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Fairy Tail: A New Adventure



a part of Fairy Tail: A New Adventure, by LookingAtPerks.


LookingAtPerks holds sovereignty over Fiore, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Fiore is a part of Fairy Tail: A New Adventure.

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Zane [40] "Lets burn em up!"
Wynter Vellant [38] "A knight's duty is to protect the innocent, that is what I shall do."
Pommel Grade [38] "Everyone deserves freedom, and I want to see to it that they get to experience it."
Rin Miyuzaki [30] =P
Emerald Jay [26] "I'll do my best!"
Riku [22] "What a masterpiece!!"
Magpie [19] "Good. Now say you're sorry."
Slick [18] "Take a minute to observe, and you can see endless possibilities."
Warren [16] "Just kidding."
Azrael and Gabriel Valkyrie [15] "Heya, I'm Val!" "No, that would be me, brother dearest."

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# 7 3 D 9 2 6

Once inside, Riku slowed down to look around and appreciate his surroundings. He walked around the living room, running his fingers along the edge of the bookshelves. He climbed into one of the armchairs and rocked back and forth for a few seconds, kicking his legs in the air, then bounced back to his feet. After poking around the papers on the table and recognizing a few as jobs he'd heard the twins had gone on before, the kid ran up the stairs. He peeked into Azrael's room, grinned, then ran back downstairs and went to explore the kitchen.

He was poking around the kitchen still when he heard Az's victory cheer, and Gabriel spoke up from the doorway. "Awesome!" he laughed, smiling brightly once again. "I've never been in real a house before..." Growing up, he'd lived a nomad's life completely. He spent most of his time staying in tents, or just outside. The closest he ever got to staying in a house was when his grandparents got their hands on a caravan, which they shared with another family. Having his own room, even the small one in the dorms above the Fairy Tail guild hall, was a luxury he never expected to have.

He stayed a couple more seconds to relish the feeling of being in a house, before skipping back to the door. "Hey Az, you ready?" he called up the stairs from his position beside Gabriel, hands cupped around his mouth like a megaphone.


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Zena le Blank

It was dark in the mines, but Zena didn’t care. She was on the Hunt, and her Heaven’s Eye would see to it that none of her prey escaped. She had already dealt with a dozen or so since she’d entered, small fry mostly, though the cloak she’d worn to ward off the mountain’s cold had been discarded at some point after one dark wizard had gotten lucky enough to burn part of it to ash.

She was following a set of tracks laid down for a mine cart she hadn’t seen yet, for no other reason than it was the only feature that wasn’t a stone spike rising from the floor or ceiling. Her eye magic illuminated the forms of several people in the distance, which made it rather convenient that the tracks seemed to be running in their direction. She watched them as she walked, their glowing forms a beacon in the dark tunnels, and she felt a kind of dull surprise that they seemed to be fighting each other. A house divided, perhaps? Or maybe…

She felt her pace quicken to a jog, and then a sprint. If a different guild had come to the mountain, then she’d have to hurry. Like hell was Zena going to let some two-bit “official” guild steal credit for her achievements, or worse, rob her of all the fun. This was her guild to destroy, not theirs.

Her feet flew over steel rails crossed with wooden boards, kicking up clouds of dust as she ran full-speed toward the interlopers. She could hear the wind in her ears, feel stone pounding under her feet - and then she was pinwheeling her arms, trying to catch herself from falling into a ravine that was swiftly filling with water. Seawater, judging by the smell, which was just. Just great. Absolutely terrific.

Looking down into the inky swirling blackness, her Heaven’s Eye revealed two figures bobbing on top of the waves. She looked around for a way to cross the gap, content to pass off the two forms below as dark wizards that had been felled by her rivals in guild busting, but as she noticed the distinct lack of a bridge or even so much as a swinging rope, another thought gnawed at her brain.

What if they’re from the other guild?

Well then, they should’ve known what they were getting into. Besides, they’re alive, probably. Their heads are above the water sometimes, they’ll be fine.

Actually, now that she judged the gap, maybe she could jump across! It’d be easy. She moved back a few paces to give herself a running start, broke into a sprint, and dove headlong into the water.

Wait, what?!

She took a deep breath as her head came back above the waves, feeling her stomach turn as she bounced in the churning water. She cast around for the two bodies she’d seen from above, spotting one a short distance away. She swam towards him, fighting with the saltwater pouring down from above to keep her head from sinking below the surface, and felt her fingers close around fabric. She pulled his arm around her shoulders, kicking her feet to keep from slipping under from the new weight, then made for the slick rock wall.

”Poison Dragon’s Grip Strike!” She thrust her claws into the stone, hauling herself up as she wrapped her other arm around the wizard she was trying to rescue. She heard a hiss as caustic purple scales appeared on her forearms, burning away the fabric of his shirt. He could always by a new one.

Her feet struggled with the wet stone, and her attempts to scale the wall were made even more difficult by the use of only one arm, but after a few minutes of cursing and more than one slip that caused her to lose several feet of progress, she felt her fingers land on the ledge. With a mighty heave she threw the heavy bastard up onto level ground before diving back into the water.

Hope your guild is rich, assholes, she thought to herself as she hit the waves face-first.

She didn’t see the second one. She spun wildly in pace, treading water and hoping she hadn’t been mistaken about how many had been down here. And then she spotted him, a dozen feet down and sinking fast. She swore loudly, took as large a breath as she could, and threw herself after him. It was dark, dark, and getting darker. She strained against the force of the water pouring down from above, muscles burning as she kicked her feet as hard as she could, trying to catch him before she ran out of breath.

She was getting closer, closer - she reached out her arm, and then she had him, pulling him back up above the waves as quickly as she could. Stupid long-nosed bastard had to go and- She cursed at his unconscious form the entire way up the wall before tossing him over the edge to join his considerably more bulky companion. She hauled herself up after him, gasping from the exertion. She rolled over onto her back, panting and cursing. She wondered briefly how much water these two had swallowed. Oh well. At least they were on dry land now.

Speaking of dry land, she sat up and looked across to the side she wanted to be on. Seawater was still pouring over its ledge, though if this were magic she doubted it would keep up much longer. Just the amount that was steadily filling the ravine must be consuming a considerably amount of magical energy, so whoever cast this damn ocean crap spell must be either exceptionally powerful or about to pass out. Zena really hoped it was the latter, but judging by the previous fifteen-ish minutes, she was willing to bet it was the former.

She sighed, stood, and then took a running leap at the other side, her head immediately dropping below the water rushing over its edge. She managed to catch hold of the cart tracks to keep from plummeting over back into the abyss, and proceeded to use them as a bizarre horizontal ladder to make her progress toward the wizards she’d been moving toward to begin with. Occasionally she had to stop to raise her head above the water line and take a new breath, being pushed back a couple of feet every time she did so. But then it was back to the horizontal ladder, working her way up the incline to what she really hoped was a perfectly level room where the seawater flowed at a lazy trickle.


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(sorry for the delay, but to make up for it, I made the post fairly hilarious)

Timal dislodged herself from the mountain, and gave Zane an angry glare, who was currently on fire trying to boil the water away. "Seriously? Why don't you stop and think a little next time, cause that was overkill!"

"Your the one that brought an ocean onto the mountain..." Zane replied from his small island. "And how was it overkill when your trying to kill me?"

"Well why don't you come over here and settle this then? Oh yeah, you can't. You are as ignorant in swimming as you are with this whole situation. You cant win against us. Morven has more influence then you realize" Timal mentioned.

Hold on, wait a second... Zane thought as it hit him. That's when he realized it. He then pointed a finger at Timal. "You totally lied! You weren't cursed back then, so you can't be a decade or two older then me!"

Timal's expression was priceless. "...are you serious? Is that all you have to bring up? I kinda thought you were bluffing, but are you actually trapped over there? Also, how the fuck does that even matter? Your still an idiot, which given the fact you were trapped in a library, shouldn't be possible!"

"If I was stupid, how would I know you are also trapped? Normally, even while talking, you would have attacked me by now. But despite an unnatural growth, you either are low on magical power...or something is stopping you from coming over here".

"Is not!" Timal replied.

Zane started to laugh a little. "Oh wow. Let me guess, your embarrassed about getting wet right? All your clothes will become seethrough or..."

Suddenly, Zane was smashed into the ground by a Primal Ice Fist. "Your still an ass".

However, not just the ground next to Zane, but the entire floor cracked, draining the water. Timal was confused at first, she hadn't hit that hard, but then she realized it. Zane added his own force to the strike to crack open the ground and cause the water to drain. Zane then shattered the first, burning with primal fire. "Gotcha..."

"You on purposely said something perverted to anger me and make me give you the extra force to drain the water!" Timal yelled. "Clever, but not enough to save you! Primal Ice Spike!"

"Primal Fire Barrier!" Zane called out, stopping the spikes. "Fire Dragon Roar!"

The fire nearly got Timal, but she dodged most of it, only getting hit by a portion of the damage. However, Zane moved to where Timal dodged to, and hit her with his Primal Fire Sword. However, Timal hit him with her Primal Ice Burning Spike, which while being made of ice, burns anyone it touches. It was a critical hit, and as he fell backwards his red and white cloak fell beside him. As Timal spoke, she used a magical item to broadcast the two of them to everyone on the mountain. "See. I will always win. I will eliminate your friends, your guildmates, everyone you care about, and there is nothing you can do about it".

"Not...a chance. So long as I live...I will not let you hurt a single member of Fairy Tail!" Zane shouted in anger and loyalty, until Timal used a Primal Ice Fist to knock him down and fired several Primal Ice Shards, cutting him all over and leaving his shirt in ruins and bleeding all over. She drew her Primal Ice Burning Sword, and poisoned to strike.

"And the best part is Morven will ensure they all suffer slow and agonizing deaths. Just know now, your friends will watch you die before I go to kill them as well" she spoke as she flinched a little. Then. as she swung, Zane reached out and blocked the attack with one hand. His hand was bloody, and on fire. However, this fire was not red, or blue, or purple, or black, or anything. It was white. As Timal tried to pull away, she found she was unable to. Then she looked into his eyes, but she did not see Zane there. She saw the one issue all primal magic had. Its uncontrollability, it allowed for a risk of temporarily losing control of yourself if you had it inside you. And Timal had pushed him too far. Still, knowing this, she was baffled at the physical changes. "How is can you just block my sword with one hand? Its ice, so the burning affect should still work! This wasn't my intention!"

Timal had to dispel the sword and jump away, but Zane was already behind her, fueled by anger and lost to the primal spirit. Without using a spell, he smashed her down into the floor, and then impacted right onto her. Zane had completely lost it. Timal knew reasoning wouldn't work, though it probably wouldn't have worked reguardless. So she had no choice.

"Terragenesis! Oce...." she tried to summon an ocean to help her escape, but Zane, or the primal spirit she had provoked rather, interrupted the spell by kicking her into a wall. She mumbled a little to herself. "Jeese, I didn't know you were this fragile".

Suddenly, Zane appeared next to her, and she just barely dodged a punch to the face that would have done massive damage. She tried to get some more distance, but he finally started using magic....which meant a swarm of primal fireballs in her direction. This forced her to put multiple Primal Ice Shieldwalls in front of her while moving away. She needed some way to deal with Zane's primal mode, or else he might kill everyone on the mountain, starting with her. The only way was to make him not angry, but she had no clue how to make his anger disappear, considering what she did and the fact she just riled him up.

Then, as the last shieldwall shattered, some of the ice shards caught her damp clothes. The resulting combination plus the force they were moving at resulted in something she really disliked. Primal Zane moved in for the kill, but stopped when he saw her. Timal sighed with relief, until she remembered why he stopped and got both embarrassed and pissed off. Zane was Primal Ice Fisted into the wall, while she took one of the black cloaks of a fallen Dark Guild Member. "I cannot believe that it was because of THAT he stopped. Pervert..."

Timal was drained however from that fight, and quickly disappeared, not even leaving a trace. She counted herself lucky though, the magical broadcast ended during the fight so no one else saw most likely. If any Dark Wizards did, she would make them forget later. Zane meanwhile, was blushing while lodged in a wall of ice and rock. Dazed, he replied despite the fact Timal was already gone. "How is it my fault? You caused me to go Primal, and it was your ice..." Lets not forget the fact that I can't age, so that's both the closest I might ever get right there, and the fact I am too young technically for it to matter. Though, if I said that out loud, I would probably get crushed, so lets leave it there...

