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Piotr Illya Kasprivev

"Honi soit qui mal y pense, shame be to him--who evil thinks."

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a character in “Fahrenheit 13”, as played by Smokescreen




Physical Description
Picture and/or worded Description

Black, short, slightly tousled
Facial Hair:
Perhaps a half-day's worth of stubble at any given time.
Skin Tone:
Warm tan
171 lbs
Easy, with smooth metre and rich tenor vocalisation, slight "well travelled" accent
Ambidextrous, favours right
Body Markings:
Between his shoulders a simple tattoo; CAVE ADSUM, Beware, I am Present.
Scar Tissue:
Scarred knuckles, deep scar on right leg from a motorbike accident
Unique Body Features:
Double jointed.

Piotr Illya Kasprivev

Father Peter

There is no point, as we are all naked in the eyes of God.



Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation
Heterosexual, though somewhat apathetic





Rather dry and humourless. He does have a wit, often displayed much to the chagrin of other priests. He tends to be callous towards people almost condescending. He is calculating and judgemental, focused and no nonsense.



Counting – Counting steps, stairs and pebbles in the road. He does this not out of compulsion, but to quiet his mind.
Smoking in inopportune places – He really could care less about your discomfort.


His goal like those before him is to rid the evil manipulation of innocent souls, to battle demons and any other denizens of the dark also to understand that sacrifice of a corporal body may be required to banish the influence.


Reading, music, cooking


Ignorance, social turmoil, disruption of the status quo

Devotion – Peter knows the importance of belief. He has seen what evil can do and feels he's on the right side.
No Fear – Conditioned at a young age to "Dissolve all and only fear God"; very little can make him jump.
Linguist/Well Read – Peter is a compendium of occult and religious facts and histories of not just Vampires and Lycanthropes but individual demons and non-practising angels. He can speak and read most classical languages as well Russian, French, German, English, Hindi and Italian.

The Sheppard - He tends to take on "lost souls", be it wayward teens wanting to find themselves or those interested in the cloth in his guidance they find a renewed strength – only to die in some horrible way.
Quick to Love – Though forbidden by not only the cloth but by his organisation’s morals, Peter has had lovers before. He would make up some excuse – some lie; a professor, a doctor or a trainer of dolphins, have a quick relationship then be back to his duties at the end of a fortnight.


Nothing but a modest priest's haircut

A fourteenth century rosary carved from ebony and sandalwood.

A priest's black button-down shirt and collar, tailored but beginning to fray.

A brown leather courier bag


Right Hand

Left Hand

Right Accessory
Eighth century iron vestment ring of Saint Marcellinus, the Exorcist

Left Accessory

He wears an old Kirova watch with a cracked leather band; its face has been smashed and the hands are permanently set a 1:15. It holds a duel sentimental value as it was the watch his grandfather wore when he died in 1944 and also his favourite passage of the bible 1:15 from the book of Titus.

A belt of Venetian, black leather

Trousers, Black

Simple black leather loafers


Fencing – Through years of refinement with little interaction from other children, Peter found his tastes catered towards an earlier generation. His focus was seventeenth century Florentine style fencing with a dagger and rapier. At a time he was quite good but now – not so much.
Slight hand-to-hand – Boxing or 'Pugilism' as a priest of more than ninety called it; was one of Peter's passions but fell out of favour when he got drunk and hit a nun.

Natural Talents
Deft Hands – As sure as a pianist or thief finds their mark, so does Peter. Some banishment spells are written and in the heat of battle penmanship is very important.
Charm – Though pompous and eccentric, Peter is likeable, almost disarming. Some of his order finds it akin to a demon's glamour and suspect he obtained such appeal through unnatural means by his proximity to the fallen.

Prestige – He was touched by God at birth, He became an Exorcist, rose to Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, was thrust in an ancient and secret order, became one of the world's premier scholars of a holy weaponry and demon expulsion -- all this was before he was twenty-five. Now there is nowhere in the church or even in some secular circle where his name is not known.


