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Fahrenheit 13

Fahrenheit 13


In a world, nothing like you can imagine. It is up to Asher Faust and a rag tag band of heroes to save the world from certain doom. Shit is getting hot, can you take the heat -- Dare to find out?

2,720 readers have visited Fahrenheit 13 since Crooked Thoughts created it.


The shit has hit the fan! The world as you know it is gone. Your family, friends, loved ones -- all gone, never to return... Unless? Unless, you can stop The Orchestrator's and bring the world back from the brink of an apocalypse.
It's getting hot out there, can you stand the heat?
Time to prove yourself.
[ Theme Song ]

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  1. Intro - A1
  2. Plot - A2
  3. About - A3
  4. Virtue/Creed - A4
  5. Race - A5
  6. Class - A6
  7. Character Creation - A7
  8. Rules - A8
  9. Credits - A9
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After a day like you had, all you wanna do is crawl in you bed and sleep. A smile sweeps across your face as your apartment complex comes into view. Once inside, your movements are careful, as to not disturb your slumlord landlady. Though, it seems she has already been to visit you: a late rent notice, stares you in the face as you approach the door. Grumbling, you rip and crumble the paper before tossing it. You then open the door to your cheap ass apartment, a gust of cold air greeting you as you do so. Flicking on the lights, your bodily automatically enters your daily routine: hang you jacket, read the mail, check the messages, search the refrigerator... All the while, the familiar smell of cigarettes flirts with your nostrils. It isn't until that moment, you realize all the obvious clues you overlooked: you don't smoke, the open window, the person sitting on your couch! But, it's too late, the intruder has the barrel of a gun resting against the back of your head. The funny thing is, this isn't your first time being in a situation like this.

    Intruder: "I will get straight to the point, I know who, what you are-"

    You: Your heartbeat quickens, as worry sets in. You wish you wouldn't have came home at all today. Fuck it, you wish he would have pulled the trigger.

    Intruder: "-don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I too, am not at all who you expect me to be."

    You: Questions begin to pop into your head: Who is this person? What does he know? How does he know?

    Intruder: "You may have seen me wander past you in the streets, sit nearby you in a restaurant, run from you in the dead of the night, seemingly in a drunken stupor. I will assure you now, those chance meetings were hardly coincidences. Everything happens for a reason."

    You: Things start to become clear, your mind flashes back to forgotten memories of this person.

    Intruder: "I am Asher Faust, Devil Hunter. Malevolent spirits are my game. Silver, iron and salt is the extent of the ammunition I own, my body the weapon with which I fire it... You may call me crazy, many have and many will. But, this is the simple truth - the world is in danger."

    You: You have just been overwhelmed with more information than you care can handle. You collapse into a chair, not being able to handle gravity at the moment.

    Asher Faust: "Until now, you probably thought you were the only one. But, deep down, you knew you couldn't be the only one. I am living proof that you were not wrong in these assumptions. Although, for obvious reasons, we are not easy to find. Until we can find more hunters, we are going to struggle in this war and may die as a result of it."

    You: Just as you were beginning to feel relived, it was all swept away. We? War? Death? This is not what you want... What a fucking evening.

    Asher Faust: "I am not asking you to give your life to the cause, nor am I asking you to waste what little bouts of happiness you may already have found for it. I'm just asking for you to give me a chance to find those tiny experiences that make such a dismal, lonely life worth living."

    You: You know how it goes - a hunter never stops moving, never stops searching for a new place to escape to. You're prosecuted more than the monsters you hunt. You wish that there was a way to explain to all of the important people in your life, that what you do means life or death nearly every single day.

    Asher Faust: "I need your help."

    You: You let your head fall into your lap, considering all that has just been said. You need a second to breath, to process your thoughts. You then raise your head to speak, but the man is gone. An open window and fluttering curtain, telling of his exit.
Rarely, they meet, but when a group of hunters such as yourselves does, you just know that something is occurring, and it is never a gay occasion.


Ignorance is truly bliss. There is much more to the world we live in than meets the eye. Beings exist; that others would have you believe are fictions. You need not worry though, for as long as Hunter's thrive, then you can keep living in your fairy tale world.

A Hunter's life is fraught with danger. The "bliss of ignorance" has been taken from them and the existence of supernatural manipulation of humanity cannot be ignored. However, the Hunter cannot simply reveal this knowledge to mundane authorities since they will be branded as unstable and insane. So in the darkness, behind the scenes, they work to protect mankind.

Hunters wage a desperate, clandestine war against the inhuman, ageless forces that manipulate mankind. They see their task as taking back the night from bloodsuckers, ravaging beasts, vengeful spirits and manipulative sorcerers. They must face mankind's worst fears made real in the most deadly game of the Hunt in order to fulfill the task they have set before them: to "Inherit the Earth".