As Zane pryed himself out, he looked around. Rin and Wynter were still fighting. He went to help them, but collapsed on the floor. Entering Primal Mode healed his wounds, but it didn't remove the pain. His body ached all over, and he realized he should probably rest a little before joining the fight, so he sat with his back against a wall. As he did, a Dark Wizard tried to jump him. One punch later, and the Dark Wizard.

(Humor makes everything better when you don't have too little or too much :) Kinda makes me want to have flashback posts as well >.>)


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Azrael Valkyrie & Gabriel Valkyrie

Gabriel smiled as he watched Riku explore the downstairs of their house, arms now crossed as his gaze tracked the boy's explorations. "Glad you like it..." He turned his thoughts to the spare key the twins had, well, they had a few spare keys since Azrael sometimes lost them while they were on a job, or they got destroyed in an enthusiastic spar between the pair. Perhaps they'd give Riku one at some point, if he liked their house then it would be somewhere for him to escape to if his near constant re-decorations of the guild hall - or a fellow member - annoyed someone again.

By this point, Riku had made his way back over to Gabriel who turned his attention to the boy as he shouted up the stairs. "Hey Az, you ready?"

At this, a thump sounded from upstairs as Azrael tripped over the mess he had made. A curse muffled by the blankets swiftly followed. Still, a moment later he appeared at the top of the stairs, hair looking a mess by this point, but the silver-haired teen was triumphantly carrying the book he'd been looking for under his arm.

Muffling his snickers behind one hand, Gabriel placed the other on Riku's shoulder for a moment before turning to steer them out of the house, Azrael following quickly behind them and locking the house up. "Ready to go then?" At his brother's nod, Azrael moved to Riku's other side ready to head toward the station. "Looking forward to this Riku?"


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Rin Miyuzaki
Speech: #990099||Thoughts: #CC0000
Zoe(The Rooster): #ff0000||Moru(The Horse): #aaaaaa||Ayumi(The Sheep):#66bbee||Gita(The Arrow): #995533||Flames(The Phoenix): #dd5522

Rin tried her best to focus on the fight between Ayumi and the so called kraken under the water but was quite distracted by Zane and Timal. Before she could actually listen in on their yelled conversation/argument (which was more like sibling banter) Moru telepathically informed Rin that he had found, and saved, Pommel. Sadly, the cherry-haired girl had somehow offended him because a moment later he was ranting into her mind. At this moment the kraken decided to wrap one of it's slimy appendages around Rin's leg and yank her under the surface of the water. Pressing her lips shut tightly Rin reached for the arrows in the quiver strapped to her back but before she needed them the tentacle was cut off the creature by a certain mermaid's weapon, which she had temporarily changed to a sword rather than a trident.

Kicking hard Rin surfaced above the water just as the water started to drain. Quickly, Ayumi catapulted out of the water and, in a flash of deep blue light that shifted in color to light blue, changed back into her normal attire and appearance. Landing on the ground gracefully Ayumi looked over at the, now beached kraken, and giggled. The dark wizard groaned and frowned. "That's so not fair..." Rin turned her attention away from the Dark wizard for a moment as he closed the kraken spirit's gateand it was then that Rin realized Moru still hadn't stopped complaining into her mind. 'Dear lord Moru! Shut it!' Suddenly the dark wizard re summoned his snake spirit, catching Rin's full attention. The beast was obviously still severely injured and anger once again filled Rin. Sadly though, right as she grabbed her bow the young girl, Timal as Zane called her, disappeared and the dark wizard and his spirit did as well, disappearing right before an arrow flew through where he had been standing. Aggravated Rin let out a sound quite similar to a growl and stalked over to where he had been.

Before she could reach the spot Ayumi bolted over, grabbed the arrow and rushed back to Rin, the girl not wanting Rin near the stone wall with her known habit of punching walls when pissed. "Here Onee-san. Please calm down." Rin took a deep breath and then took the arrow, putting it back into the quiver. A moment later her bow was strapped onto her back and Rin was tapping her foot as she brushed her fingertips across the fletching of her arrows. Ayumi giggled and hugged her key-holder. "Don't worry. Moru's on his way back with the little girl and the . Want me to stay?" Rin shook her head and gave the girl a smile that didn't reach her eyes and a pat on the head. "Nah you did well. Go ahead and return to the spirit world." The white-haired girl giggled and nodded before disappearing into a silvery-blue light. Looking around Rin called over to Wynter and Zane. "You two all good?"


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#, as written by Tanman
Pommel Grade

In a moment, the entire situation had changed. They'd been flying along, Pommel hanging tightly to Moru's mane as they made their way back towards the group. Whether it was his distraction at conversing with Rin, or the suddenness of the enemy's entrance, Moru was caught off guard as the villain wizard leapt from above, obstructing their path completely. In the split second before they crashed into him, he rose his arm before backhanding the two, Pommel crying out in pain as she was sent flying and separated from Moru, impacting some rocks and falling down to the floor. Thankfully by this point, the water seemed to have mostly stopped and drained.

Grim, booming laughter filled the tunnel, the dark mage holding his portly belly as he looked over to the two staggering to their feet. He was humongous, at least 3 times the size of a regular man, almost completely blocking the arch of the tunnel. Disgusting grease and sweat stained his white tank top, though what was the most off-putting was the fact that it did little to hide his rolls of fat from showing. His large stomach made up the majority of his figure, making his other limbs and head look like stumpy bits of flab stuck onto his spherical form. Messy and similarly unkempt dirty blonde hair covered his head, while his eyes were beady and small. His mouth looked like he'd been punched in the jaw after binging on several years supply of candy; with only a few stained and chipped teeth remaining. Further adding to how off-putting the man was an indescribably foul odour, the closest comparison being that he smelled like death.

”Well well well, seems it takes a real big man to handle one little girl!” Taking slow, heavy and deliberate steps, the floor seemed to crack and shake after each one as he headed towards Pommel. ”Ah well, I could use a snack; and you look just good enough to eat…" Pommel flinched slightly at his words, but quickly found her spirit once again as she scrambled to her feet, still quite some distance from the vile man. "Ew! Ew! No! Don't even touch me you ball of lard! You're fat enough as it is!" The insults drew out some more laughter from the giant man, who stopped to gesture to himself. "Haha, girly, you have no idea how hungry I am. Still, you better show some respect, I am-"

"Nasty - If you ask me!" Pommel replied, interrupting him. ”No, I'm-"

"Gross? Disgusting? Foul? Ugly? A blight on the planet?" Each time he went to speak, he found himself interrupted by Pommel as the list went on. Finally however, he had enough, roaring out. ”SHUT IT!" The booming sound echoed about the room, and immediately, Pommel went quiet. ”I'm Big Gus, and you're dinner!" He declared, marching forward. The close observer would notice the change in Pommel, eyes dilating, hands trembling slightly, stiff body and the ever so slight step back. She found however, that she couldn't move, standing there plainly as 'Big Gus' closed in to grab hold of her.

Moru, who had slammed into the cave wall, took a moment to recover from the blow. Changing back to human form the young man swore, putting a hand to his head. Shaking his, which only made the pain worse, Moru focused on the reason behind it. Looking over at the wizard approaching Pommel, Moru let out a growl, cast a high speed spell. Catapulting forward Moru landed his punch but the man barely stumbled back and Moru looked at his hand in disgust. "Wow dude you would think you'd be less nasty since there was water rushing through here five minutes ago..."

With another evil grin, Big Gus shifted to look at the tiny man beside him. ”Seems neither of you can appreciate my true beauty. Why be clean when you could better use that time eating?" Turning back towards Pommel and ignoring Moru, he began reaching for the girl. ”Well, time for the entree before the main meal. Bon appétit!" The shadow of his hand cast across Pommel, and in her stupor, she still was frozen to the spot, almost not registering anything around her.

"Yo kid, you should at least run if you aren't going to fight!" Moru summoned his wings and used a high speed spell, blasting into the air and landing a punch to the side of the man's head. The blow rippled into his cheek, briefly staggering Gus, but then, he simply grinned, puffing out and bit and lightly knocking Moru back from him before laughing. ”What, that's all you've got little man?" Turning back to face him, Gus cracked his neck a bit. ”Come on, you can do better than that. Free shot, give me all you got, donkey boy." He gestured with his arms, beckoning Moru in with both to bring it on. Amongst all of this, Pommel didn't even seem to notice Moru's shout, but somewhere inside of her, it managed to get her legs moving, backing away from what was likely to be an intense battle.

Fire blazed in Moru's eyes and he spoke in a slow, calm voice. "Did you just call me a fucking Donkey?" Gus simply grinned, savouring the taste of such a strong reaction before speaking. ”Yeah, I called you an Ass. Whatchoo gonna do about it, chump?" Moru muttered something under his breath before casting three stacked speed spells and zipped up and off to the side. The large man turned to look at him and laughed. ”You completely miss-" The man was cut off as Moru made a sudden turn, casting two more speed spells to more than make up for his lost momentum, and kicked him in the face. "I'm a Horse not a Donkey you shithead!"

For a moment, Moru would seem to hang in the air with his impact. Then, slowly, the blow began to take force, Gus's head and neck receding into the bulbous fat surrounding his torso. Deeper, steadily, Moru's foot all but disappeared into the fatty remains of where his head vanished, with an unsatisfying squelching noise. Then... Laughter. ”Whoo boy! Not bad chump. My head's ringing a bit." Gus's muffled voice rose out from the squished neck hole. ”So you're a horse, right?" Gus chuckled some more, his fat clinging to Moru's leg and refusing to let it go from the compressed air suction. ”Holy Shit are you stupid or deaf?" Internally Moru was trying not to vomit. Using a speed spell Moru flew upwards, yanking his leg from the gelatinous mass of the man.

”Neither you dumb twerp! My gut magic makes me invincible!" The fat man called out in indignation, before beginning his recovery. As Moru attempted to clear some distance, there was the slow and steady squishing sound as Gus began stretching back out into shape. Finally, with a wet pop, he came free, glancing about to locate Moru. ”Alright, you had your turn, now it's mine! Come here!" Gus yelled, a thundering sound as he ran... Well, waddle-rolled at Moru. Surprisingly mobile for such a huge force, Gus lunged for the horse-man, mouth agape as he attempted to literally eat him.

Moru let out a very horse-like snicker, and flew out of the way as the ball of lard's momentum threw him past the spot where Moru had been hovering and crashing into the tunnel's wall. "I'm sorry, did you expect me to just let you eat me?" Moru glanced over at Pommel while the giant struggled to get up and turn back around. "What did I tell you?! Either fight or Run!" Hearing those words, Pommel staggered in the spot, her hands slowly going to her head and clutching it, whispering some words over and over to herself. She needed to calm down. She wasn't in trouble. He wasn't angry at her. He wasn't dangerous. He was her friend. She just needed to get moving. "R-right..." She mumbled, taking some slow steps backward before turning to run. She wasn't in the mental state to be much help to Moru at this point; she needed some space to collect herself.

Moru let out a sigh of relief. Head buried in the rubble, the blobbed fellow spun, his mouth filled with rocks. Moments later, he swallowed, giving a small, satisfied burp. ”Well It's not like I ordered my food to go, but I guess I'll have to take you out!" Puffing up his chest, Gus suddenly leaned forward, maw open wide as the rocks he ate fired out like bullets, aimed squarely at Moru's chest. Moru's attention still on the girl he didn't have the time to move out of the way of the rocks. With a grunt of pain his wings folded and he dropped through the air and towards the ground.

Licking his lips, Big Gus then looked to Pommel. Well, a runner wouldn't do. Drawing in a deep breath, he prepared a huge spit wad before launching it at the cherry head fleeing the scene. Struggling to breathe Moru focused on opening his wings and used a speed spell to catapult himself at the dark wizard, throwing off the trajectory of the spit wad just enough for it to miss Pommel. Gus's face pivoted, twisting to the side from the punch, launching his spit harmlessly to the ground beside him. Instantly, the ground began to bubble and boil, dissolving under the acid contained within, melting a small hole in the ground. Anger flared, Gus grabbed at Moru arms and body, his hand almost big enough to encompass around his torso all by itself and pin the fellow.

”Alright, enough mug shots. Forget the dessert; I'm hungry enough to eat a horse..." Glowering at Moru, Gus began to open his mouth wide, dislocating his jaw with a sickening crack. The breath alone that wafted out would be something Moru would have to spend weeks removing from himself. Inside, the saliva dripped between his gums and teeth in strands, the very same liquid that had melted rock before.