Leptologia – As an Exorcist Peter's words can damage those of evil influence and instil a sense of well-being to his comrades.
Tier 1 – Foreign Incantation – by speaking in Aramaic or Latin to the entity possessing a body, an Exorcist can chide the demon to present itself or cause a sense of woe to evil manifested beings.
Tier 2 – Esoteric Influence – By taking from failed religions, you augment your own. This can be enhanced elemental damage in spells or an emotional opiate and calm in allies.
*Tier 3 – Majesty - Everything you say has a certain gravitas that can not be ignored. When you banish a demon, or kill a vampire a magnificent sight is beheld by all, severely demoralising anyone that would stand against you. You words are more poignant, your spells more powerful, incantations and blessings last longer.
Tier 4 – Xenoglossia – You not only speak to demons you connect with them on an emotional level, leaving you the Exorcist to prompt them to contemplate banishment or even aid you in a fight. You have the potential to enthral any being –human to demon and every thing in between.
Tier 5 Despardieux – By the Gods, you can for the right price call god’s ear. Depending on the spell, the artefact of the deity and the called sacrifice; a heavenly boon can be bargained for. This is an arduous practise and can cause a weak-willed Exorcist to go insane or even die.

Benediction – You bless the party, enchant their weapons, rebuke the undead and demons, imbue the party with an aura that would create a foreboding in those that wished them harm.
Tier 1 - Bless - Weapons, water, food, babies -- you bless it all not only does it increase a sense of well-being (even if the subject does not believe) it also increases luck slightly for you and decreases luck for evil aligned characters as well as damages them.
*Tier 2 - Celestial Fortune - The party is lucky, hits happen more often, better swag is found, even fights might happen less as demons as dissuaded from battle
Tier 3 - Dismiss Fate - You a given the terrible gift of future sight for a small time. You can predict outcomes of battles, see if going down hallway B will lead to peril and whether or not a God will grant you a boon.
Tier 4 - Templar - For a small time those of fighter class become stronger when they are around you; their luck increases, their damage increases but also their need to protect you goes up.
Tier 5 - Embodiment - With the proper prayer, you have become a God's avatar. You are the peak of what your character can become. You are charismatic, you are revered, you are worshipped. Rebuke of everything evil extends huge distances as if a living god was present. After this Avatar state, you are drained and must sleep for no less than 36 hours.

Judicator - You know what evil is and what needs to be done to stop it.
Tier 1 - Sense Evil - up to thirty feet away you can sense evil in any capacity; evil thoughts, deeds, objects. This also increases your awareness and concentration.
*Tier 2 - Moral Ambiguity - Sometimes an act is not evil unless they who commit said act is evil. For a short time you exist is a grey-zone of ethics where anything goes for the "Greater Good"
Tier 3 - Inquisitor - You bring fear wherever you walk. Enemies are instantly demoralised seeing you, decreasing their luck. Staying in this state can cause internal conflict that must be meditated upon or one could be lost to darker feelings.
Tier 4 - Pain Evil - Evil hurts to be around you in an idle state, with prayer and spells; invisible hands flay enemies, blood boils, eyes burst, you are a torturous monster to those not of the cloth.
Tier 5 - Malleus Maleficarum - The witches' hammer, a tome that used as an artefact can be used to potentially banish entities not just to hell but to a limbo of unending nightmares. One must first write the spell, kill enough demons and have an actual copy of the book.

Weapon None
Weapon Name:
Weapon Type:
Weapon Description/Info:


Special Items
Items obtained during the RP

Regular Items
A vellum bound copy of the Novum Testamentum, several packs of cigarettes, holy water, iron shavings, a three foot by two inch strip of purple Damascus silk ordained with symbols of the holy saints, A smoked Creteian mirror about four inches round in diameter backed in silver, A journal with a simple rawhide throng for bounding, a silver Zippo brand lighter with a cartoon walrus exclaiming β€œSEALS!” in Cyrillic.