But, there is a plot brewing, and if The Orchestrator's have their way, souls will be stolen, barriers will be broken, and the rules will be rewritten. Their actions will cost humanity dearly. Never before have there been so many attacks, reports of weird sightings and events, happen worldwide. The Gates have been thrown open and demons and other creatures can now gain entry en masse, humans will be helpless as lambs before lions. Will the Hunters and Defenders find out before it’s too late? More importantly, will they fight... or stand by idly?


This Rp is about Asher Faust and the hunters he has recruited for an oncoming war. I will be playing Asher Faust and you all will be the ones he is speaking to in the intro. The world our characters live in is much like the one we live in today. They are exactly the same, in fact. Though, there is one major difference: supernatural creatures exist. Not only that, but they are intelligent and well organized. These creatures have fought against hunters for ages, but now something has changed. There are whispers of a war, a battle to determine who shall run the earth. And Asher Faust has taken it upon himself to stop the war from happening, or at least land the first blow for humanity.

The RP will begin during a meeting where all the hunters meet each other for the first time. For many of the hunters, this will not just be the first time they have meet someone like them, but the first they have even been on a hunt. So make sure to vary things up when making your character. I would like for there to be a huge variance amongst the characters, I don't even want anyone to be from the same place.

This RP will most likely be different from any you have done in the past. It will be done like traditional, table-top D&D game. It will even have a Dungeon Master, who will control the story, the environment, and NPC's. All you will have to do is control and worry about your character. Your characters will grow and change as the RP progresses across 6 Campaigns, which act as chapters of the story. In the RP, your characters will be rewarded and penalized for the actions they take.

Also, be aware that the RP will have a posting order. Only when it is your turn, may you post. But, if you take too long to do this, then your turn will be forfeit and your character may be penalized for it. Don't worry though, because the highest penalty for your character is death and that will only happen if quit or abandon the RP.

I would like to keep things small in this RP, so I will probably only allow about 5 characters. And I will be deciding this by talent and not on first come, first serve basis. However, I may let the max go to 10 and if people drop, I will of course replace them. So if for some reason you do not make the first cut, there is still hope.

Anyway, the RP will start as soon as all characters have been accepted; I have made the first post, and then have notified you of your posting number. Only then may you post and of course, your character has to be accepted as well. If you have any questions, PM me.

A4Virtue & Creed

The ways of hunters differ radically according to the personality, their race and class. They develop a strong tendency of how to deal with monsters and how to protect humanity. This leads to three main virtues a hunter may follow in an active, an assessing and a passive way.


Those hunters that tend to show compassion towards creatures of the dark, and attempt to persuade the dark supernatural forces to turn to light, follow one of the Mercy Creeds. The Mercy Creeds are:

Martyrs: Those who sacrifice their all, for their cause.

Redeemers: Those who wish to bring the monsters back into the light.


Innocents: Those who refuse to prejudge the supernatural.


Those hunters that are unforgiving and dogmatic in their belief that humanity is meant to "Inherit the Earth", and that the dark supernatural forces are arrayed against this manifest destiny of mankind, tend to be one of the Zeal Creeds. The tendency of these hunters to be warriors/soldiers among a group of Hunters gives these Creeds the stereotype as brutes. These Hunters do the dirty work out of a passion few humans may understand.

Avengers: Those who seek revenge for the harm done by creatures of the dark.

Judges: Those who hand out punishment based on how monstrous the creatures have acted.


Defenders: Those who safeguard and protect the innocent from the darkness.


Understanding and information gathering are the primary gifts of these Creeds. The Visionary Creeds consist of people who were granted too much insight for the mortal mind to handle and have ended up either deranged or overly violent due to this Calling. However, there are those that can handle their ablities.

Visionaries: Those who seek to understand the greater meaning behind the existence of the supernatural.

Image Waywards: Hunters who have become overly violent towards the dark. Many Waywards suffer from some sort of mental derangement. They should have been the strategists and tacticians; however, Waywards cannot turn the benefits of second-sight off, and are subject to supernatural visions at any time. This tends to cause extreme mental trauma. Though some Waywards can handle this mental strain, the constant reminder of the supernatural can, and sometimes does, turn some Waywards into psychotic killers. Because of either psychosis or Calling-inflicted violent rage, Waywards often see only the need to destroy the enemy, and are known to cause large amounts of collateral damage in the completion of this task.

Image Hermits: hunters who receive psychic static near other Hunters and supernaturals. They are usually great intelligence gatherers. The unfortunate side effect of Hermit's powers result in debilitating social anxiety around any form of the supernatural.


ImageHuman: Humans are the most numerous, yet also the most contentious of all the intelligent races. Humans are widespread, can be found in most regions and, in general, are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas.