Having cleared quite some distance, Pommel turned to hear the sound of Moru in pain, and instantly her heart leapt out of her chest seeing the danger he was in. This was her fault. She had to do something to help him! Shakily, she took a few steps forward. He couldn't fight the Big Gut himself, he needed her. She had to do it. She had to use her Fuse Form. Trembling at the thought, she willed herself to move forward. She didn't need to be scared. He was an ally. He was in danger. She had to save him. She had to! Move! Just transform! Tears began to well up in Pommel's eyes, as she sunk to her knees. She couldn't do it. Even after all he did for her, even after saving her life and practically sacrificing himself, she couldn't get over her idiotic and irrational fears. "I'm sorry..." She whispered, turning her head away and shutting her eyes. She couldn't bear to watch.

She wasn't strong enough yet.

But knowing that wasn't going to make this loss any less painful.


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Zena le Blank

"Poison Dragon's Spiral Jaw!"

Zena's legs struck the large wizard directly between the shoulders, the sudden attack from behind causing him to release his intended victim. Zena flipped over his head and spun, landing with her back to a red haired girl, standing tall. For a moment, the girl looked up to who was before her, but didn't recognise anything about her, staring in stunned silence as her saviour confronted their enemy.

"You know, I was starting to get worried that I'd wasted too much time on those damn drowning morons and missed last call," she cricked her neck with one hand on her nape, stretching her other shoulder as she did so. "And yet here you were kind enough to wait for me. I'm flattered."

His attention diverted from the pretty boy, the oversized goon took a step toward the newly appeared dragon slayer. "A new snack..." he said, licking his chops. "I do love delivery!"

The wizard swung his boulder-sized fist down at Zena, cracking the floor of the tunnel where it landed when she jumped to the side. He swung his other arm outward at her, following the path she'd leapt in, but she blocked this follow-up attack with crossed arms. She retalliated by sending a swirling pillar of poison magic in the shape of a serpent's head at her opponent, the magical "snake" biting the dark wizard where it struck his arm. He recoiled, taking a step back and rubbing his arm where her spell had impacted.

"Finally, a proper meal!" He puffed out his cheeks and made a hawking sound, as if pulling spit up from deep in his throat. 'Pretty boy', who had taken a second hit to the head when dropped, groaned and used the tunnel wall to help him up.

Hey watch out! His spit is acid!" he called out to Zena, leaning against the wall to steady himself. Zena responded by clicking her tongue before jumping to the side again, narrowly avoiding a large wad of spit which caused the rock to hiss and bubble.

Zena landed with knees bent, then launched herself at her foe, slashing at him with a scaled left hand, mist trailing behind it. "Poison Dragon's Crushing Fang!" She felt the breath get knocked out of her as the big guy brought both hands down on her back like a hammer, followed by a knee to her gut which sent her flying back.

Zena pressed one hand to her ground and used it as a sort of pendulum, righting herself and landing on the balls of her feet. She swung her arms up in a cross-formation, sending two massive waves of poison magic slamming into her opponent. He dropped to one knee, breathing heavily.

"I don't feel so good," he groaned, clutching at his expansive stomach. "Maybe a little hair of the dog that bit me!" The wizard threw his head back and opened his mouth inhumanly wide, until his chin was touching the center of his chest.

Zena felt powerful winds pulling at her body and a rushing sound filled the tunnel, as if the large man had a vortex inside his mouth. Well now, that was interesting. Unfortunately, it was also not allowed..

"You don't wanna eat me, big guy." Zena leapt into the air and delivered a spinning double kick to the wizard's fat head, discharging blasts of poison onto him from both legs and causing him to bite down. "You'd get food poisoning!" She kicked off the back of his head, spun in the air, and landed facing his back.

"Poison Dragon's Roar!" A jet of poison-infused magic struck the wizard square between the shoulders with enough force to send him flying a few feet, crashing face-first into the dirt, completely knocked out. There was silence for a moment as the dust settled... Before a last burst of flatulence filled the air from Gus, a final noise of defiance in his defeat.

Zena stood over her opponent, taking a moment to appreciate her victory. Then she remembered the two others nearby, and was thrust back to business. She activated her Heaven's Eye, but turned it back off when she saw most of the guild she'd come to destroy had already fled. She side-eyed the redhead and the pretty boy, as if it were their fault her job hadn't been completed.

"You. Coward girl." she pointed at the one who'd barely moved since Zena had arrived. "What guild are you?" She walked over and squatted down so she was at eye level with the red haired girl, green x's in yellow irises meeting the smaller wizard's normal brown eyes.

Pommel flinched a bit as the strange woman came over to her and Moru, the cherry princess having moved over to help him up and steady him towards the climax of the battle. Coward girl... Yeah, that was right. That's what she was. An inner fire inside of her screamed to deny that, but the truth of the matter was she had no right to do so. Downcast, she met the eyes of Zena, and finally resolved to answer her question, ignoring the intimidation she felt looking into them. "I'm Pommel Grade of Fairy Tail. Thank you for saving us back there..." She mumbled slightly, feeling more guilt than ever. She was a Fairy Tail wizard and here she was, bringing shame to the guild's name by her actions.

Zena ran her fingers through her dark hair, a bit put off by the girl - Pommel's? - response. "Fairy Tail, huh. The ones who blow up the towns they're supposed to be helping?" That was a new wrinkle. Though looking at these two, she wondered if the stories weren't a bit hyperbolic. "Well I saved a couple of your guys back there from drowning, and just saved the two of you just now, so should I just give you my bill or do I send it somewhere official?"

"B-bill?" Pommel stammered slightly, taking a moment to register what this woman was asking for. She wanted money for helping them? Then she... She must have been some sort of mercenary. Her eyes narrowing somewhat, Pommel stood up a bit straighter. "So what, if we didn't have money you would have left us to die?" Anger flaring a bit, the fiesty little girl wouldn't seem all that intimidating given what had happened. More akin to a barking chihuahua.

"I also accept payment in the form of food and fun," Zena said, completely disregarding Pommel's indignation. She stood up from her half-crouch, rising to her full height of over six feet (almost 2 meters). "Besides, I'm a good person! I saved you before demanding compensation." The skeptical look Zena received from Pommel made it clear that she didn't believe that entirely. Pommel mumbled something about blackmail, though it wasn't entirely audible.

She poked Pommel's forehead three times, as if the small girl were a hornet's nest and Zena's finger were a long stick. "Aren't you gonna thank me for saving your friends from drowning in a ravine? Big guy, long nose guy, ring any bells?"

Twitching a bit in annoyance, Pommel had to restrain herself from lashing out again. As irritating as this woman was being, it was true she had saved them and... Briefly her mind went to Vince and Moops, and somehow, she didn't know whether to be relieved or not. "They're not... Well... It's complicated..." Pommel settled on, before shifting her weight slightly again as Moru had started brushing off his injuries. "But if it's food you're after I'll make whatever you want back at the guild hall." Mid-way through speaking, Pommel darted her free hand out to catch Zena's finger with surprising accuracy, making it clear that she didn't appreciate it before slowly releasing it. "Ah!"

Zena chewed at her nail as she regarded Pommel's offer. She'd probably need to head to the Fairy Tail guild hall anyway, considering this guild had chased off half her targets. She'd need to stick close enough to ensure they didn't show up before her next time, and hanging near an official guild would probably make it easier to find the rest of Shadow King. It would certainly be faster than waiting on information from her own guildmaster. If she could get food out of it in the process, that was a nice perk.

"Puffer fish," she finally answered, crossing her arms. "I want a whole bunch of puffer fish." At those words, Pommel didn't really know what to say. She'd promised anything, but where in Magnolia was she going to find that? And better yet, how was she going to cook it? She'd protest a little, but it was a futile effort, the banter continuing as they slowly made their way back down the tunnel to regroup with the others.


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As the battle for Zane seemed to draw to a close, Wynter's fight was just heating up in the clash of steel. After the orbital bombardment that Zane had called, the woman named Harmony began her attack, having called Wynter on her bluffed weapon, Wynter had held the Green Dragon Crescent Blade. As Wynter blocked and dodged the flurry of attacks, it was obvious her opponent was a cut-throat fighter, and relied on her attack.Though this defensive guarding was working well, it soon had failed. As if by some error, her guard using the spear had missed. And the Rapier that Harmony held had pierced through the armour that had protected the knight, hitting just below the ribs, redirected by the plate of armour that suffered a nasty gouge from this hit. As the Rapier pushed it's way through Cold Steel Wynter exhaled, choking off a scream of pain from the savage hit. As Wynter almost fell to a knee, Harmony spoke,

"Aww. I was hoping the famous Cold Steel could offer more of a challenge" she spoke, almost laughing as her blue haired opponent clutched her side in pain, At that point, mimicking Wynter's requip, taking out a sword, slashing down at the injured Cold Steel, whom avoided through what seemed to be pure willpower, diving back, rolling before standing again, weapon in hand, "Oh, still have some fight in you, Hm?" with a near insane laugh, Harmony lunged to Wynter, smiling from ear to ear. As her sword came out in front of her body, Wynter twirled her weapon, bouncing the sword aside, before smacking Harmony across the face with the shaft of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, sending her aside,

"Oh, you wanted a challenge? You'll have to do more than that to keep me down" Wynter retorted, sounding strangely stronger than ever, "A Knight's Resolve doesn't waver like a leaf, but stands firm as the tree" after those words were spoken, Harmony and Wynter clashed blades again, trading lighter hits on eachother, though most of them seemed to bounce off the armour. Though after said clash, they both launched eachother back, as Harmony laughed,

"Getting weaker are we?" the woman asked, knowing Wynter must be losing blood on a good scale, gritting her teeth, Wynter readied her next weapon, as the Crescent Blade had suffered serious damage, as the weapon disappeared, Harmony spoke again; "Oh? Willing to die now? Alright then." though something stopped her, Wynter's incantation,

"O Holy Sword, I call upon Thee to aid my battle, and shine thou holy light once more." as she held out her arm, a golden mist had gathered by her hand, "Divine Sword, Excalibur!" as the light filtered to her hand, she gripped what seemed to be a weapon, and swung it forward of her, ending it with her arm straightened to her left, as the majestic blade shined it's light, "Do you recall whom you are fighting? I am Wynter Vellant, daughter to the noble Vellant family, and sole wielder of the family heirloom, Excalibur! Steel thine blade!" As those words hung in the air, Wynter charged forward clashing hard against Harmony's sword, exchanging attacks again as this time Wynter took the offensive, the battle was still close, until one move, ended that fight, and it was a lunge from Wynter, leaving a deep gash in Harmony's shoulder, looking to the woman, Wynter took a breath,

"This... Isn't... Over..." those were the last words heard from Harmony, before she had disappeared with the dust settling. As Wynter looked to her allies, the sword she summoned disappeared, as she soon changed back into her normal form quickly, as she looked to Rin, whom asked if she was okay, along with Zane, as Wynter fell back against the wall, and quickly fell from her feet,

"I've been better... Not great though... Zane is in worse condition than I... Take care of him first..." as she spoke, it was apparent that her injuries had caught up with her, along with the amount of magic used from both running after a train, fighting a horde of monsters, and then the fight with a Dark Guild, and losing a fair amount of blood, her limits were being reached, though clutching her side, the Blue knight looked to Rin, smiling weakly, "Don't worry... About me... I... Should be alright...."


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"Relax, its not as bad as you think" Zane told the two as he dragged himself over to him. All of his wounds had fire seeping out of them, which seemed to increase how quickly he was recovering. Still, it would be awhile before he was one hundred percent. It was definitely worse then what he was making it out to be though.

One of the Dark Wizard lackeys tried to crawl away unnoticed, but Zane stepped on him and stopped him from moving. "Where do you think you are going?"

"Get off of me, you Guild Scum. You are the worst of all the people here! You saw Timal nake...." he started, but then Zane applied significantly more force, way more then necessary, onto him, causing him to shut up. Zane had an expression of anger and embarrassment on his face.

"If your saying that, then you saw her too..." he said, in a voice that did not sound friendly at all. Suddenly, the Dark Wizard was punched into a rock wall. " clearly you must be mistaken, understood? Besides, its not like its the first time I saw her like that. How we first met is an interesting story...but one you will never, ever hear. Just like how if you even whisper that you saw her like that, I will end you in a way you will wish for death..."

