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Anachayla Kaylorn. A.K.A Chayla

"I just need to keep trying! S-class will be mine someday soon! If anyone tries to stop me i'll just have to beat them!"

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a character in “Fairy Tail: A New Adventure”, as played by Lolkatlove


Anachayla Kaylorn: A.K.A Chayla
Twenty-Three, Female
Glass Maiden _ Rank B Fairy Tail Member
Team: TBD

~ Physical Info ~

Anna is 5ft 4” tall, she doesn’t seem to be growing much more so is a short woman. She has fine blonde hair often messy its length stretching down to the small of her back and swaying with her movement. Like the glass she wields her eyes are a cold chilled clear white, hidden under her eyelashes and feminine features. She is usually seen wearing a white skirt, a black boob top with white sleeves revealing a lot of her skin as she is used to the cold.

On her waist, an ice white like the magic she creates

~ Mentality ~

{Personality}Chayla is a girl that is hard to miss, she is loud, flamboyant and has a very strong personality. She is normally the person who causes a ruckus in the peace and quiet, determined to prove herself strong, often running off to do missions alone. She easy to argue with because of this, she gets frustrated easily especially with someone just as mind strong as her since their ideals will likely clash. She considers everyone her rival.
Yet, she has a tendency to mess up, this is because she can be rather clumsy losing her footing and falling into mud patches, her red face afterward is always a sight. She will often try to hide her embarrassments behind her fierce attitude but it can be obvious.
The naivety of her age makes her think she is the best and knows more than she actually does, so she often takes matters into her own hands. However, there has been more than one occasion when she has come incredibly close to endangering her life and some lucky event saved her. She does this because she has the ambition to be an S level mage as soon as possible, her dream getting in the way of her common sense a lot of the time.
However, despite her tendency to have a fierce attitude, she has an even stronger ideal that no-one can harm her guild members other than her. She will protect her friends with all her might even if it’s beyond her capabilities and they are her rivals, not her friends.
For you see, despite her headstrong cover she is actually rather sensitive, growing up Chayla only knew how to be bossed around and made fun of by her sister, so she knows what it feels like to know emotional pain, not experiencing family love as they just wanted to pawn her off through marriage so her siblings reputation looked better. She will do anything to make sure no-one else experiences such neglect, she feels she can handle it so should take the blame for most things despite how it unsettles her. She can be kind so long as no-one sees her doing her so, this is because she fears if people see her caring nature she will be bossed around again. Yet she has grown since leaving her family and that is probably impossible now with her stubborn nature though she doesn't know that yet.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o watching televison Bugs x
o Reading Warm temperaturesx
o Animals Dark guilds x
o Strawberries – her social weakness Embarrassing herself with her clumsiness x
o Cute things- I.e fluffy toys (secret) Spicy food x
o White and black clothing Wearing clothing that covers all of her skin – too warm for her x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% She pouts when upset Bugs @
% She wrinkles her nose when irritated Meeting her sister again @
% Can be bribed with strawberries

~ Ability Statistics ~

~ Static Glass make ~ Dynamic Glass make ~ Infused Glass (changing the properties of glass)

{Signature Spell}
Glass-make: Crystal Dragon User creates a glass dragon that rushes against its enemy and crushes it, shattering into lethal shards upon impact

{Spell List}
Glass-dynamic-make: Panther: - The user puts their palm on one side of the target, creating a panther made of ice that passes through the target and comes out from the opposite side.
Glass-dynamic-make: Rose-Garden: - A huge rose garden that can expand to any size made of ice to surround and bind her opponent.
Glass-make: Bloom: - By moving her hand upward, the user creates several flower-like spheres of glass with spikes in the outside that bloom to attack the target
Glass-dynamic-make: Wings: - The user creates a pair of glass wings on her back so that she can fly for travel.
Glass-make: Sword: - User creates a sword of glass for melee combat. The strength of the sword is infused with her magic to strengthen the glass or make it flexible. strong enough to fight normal swords.
Glass-dynamic-make: Caltrops (bombs): - User creates small spiked glass balls leaving them on the ground. When stepped on they explode into thousands of tiny glass shards - See Image:

Glass-make: Shield:- The user creates a large shield in front of her that shields everything behind it, this can also be used to restrain an opponent
Glass-make: Bandage: The user creates glass as wound dressing, stanching bleeding and preventing the swell of an injury
Glass-make: Cocoon: - creates a cocoon of glass as a defense - see image:

See image for more offensive and defensive examples:

{Non-magic Skills}
# Tracking
# Sword skill – still training
# First aid
# Gardening
# Melee combat – still training