While hardly the only dominant race, humans are one of them. In spite of this strength, or perhaps because of it, humanity is an eternally fractured and divided race, broken up into over a dozen ethnic offshoots. It is believed that this is in part because humanity, unlike most other races, did not emerge as a whole but rather in several places at once, thereby resulting in its diversity.

    ImageWerewolf: Lycan's are a race of creatures by themselves. They are not created by biting a human; they are instead born, by mating two lycans. These are ferocious creatures, which rip their prey limb-from-limb before devouring them, and you will never just fight one. It is rare for anyone to survive a lycan attack and remain the same. But, for those that do, body and mind intact, they should consider themselves lucky. But, they are not out of the woods yet.

    There is then a 50% percent chance that they will begin to undergo a change. This change turns the victim into the very thing they were attacked by. However there is one major difference between the two. A lycan is a beast with no other form and a Werewolf is a human, which has been chosen/cursed with the ability to change into a lycan. Although, the chances of this happening, is just as rare as surviving the attack. Adventurers, who purposely seek out the curse, can end up with an incurable case of rabies instead. This why becoming a werewolf is considered a gift and a curse.

    Many fear Werewolves and rightly so. They treat the person as a monster, killing them on sight regardless of the afflicted person's alignment and motive. Some even think that Werewolves are the Alpha's of Lycan Packs, since they have the ability to control the savage minds of lycans with ease. To stay alive some run to the wilderness, some hide in plain sight, some even pretend to never have been bitten. But, some train themselves to control the affliction and make it a source of power.

    Either race, are virtually indestructible. They have a high damage threshold because of their healing factor, plus they are immortal. The only exception to this is silver, which slows the healing down to a human rate. And full moons cause them to transform, which is when newly turned humans first realize what they are. But, in time, with train and discipline they can learn to ignore this call.

ImageVampire: Much like lycans, vampires too, are a standalone race. They are nasty and vicious creatures, which stalk the shadows waiting for their prey, before striking and draining it of its blood. These nocturnal hunters are formidable opponents and once they have latched on, good luck getting them off. Even if they are in danger of dying, they would still rather suck their victim dry, than fly to safety. This is because of the pure addiction and rush they get from the taste of blood. Just the sight and smell of blood can put them into blood frenzy. This is usually why they chose the stranglers of groups or single targets.

The chance of survival for vampire attacks is just as low, if not lower than lycan attacks. This is genuinely because of extreme blood loss, evisceration, or severe shock and trauma. But, for those that do, risk contracting the deadly vampire virus. This turns a human into a blood consuming fiend. Unlike their creator though, they do not fear or have a weakness of sunlight. They gain all of their strengths: greater speed & agility heighten senses, immortality, and flight, all in exchange for consuming blood. Turned vampires have also been noted of being undead. They cease to have a heartbeat, and no longer require things that humans do to sustain life.

    ImageMutant: Mutants are genetic abominations, whose bodies can contort and change at will due to abnormalities in their DNA. Most appear fine, but are born at the epitome of peak physical skill, having superhuman levels of: strength, speed, reflexes, agility, stamina, and durability. Others have a more obvious external mutation, like large, grotesque limbs. Whether they are normal, extra ones, or limbs that don't even belong on a human body. The rarest of the mutations is one known as boneshaping. This allows for the mutant to gain mastery over their very skeletons. They have the ability to spontaneously grow their skeleton into weapons and armor.

    No matter their ability, mutants are considered gifted in the right eyes, instead of as freaks. They have been granted the simplest and purest gift: change. Their very blood, bone, and body make them the perfect warrior unlike any other, capable of wreaking havoc and mayhem upon any foes who dare to cross them. Nobodies knows what has caused this new breed of humanity. Some say they are products of military experiments, others say they are aliens. Right now they are merely being looked at freaks of nature, road-side attractions, examples of what happen when the mother does drugs while carrying the child.

ImageDemi-Being: Demi-Beings are superhuman mortals born from the mating of Angels/Demons with humans. All demi-beings wield powers connected to their parent, and these abilities grow stronger with age. Some even gain their parent's inhuman traits. Most, however, are completely indistinguishable from humans. But, like their powers, in time they may grow to look more like their parents because demons and angels posses the dominant genes of the pairing.

Like humans, Demi-Beings are a jack-of-all-trades, they are strong, healthy, hearty, and even skillful. They are powerful, immortal beings with innate powers. Demi-Beings are good at everything they do, but this doesn't make them more powerful than any one else. Because they are naturally gifted at everything, they often lead fulfilling lives and do great things. Many have become great heroes, kings, lords, dictators, etc.