The Dark Wizard nodded, before passing out. Zane looked at the others, realized what he just said, and blushed a little. "Its not like that. And no, I don't care about her, she betrayed me...after we had become close friends. We were like siblings once, okay?"

But maybe...just maybe... He shook his head. No, gotta stay focused.

"Anyways, given everything going on in this area, we better investigate some of the other stuff going on in this area. Besides, I need to get a new shirt and a new pair of shoes from the nearby town. At least the rest of my clothes are still in one piece". The ice attacks had taken a toll on his shirt, and his shoes had gone missing while he blacked out during Primal Fire Soul. He wasn't cold though, probably because he was a Fire Dragon and also had Primal Fire Magic. Plus he still had his jacket.


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Anachayla Kaylorn: A.K.A Chayla

Buildings flew by as Chayla watched eagerly outside the window. Her hands were pressed firmly against the glass as she grinned at the familiar scenery, the sound of the train foggy in her mind. Home. She was back in Fiore, it had a been a long few weeks since she had seen anyone from her guild. She missed the companions she had gained in her 4 years there. Sitting back down in the brown leather of her seat Chayla picked up her small black bag that lay at her feet.

Giddy with excitement she began to rock her legs. Her mission had been a success, she couldn't wait to tell the guild about it. She had mucked up for a moment, it almost cost her arm but she pulled herself back in time and defeated the group of hooligans that were harassing the village she had been employed too. Her reward was equivalent to about two months rent at the small apartment she lived in near the guild. She knew that wouldn't be enough for provisions though. That meant she would need to take another job the moment she got back.
A heavy sigh escaped her as she thought about it. Lately, she had only been taking jobs on her own, it was stressful if not challenging. One too many times she had found herself in tricky situations which would have been made easier if she weren't alone. But the experience was worth training for. She had to develop her magic further, to become an S class wizard was her dream. For that, she had to learn to be independent, despite the loneliness she sometimes felt when away from the guild for weeks at a time alone.

Suddenly Chayla found herself rock forward as the motion of the train came to a halt. She hadn't noticed they were nearing the station. Pushing her thoughts away she jumped up with a smile at the familiar station. Not wasting any time she weaved her way through the queue to get off the train. She wasn't going to waste any more time in getting to the guild! As she stepped onto the platform, however, a child's cry echoed throughout the station. Chayla looked around for the source and saw to her left a small child had dropped their ice-cream. His parents were trying to soothe him but their attempts were failing from the look on their faces.

Making her way towards them she knelt down to the child's height.
"Don't cry little one" she smiled towards him as his parents paused at her appearance. "when you have something precious, you must keep it safe."
"b-b-but" the child bubbled through tears.
"It's up to you to decide what's precious enough for your tears" Chayla wiped his cheeks with the back of her hand. "For me, it was my dream." With a flick of her hand, Chayla used her glass magic to create a toy train. Its glass hardened to be less fragile. The boys tears stopped as he watched in fascination. "Find what's precious enough to be worthy of your tears and some day and you will be a strong boy with lots to fight for, like your dad" Chayla smiled to his father who listened as his young boy stopped crying.
"I-I'll be strong. Like my dad" the young boy took the train Chayla gave to him.
"I know you will be" Chayla grinned rubbing his head.
Standing up she nodded towards the boys parents who nodded in return as they took their boy's hand. They waved to Chayla as she began to head to the station entrance. Looking forward she took in a deep breath as she continued her journey.


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Jared was dead to the world.

The twenty one year old was fast asleep in a corner of the room, head sideways on the table and using his soft woolen beanie as a makeshift pillow. He'd entered the guild earlier that morning in a daze, shuffling like a zombie towards a table, any table that was empty, as soon as possible without saying so much as a hello to anyone. Some might have called greetings, but Jared wasn't sure. He'd grunted and nodded back from inside his haze of sleep, though.

That had been two hours ago.

... I think I'm awake.

Jared yawned and raised his head from the table, smacking his lips noisily together. Rubbing at his sleep-crusted eyes, Jared slowly opened them and blinked blearily in the light, squinting around the guild as he tried to get used to the light. He stretched and yawned again, mouth opening silently as bones popped.

That felt better.

Jared's stomach grumbled, and he frowned, resting a hand against his stomach as if it would help calm it down. I'm hungry. Thirsty, he added quietly, remembering the dry feeling in his throat and mouth.

Solution: get food and drink. From Alicia.

More awake now than he had been two hours ago, Jared grabbed his beanie and stood up, taking long lazy strides to the bar. Behind the bar table, Alicia Fells smiled at him as she began to shake a concoction in a bar glass.

"Morning, Jared," she greeted cordially, tilting the steel device this way and that as she shook it. "Just woke up?"

"Mmmph." Jared slipped quietly into a bar stool, resting his elbows on the table and propping his head up with one hand.

"The usual?" Alicia asked with a smile. Behind her, the utensils quivered and rose as if she was already expecting a yes.

Jared nodded, playing out the routine they did every morning or so.

"One cinnamon pie slice and Coffee Delight coming up!" Alicia began to make the coffee while behind her, a knife flew towards the table and cut a thick slice out of the waiting pie. A plate wandered over and slowly lowered itself flat onto the table, and the pie lifted itself out of the dish and into the plate, followed by a fork. The slice of pie floated over to the plate as Alicia finished making the coffee, and with a flourish she placed both dishes in front of Jared. "Enjoy your meal!"

Lifting his cheek off his hand, Jared took a great long look at the food in front of him, face expressionless. The pie was steaming, a light golden brown that smelled of spices, and the caffeinated coffee was in a clear glass mug that housed a dark chocolatey brown liquid with a few ice cubes.

It looked delicious.

A smile, more like a faint curve of his lips, formed on Jared's face as he looked up at Alicia. "Thanks," he said quietly but genuinely, and then he tucked in.


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Pommel Grade||Rin Miyuzaki||Zena Le Blank
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Rin's Outfit

Moru, who had spent the entirety of the two girl's conversation using his magic to heal his injuries, followed after them as they started towards the main cavern. As the two bickered Moru cleared his throat and spoke up, adressing Pommel. "Did you sustain any wounds during the fight? If I come back with you and you're injured Ama- I mean, Rin, will kill me." Moru flinched and quickly corrected himself, knowing Rin didn't want anyone knowing her first name. The fact that she had kept it hidden was the only thing that kept people from connecting her with her famous father, Rin having taken after her mother more appearance wise. Since he had already figured out that the girl was wary of him he kept his voice as unconcerned as possible. Honestly he would have asked either way but if the girl was that untrusting of him than he had no qualms with acting like he didn't care and blaming Rin's wrath for his concern.

"I'm telling you that 1,500 is an absurd amount of Puffer fish!" Pommel whined back to Zena, puffing out her own cheeks and pouting. They'd been going at it for quite some time now, and Moru hadn't really said a word. That being the case, when he chose to speak up, it drew Pommel's immediate attention, and provided her a good excuse to ignore Zena's pointless bickering. "Wounds? Oh! Uh... Nothing major, just some scrapes. Being a free-form wizard I heal a little faster than most..." Pommel didn't want to admit that her butt was actually incredibly sore from the multiple falls she'd gone through, but she wasn't lying when she stated that she would heal a bit quicker than most.

Still, she hesitated. She wanted to apologize to him for what had happened, but somehow, she felt that it was better reserved to give to everyone once they were all safe. That, and she had no doubt the sasquatch woman next to her would find it a new reason to pick on her. Still, Moru might return to the spirit realm at that point, given he was one of Rin's keys. Remembering back to what Moru had said about his telepathy, she decided to give it a shot, clearing her mind a little and attempting to think at him. 'Uh, Moru? If you can hear this uh... I'm really sorry about all the trouble I've caused you. Thank you for saving me. I... I know I've probably let you down through all this, and I don't deserve your forgiveness, but... I promise, I will get stronger. Even if I'm nothing but a disappointment to you and Zena and everyone else right now, I'll earn your respect. It won't make things up to you, but... it's the best I can think of right now...' Pommel trailed off, looking down to her chest briefly. She hadn't meant to think and go on so long, but it had just kind of happened. Talking was way simpler than thinking, at least then she had a bit of a filter.

Moru, who had been about to telepathically inform Rin of their return, immediately heard Pommel call out to him and listened. At the girl's self-deprecation he matched his pace to hers and ruffled her hair, responding telepathically. 'You have nothing to apologize for. Everyone gets scared sometimes. You did a wonderful job. I'm sure that with training you'll be an amazing wizard one day, maybe even better than Rin.' Moru chuckled and gave the girl a kind smile before removing his hand and taking a step away, not wanting to crowd the girl.

'Don't patronize me Moru.' Pommel responded, somewhat roughly, and unintentionally immediately, shrugging free from him. 'I'm nothing like her. I did a wonderful job of letting you almost get killed, not because of fear of dying. Not because I was scared to fight. Because...' Pommel stopped herself, shaking it off and changing her train of thought. She hated admitting or acknowledging that weakness of hers. '...Because I'm just an idiot that can't get over things! There was nothing wonderful about what I did...' Even while just thinking to Moru, it was clear that Pommel was getting worked up. Clenching her eyes shut, trembling slightly, even Zena would be able to see that something was going on in that little head of hers.

Zena side-eyed Pommel and Moru, not privy to their conversation but still capable of observing their physical actions and expressions. She doubted it was a sibling thing, since pretty boy was almost certainly not a permanent feature of physical existence. Looking at Pommel, Zena figured she couldn't be much older than 14, so... a parent thing? Was that possible with a guy who only stuck around when summoned? Why was she bothering to ponder this issue when she did not even remotely care about it? Nevertheless, the kid seemed to have a lot going on in her head. Maybe Zena should do something to help ease her tiny red-haired mind, if only to stop her from making faces which bore no context.

More frowned and went to respond but the independent wizard decided to speak up. "So! Free-form magic, that sounds neat. What's it do?" She subconsciously bent over and slowed her pace as she walked, so her face was closer to Pommel's. "There a lot of people with magic like that in Fairy Tail?"

Snapping back to full alert, Pommel jumped a bit as Zena towered over her again, looking down to her. Still clearing her thoughts a little, it took a second prompting from Zena before she replied, raising her arms up in a bit of an embarrassed gesture. "Oh, no, Fairy Tail has all kinds of people with magic, way more impressive than mine." Immediately, her mind went to the powerhouse of Wynter, and the quiet strength of Magpie. That was the kind of power she lacked. "All my magic lets me do is reform my body..." To demonstrate, Pommel lifted up her left arm, letting the light gather into it and shatter to reveal a large arm cannon. She'd hold it out for a bit, before letting the magic fade and returning it to her side.

As the two girls started a new discussion, this one thankfully not an argument, Moru telepathically spoke to Rin. Zena raised her eyebrows and straightened up, towering over Pommel. "Neat." She bent over again, her face at eye level with Pommel's. "So what, you've got like a Machina Soul thing going for you?" Pommel halted a bit as Zena leaned in front of her, looking to the side. "Um, well... No? I don't think so... I don't really know what Machina Soul is..." Pommel replied truthfully, not the wisest when it came to the forms of magic. "Free-Form is just what my fa- I always called it." Pommel stopped herself from finishing her sentence. The topic about her magic was also another uncomfortable one, given that it tied into her past. Rather than dwell on that closet of secrets, she decided to retake the initiative.

"What about you? We don't really know anything about you other than your name..." Pommel frowned a bit, pouting some more. "That and you're a glutton for puffer fish..." Moru cleared his throat and answered for Zena, his message to Rin relayed. "Her name is Zena or Zena Le Blank, she's a Poison Dragon Slayer. Her guild is Outlaw Code, an independent guild that would be considered a dark guild if not for the fact that they destroy dark guilds. Honestly they were Rin's first choice as a guild, though she never would have joined without a push. Sadly with how often Rin gets into trouble with the magic council we knew her joining Outlaw code wouldn't go well for Rin or the guild. That's why we started scoping out guilds for Rin and when we found Fairy Tail we knew it was the best place for her. She was reluctant but..." Moru shook his head and flinched. "Shit, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that." Moru's tendency to speak his mind and to talk without thinking about it was something he had never had to worry about when it had just been him, Rin, and the other celestial spirits.

