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Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail:


The world of Fairy Tail is populated by humans and numerous other races, including Exceeds, dragons, celestial spirits, and giant beasts.

2,319 readers have visited Fairy Tail: since Windsong_enchantress created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources: (based off of an anime serios)


The world of Fairy Tail is populated by humans and numerous other races, including Exceeds, dragons, celestial spirits, and giant beasts. Earth-land a vast peninsula, is divided into ten different countries: the Fiore Kingdom, Seven , Bosco , Iceberg ), Minstrel ), Midi , Desierto , Joya , Bellum , and the Pergrande Kingdom Pergurande. Sin and Caelum , two different islands, are also a part of Earth-land.

Fairy Tail is filled with anachronisms, like Lacrima , a crystalline substance that can be used in conjunction with magical spells, and can function as crystal balls for communication.

Magic is an ability occurring in every individual for some races in Fairy Tail, although only 10% of Earth-land's population use this magic. There are two categories of magic. Special-Ability magic allows a wizard to use magic from their bodies. Holder magic allows a user to cast magic with items.

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Character Portrait: says,
 “ Lets go ”

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Hmmm. Lisa looks around, seeing if there was anyone easily approachable. She notices a kind looking girl at the bar talking with someone else. She decides to quickly ask to talk with the master and then let them go back to their conversation. Being the polite girl she is after all. Having decided this she easily bounces over and politely taps the white-haired girls shoulder.
"Excuse me, but can we speak to the master? My friend and I were interested in joining the guild." She pointedly looks over at Alternative.

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Alternative waved lightly and smiled

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The white haired girl smiled nicely and told them to follow her. On the way she introduced herself as Mirajane or just MiraThey were led to Master Makarov (sorry if misspell). Where he started to go over the way the guild worked. He then told Mira to give them a tour and their guild symbol.

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"I like the guild symbol, it's very creative." Alternative said.

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"Yea it is. Hmm, where should I put mine? The arms, hand and shoulder are probably too overused." (it won't be in images) Lisa thinks for a while and decides she wants it on the side of her neck. She points with a coy smile and waits. After it is applied she waits, not quite wanting to be the center of attention yet.

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Alternative got his on the back of his neck. He comes over to Lisa to show where he got it. "Looks like we both got our symbols on our necks." He said with a smile.

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Character Portrait: Alternative
4 sightings Alternative played by Fullmetal Vampire
Male, alternates in fighting styles & magic, easy to anger, & loves to be free

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Character Portrait: Elizabeth Gadner
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Most recent OOC posts in Fairy Tail:

Re: Fairy Tail:

Since it seems we can make our own original character (since nothing was said on the OOC about Elizabeth so far) I was wondering if we could make out own original magic. I know what types of magic are in the series and like some of them; but I have my own that I have used a few times in other locations. It is powerful but the draw-backs to it are what makes this not so OP.

My idea is called Portal Magic.

What it can do:
Allows one to create portals from their hands and feet (total area of all portals increase as skill does) that either lead to the Infinium Plane (will explain later in post) or to another location entirely. These portals can allow anything to go through them.

These portals cannot connect to one another or be made into anything more than a half sphere. The portals cannot be within three feet of one another. The user must be able to see where he wants the portal to be at; be the location seen through a picture or in person. (only exception is to and from the Infinium Plane) Living things cannot be fully sent to the Infinium Plane. The portals cannot close if a living target is not completely through. If something is too big to fit the portal will act as a solid object. If the user's Infinium Plane is full the largest portal that can be made is only 1 foot regardless of skill. All portals can be moved around at will; using a movement will cause it to move faster.

Restriction on users:
Although there is no real restriction on those that can use Portal Magic it is extremely difficult to learn and ever harder to master. Even though being biologically related helps only masters can have kids since they lose their ability to use magic before becoming a master in its use. Also kids of those that lost their magic this way can never use magic either. (There have been no known masters of this magic since the first.) Thanks to the difficulty of being able to learn this type of magic (and the increasing difficulty of getting better) most users either never get better than a small Infinium Plane and portals. Those that can use this magic for combat are so limited that only a small handful ever get that far in the world at a time.

Infinium Plane:
The Infinium Plane is an alternate plane of existence only accessible to those that can use Portal Magic. Only parts of living organisms can enter at a time. As the name implies the Plane is supposedly infinite to those with extremely high ability with this type of magic. Although the smallest recorded volume of someone's Infinium Plane would still be able to hold more than enough for a trip lasting two full weeks. (That small of a plane seems to be tied with portals no bigger than three feet in area at any given time.) Due to how the Plane works it is thought that each Portal Magic user has their own Plane; though that wouldn't explain the rare item randomly appearing or disappearing. Some say that there is one Infinium Plane and each person can only access so much of their own little section. Which way is true will never be known.

History of this magic:
It is said that this magic started when a magician (although unknown is gender though to be a male) tried learning Mirror Magic. Instead of a mirror a black disk was created. When something was coming or going through it ripples were sent from object. This was seen as a failure at first; but since it was done over and over it was deemed as a new type of magic. But the problem now was figuring out what could be done with it.

At first the magician just put things inside of it and took them out by thinking of what he wanted and moving them around. After he was able to make a portal six square feet he tried making two; then three; then four. He quickly found out that he could make as many as he wanted as long as it didn't exceed his maximum area and they were not within three feet of one another.

Some time later he decided to try another experiment: making two portals connect separate locations. His first experiment with this was a simple one: putting his hand through one and having it come out a short distance away. Needless to say this worked. Next he tried putting his hand inside another room; this one failed. He tried looking at a picture and going there and this seemed to work. The danger with the last one was that you couldn't know what was there until it was too late.

Rumor has it that this man mastered his magic by 35 years of age and got married shortly before. Soon after his mastery he had a son and daughter; twins. Both of his children learned Portal Magic but could never compare to their father. Later when his kids had kids of their own the man mastered his magic. It was said that he could create a portal large enough to cover any city under and still be able to create large portals to fight with. It is also said that no one has mastered Portal Magic since the first user.

It wasn't until several generations later that it was learned having a kid removes the ability to ever use magic ever again. And even though so much information has been gained there are still mysteries concerning the Infinium Plane and the magic itself. Maybe the one that is commonly wondered is why it took so long for this type of magic to surface. After magic had been around long before this magic was created. Yet still it is old enough that nearly ten generations of students have come and died of old age since its creation.

Edits from previous versions:
1. Anything that does not fit within the edge of the portal is cut off; living (or dead) beings and creatures cut this way are sealed as though that part of them was never there to start with. )Is now: If something is too big to fit the portal will act as a solid object.)

2. Portals can form around objects or people entirely. This results in anything going from one side to the other; effectively trapping them inside. (Is now: These portals cannot connect to one another or be made into anything more than a half sphere. The portals cannot be within 3 feet of one another.)

Numbers 1 and 2 have been worded several different ways; those were the last versions before being replaced entirely due to complaints of being too strong. Also these changes have slightly affected the history of this magic as well; though those changes will not be mentioned.

So that is the magic I had come up with a long time ago. There have been a couple edits as I said before to make it less powerful and more fair. But all in all that is pretty much how it started. I know it seems powerful but I never play a character that has enough skill to surpass 15 square feet for portals at the start; and never gets larger than 30 square feet. If you would like anything explained further I have no problem doing so.

Re: Fairy Tail:

Can I make my own character for this, or do you want me to stick with the characters from the anime?

Fairy Tail:

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