    ImageGrim: A grim wanders from city to city, passing amongst the varied people. The chill touch of death eternally separates the grim from common folk. They travel to find lost souls, trapped in homes, towns, graveyards and/or long forgotten crypts. They bring the wayward dead eternal rest, any way they can.

    Grims are those who have died and seek atonement for their sins, so they have been brought into the life of a grim by making a pact with powerful spirits, a deity of death, or perhaps some inborn connection or longstanding powerful trauma that has connected them to the agents of death or the Ethereal Plane.

    Harnessing divine power directly from the essence of the Ethereal Plane, the grim transforms into the bane of those who defy death. With precise control, they are a fearsome presence in combat. Grim's gain powers that enable a transformation ease their passage from life and death and back; augment their bodies, senses and essences as well as destructive touch attacks and resistances to undead.

    As they see fit, they can call upon their Grim Transformation and tear through opponents. The transformation changes his appearance (the exact form he takes varies from grim to grim.). It begins as a flow of strange ethereal waves flow into their body and weapons. They then begin glowing as faintly as a candle. Their armor, no longer restricts movement, therefore gaining unencumbered speed. This also allows them to touch any incorporeal creature as though it were solid. They glide roughly 4 inches over the ground without touching it and can pass over non-solid or unstable ground without suffering, such as water or lava. There are also no tracks left behind.

    Besides the Grim Transformation, Grim's have other abilities that help them with their task. One of the major ones is Ethereal Gate, which is tiny slowly rotating rings appears on the grim's body, no bigger than the palm of their hand. This gate opens to allow willing souls passage to their final destinations. The gate is in a location of the grim's choice and is ethereal.

    To most, the grim appears as an often sullen or gloomy one. However, it is the grim's duty to ferry the souls of the dead to their afterlife. They are a beacon of safe haven to the lost and wayward dead who seek their final destination, but to those who grasp onto the living world beyond their welcome, they are a dreaded enemy. It is this trait that earns them the name of "grim".


Devil Hunter: Evil is all around us. No matter how you look at the world, there is darkness in every aspect of it. Even with all the noble and selfless heroes striving to make the world a better place, there will always be an evil to fight. Most notable among them are the fiends. The very personification of evil; they revel in slaughter and bloodshed. Some however prefer a more subtle approach to causing disorder. Some prefer to strike bargains that lead mortals on a path of self-destruction and ruin.

Standing in the forefront in the fight against evil, Devil Hunters are veterans of countless skirmishes against zombies, ghosts, and demons. They roam the land either as a freelance Slayer or works exclusively for an organization. ImageThey train rigorously early in their career, learning to avoid blows rather than wear big heavy armor, and how to take down an enemy before they have the chance to take them down.

A Devil Hunter has devoted their lives to battle and fighting evil. They are often misunderstood, and shunned by most of society. Devil Hunters fight "fire with fire". They often develop Blindsense to seek out demons with greater clarity. Flamboyant, arrogant, and often prone to moments of showing off, the devil hunter learns a vast array of abilities meant to bewilder and confuse the opponent while putting them in the best position to bring the bulky, two-handed weapons, which are preferred by their profession, to good use. They fight effectively even when surrounded by foes. A Devil Hunter can be hard to flank, they have an uncanny awareness of immediate peril. As they stronger, they have to be careful not to give in to their dark side or they could become like the very demons they hunt.

Devil Hunters usually fit into the role of the destroyer, and find themselves being relied on to wipe the enemies clean from existence. They also can find themselves in the roles of guardians or ordinary distractions. Due to these facts, a Devil Hunters are usually found in the front end of a battlefield, trading blows with their foes at a relentless rate.

There may come a time when they chose to leave the world of battle, and go away, attempt to settle down in a tranquil place. Though, even when this happens, Devil Hunters are still dangerous foes, for they never forget the manner of battle that they dedicated their lives to.

    Gunslinger: There are fighters who train endlessly to master every use of the gun and train their skill with it to perfection, and then there are are Gunslingers, who are born with a gun in their hand and an itchy trigger finger. Gunslingers are wild, unpredictable troublemakers who have a knack for bringing chaos with them wherever they go. Trained in the deadliest forms of marksmanship, the Gunslinger is a master of close, medium, and long range tactics and combat. Weaving in and out of combat unscathed by "primitive" arrows and bolts, or staying far away from the action to pick off primary targets, the Gunslinger can adapt to most situations. Image

    The Gunslinger is purely combat focused, mostly at range. The Gunslinger's secret is their stance. With four stances, the Gunslinger can switch between firing multiple weaker shots, fewer stronger shots, melee capability, and amazing stunts of bullet ballet. Each stance is an extraordinary ability, and the full-round action provokes attacks-of-opportunity.