"Independent guild?" Pommel repeated to herself, thinking on it. She didn't like the comment that it was almost considered a dark guild, but if they helped deal with the actual villain guilds, they couldn't be all bad, right? As for the revelations regarding Rin's decision to join Fairy Tail, it honestly made a lot of sense. The magic council already came to expect frequent chaos when it came to things Fairy Tail was involved in. If it wasn't for the fact that the guild had been so pivotal in preventing catastrophe on a regular basis, no doubt it would have been forcefully disbanded and disbarred a long time ago. Right now however, the council was pretty lenient on most things they did; though no doubt it was only a matter of time before they pushed it too far. "Well, it's a bit late to say that Moru." Pommel smiled, laughing a little to herself. "Anything else you're not supposed to mention?" She probed, teasingly. "Well there is..." Moru cut himself and gave the red-haired girl a look. "You're gonna be the death of me." Despite the look there was laughter in his voice.

"Oh?" She replied, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Well, if you don't want to tell me that's fine. Maybe I'll just talk to Rin about it and mention what you said..." The deviousness in Pommel's expression began to show, a cheshire grin growing under her half-lidded glance.

"Wait," Zena cut in. "Wait wait wait. Hold on. Did- Did you look me up?" Moru answering for her had thrown her for a bit of a loop, and her mind was still trying to comprehend what had just happened. And who was Rin? His summoner? Had she done research on Outlaw Code back when she had apparently considered joining? Granted, Zena wouldn't be that difficult to find, considering she'd been in the leading wizard magazine twice (albeit in small columns with only he first accompanied by a small picture), but that this guy had been able to come up with all this off the top of his head was a bit hard to swallow. "Wait. Do I have fans?"

"Pfft, no. I'd recognize a dumb giant like you, and as an avid reader of Sorcerer's Weekly, if you were actually an anybody I'd remember you." Pommel interjected, annoyed at being interrupted from her interrogation of Moru. True enough she was a reader of Sorcerer's Weekly, but she never really paid much attention to anything but the main articles. Moru shook his head. "Rin has done extensive research on all independent and dark guilds and their members. She took particular interest in you because you seemed to have no past. She wondered if you were hiding something like she was and she made me listen to all of her theories. I told her you probably appeared out of nowhere since you had been living with a dragon." Moru sighed, not even realizing the error he had made as the frustration from that memory leaked into his present mood."I remember because I spent an hour looking through the info she had on you trying to find a way to get her to shut up." Moru paused and shrugged "I guess technically I did look you up, though not intentionally."

Pommel's eyes lit up, and she looked to Moru expectantly. "Did she look up Fairy Tail? What'd she think of me?!" Her eyes sparkled in anticipation of the no doubt positive response. Zena's eye twitched, and her previously amused grin took on a more venomous edge. Moru smiled "I thought she would skip over you but surprisingly she looked into your past a little deeper, she was intrigued by your magic, or so she says. I think that you reminded her of one of the younger girl's in Rin's home guild though." Pommel sighed a bit, cupping her cheeks and rocking back and forth in bliss. Yes yes yes! She liked her! Intrigue was just another fancy word for interested, and interested was a form of liking someone, so by that logic, she was already in with Rin! Barely able to contain her joy, in the back of her mind she realized that Rin had looked a little into her past. It was slightly concerning how much she might have known, but she'd cross that bridge when it came to it. For now, she had more questions.

"Who was the girl? Was she cute like me? Was she like a sister to Rin?" The barrage on Moru continued as Pommel's curiosity switch had been flipped, almost completely forgetting her earlier melancholy. Moru noticed Pommel's excitement and hesitated before shrugging. 'It's not like I don't piss Rin off all the time. As long as she doesn't find out...' His mind made up Moru spoke up. "Well I haven't seen her since Rin left her old guild but I think she'd be a few years younger than you. She had bright orange hair and she was quite the ball of energy, just like you. She looked up to Rin. She wanted to be just like Rin and her f-" Moru stopped and frowned. "Anyways she had magic similar to yours only when we left she could barely use it. She could turn objects into weapons.No matter the material, though the material did play a part in how affective they were."

Pommel pumped her fists in, leaning forward to speak with Moru and ignoring the somewhat more aggressive expression Zena had adopted. "That's kinda like mine, I can... Uh..." Pommel stopped, realizing that she was falling into the trap of revealing information she didn't want to. Sheepishly looking away, she scratched the back of her head, laughing it off. "W-well, you probably know everything I can do!" Falsely laughing some more, she turned back to the direction they were heading. [color=#FF0040]"I'll have to ask Rin to introduce me to her. I always wanted a girl around my age to hang out with!" She beamed a bit, thinking she might be able to make a new friend. Moru flinched and spoke quickly. "No! Damn me and my mouth. You can't talk to her about Wolf Spirit or any of it's members!" The Wolf Spirit guild was a legal guild that used to be just as popular as Fairy Tail, without the destructive tendencies, and was still well-known though mostly by older wizards. The guild's power had been decreased largely when their most powerful S-Class Wizard had been killed on a mission and after that a lot of the stronger people left to find guilds that made more of a difference. Rin's expulsion from the guild had been a hard blow to stomach and Moru definitely didn't want to be the reason she had to think about her previous family, both blood and guild, again.

Pommel pouted some more, looking to Moru. "Well that's no fun. I think you're blowing things out of proportion." She began looking at him with a bit of derision, as if inspecting him. "I bet you're actually one of those weird older-brother overprotective types - That's why you're always snooping in people's minds and why you keep trying to hide stuff!" Pommel pointed an accusatory finger at him. Moru's stress and aggravation reached it's peak and he glared at the girl. "I do not snoop in people's minds! I communicate with them! Also, so what if I am protective of her?! She's been through way too many horrible things for someone her age and she's an amazing person despite it! She's kind, caring, and extremely considerate. She's the best wizard that I have ever made a contract with..." Moru trailed off looking more aggravated now that he had snapped at the girl. "And that girl was like a younger sister to Rin. Having to leave her behind when she was kicked out of Wolf Spirit killed her. She lost everyone except for me, Zoe, and Ayumi. Don't remind her of the family she's lost. Me and Zoe forced her to join Fairy Tail so she could find a new family." Moru looked upset but he met Pommel's eyes, hoping she could see how serious he was. Shaking his head he looked away. "I'm gonna go on ahead and start healing your injured guild mates." Without another word Moru's wings unfolded, he having kept the spell active the whole time, and he used a high speed spell, disappearing down the tunnel ahead of them.

Zena scratched the back of her head, easing up a bit now that Moru was gone. She remained slightly on edge at the thought that he had... "communicated" with her mind, but that was a concern for later, if at all. Left with just Pommel, her eyes flicked to the younger girl, and she grew a teasing grin. "You llllllike herrrr." She still didn't know who "Rin" was, but she doubted she'd have to wait long to find out.

Pommel hesitated a bit following Moru's outburst, her eyes lingering on the tunnel he had dashed down. Maybe she had pushed things too far... She'd been poking fun, but clearly a line had been crossed and she'd gone into a sensitive issue. Breathing in a deep sigh, what had started as an attempt at an apology had twisted into a game. And all said and done, she felt like no one really won. She could understand not wanting to deal with the past, but at the same time, she could see the contradictions in what Moru had said. They wanted to build a new family for Rin, but not to be reminded of the old one? That... Didn't really sit right with the young wizard. Even if you lost your family, they were still important. You needed to cherish and remember the happier times. But clearly, it was none of her business. Clearly, she was just a nosy little girl who didn't know any better. Looking up to Zena at her comment, the underlying subtext was completely lost on her. "Yeah, I do..? Didn't you hear what Moru thought of her? She's great! Amazing, even." Slowly following down the tunnel, Pommel looked to the ground. "...And now Moru's probably going to get her to steer clear of me after today... I'm such an idiot..." She mumbled the last part, sinking into silence as they would steadily approach the opening where the others were.

"Well I haven't known you long enough to weigh in on that," Zena replied, mussing up Pommel's hair in a gesture she assumed was comforting. "But yeah, probably." Pommel glanced up at Zena, having given up on correcting her mess of a hair (especially with one of the ribbons lost), replying with a slight amount of sarcasm. "Gee, thanks."


Right after Moru had reported Pommel safe Rin had spoken up to the two wizards still in the cave with her. As if in response to Rin's question Wynter practically collapsed against the cave wall. "I've been better... Not great though... Zane is in worse condition than I... Take care of him first..." Rin rushed over and helped the woman. Yanking her cloak off Rin ripped the fabric in half as the blue haired wizard smiled. "Don't worry... About me... I... Should be alright...." Rin scowled. Ripping a pillowcase-sized patch away she pressed it to Wynter's side after moving the wizards' hands away from the wound. "Don't be ridiculous! Hold this onto the wound." Placing the woman's hands back over it she ripped a smaller piece of cloth off and wrapped it around a cut on the woman's arm that was bleeding heavily and tied it tightly. Satisfied Rin called out to Moru. 'Come quick! Both Wynter and Zane are injured.' The spirit's response was him bursting into the cave in a flash of speed and light. "Start healing Wynter, I'm going to go check on Zane." Moru nodded and rushed over to the blue-haired woman, immediately casting a healing spell to start mending the worst of her wounds.

Grabbing the other half of material that was once her cloak Rin stood and turned, about to go where she had seen Zane collapse only to see him walking towards them, fire seeping out of various places on his body. "Relax, its not as bad as you think" Rin went to snap at him but then realized she would have said the exact same thing if their roles were reverse and so she kept quiet. Zane's attention didn't stay on her for long and as he went after the dark wizard Rin stilled and looked to the tunnel that Moru had emerged from. 'I sense two magical energy sources but Moru said nothing about someone else being with them...' The dark wizard slamming into the cave wall drew Rin's attention once more and she looked at Zane with a raised brow. "Its not like that. And no, I don't care about her, she betrayed me...after we had become close friends. We were like siblings once, okay?" Rin, having no idea what he was talking about just shrugged.

"Anyways, given everything going on in this area, we better investigate some of the other stuff going on in this area. Besides, I need to get a new shirt and a new pair of shoes from the nearby town. At least the rest of my clothes are still in one piece." Rin went to comment on that but stopped at the sound of Pommel's voice echoing out of the tunnel. Rin immediately turned, drawing her bow and notching an arrow in one smooth motion, before aiming it at the tunnel right as Pommel and an unknown woman entered the cave. The second they came into sight Rin pulled back the arrow, ready to shoot at the female though in the back of her mind the woman did seem familiar.

"Oh, she's friendly," Zena remarked to Pommel dryly, gazing at Rin as if she were only of peripheral interest. "Bit jumpy, are we?" she asked, or perhaps simply observed, of the celestial wizard. Rin, not the type to control her temper shifted the bow a fraction of an inch and let loose, drawing another arrow so quickly that it was almost as if the action had never happened. Meanwhile the loosed arrow whizzed past Zena's face, the wind whistling in the woman's ear as the arrow flew by. Despite the anger she felt her eyes were like frozen blood, her gaze cold enough to chill a fire. As she took in the woman's appearance, especially her eyes, Rin recognized her. "What the hell are you doing here and what do you want?" Moru, who had just finished healing closed all of Wynter's wounds, jumped up quickly. "Wait Rin she's okay! She saved me and Pommel!" Rin paused and looked over at Moru with a frown but her bow shifted to the left and down a bit, now pointing at the cave wall rather than the woman.

"You missed," Zena commented, looking over her shoulder to where the arrow had gone zooming down the tunnel. Rin bristled but Moru leapt and tackled her to the ground. "You just joined a legal guild! The magic council has the power to take you into custody now! What do you think they would do if they found out the Celestial Demon was attacking wizards from independant guilds!" Though Moru's voice was merely scolding Rin flinched away from him as if smacked when he used the sobriquet she had been given. Moru immediately looked like he regretted the slip but he didn't try to take it back as Rin shoved him off of her.

"I don't wanna get in the middle of whatever little drama you two have going for you, like I get that pretty boy here is trying to talk you down from murder, but like, legally speaking the council wouldn't really do anything, since independent guilds aren't protected by the anti-guild war law," Zena explained, lacing her fingers behind her head and shifting her weight onto one foot. "But it's, you know, whatever. Thanks for trying to save my life, I guess. I assume this is Rin." Rin ignored the woman as she spoke, her attention focused on Moru as she pulled out his key. "Close! Gate of the Horse, HēiMa." Zena gestured to the huffy wizard with the bow. "Hello." As the strange-eyed woman greeted Rin she simply gave her a nod and strapped her bow in place on her back.