Group Affiliation
The Cognoscenti – An organisation that was said to be started with Saint Marcellinus that focused on collecting literature of past religions then when Christianity gained dominance, works of the demonic nature. Their goal has always been the destruction of evil, regardless of those they choose to ally themselves with. The Cognoscenti has worked hand in hand with Crusaders and they funded expeditions for the Third Reich. The Vatican’s stance officially is at most they are a cult of lapsed Catholics, at least a foot note in history.
Rank: Armiger (Equivalent to an O3 in Military terms, privileged to tactics, prayers and esoteric devices deemed heresy by Father Church)

Religious Affiliation
Roman Catholic

Marital Status

Cardinal Thomas Karr, Adopted Father (deceased)

Murmansk, Russia


The First Time
Peter had been on this mission for two weeks and still the demon had not shown itself save for a random out of place word or the flash of vertical slit eyes. He was good at these farces, this time he was a software designer from Prague. The whole idea was asinine but she was dumb and Czech and likely gave less than two shits what he said he did. It was after coitus when he sensed it; a presence, ancient and malicious as it stood by the door.
"You’re baaaad Priest..." it drawled.
The man made no response, no acknowledgement to the being, instead he stood and made his way to the doorway. He searched the room for a weapon finding only a laughable fantasy sword one could buy from Skymall. She turned to leave, gently grabbing his hand to follow her when Peter spun the woman around and smiled. In a motion that was as intrusive as any act she had experienced; the sword was out and then thrust under her navel, upwards exiting between her shoulders. It hurt her to look upon his face so pure and unworried. She tasted blood. The woman felt where the blade kissed her heart but that very well could have been something else. Perhaps this is what it felt like when love dies. He was not cruel when he withdrew his weapon and laid her body upon the uncovered wooden floor.
"Don't leave me."
Her voice was weak. She extended her hand and grasped at his calf, he easily sidestepped her embrace; the wretch was a lamp hungering for more oil. She was coughing, a grating wet sound that the priest knew well. Peter felt such pity for her. He knelt down, brushed her blonde hair from her face and sighed. Demons could be tricky, and though this one had tell-tale signs she was not possessed...yet, he thought she still was wicked, tempting a man of the cloth like that. Peter bent down as to kiss her forehead and said in a hushed voice.
"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of your Lord, he has also rejected you."
Peter took an opportunely placed under-stuffed tiger in the hallway and draped it over her as the light left her eyes. She died unloved and ruined much the way she had lived.

As Peter left the flat, he lit a cigarette and exhaled. It was a tough night but over-all he made progress. He made his way to the rental Ford Focus and unlocked the shitty import. He sat down and pulled out his mobile to make that weekly phone call to headquarters when a voice whispered behind him. "I Know you." Peter was hardly stranger to people recognising him but stolen away in his car was a tad different. "I know what you are." The voice said louder.. Peter thought the influx on 'what' was rather foreboding. Perhaps those silly anti-Vatican websites had his picture up and Lord forbid it, a list of his deeds. If he was to die Peter would have his answers. "Now-" But he was cut off. "Don't worry about your secret little club, we all wear masks Piotr Kasprivev." The man pauses as a click of a lighter is heard and smoke drifts lazily in the car. It prompts Peter to look at his cigarette which has turned into a three-inch long ash. He frowned as the man continued. "I've seen you around and you've seen me, my name is Asher Faust and I do what you do only better. I'm a devil hunter." Of course Peter would attracted all sorts in his line of work. He had a feeling that something like this would happen. "The world's fucked isn't it?" The Priest said.
Faust took a long drag off his cigarette and simply stated. "If more don't join the cause it very well could be. You have skills that would aid those that would stand against evil, plainly put, I need your help."
Peter, took his own pack of cigarettes out and lit one thinking perhaps he was in need of diversification, it couldn't be bad maybe it would get him out of Eastern Bloc countries. "You have my help Mister Asher. God help me, you have my help."

An Orphan that only has retained bits and pieces of his childhood. At ten he moved to Rome to begin his Exorcist training, he was recruited to the Cognoscenti at fifteen and has remained their "consultant" ever since. He has given up on feeling happy but not on faking it. Pax Vobiscum, and all that.

So begins...

Piotr Illya Kasprivev's Story