    Using the Marksman Stance, a Gunslinger takes accuracy over speed, pinpointing targets from far away and removing said target from huge distances away. The Gunslinger Stance is the exact opposite, firing large volleys of bullets to hit multiple targets. The Trickster is an odd stance, being able to attack from cover and defeat cover used by the targets by skipping shots. The Skirmisher is used by the Gunslinger when the target gets too close, using their firearms to defend themselves in close quarters.

    Gunslingers are trained to be able to strike their enemies from unexpected angles even in the chaos of a melee fight. Some work best on the front lines, holding their opponents at bay. But, they are deadly from any range with a firearm. In a time of war, when their primary weapon is destroyed or missing, the sidearm is all they need to keep them safe. Although, the pistol is a Gunslingers preferred weapon. It is a testament to the wonders and the deadly ferocity of the standard pistol.

Exorcist: Exorcist are born, not made. So thinks their kind, anyway. Perhaps they had an odd forbearer or perhaps one of their ancestors was a great warrior, greatly renowned and respected (or feared). No matter the cause, an Exorcist shows skill from a very young age, and often progresses into a famous or infamous being themselves. Should they survive.

Exorcist can banish evil with their very words; well versed incantations are the exorcist's sword. But, they are also adept in wielding the giant cross, crusader-style swords, cross bows, and using holy amulets. Exorcists offer much more in means of defense than magical prowess. Through sheer force of will, they can protect allies by interrupting magical attacks and nullifying negative status effects.Image

The entire world is information. Those who have information, have power. Those who can hide information, have power. Those who can find information, find power. Digging out that hidden information is the hobby of the Exorcist, whether it is finding a hidden tome, deducing the identity of a murderer, or spying out secrets that others keep hidden. This makes an Exorcist particularly more dangerous foe than an experienced soldier with a sword. Exorcist are executed to be well knowledgeable on lore from all over the over the world.

An Exorcist's abilities vary greatly. However, their spellcasting will never quite match that of a practiced caster. Nor will their swordplay, alone, defeat tides of well trained and equipped opponents. Exorcists aid in combat by helping the entire party. They excel at identifying the weaknesses of enemies. They bring luck to the entire party, helping the party to avoid unlucky situations and denying good luck to their opponents. Exorcists work best when facing the undead or evil aligned opponents. When they find themselves in melee, most Exorcist prefer light weapons.

The Exorcist's effectiveness depends mostly, if not solely upon the religion to which they pledge their servitude. In any case, the Exorcist most soundly reflects their religion's code of conduct. It is from the faith in said religion that an Exorcist derives their power. For the stronger their faith and conviction, the stronger they are when facing evil.

    Psychic: The mind has hidden powers that even the most educated scholars don’t fully understand. There exist people gifted with extraordinary abilities: psychics. They have visions or a sense of what others are thinking. They can influence the minds of those around them or even affect the physical world with their thoughts. Some confuse their power with sorcery, but it is not the same. Still, those who possess such gifts often conceal them, out of concern that others will fear or misunderstand them. Psychics who choose to develop their potential are capable of feats to rival sorcerers and wizards. They can become masters of their fate, or else risk becoming the pawns of those who seek to harness and control their powers for their own purposes.

    Psychics have innate mental powers, known as “talents,” which can be developed through training and study. While psychic talents aren’t generally as broad or powerful as the magic of spellcasters, they tend to be more flexible. Only their talent, their training, and their stamina limit psychics, since using psychic abilities can be draining. While more subtle than the flash and bang of spellcasting, psychic powers are far reaching. A psychic can cross tremendous distances in the blink of an eye or pull the strings of entire nations from behind the scenes.Image

    Since their talents are both innate and widely varied, psychics tend to be unpredictable. One of the more rare abilities, allows the psychic to create a semi-solid blade composed of psychic energy distilled from their own mind.

    The blade is identical in all ways (except visually) to a short sword, or a size appropriate for its wielder. No matter the size, it can always be wielded easily by the psychic, but concentration will vary.

    The blade can also be broken; however, they can simply create another. The moment they relinquish the grip on the blade, it dissipates. Unless, the psychic plans to throw the mind blade. Whether or not the attack hits, a thrown mind blade then dissipates. Another side of this ability allows for the psychic to create shields, to defend against attacks.

    A psychic typically discovers his talents during a time of stress. These may be the changes brought on by adolescence or another trauma in the psychic’s life. The newly awakened talent is often confusing and frightening for the psychic, who may hear voices, have visions, experience poltergeist phenomena, or even awaken from a dream to find themselves hundreds of miles from home, with no idea of how they got there. Eventually, the psychic learns to control his powers and begins studying and learning how to use them intentionally.

    Fortunate psychics encounter others of their kind, who can teach them and help them understand their talents. Most, however, are on their own and have to make do with trial and error.

