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Kyler Slayde

"Power? More like a curse."

0 · 385 views · located in Charlesmont Boarding School

a character in “Fae-Blood”, as played by Belshazzar



| Age |

| Gender |

| Sexuality |

| School of Magic |


ImageImage | Height |
| Weight |
Roughly 140 lbs
| Hair |
A very dark black that manages to have a small brown/auburn sheen to it in certain lighting. He doesn't style it much, it falls a bit below the nape of his neck and is naturally wavy.
| Eyes |
Dark brown, slightly narrowed, highlighting his partly Japanese ethnicity.

| Defining Characteristics |
His lips are very red, though this might just be because of his pallid skin, causing the colour to stand out even more. His eyes and long features show part of his Japanese background. His facial features are all quite exaggerated. His sharp jawline and concave cheeks give him a nearly skeletal appearance in low lighting. Kyler's body does not adorn any tattoos or scars, save for a small birthmark across the back of his right hand, down by his wrist. His skin is not flawless, but lacks any noticeable flaws aside from the fact that it's quite dry.

| Powers |
Kyler possess the ability of poison generation. He, and many others, do not consider this to be a very positive thing. Rather, he is attending the school in attempts to learn how to control a very difficult power. Just being in different moods can trigger a release of the toxin, which is essentially like the pheromones that any regular person would give off during stress, anger, sadness, etc. Any liquid from his body (ex., sweat, saliva) is toxic to anyone who may come in contact with it even through touch. He considers himself quite lucky that he lacks any sort of attraction to people, as a kiss would quite literally be a "kiss of death." The actual release of the poison in the way the body naturally releases certain scents, is not as effective as the poison that runs through his veins. Anyone present while he might be stressed or angry may only experience nauseousness, headaches and blurry vision. Prolonged exposure will actually lead to pain in the limbs and a very extreme headache. In certain cases, while experiencing very strong emotions, anyone present would immediately have to leave or risk nerve damage. As a result of this, Kyler is forced to keep his emotions constantly in check and in control. He has progressed very far from when he first arrived. Now there's very little to no incidents of this. However, he has learned how to voluntarily released the pheromone without the trigger of emotion, and is figuring out how to do varying strengths as well. He has used this to his advantage before to get certain people away from him or to hurt certain people.

Image | Personality |

| Patient | Introverted | Calculating | Honest | Cold | Self-Reliant |

Unfortunately, Kyler's personality is more a result of adaptation than his own personality. He'd be a much different person if it wasn't for his so called "powers." As a result of having to keep his emotions in check, Kyler is very stern and often viewed as serious and very direct. He doesn't hold back what he thinks about people, and if someone asks for his opinion on something, he's never worried about what others might think. Honesty is a main principle of his. Of course, not many people bother him for his opinion. Every school's got the weird kid, and Kyler fits this role quite perfectly due to the fact that his power has no good use, aside from hurting people. Due to most staying away from him, any conversations he has usually brings out his awkwardness in social situations. As well, because he is so used to being on his own, he is incredibly independent and self-reliant. He could go his whole life just being on his own.

He really wishes nothing more than to just feel how he'd like to feel, but he really can't allow that, lest he end up causing damage to people near him. He really is a passionate person with love, and hate, for certain things, but he really can not express any of that. As a result, most people think his lack of reaction to most things is just because he is introverted. Which, for some things, it is. However, this withdrawn attitude is just an adaption to his powers. Left alone in his own head most of the time, Kyler has grown to become very patient and calculating . He is used to observing most of the time, and so has come to know those around him quite well based on the way they interact with others rather than how they interact with him. Even if someone might want to speak to him, Kyler remains a distant, cold figure for most, and prefers not to speak with anyone. He's come to decrease the value in his own life over time, so figures that most people would not like to bother with him.

| History |

Father: Rodderick Slayde - Alive
Mother: Misao Akiyama (Slayde) - Deceased

Kyler does not enjoy his own history. He tries not to think about his own family much, but ends up returning to his memories much too often while by himself. He remembers in elementary school, when kids would spread rumors that just being around him would make you sick. This lead to many nicknames and lots of isolation, time by himself where he ended up getting to middle school without any previous relationships made with people. In an attempt to help him, his parents would get him various pets to try and keep him company. The first rabbit died within a few days. The family dog died within a week. They kept getting more and more animals in attempt to fill the hole in his life, but for some strange reason, they kept dying off.

It was then that his highly spiritual and religious mother was convinced that he was possessed by an onryō, a vengeful Japanese spirit that was using him to kill and harm everything around him. She was convinced that he was cursed, and like that, she packed up and left him and his father forever. A few years later she died of unknown cause, though there was significant damage to her nerves and airways. Kyler was never sure if this was his doing. He hates to admit it, but in a twisted way, he hoped that it was. Enduring her prayers and feeling the motherly love turn to fear and hate was burned into his mind, and he thinks of her untimely death as a sort of revenge.