Pommel had been quietly listening to the exchange between Rin and Zena, as she had a far more pressing matter to attend to. That being, retrieving that arrow Rin had fired from the wall as a souveneir! It was so cool! She hadn't even seen her fire the bow, but she'd managed to follow the sound of the impact, and was eagerly attempting to pry it out of the wall. That said, it was a little high up given the height of Zena. Maybe if she got on the high rocks over there... In the background behind Zena, the little cherry haired wizard would be clambering up, somewhat oblivious to the actions behind her.

Taking a deep breath Rin looked to Zane and responded to his initial statement as she walked towards where Pommel was. "Are you sure we should do that without running it by Mistress Mavis?" Not used to being in a guild Rin was unsure whether she had spoken the guild masters title correctly. Once she reached the red-haired girl Rin reached up and grasped Pommel around the waist, lifting her from the wall and setting her on the cave floor. She held the girl's waist a moment longer to make sure she had her balance before letting go. Climbing up to where the girl had been Rin yanked once and the arrow slipped free of the rock as if it had been butter. Climbing back down Rin turned and offered the arrow to the younger wizard. Focusing on something else other than the events of the last hour or so was what she needed to do and the cherry-haired girl seemed like the most obvious distraction. "Here you go. Are you okay?" Rin was obviously referring to whether or not the girl had sustained any injuries during the fight. "I would have sent Zoe after you but I was afraid you might have been hurt so I sent Moru. I apologize for anything stupid he might have done."

Pommel made a soft, girlish squeal as she felt her waist tickled, scrunching up a bit and holding the arms that held her. Normally, her response to such contact would be one of indignation and alarm, but as she was gently steadied and able to see Rin climb above her, she found herself paralyzed for a different reason, staring up to her in awe. As the angel descended before her, offering a gift from the heavens and sharing words of compassion, she could only babble incoherent words of bashful appreciation. "D-don't apologize! I-I'm fine, really! He was wonderful! If anyone should be apologizing it's me!" Pommel gestured with waving hands in front of her, not wanting Rin to get the wrong impression about Moru. Hesitantly, she drew her hands back in to a clasp in front of her, holding the arrow tight to her chest and looking to the side. "I'm sorry Rin... I... I endangered Moru and everyone... And I couldn't even really help..." Pommel stopped a moment, immediately turning into a full on bow. "I'm so sorry everyone..! When we return to the guild, I promise I'll accept whatever punishment you see fit!" Staying bowed, she had her eyes shut tight, not expecting forgiveness, but working towards it.

The icy distance Rin had been trying to keep from her current situation vanished and Rin chuckled, a genuinely warm smile gracing her face as she looked at the girl who reminded her so much of someone else. "I'm sure Mistress Mavis will have something to say about all of this but you've shown that the situation has helped you to grow by simply apologizing. It takes a great deal of courage and responsibility to admit your own mistakes. Also, Moru could have gotten eaten for all I care. He would have just returned to the spirit world." "Savage."

Pommel sat up rapidly, hands clenched into fists in front of her. "But-But that's not right! Even if that's the case, Spirits are alive too! I... I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me..." Pommel began to slow down as she finished up her thoughts, sighing a little, but suddenly remembering who she was talking to, becoming embarrassed. "I-I didn't mean any offense! I know your Spirits have the utmost respect for you!" The blush on her face changed complexion slightly as the origins also altered. "-J-just like I do..." She cupped her cheeks, bashfully looking to the side.

Rin sighed and patted the girl on the head as she apologized for her disagreement. "No you're right, he just upset me. I'm not very good at handling my temper..." As the girl spoke of her admiration for Rin the older wizard almost flinched. She really wasn't someone people should look up to, at least, not in her opinion. Giving the girl the most confident smile she could muster, which really wasn't that impressive, Rin spoke honestly. "Well then I hope I can live up to all of your expectations." Pommel beamed, flashing a very impressive smile of admiration and appreciation. "You have already exceeded them." She replied cheerily, cocking her head slightly to the side sweetly. Rin blushed and looked away, her eyes landing on Zane which made her realize she had never gotten an answer from him earlier. Jumping at the distraction Rin cleared her throat and spoke. "So? Is that something we should run by her? Also, I haven't officially joined Fairy Tail yet so maybe I should return and assure Mistress Mavis of the girl's safety and inform her of the dark guild? I don't want to overstep my boundaries."


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She was just starting to doze off when Fang wriggled his way out of her arms. Startled at the sudden movement, Anastasia opened her eyes just as the fox jumped to the floor. "Wait..!" Too little too late, the snow fox was already weaving in-between legs and jumping onto and off of chairs to a destination only he knew.

Gathering up Snowball and Princess, she stood and headed after her brother. "S-Sorry!" She mumbled after running into someone almost straight away. Sketching an awkward curtsy, cat under one arm and dog under the other she quickly scooted around the person and carried on in pursuit of the doll, slowly catching up to him.

Shifting the other two to the same arm, Sia hopped onto a chair and lightly dropped to the other side, accidentally knocking a couple of things over as the chair skidded backwards after she vacated it. Unknowing of the small piece of chaos she'd just caused as a miniature brawl broke out that soon dragged most of the guild members in, Anastasia reached down to grab the fox that quickly moved out of her reach, leaving her fingers clasping nothing but the air.

Slightly out of breath from the chase at this point, the doll-like girl paused for a moment to catch her breath, only just hearing the commotion behind her. Turning slowly, her eyes widened at the sight of the brawl taking place behind her, likely mere moments from people starting to through their magic into the mix. "Uhh... Oops?"

Hearing a laugh from behind her, Anna turned to see Mavis sat on a table behind her. The blonde child-like wizard was swinging her legs. "I'm glad everyone is having fun, aren't you?"

Blinking a couple of times, she turned her red gaze back to the fight and upon noticing the smiles those fighting wore, she smiled a little also. "Yeah..." Turning back to face Mavis, she noted that the guild master had already floated off to somewhere else.

Shrugging once, the seith wizard then realized that in stopping she had lost track of Fang. Sighing and hanging her head slightly, she was about to head back to her seat, knowing her brother would make his way back over eventually. It was then she noticed him at the bar, having somehow clambered his way up onto the counter where he was watching as Jared tucked into his food.

Anastasia knew Jared somewhat, or rather knew him in passing since she had yet to actually speak to the man since she spent most of her time napping with her dolls or out on small errands for the people in the town.

The petite girl started heading over to the bar, Snowball and Princess clambering up her to a shoulder each as she got there and picked up Fang. "Sorry if he bothered you..." She smiled at the man before looking down at the fox who seemed a little more smug than usual. She frowned a little at her brother, realizing it was probably his way of getting her to talk to someone outside of Mavis and the souls she sometimes found wandering around.

Not quite sure what to do, she climbed up onto a seat a couple away from Jared so as to not disturb him while he ate. With the three dolls hopping onto the bar, she smoothed out the creases in her dress with her hands, hunching over a little as she waited to see if the blonde haired man had even noticed her.


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Jared knew that a fight was going to start before they started shouting. He could hear it in the scraps of the chairs that they'd shoved back, violent and angry. All he did in response was bend a little lower over the counter so that no debris or magic could hit him in the crossfire and took another small bite out of his pie. It didn't involve him, so as far as Jared was concerned it wasn't his problem. Instead, Jared closed his eyes, savouring the small piece of delicious cinnamon goodness for as long as he could to fully appreciate the taste before swallowing. His expression was still as bland as porridge without seasoning, but there was a subtle tilt to his mouth that suggested enjoyment, and a sense of contentment radiated out of him.

... This is really good pie... huh?

Jared heard something soft pawing beside the stool he was seated on, close to his legs. Looking down in curiosity, Jared's eyebrows rose a few degrees, something that was a bit surprising for those who knew him. "...Ah."

There was a white fox plush trying to climb the chair beside him. It was pretty smart - as Jared watched it had already wiggled its way up into the seat of the stool, using the thick stool leg as leverage to shimmy up with its little white paws. Now it was seated onto the chair, turning as if it had just noticed that someone was staring at it.

Or rather, him.

Jared didn't look away, although his eyebrows went back down. For a moment, the two stared at each other, fox plush still in his seat and Jared with a fork in his hands. Then...

"... need a lift?" Jared asked casually, placing his fork down. He cupped both his hands and stretched it out like a platform towards the fox plush. The young male spirit inside the fox plush looked as if he were considering the option for a moment before shrugging, using Jared's hands as a platform to make it onto the counter. Not quite how he'd expected it to be used, but eh. He hadn't expected to meet a spirit here either. Turning back to his remaining pie, Jared took another bite, aware that the spirit inside the fox plush was watching him.

I don't think the spirit wants pie... They can't eat. What's he after?

Jared chewed thoughtfully on the pie, looking at the spirit. To anyone seeing, the fox plush was seated onto the counter on all four paws like a cat, looking back at Jared. For a moment, Jared wondered whether to speak. Why would a spirit come to him?

"Sorry if he bothered you..."

Jared turned to see a girl with white hair grabbing at the fox, who stayed still pliantly in her hands. It seemed as if the male spirit was comfortable with her. It seemed as if the male spirit knew her then, or was at least comfortable with her.

"...It's cool." Jared replied, expression neutral as always. The girl nodded, and Jared's expression didn't change as another two spirits popped up, one inhabiting a cat plush with a pink bow around its neck and the other inside a small soft dog. She hopped up at the table with the other spirits, and for a few moments they sat by each other in comfortable silence, the soft toys seated on the counter in a row in front of them.

Anna. Jared remembered her name now. That explained the spirits - it was her magic that granted them a home in the plushies. The girl was Anastasia, but apart from her being Noiz's age that was all Jared knew. He'd seen her around a few times, but it was the first time they'd talked. Placing his fork back onto the plate that contained his nearly finished pie, Jared turned his head to look at Anastasia and the trio of soft toys.

Talking. Right. Conversation. Jared took a sip of his coffee, appreciating the slightly bitter taste that spread across his tongue.

"Good morning." He said to both Anastasia and the spirits inhabiting the plushies. "Have you eaten? Cinnamon pie is good." Jared asked Anna casually, leaning his elbows against the table. Then he turned to the spirits. "It's nice to meet you." Jared greeted the spirits casually, not caring that it seemed as if he were talking to the plushies for anyone who couldn't see souls. The next words Jared uttered would probably send a sharp shock of surprise through Anna if it hadn't flared at the first time he talked to the plushes like they were normal people instead of asking Anastasia questions. " What are your names?"


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Riku tried to stifle his laughter at first, but the snorting sound that came out in the process just made him laugh more. He could just imagine Azrael falling in a tangled heap at the top of the stairs. It reminded him of some clowns that had traveled with his group for a while. If it were them, though, they'd probably all roll down the stairs at once, too, with some extra amusing sound effects when they hit the bottom. The boy made a quiet 'honk' noise that made very little sense outside of the context of his own thoughts, but that was the end of it.

The boy went where he was steered, grinning widely as their group was completed. He started bouncing from foot to foot while the twins locked their house up, suppressing the urge to start running for it. The longer their job was delayed, the more excited he got, but it wouldn't be as much fun if he took off without the twins and he knew it. "You bet I am!" he cheered in response, arms pumping into the air. It only took a few seconds for him to run out of self restraint, and he started full on sprinting back toward the train station, filling the air with gleeful giggles. Every few feet or so he would pause to make sure he was still close to the older boys, and about half way to their destination he'd finally vented enough energy that he stopped running ahead. He was still bouncing up and down as they went instead of walking normally, though.

# 3 3 6 6 6 6

Mary definitely hadn't expected to be joined by any other guild members, certainly not Slick as she hadn't known he was even anywhere in the area. Once she'd gotten over the shock, though, she was happy to see him- long enough for her to appreciate his banter again, at least. It lifted her spirits, pushed her back into the personality she adopted whenever her guildmates were around. Still, it didn't take long for her to start worrying about putting the man in danger. Now she wanted to protect both him and the children; which was ridiculous, as he was obviously perfectly capable of defending himself, unlike the kids she was there to rescue, but he was still family like any other Fairy Tail member and this was Magpie. She felt the need to protect everyone.

"Ugh, who's your friend?" Dark Guild Wizard Numero Dos complained. "He's not nearly as appetizing." Mary didn't bother answering, as she was far more concerned with Slick's suggestion. There was absolutely no way she would leave him to fight them alone, even if there weren't other lives at stake; on top of that, though, she knew their adversaries would attack the kids as soon as they were out in the open, and she wasn't about to take that risk. The suggestion was entirely absurd no matter how she looked at it.