~ Personal Background ~

Anachayla was born into a family of wealthy stature, she was the youngest child of three. The eldest, her brother, was set to take over the family and she and her sister were expected to marry into other families. Her sister did not mind, however, Anachayla hated the idea of marrying a snob, she felt an outcast to her family, often running away to have play fights with the street boys. The Kaylorn family had always been known to have magic, they chose to train in the way of ‘Glass magic. A magic that could only create glass objects to be sold rather than fight. It wasn’t very extravagant but it was a trait the Kaylorn family held. Her sister was always negative of Chayla, she would push her about and force her to do things she didn’t want to do, wearing fancy dresses and laughing in Chayla’s face at her failures. When Chayla’s father died and her brother took over leaving Chayla in her sister's care so her situation got worse. It was when her sister was choosing unsuitable suitors to take Chayla’s hand in marriage to get rid of her was when Chayla ran away. She tore off all remains of her rich past living her life on the streets. It was when she was 12 that she heard stories of wizards and their exploits from the people she would watch and listen too as she begged for their scraps of food. Hearing the stories fascinated her and gave her a new hope of a life she may fit into. Slowly she began to practice her families glass magic exploring the different possibilities it held rather than the boring stoic glass figures her family would create she developed her magic into a strong and powerful weapon. At 14 she came across Fairy Tail, the guild she had read about so many times in magazines, she quickly joined and has been causing a ruckus there ever since.

So begins...

Anachayla Kaylorn. A.K.A Chayla's Story


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Character Portrait: Anachayla Kaylorn. A.K.A Chayla
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Anachayla Kaylorn: A.K.A Chayla

Buildings flew by as Chayla watched eagerly outside the window. Her hands were pressed firmly against the glass as she grinned at the familiar scenery, the sound of the train foggy in her mind. Home. She was back in Fiore, it had a been a long few weeks since she had seen anyone from her guild. She missed the companions she had gained in her 4 years there. Sitting back down in the brown leather of her seat Chayla picked up her small black bag that lay at her feet.

Giddy with excitement she began to rock her legs. Her mission had been a success, she couldn't wait to tell the guild about it. She had mucked up for a moment, it almost cost her arm but she pulled herself back in time and defeated the group of hooligans that were harassing the village she had been employed too. Her reward was equivalent to about two months rent at the small apartment she lived in near the guild. She knew that wouldn't be enough for provisions though. That meant she would need to take another job the moment she got back.
A heavy sigh escaped her as she thought about it. Lately, she had only been taking jobs on her own, it was stressful if not challenging. One too many times she had found herself in tricky situations which would have been made easier if she weren't alone. But the experience was worth training for. She had to develop her magic further, to become an S class wizard was her dream. For that, she had to learn to be independent, despite the loneliness she sometimes felt when away from the guild for weeks at a time alone.

Suddenly Chayla found herself rock forward as the motion of the train came to a halt. She hadn't noticed they were nearing the station. Pushing her thoughts away she jumped up with a smile at the familiar station. Not wasting any time she weaved her way through the queue to get off the train. She wasn't going to waste any more time in getting to the guild! As she stepped onto the platform, however, a child's cry echoed throughout the station. Chayla looked around for the source and saw to her left a small child had dropped their ice-cream. His parents were trying to soothe him but their attempts were failing from the look on their faces.

Making her way towards them she knelt down to the child's height.
"Don't cry little one" she smiled towards him as his parents paused at her appearance. "when you have something precious, you must keep it safe."
"b-b-but" the child bubbled through tears.
"It's up to you to decide what's precious enough for your tears" Chayla wiped his cheeks with the back of her hand. "For me, it was my dream." With a flick of her hand, Chayla used her glass magic to create a toy train. Its glass hardened to be less fragile. The boys tears stopped as he watched in fascination. "Find what's precious enough to be worthy of your tears and some day and you will be a strong boy with lots to fight for, like your dad" Chayla smiled to his father who listened as his young boy stopped crying.
"I-I'll be strong. Like my dad" the young boy took the train Chayla gave to him.
"I know you will be" Chayla grinned rubbing his head.
Standing up she nodded towards the boys parents who nodded in return as they took their boy's hand. They waved to Chayla as she began to head to the station entrance. Looking forward she took in a deep breath as she continued her journey.


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Character Portrait: Anachayla Kaylorn. A.K.A Chayla
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Anachayla Kaylorn: A.K.A Chayla

The streets of Fiore bustled with merchants and couples as they walked hand in hand down the cobbled paths. Chayla strolled by them a smile growing as she passed familiar buildings. She stopped by a stall its sweet aroma of cinnamon buns pulling her towards it. They glistened in the sun the sugary sweetness of the freshly baked treats making her mouth water as she licked her lips. These would make excellent presents for everyone in the guild she thought gleefully. However, not everyone may like sweets like she did, she pondered for a moment, her expression scrunching in thought.

Her decision made, Chayla bought 2 dozen cinnamon buns and also a 2 dozen meat buns so her guild members could have a choice. Bags of goodies in hand she quickened her pace through Fiore her destination in sight as the tall building towered above the street. As she grew closer to the guild her heart quickened with excitement.

She had been away for so long now, three weeks may not be a long time to some people but to Chayla, it was a lifetime when she travelled alone. She hated being alone, she had missed the guild and its homely feeling. The crowd, the warmness and the happiness she felt there.

Finally stepping up to the doors Chayla stopped for a moment her hand shook a little bit. She was excited. Taking a deep breath she had already mapped in her mind her entrance.

"Glass make rose bush" she whispered just before opening the door with a heavy push. The hardwood flung open as suddenly glass roses bloomed around her as she held her arms up the bags of goodies on show. "Guess who's back from a successful mission with some treats for you all!" she exclaimed to the guild members who sat within.