Don Vanderheart

A former cadet in the Magnolia county, who chose to leave after an unforgettable case...

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a character in “Fairway”, as played by Edgeout


Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
Physical description: Don has a slim, yet muscular build. He has short brown hair, as well as dark brown eyes.

Personality: Back in the day when Don was a cadet, he would always have a smile on his face, and the sun would always shine for him in this county. However after leaving the police force, Don now carries a scowl on his face, and an empty shell of a being. He does not care whether its night or day, nor that he is alive or dead. He now lives on the streets where he watches time flow by.

Historical Background: Born from the heart of the county, Don grew up with both a father and a mother. His father worked as an electrician for the county, and his mother was a housewife. Don's childhood consisted of him going to school, and playing on the streets of his hometown. One day while he and his friends were playing on the playground, Don saw a small child forfeiting money to a much bigger one. He tried to get the money back to the child with his own strength. However it was futile. Alas, came a hero, a man dressed in black, a police officer, who took the bully by the neck and pried the money out of his hands to give it back to the small child. Astounded, Don aspired to become a police officer. "I'm gonna bring justice to these people!" He would say to his parents as he marched off into police school. There at the age of 19, Don graduated top of his class and became a cadet. However soon Don learned that even in the light that there are overarching shadows. His first call to duty became his last, and then he disappeared from the public. Last place he was seen was on the streets rumored to have been buying drugs.

So begins...

Don Vanderheart's Story