She wasn't sure if she liked that reckless grin on his face, either, but at the same time, his confidence sort of rubbed off on her. The woman looked at her opponent with disgust and charged him head on, knowing full well what his reaction would be by now. "That's more like it!" the dark wizard crowed, his chains flying toward her again.

He caught her by her wrists, but despite the searing pain, she didn't fight it- instead, she used it to her advantage. She was pulled toward him quickly, lifted into the air, and she used that momentum to swing forward. "Ice Make: Mace!" Before he even knew what hit him, Magpie had built up her own chains, which whipped through the air from her ankles flinging two orbs of ice, each covered in spikes. When he had meant to pull her creepily up against him, he was instead kicked in the face with both her feet, and the maces swung around his neck and head, scratching him the whole way until they made their final hit. With two large, spiked orbs of ice lodged into each side of his face, the dark guild wizard twitched a bit before falling to the ground in a heap. His chains shattered, and Mary landed on top of him, dropping two ice hammers to his chest on the way down.

"Not the face..." he whimpered, mouth squished with the way the maces had pushed in his cheeks. "That was.. harsh..."

She might have let that be the end of it, if not for the fact that she now had a bunch of children and a guild mate nearby, so she really wanted to be sure this was wrapped up for good and was starting to get grumpy. "Just giving you a taste of your own medicine," she told him under her breath. At the same time, she was forming chains of ice that slithered around the wizard's entire body, encasing the source of his own chains. When everything was covered from his feet to his neck, the chains squeezed slightly and plunged into the ground to keep him secure; she heard his chains straining under hers, and shattering each time they tried to escape. Soon enough, he just stopped trying, and she was pretty sure he'd completely passed out.

Satisfied that the fight was over, Magpie stood, just in time to be nearly knocked over again by a wave of snow. She blinked, and looked around until she spotted Slick over by the children. Once she located the source of the blast- his opponent sunken into a crater she surely made herself- Mary smiled. She almost laughed, even.

The woman jogged toward the group, ready to get out of there, but soon slowed to a stop before she'd actually reached the cavern entrance. Something wasn't right. Both of the wizards were defeated, completely down for the count... but there was still an ominous presence nearby. She felt more magic, but as she looked around, she just couldn't locate the source of it. Her eyebrows tugged together with concern, and she started walking sort of sideways.

"Sli- ah!" She made it to about a foot away from the others, and started to ask Slick if he felt the presence too, but she was stopped short. The snow and ice covered mountain changed completely; before she even recognized what was happening, the land had disappeared from beneath her feet, and Mary had fallen into a vat of molten lava. Her arms slammed into the rocky outcrop that the kids were now huddled together in the middle of, barely keeping herself from being engulfed in the bubbling magma. As it was, the remains of her shoes were incinerated, and her feet burned before she managed to get into the solid surface. "What?" she exclaimed breathlessly, looking around for the source of this strange magic.

"I had really hoped I wouldn't need to step in this time..." came a calm but disappointed voice from atop another piece of solid rock. Mary's eyes snapped to the wizard as soon as he spoke, and she realized immediately what had been going on: illusion magic. The figure was fuzzy, like he was still using the magic, but now that she recognized it she could fight against it; he wasn't as skilled with it as the twins were, even. On the other hand, their change in scenery was definitely not an illusion. Mary grit her teeth, ice forming around her feet that only did a little to ease her pain but filled the area with thick billows of steam.

This wasn't good. They really needed to get these kids to safety, and fast, or she was going to run out of energy soon. She looked back at Slick and got tentatively to her feet, deciding it was time to pull out the big guns. This new guy was giving her a real bad feeling, but she wasn't about to give up- never. Still standing, her form changed in a puff; a seemingly different woman stood in her place, tall with long dark hair and a pointed chin; her tattered clothes replaced by deep violet wrappings that covered her eyes, and a white cloth that rippled in an unfelt wind. She needed to get close to this dark wizard, close enough to Copy him so she could turn this place into something less dangerous to the children, and they didn't have the time anymore to get to know his style or prolong the fight. In the form of Madame Mauve, she could see what would happen before it did, and hear any 'loud' thoughts from around her, as well as direct her own thoughts where she pleased; although she wasn't all that experienced using that part of Mauve's powers, so her communications often came off as more of a general feeling than precise words, which was how it worked when she attempted to project her plan into Slick's head so he wouldn't worry and the dark guild wizard wouldn't hear.

The area was still filled with steam, but she couldn't see anyway, so it didn't hinder her. She divined where the places of solid rock would be, and pounced between them, until she was directly behind their assailant. Got him, she thought at Slick triumphantly, before her hands clapped down on the dark wizard's shoulders. I can only stay in his form for five minutes so we have to make this quick. With that last bit of telepathy, she Copied him, this form overriding Madam Mauve's, and his knowledge flowed into her in an instant. You'd think she'd have been prepared, having done this plenty of times before, but what she found out hit her like ten tons of bricks. She gasped, voice foreign to her when she uttered a single disbelieving "No."

Mary was completely blindsided, leaving herself vulnerable, so the real dark guild wizard (who she now knew was called Doku) was quick to strike- and hard. He sent her- the other him- flying. Just before she would have fallen into the lava again, she regained a sliver of her composure and used his power against him, terragenesis morphing the landscape into a gorgeous meadow that in no way fit the mood. She instead landed in harmless grass, squishing flowers and throwing up dirt as she skid across the ground. "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" she growled in the dark wizard's voice, which was odd for him to hear as his tone was almost always more.. lazy, than anything else, like a cat on its way to another nap. Still, Magpie had recovered from the shock, and now was far into the realm of pissed off. The dark guild had been planning to sacrifice all of these children in a sadistic ritual, to forge a demon key- basically the evil version of a celestial spirit key. All of them were supposed to die for one stupid key- children.

Speaking of which, Doku had been hiding behind his illusion magic the whole time, holding the kid that had been missing from the group hostage. Oh yeah, and to top it off, an overwhelming number of jobs they'd been getting were staged to draw out targets from Fairy Tail; they were after her guild members, to kill them, particularly Zane, and not a damn thing about any of this was okay.

As Mary pushed herself up, still in the lithe but very physically strong form of the dark guild Lieutenant, it was obvious she wasn't the same as she had been a few minutes ago in any way. The real Doku looked bored and mildly irritated, but the Mary version... Her normal cool, compassionate gaze had turned completely murderous.

# E 6 8 0 1 A

The redder Emerald's face got, the more he grinned. "No need to sound so unsure of yourself. That is really useful! And I'm sure you're great at it!" He finished his drink and pat the bar to signal for a refill, and gave Alicia a grateful nod when he got it. "You're gonna have to show me some time."

Then he noticed some others approaching the bar, and straightened his back at the delicious scent of pie. Freshly baked cinnamon pie, to be exact, and despite the fact that he'd probably already snuck a few cookies that morning and had eaten on the trip back to Magnolia, he now really wanted that pie. Maybe it had to do with his mysterious origins and/or his weird magic, but the guy could eat three horses in one sitting and still have room for dessert.

"Ooh, can we get some of that pie over here, please?" Warren smiled warmly as items floated through the air, cutting plating and delivering two warm slices of cinnamon pie without a hitch. "On me," he promised Emerald with a smirk, pushing one of the plates more toward her. "It's delicious." He leaned back slightly to look around her at the others, where the first slice had gone to. "Oh- morning Anna!" He waved, then returned his attention to Emerald. "So- if I may ask- what are those goggles for?"


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Emerald Jay

"No need to sound so unsure of yourself. That is really useful! And I'm sure you're great at it!"

Blushing lightly once more, Emerald rubbed at the back of her head in embarrassment, knocking her goggles askew before quickly reaching up with her other hand to right them again."Well, I wouldn't say great... I'm still learning after all.

"You're gonna have to show me some time." She nodded, smiling at Warren, quietly murmuring her agreement.

Lost in her thoughts on what exactly she could show him, she startled slightly as a slice of cinnamon pie was pushed under her nose. "Thanks!" Emerald smiled brightly at Warren. She loved sweet food and while not her favorite, cinnamon pie was delicious and with a mouthful of the food already in her mouth, she made a sound of agreement at the blonde's statement of that fact.

Intent on eating the yummy pie, Emerald barely noticed Anastasia sitting herself a few seats down, next to another blonde. Waving absentmindedly at the pair, just as Warren greeted the small girl, the green-haired girl flushed a little as she realized that she hadn't really been paying much attention to Warren.

"So- if I may ask- what are those goggles for?"

Pausing with a fork of cinnamon pie part way to her mouth, Emerald quickly swallowed the portion she was chewing and put the fork back down before reaching up to tap her goggles, not noticing the crumbs that clung to the corner of her mouth. "These? They're enchanted for night vision and help heighten my sight. And they keep dust and stuff out of my eyes." With that she picked the fork back up and glancing at Warren for a moment, quickly shoved the piece of pie into her mouth.

Azrael Valkyrie & Gabriel Valkyrie

"You bet I am!" As the younger boy ran ahead, the twins picked up their pace a little, smiling fondly at the boy as he paused to make sure he hadn't gone too far ahead of them. By the time the boy had calmed down somewhat and was instead bouncing as he walked, they were only another block away from the station.

While the pair lived on the outskirts of town, they weren't located two far from the station or the guild, it meant that they could wake up later and still make it to places somewhat promptly, but still allowed them a little privacy. Once at the station, Gabriel headed off to purchase the trio's tickets while Azrael rested his hand on Riku's shoulder in the hopes the boy wouldn't go running off and cause trouble somewhere, which given Riku's love of attention may end up happening, especially given the station's rather bland decorations.

Deciding to try and distract the boy, Azrael crouched down to the his level and smiled. "So, how about you and I try to come up with a silly name for Gabby?" Waiting for a moment to allow the blue-haired teen to think, the silver-haired teen then gave his first suggestion. "How about Ellie?"


"...It's cool." At the man's response, Anastasia brightened up, coming out of the slouch she had ended up in. Turning to face him, she gave a small smile.

"Good morning." The girl blinked in surprise as he greeted the spirits as well, and the trio of plushies turned to face the blonde for a moment, heads turned to the side as they tried to decide whether it was them he was talking to. "Have you eaten? Cinnamon pie is good."

"Morning... I ate earlier, I think. I'm not overly fond of sweet things though..." She smiled a little sheepishly here.

"It's nice to meet you." Part way through her ramblings Jared had turned to face the dolls. "What are your names?"

At this the three straightened up, now certain that the man could see them. At this realization, the dog bounded toward him, demanding attention even as the cat backed away until she was practically on Anna's lap again. The fox stayed put, smug once again.

"Ahh, you can see them then?" The girl's eyes lit up at this and she gestured first toward the dog who was now rubbing himself on the man's hand, then to the cat who had made it onto her shoulder."I don't know his name, but I call him Snowball. He decided one day I was too gloomy and kept following me before agreeing to be bound so he could properly play again. And she's Princess, not sure about her name either. She's not one for getting messy, and I think she's shy, but she's adorable and that's fine. Finally." Here she paused to tap the fox on the nose. "This is my brother... Leonidas, or Fang. Fang now I suppose..." She trailed off here, slumping over and placing her head on the counter as the plushies all moved back over to try and stop her from crying.


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As Wynter was being healed, she took a breath as the hole in her side had slowly closed up. As she was being treated, she almost laughed to herself, 'How lonf has it been since I've been injured like this? This is embarrassing, Cold Steel, almost dies in a fight. But, t'was an even match as it would seem...' As she recalled her past injuries, marking which ones were the most umplesant, she had taken another long breath, as she still felt that a job was to be done, and just because she's hurt in any way does not excuse her from her job. Yet, as she thought that, the healing had wrapped up, glancing at the others, Wynter noticed Pommel was safe, which felt more relieving as Wynter feared she was in danger, she then looked to a new person. It was interesting, as Wynter had never seen this strange woman enter the cave during the fight, surely Wynter would have noticed, but that was besides the point, what was most important was the mission details. Still quite dazed, the blue knight slowly stood, calling out a blade, sheathed to her back, named Balmung, as the blade rested upon Wynter's back, she turned to Rin, listening to each of her questions with her typical knightly demeanor,

"I shall handle the explanation to Mistress Mavis myself. Don't worry as to that, for if I explain what has happened, she will take the matter further." After answering to Rin's question, though her gaze soon turned to this new woman, whom had come back with Pommel, as Wynter could tell, she didn't seem like she'd be an enemy, but, it would help if the woman introduced herself, "And Ma'am, could you introduce yourself? I take it you've aided Pommel when she had slipped up, but I would like to know what to call you by."