Witch: A witch is a practitioner of magic, or witchcraft and can be either male or female, and good or evil. Witches who betrayed the Wiccan Rede (Witch Code of Conduct) and kill good witches for their powers are called a Warlock. Witches have the power to cast spells, make potions, and scry for persons and objects. They are mostly known as females, but there have also been male witches, though in a lesser population.

ImageAll witches have the ability to invent and use spoken spells, to manufacture potions, and to scry for supernatural beings such as demons and other magical witches. They also have the ability to see ghosts. In addition, witches are each born with one or more personal powers. These powers can be used at will, and do not require incantations. Powers vary widely among individuals, although the powers do appear to have a hereditary aspect. That is, witches of common ancestry are most likely to have the same or similar powers, or to have powers drawn from the common list.

The Witch is a skilled healer, but one who tends to utilize potions and poultices more than spells. They posse great knowledge of plants and animals, and the various uses (including harmful ones) of their constituent parts. They can craft many useful items from these components. Usually, they spend a great deal of time wandering the wilds collecting material for their craft, and are likely a skilled tracker. Seldom, does one lose their way in the wild, especially in areas they are familiar with, and are able to hide and move stealthily in such areas.

A witch will undergo apprenticeship with a mentor. This apprenticeship is likely to have begun when the witch was a child or adolescent. A witch is then expected to perform many tasks and errands, while studying under the mentor. Once this is completed, a witch will need to complete an apprentice piece and have it approved by their mentor in order to graduate. The nature of the apprentice piece will be determined by the mentor. After graduation from apprenticeship, the witch will likely undertake a journeyship. During this time the witch generally has no fixed abode, and travels widely, learning all they can from any witches they encounter, honing their craft.

    Hexer: Hexers are casters of primal spells something like witch-doctors or Voodoo shamans who do hidden rituals and cast their spells from the safety of a distance. They use their power to torment, weaken or even induce bad luck upon their enemies. Contrary to popular belief, not all hexers are evil, though a great many of them are, and may indeed use their powers for the good of others. However certain stereotypes do have a basis in reality as some hexers do make Voodoo dolls and jab them with pins and knives to hurt or even kill their victims.Image Hexers often work well with others, particularly in combat, because of their ability to hinder their enemies while others do the fighting or because they can often use their abilities to coerce others in ways that most cannot.

    Hexers are masters of the spirit world; they follow a different tradition than the cleric and druid. Their world is filled with powerful, living spirits, some helpful and some malign. By bargaining with these spirits, a Hexer gains magic with which to aid comrades or powerful hexes to curse enemies.

    Hexer combines powerful curses with the martial skill of a fighter. While the rite to speak, see and understand the spirit world originated from civilization, over the last hundred years the rituals have spread to primitive tribes. These tribes now pay homage to the spirits as a mean to combat their enemies. The tradition started when primitive tribe clerics turned their ability to turn and rebuke undead into the prime source of their power and forsake the usual spell casting by prayer. The more direct approach to power was quickly accepted as the better way and soon the practitioners grew.

    A few say that the hexers are weak heretics that forsake the gods for lesser powers and should be put to the blade. These zealous individuals who underestimate them realize their folly when they confront a hexer.

Reaper: A Reaper must worship a good or neutral deity whose domain is death. They then receive their reaper form, weapon, and spells by surrendering their souls to their deity. The reaper has then devoted their life to ridding the world of those who abuse death. Necromancers, Liches, and undead are the common enemy of a reaper. This is not to say that a reaper can only fight them, a reaper is highly competent with whatever weapon they choose to be their reaping implement. Reapers can summon their chosen weapon from an extra dimensional pocket, instantly and at will.

ImageLike Grim's, reapers too have another form. They can enter this state where they done a black cloak and their flesh take on an ashy appearance. They float slightly above the ground and therefore ignore all difficult terrain, but this does not increase their base speed. They can also summon a skull mask to cover their face and those who see it, see their deaths.

Reapers usually serve their deity by harvesting souls, which can be done one of two ways. The first is by opening a portal called: Death's Door, this is a red portal that opens beneath the targets feet, once summoned. Their soul is the immediately sucked from their body and goes straight to judgment, unless they can somehow escape the vortex.
The second way is with their weapon. Reapers can see souls and the chords that attach them to the body. Using their chosen weapon, they can then severe said chords and remove the soul. However this method requires a lot of focus.

Some assume a Reaper and a Grim to be the same thing, but they are actually different on many planes. A person can only become a Grim once their soul has passed on and by making a deal with Death himself. Whereas, the living and dead can be become Reapers. Plus Reapers do not serve Death only; they also work for other deities. Another difference between the two is their prey. Grim's hunt only the dead and lost souls, but Reapers hunt the living and dead alike. The major difference is, Grims are a race of beings, and a Reaper is an occupation. This is why one can be both.