After middle school didn't go to well, his father was absolutely sure that something was wrong, but not anything to do with spirits. While he had never been unfortunate enough to have the same powers, his father was of fae-blood, and was sure that his son was the same. Kyler was sent to the school when he was 14. Through his four years of being there, he encountered many people, but most of them were too wary to ever be anywhere near him. It got better slowly as he learned to control his powers, only releasing the pheromone when he wanted to, maybe a few slips happening every now and then if he felt emotions a bit too extreme. Due to years of no one ever speaking to him though, he really has no need for friendship or anything else. The value of his own life has gone down in his view, and with that has come a carelessness about what people think of him. Over the years, he heard rumours of this girl "Valerie," and what she did and how she might return.

With not enough care of his own life, Kyler finds himself hurting people more often, and is even drawn to the idea of seeing what this girl would do when she gets back.

So begins...

Kyler Slayde's Story

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Hex Code = #5EA33B

"This is all so boring," Johanna groaned to herself. The end of another summer and the beginning of another school year. It was all so mundane, and expected. Johanna wondered when something exciting and different would happen. It was late morning, and many of the students were returning from spending their summer with their families. Of course not everyone had left the academy for the summer, there were the students that had stayed. Johanna had stayed at the academy because she had nowhere else to go, no family to visit. Everyone had their own reasons for staying though.

It was late morning and soon she would have to head back to her dorm for lunch, but right now she was content. It was warm out, but it wasn’t too hot to be in the sun, the summer heat having died off over the last week, and there was no wind about. It was just a nice day to be outdoors. Johanna was sitting alone up on the hill next to the Andromeda dorm building. It was her favourite place in the academy because she could see everything that was happening around the school from that hill.

She could see people trudging through the front gate loaded up with their various bags and the oval where some kids had started a ball game. Past the oval, if she squinted she could sort off see some of the people who were hanging out in the student lounge, since the wall facing her was made of glass. The student lounge was a common place for kids to hang out, as unlike their dorm buildings, there was never any adult supervision there. The lounge was decked out with tables, couches and beanbags, there was also a sitting area of the roof for when the weather was nice, like today. She couldn’t see Cyprus dorm though, since it was surrounded by the other school buildings that were filled with classrooms.

Johanna could also make out the people who were walking down the one path that led away from the school buildings and towards the Lyra Dorm building. From her view she couldn’t actually see the dorm as it was surrounded by a woodland area with plenty of trees. Though she had been down that path enough times to know what was there, the dorm laid in a large clearing of trees, next to it was a large vegetable patch, and behind it there was little dirt path that led to a large lake. Johanna wasn’t one for swimming, but when the weather warmed up, a lot of the students used the lake as the school’s own personal swimming pool.

Johanna sat and watched people arriving for a bit more, before she decided it was time to head back to the dorm and get lunch. Andromeda was different from the other dorms who would leave the meal stuff out for hours, letting their students wander in whenever they want and grab a bite to eat. Maggie always kept to strict meal times, there was generally a half an hour window and if you didn't grab food then, too bad, so sad.

Johanna arrived at her dorm to find Maggie already in full dorm head mode. She was already yelling a small group of students who had left their bags in the hallways. Though they were let off the hook when Maggie was distracted by one of the younger kids walking in with muddy shoes and leaving tracks on the floor. The poor kid looked terrified when Maggie started on him. She was always worst on the first day back, Maggie felt being super strict on the first day set a good impression for the rest of the year.

Rolling her eyes, Johanna drifted into the dining room which was filled with a bunch small tables for the students to eat at. She grabbed herself a bowl of fruit and headed to the table tucked into the corner, which was always her first preference for seating. In the back corner she could watch everyone and no one could watch her. Sitting down, she tucked her leg underneath her and starting stabbing at the fruit in front of her, waiting for someone she cared about to show up.

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[Shitty Double Post]

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Lilly O'Connor


Lilly has been hanging around school during the summer vacation. She just did not want to handle her parents, maybe after this year she will go visit her parents. She was fairly a new student, only arrived a few months ago, so it was not like she was home sick. Right now she hanged around the Lyra common room and listening with the others Christian's stories. The dorm head always had the most hilarious stories. “then after finally making it to the lookout, I ask Michelle for the food and she looks at me and is like, ‘you were going to bring the food?’” . Lilly laughed and almost had tears in her eyes. She stopped for a second when hearing Olly asking Christian where was the food actually was, like he didn't much get the joke. As Christian explained it was a joke to Olly and he understood, everyone else laughed again but now on Olly. Lilly smirked but did not laugh like the rest, she did not like laughing on other people, unless they laughed at her first.

”Alright guys, enough stories, Your lunch is sitting out in the kitchen getting cold, and I don’t see any of you with food.” Lilly stood up and ready to walk to her room to get her own food, she has her own small refrigerator with lots of vegetarian food stocked by her parents' money, when she just froze seeing Olly's duplicate plant stepping out of the kitchen with a plate of food towards him. She smacks her head and laughed, "Oh, Olly, you goof!" . The others and Christian were quite felt disturbed by this, but Lilly did not mind, it was Olly's powers anyway. If we in this school to control our powers, should he be allowed to use it?

Lilly walked towards Olly and smiled brightly and winked, "That was kinda neat, I mean, we here to use our powers right? So you using them, right?" . She stared at the plate of food Olly's eating and wrinkled her nose. "I still don't understand how can you eat this stuff, come, I invite you to eat from my food in my room. You know I got planty right?" . She started walking towards her room, regarding if Olly accept the invitation or not, she intending to eat and than after a while going swimming like she always do.