and let out an exhausted sigh. He grabbed his phone, and began texting again.

[To: Arian]
[Sup? Seen Patrick around? I haven't since this morning. Wanted to make sure he wasn't lost. Oh, and be nice to the noobs.]

Once that one was sent he put his phone away, and wiped his mouth with a napkin. He got up, and put his tray away. Once that was done he left the dining room, and began wondering the halls, not really sure what to do now.

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Arian Darnell

Arian, with her face planted in her pillow, groaned and reached back to pull her buzzing phone from her back pocket. She lifted her head just high enough to see who might be contacting her at the time. The moment she read the name 'Adrian', her expression of utter boredom instantly melted into a joyful one. After quickly scanning over the message, she easily replied.

[To: Aidenn]
[Hey! Nothing much is really happening, nothing to do yet. You? And as for Patrick, I think I may have seen him heading to the library. I may be mistaken. He's already short enough, with me standing at a few inches above 5'3" it's pretty difficult to spot him through a crowd of people. XD]

She sent it, sitting up from her place on her bed with a content sigh, then pursed her lips before typing in another reply:

[Ps. The noobs are in danger only if they get up in my face with their fresh 'hey-i-gots-da-supa-powas-and-now-i'm-da-bad-assiest' attitudes. Aka. Fair game, suckas!]

An amused smirk replaced her smile as she pressed 'SEND' once more. With that, she left her room to wander the campus, less hopelessly bored now with the reminder of the newbies in the school. This year could be interesting. Aquaintances to friends, friends to whatever happened, enemies most likely would stay enemies, but she felt something about this year could definitely be different and she didn't know if it was in a good or bad way... maybe she should just go get something to eat, just a snack. Arian, when tired, always worked better when on sugar anyway.