A7Character Creation

Creating a character for this Rp will be very different from ones you have created in the past. The application happens to be very precise and comes with a few restrictions, which I will explain later. Such detail and restrictions help balance out the character and allow you to get to know your character.

In this RP, you will watch as your character grows, and so I am giving you what I call a "Progressive Character Sheet". This means you will constantly be adding and subtracting things to the sheet as we progress. Your character will be starting at the bottom: no fancy equipment, no awesome powers, and no cool weapons. It's back to basics, the default, the simple.

In this RP, your character has to earn unique equipment, he/she has to work to become a epic hero. Expect me to be strict when going over your character sheets. But in return, I will be generous in rewarding your character for their feats. So don't be afraid to reach for the stars, you just don't get a ladder this time.


Just to briefly go over familiars. These are merely pets, assistances, mounts, or maybe even a vehicle. This depends on you. However they can die or be destroyed just as easily as your character can. You have free reign to create them, so you might want to put just as much dedication into creating them as you do your character. But, due to the sacrifice you make to get one, you might decide to not even bother.

Power Tiers

I made this section just to give you an idea on how ability tiers work. The examples below should give you an idea on how they work. As your abilities gains a tier, they basically become stronger and you are able to do more. If you have any questions, PM me.

Example 1
Telepathy: The ability to hear thoughts.
      Tier 1: Read Thoughts, Communicate Mentally
      Tier 2: Project Thoughts, Memory Search
      Tier 3: Mind Trap, Project Illusions
      Tier 4: Mind Control, Dream Dive/Control/Create
      Tier 5: Improved Abilities-wider range-tap more minds at once, Add Mental Blocks

Example 2
Pyrokinesis/Flame Control: The ability to create or to control fire with the mind.
      Tier 1: Fire Streams, Flame Projectiles, Flame Manipulation/Creation
      Tier 2: Producing flames from other areas, Increased precision and temperature, Area Techniques
      Tier 3: Power Increase, Channeling/Absorption, Flame Wall
      Tier 4: Control/Manipulation of other Branches of Fire: Steam, Spontaneous Combustion, Explosions, Heat
      Tier 5: Produce Secondary Element of Fire: Lightning, Grander Techniques: Ocean of Flames

Quick Tips

Below are a few rules and guidelines you must follow when creating your character. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  1. Your character can only have basic equipment, items, skills, abilities, armor, etc.
  2. Your character can only start with a maximum of five, tier 1 abilities.
  3. You may have one free token. This allows you to upgrade a ability to tier two, or grant you a unique weapon or equipment.
  4. Your character starts with 1 basic, weapon. Other than that, your character must depend on their own abilities and physical prowess to survive. Unless you have used your token to gain a weapon or you later gain one.
  5. Your character can have a familiar, but this requires sacrifice on your part. You must either trade in three of your five abilities or your token.

Character Application

Code: Select all
[center][size=200]CHARACTER DOSSIER[/size][/center]
[u]Physical Description[/u]
Picture and/or worded Description

[b]Facial Hair:[/b]
[b]Skin Tone:[/b]
[b]Body Markings:[/b]
[b]Scar Tissue:[/b]
[b]Unique Body Features:[/b]






[u]Visual Age[/u]

[u]Factual Age[/u]


[u]Sexual Orientation[/u]

















[u]Right Hand[/u]

[u]Left Hand[/u]

[u]Right Accessory[/u]

[u]Left Accessory[/u]





[u]Natural Talents[/u]



[b]Weapon Name:[/b]
[b]Weapon Type:[/b]
[b]Weapon Description/Info:[/b]

[u]Special Items[/u]
Items obtained during the RP

[u]Regular Items[/u]
Items carried before the RP

[u]Group Affiliation[/u]

[u]Religious Affiliation[/u]

[u]Marital Status[/u]




[u]The First Time[/u]
Describe the first time your character met mine.


Familiar Application

Code: Select all
[b]Body Markings:[/b]
[b]Scar Tissue:[/b]











Toggle Rules


  1. This game is managed by me and the roleplay is managed by CR22. What this means is, that if you have any questions or problems, ask either one of us. We both have the highest authority in this RP.

  2. Since this RP will have a posting order, you will have a certain amount time to post before your turn is forfeited. You will then become a NPC for the DM to control and it will become the next person turn. You will have four days before this happens though.

  3. Players gone for more than a week, without notice, are susceptible to being replaced and their character, possibly killed off.

  4. This RP is about as Adult as it can get while staying within RPG rules, so just remember that.

  5. Quality over quantity.

  6. Be creative. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run away. I have a leash I can tug on if you get too far away...