While those words lingered, and echoed through the caves she noticed Zane had no shirt, the rest of his clothes seemed to be in tact, but the boy's shirt had become no more. With a sigh, from her requip dimension, came a simple white track shirt, folded nicely, with little else outside of being her training equipment. With a kind smile, she extended her arm, covered and gloved with her gauntlets, to the boy, shirt in hand. As the shirt reached supposedly his vision, she spoke, her words having softened feeling reassured her allies were safe from harm,

"Here, Zane, It might not be a perfect fit, but it'll let us go directly home to the guild. We can handle things there."


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Zena Le Blank

Zena blinked twice, a bit taken aback by someone actually being polite to her. There'd been the pretty boy, she supposed, but he'd been more... friendly than courteous. The woman had also called her "ma'am", which, in Zena's recollection, was something only Braid had ever done. That is to say, she'd always gotten the feeling Mimi would've used the term, but given that she was mute, Zena wasn't entirely sure the little mime counted, which meant... yeah, just Braid.

In the time it had taken Zena to adjust to the abrupt change in speaking manner, the armored woman had passed off a shirt to some topless kid named- "Zane?" The name sounded familiar, and it took a second for it to click as to just why. "Or uhm. No, I'm Zena. Le Blank." She looked between the faces in the cave whom she felt pretty sure didn't yet know her, then added tentatively: "The Cross-Eyed Serpent?"

She swung her arms at her sides awkwardly,sticking her tongue in her cheek and rocking on her heels. This was a fun little conversation, wasn't it. "Oh," she interjected, stopping her sway and pointing a thumb over her shoulder at Pommel. "That kid owes me money, technically? Same with Rin, I guess, though I doubt she'd be willing to, uh." She clicked her tongue. "Pay for her. Spirit's. Rescuuuue. So I guess I'm coming with you guys. Manzana said she'd make me puffer fish to cover my fee, so." She clicked her tongue again, clapping the side of one fist against her opposite palm, as if the discussion were closed. "Vamanos."


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Anachayla Kaylorn: A.K.A Chayla

The streets of Fiore bustled with merchants and couples as they walked hand in hand down the cobbled paths. Chayla strolled by them a smile growing as she passed familiar buildings. She stopped by a stall its sweet aroma of cinnamon buns pulling her towards it. They glistened in the sun the sugary sweetness of the freshly baked treats making her mouth water as she licked her lips. These would make excellent presents for everyone in the guild she thought gleefully. However, not everyone may like sweets like she did, she pondered for a moment, her expression scrunching in thought.

Her decision made, Chayla bought 2 dozen cinnamon buns and also a 2 dozen meat buns so her guild members could have a choice. Bags of goodies in hand she quickened her pace through Fiore her destination in sight as the tall building towered above the street. As she grew closer to the guild her heart quickened with excitement.

She had been away for so long now, three weeks may not be a long time to some people but to Chayla, it was a lifetime when she travelled alone. She hated being alone, she had missed the guild and its homely feeling. The crowd, the warmness and the happiness she felt there.

Finally stepping up to the doors Chayla stopped for a moment her hand shook a little bit. She was excited. Taking a deep breath she had already mapped in her mind her entrance.

"Glass make rose bush" she whispered just before opening the door with a heavy push. The hardwood flung open as suddenly glass roses bloomed around her as she held her arms up the bags of goodies on show. "Guess who's back from a successful mission with some treats for you all!" she exclaimed to the guild members who sat within.


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(Sorry its a bit rushed and short, I lost the first post)

Zane was happy to get the shirt, even if he didn't mind too much. He looked around. "We should probably deal with the survivors first. Besides, I don't think I can leave until I find out what they are doing here, and why it attracted so many monsters to this mountain. There are too many Dark Wizards for us to leave now. Think about it, you agree right? We cant just let this Dark Guild run around making a mess. If we do, we risk more people coming under threat. What about the village of people at the base of the mountain? We can send Mavis a magical letter, it won't take too long to reach her".

Zane went to a knee temporarily, but quickly got back up. He needed time to recover his strength as well, and going over water again was not something he was ready for. He needed time to recover in the village at the foot of the mountain.

"Besides, I have some personal business to take care of. Something has been bothering me, and I need to look into it. But there is too much to do here to ignore" he said as he put his hand into a damaged pocket. Suddenly, about ten different job requests for this region fell out. "Like I said, too much to do with Dark Wizards running around".

Liar. He planned to stay here for awhile from the very beginning and complete a ton of jobs in this area. Hoarding them more like. Zane could be a bit of a workaholic when he was having fun with it.

"So, lets get everything together and make our way to the village. No matter what, we are all headed there anyways".


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"Ahh, you can see them then?"

Ahh, so he was right. Spirits they were, although he didn't quite know what they looked like. Well, it would be rude to ask to see their figures just because he was curious, so Jared wasn't going to bother. They would show him if they wanted to, no biggie. As the puppy bounded over to him Jared hesitantly reached out, scratching the plush puppy on the head. It felt soft and fine in his hands, like real puppy fur, and Jared decided to adhere to the rules of what he knew about animals (even if he or she used to be alive and human) and started to scratch it behind the ears, fingers sifting gently through the dog's white fur, prepared to stop if the spirit - Snowball - didn't like it.

As Anastasia continued with the introductions Jared's face remained the same neutral look, noting how the cat Princess was as far away from him as she could. Her name suited her. Shy, but it was ok - Jared could relate. He knew how nerve wrecking talking to people could be (even now talking to others was a bit hard), and she had Anastasia for company. She probably didn't like talking to people who only saw her as a stuffed animal anyway. He gave a polite nod towards her, taking another sip of his drink.

The fox, the one who had approached him, had seemed smug when Jared had revealed that he could see them. Had he noticed that Jared could see spirits? Probably not, Jared decided, remembering how Leonidas - no wait, Fang - had turned his head in surprise like the others, the feeling of surprise that came from the toys when he revealed that he could see them for who they were. It had probably been a lucky guess, in what had been an attempt to get Anastasia to talk to someone.

So the fox is her brother? That sucks. Jared eye's narrowed a tiny fraction, slightly concerned at the change of tone in her voice when Anastasia began to reveal who the fox spirit was. It had been enthusiastic before, like someone who had just met a fan in the same fandom they were in for the first time, but the moment she mentioned the fox spirit her tone started to waver, almost as if -

As if she were about to cry.

Jared froze, hand still holding the half finished cup of coffee. Anyone who didn't know him well or were bad at observation would see that although his normally relaxed posture had stiffened his face didn't change, but those who did would have noticed Jared's eyes widening just a bit as the realization hit him, mouth going slightly slack with surprised dismay. Oh no.

Before he could do anything Anna's face crumpled. Frozen in his seat, Jared watched as Anastasia slumped over to rest her head against the counter, the images of children crying; reigned in sobbing with despair and hopelessness in their voices suddenly flashing vividly in mind like lightning out of the blue. The spirits gathering around her in an effort for comfort snapped Jared out of his flashback, and in a move that was more instinct than conscious Jared reached out a hand to pat her on the head.

It was something he had done back when he had been locked up in that place, giving what comfort he could to the kids who had been locked up like him. So many children crying or dull eyed with hopelessness or death... Jared didn't like seeing that.

Scratch that. Jared never wanted to see that again.

His hand was soothing and warm, although bandages covered his palms from a wound he had received a few days ago adding a coolness to the touch. For a moment, Jared considered a hug, but he dismissed it within seconds. Hugging someone he'd just met was too much out of his comfort zone, and he wasn't sure whether Anna would appreciate the close contact. Instead, he ruffled her hair gently, hopefully comfortingly, ready to pull back if she didn't like it. It seemed to work when he did it with the kids back then, so maybe it'd work now too? Jared hoped it did. Even after all those times, unsureness still settled like soggy bread in his stomach, worry that he might be screwing up. Worried, he shot Fang and the other two a look that said Is this ok? What should we do?

"...It's ok." He said quietly, his tone being hopefully reassuring. "You don't need to talk about it if you don't want to." Working to recall stuff that helped cheer people up back then, Jared turned to Alicia, who was busying herself with drying some cups. "... Alicia, some food please?" He asked, emoting with his eyes act normal, act normal. "Nothing too sweet," he added, remembering that Anna had said that she didn't like sweet things earlier. "and a refill for my cup. Thanks."


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Despite trying her best not to relieve that memory again, Anastasia couldn't help but slip into it. Her brother telling her to run, the sound of flesh being cut, the heavy smell of blood in the air, the exhaustion as she fled as far as she could. crying the entire time.

A few tears escaped her eyes, Fang quickly wiping them from her face. Feeling something resting on her head, the girl opened her eyes, blinking away the blurriness from her vision. Glancing up, she noticed that Jared had his hand on her head And while she hadn't heard what he had said, he seemed to have just finished speaking to Alicia.

The girl gave him a watery smile before closing her eyes and taking deep breaths to center herself. Once she felt that she wouldn't start crying again, she straightened up in her seat, a suddenly shy look on her face as she opened her eyes and stared at the table. "Uhh. Sorry about that."

It was just than that a plate settled onto the table in front of her, a fork along with it. Blinking a couple of times, Anastasia tilted her head to the side as she looked at the slice of tiramisu that was now in front of her. The dessert was more bitter than sweet from the coffee and was something she had ordered a couple of times since joining the guild. Honestly, she was surprised that Alicia remembered that she had liked it before.

Reaching for the fork, she scooped up a small piece of it to eat, humming softly at the taste. The girl then turned to face Jared again, smiling up at him, clearly happier than just a few minutes previously. "So. Umm..." She trailed off, because what could she say after breaking down in front of the man?


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#, as written by Tanman
Pommel Grade

Pommel sat for a bit as she watched the discussion go back and forth amongst her guildmates, only just now realising how cold she was with all the tears in her outfit. She wouldn’t complain though, given the injuries that the rest of the team seemed to have, and the presence of two of her main idols. She was tough. She could take it. Maintaining her composure and acting calm and sweet, she couldn’t help but grind her teeth slightly as Zane, of all people, got given a gift from Wynter. Man, that made her so jealous! If she’d only been roughed up a bit more maybe Wynter would have something for her to wear! She could picture it now, her own, personal, Pommel sized requip armour, complete with decals, ribbons, sweet armour, a fancy sword…

Daydreaming once again, it probably didn’t matter too much that she didn’t comment on the proceedings and discussion. Even if she was a bit more aware, she felt that she wasn’t in a senior enough position to give her own opinion on what the group should do. That was until there was the suggestion that they should all stay and deal with the Dark Guild problem. Though Zena had already mentioned that Pommel had some obligations to fill (What was a Manzana anyway? It clearly meant her but ugh… That was going to be bugging her until she could ask someone!), there were plenty of other reasons that the young wizard felt it wasn’t appropriate to be on this sort of job still. Standing up, she found an appropriate moment to interject with her concerns to Zane, who seemed to think he was enough of a big-wig to be ordering Wynter and Rin around! Hah! Just because he was an S-Class didn’t mean he was in charge. Not to mention he was just being selfish and greedy about completing jobs for himself, as was clearly evidenced by his blunder spilling his papers.

“That’s dumb.” Pommel stated bluntly, folding her arms. “Maybe competent wizards like Wynter and Rin can stay here, but I for one have had enough adventure for one day.” She hmmphed, puffing her cheeks and pouting. “I know I’m not really cut out for this yet, so I can go back home and tell Mavis what’s been going on. I don’t want to be a burden to any of you if this is going to be a serious guild war… Besides, I have to get uh… Tupidsay here her Pufferfish.” She thumbed in Zena’s direction, before moving her hand back into their folded position. It wasn’t that she was that annoyed, but it was at the very least slightly warmer. “It’s not like I’m scared or anything…” She added, mumblin slightly, clearly feeling quite the opposite after all that happened. Either way, she meant what she said about the other stuff. She’d go back with them to the village, but as much as she wanted to stay with her idols, she was better off serving as a messenger for now.

With one last huff, she stomped her foot to the ground, rubbing her arms fervently. “A-Anyway, can we get moving?! It’s freezing in here!” She began striding off, her patience and cheeriness finally wearing thin as she stormed in the direction she thought was home – Though she really had no idea if it was anywhere near the correct direction.