  7. I want only serious, dedicated, experienced RPers only. I feel I have those skills, so it is only right I ask for the people of this RP to have the same.

  8. Your character can and might die, so keep that in mind.

  9. Be familiar with text fighting. It isn't necessary for you know how to text fight, but it will be appreciated in fight scenes.

  10. Just because this is a fantasy RP, doesn't mean your character is a one man army.

  11. A tad bit of common sense is required here. Not to be a jerk, but I'm just saying...

  12. Once your character has died, they are forever gone from the RP. Unless, they are brought back to life; which the method will have to be discussed first.

  13. You can only have one character in this Rp. In the event of a character death, I may allow you to create another.

  14. Also please DO NOT POST anywhere EXCEPT the OOC, until I say otherwise.

  15. If you quit, please abandon your character. It helps make room so other's characters can be seen.

  16. READ EVERYTHING! Not just because I spent hours of my life writing it, but just because it explains a lot of the RP. And will save a lot of time and questions.


There are a few people to whom I would like to give thanks and credit to for aiding me in the completion of this Rp.

Cloasse: Lending me, her sublime writing, which was the base for the intro.

CR22: Helping build and create the RP universe as well being the Dungeon Master.

Numerous Artist: Drawing the many illustrations that help make the RP nice to look at.

The RPers: Joining the RP and making the story come to life.

RPG: Creating and hosting such a wonderful site.

Me: Being so great.


Characterization: Proficient Plot: Advanced Depth: Advanced Style: Proficient Mechanics: Proficient Overall: Advanced
Absenthia wrote:Another well thought out role-play from flysociety. The conflict is clear, it has been made abundantly apparent that there is a war coming and that something must be done about it. The boundaries are extremely clear between the races, and there is no funny stuff about cross-breeding between said races. The over all plot of this role-play is one that is overarching and will prove to be one that will last for some time, as it appears there are multiple paths to explore with character development. This role-play holds a great deal of creative potential, if you are looking for a serious paranormal and supernatural based role-play with clear boundaries lines, and plot; then this one is most certainly worth a look.

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The shit has hit the fan! The world as you know it is gone. Your family, friends, loved ones -- all gone, never to return... Unless? Unless, you can stop The Orchestrator's and bring the world back from the brink of an apocalypse. It's getting hot out there, can you stand the heat?
Time to prove yourself.


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Character Portrait: Alice Cross
0 sightings Alice Cross played by Kurokiku
Can you see it? The pulse of the world itself? It moves in everything, but you never even know it's there. I see the invisible, and with it, I like to think that one day, we might do the impossible.
Character Portrait: Rachel Elizabeth Kerr
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"The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough."

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Character Portrait: Piotr Illya Kasprivev
Piotr Illya Kasprivev

"Honi soit qui mal y pense, shame be to him--who evil thinks."

Character Portrait: Adelaide "Crisis" Adams
Adelaide "Crisis" Adams

Let's play a game!

Character Portrait: Agatha Gage
Agatha Gage

Aren't I too old for this?

Character Portrait: Andras Dorchaidhe
Andras Dorchaidhe

Half-demon; demon hunter; all vengeance, all the time.

Character Portrait: Arely Serggeo Sukira
Arely Serggeo Sukira

Death is a gift, and to those who abuse it, shall meet Death's Door


Character Portrait: Arely Serggeo Sukira
Arely Serggeo Sukira

Death is a gift, and to those who abuse it, shall meet Death's Door

Character Portrait: Piotr Illya Kasprivev
Piotr Illya Kasprivev

"Honi soit qui mal y pense, shame be to him--who evil thinks."

Character Portrait: Adelaide "Crisis" Adams
Adelaide "Crisis" Adams

Let's play a game!

Character Portrait: Andras Dorchaidhe
Andras Dorchaidhe

Half-demon; demon hunter; all vengeance, all the time.

Character Portrait: Agatha Gage
Agatha Gage

Aren't I too old for this?

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Character Portrait: Piotr Illya Kasprivev
Piotr Illya Kasprivev

"Honi soit qui mal y pense, shame be to him--who evil thinks."

Character Portrait: Agatha Gage
Agatha Gage

Aren't I too old for this?

Character Portrait: Arely Serggeo Sukira
Arely Serggeo Sukira

Death is a gift, and to those who abuse it, shall meet Death's Door

Character Portrait: Adelaide "Crisis" Adams
Adelaide "Crisis" Adams

Let's play a game!

Character Portrait: Andras Dorchaidhe
Andras Dorchaidhe

Half-demon; demon hunter; all vengeance, all the time.

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Modern Earth

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"Modern Earth, with a twist."

New York City, New York

New York City, New York by RolePlayGateway

"The city that never sleeps... For now."

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