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Fairy Tail - A New Generation » Places

Places in Fairy Tail - A New Generation

This is a list of locations that can be found in Fairy Tail - A New Generation.

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Ariana Hasani

Tatsuo took the bait. "You doubt my eating ability? I'm a Dragon Slayer, we're big eaters." Tatsuo said with a smirk as he cracked his knuckles and stuffed a napkin in his collar, "I take it I'm the first Dragon Slayer you've met huh?" Then without waiting for her response he started eating... if you could even call it that. Within minutes (MINUTES) he'd completely cleaned off half the platters of food, continuously tearing into the meal and shoveling it into his mouth. If Aria didn't know better she could've sworn his jaw unhinged like a snake in order to allow more food in. Truly it was a sight to (never) behold; one that didn't seem like it was going to be ending any time soon as Mr. William brought more food out and set it before him.

As Mr. William did this Tatsuo glanced up at Aria, who (thanks to years of practice) had been keeping her face very carefully blank through the scene, but cracked the smallest of smiles as he winked and said "Ye of little faith." With a small shake of her head Aria began eating too, appearing almost dainty in manner by comparison to the Dragon Slayer, taking her time with the single plate of food that had been placed before her as the rest of Tatsuo's food arrive. She was midway through her own plate when Tatsuo spoke again. "So your magic, what can you do?" Aria glanced up from her plate at him as if asking what he meant, though it was fairly obvious. Despite taking the bait he'd not forgotten his initial curiosities, and Aria made a mental note to once again not underestimate the dragon slayer.

"You... altered that dude's mind. Do you have like mind control or something?" He asked, his mouth full of food, "And those goblins back there... you did something to them also didn't you?" Tatsuo's voice was casual (and somewhat muffled by food) however she could feel very clearly his suspicion and the wariness of his words as he mentioned mind control and reading minds. "Yes I did, though I have no direct power over a person - I can only manipulate one's emotions." Aria said simply, without any trace of emotion in her voice or face as she did (well aware of the irony behind this), "What you saw were minor manipulations of emotion. Mr. William I made to feel gratitude so he'd quit behaving so rudely, and the goblins I made to feel fear so they would leave the area." Tatsuo swallowed (which made it considerably easier to understand him) and asked "What else can you do? Can you read minds or something?" Though his voice was still casual, upon uttering these words there was notable wariness about him that immediately tipped Aria off: Tatsuo had secrets he'd rather others not know (though truthfully who in this world didn't? Even the tiniest child wished to kep secret the cookies they'd stolen before dinner). Though as curious as Aria was, now was neither the time nor the place to pry; quite the opposite, Tatsuo needed to be reassured that his secrets were not in danger of being exposed.

"No, I cannot read minds, merely sense the emotions of others." Aria said calmly with a small, casual shrug as she took another bite of her food. "I can drain one's emotions until they are unwilling to fight, but other than that mine is a magic best used outside of combat, hence why I have Dawn." And she tapped the weapon by her side, the morning star with it's spikes retracted so the metal sphere was perfectly smooth, with the smallest hint of pride. Aria knew she was talking down about her magic, one of the long lost arts, as it could be exceptionally powerful in combat (assuming the right people were influenced). However if her companions believed she was powerful enough to manipulate them they may fear her, and then she'd be no better than Elison. At the thought of him Aria's mouth turned to slight frown and she got quiet, covering her sudden silence with another bite of her food.

After a few more minutes of them eating relatively quietly, they all seemed to have finished their meals more-or-less, and Tatsuo spoke again, taking Aria's mind from Elison (a distraction she was grateful for). "This was your first legit mission right? You should buy something here. A memento or something." He suggested, and at her raised eyebrow he added, "I don't know, a snowglobe or postcard or something? Just something so you won't forget it. That's what I did, I got me a postcard from the town I had my first job in." Aria considered this for a moment. She'd never really kept any trinkets from the places she'd been as the memories they'd carry would have the potential to make her emotional. But he had a point; this was her first successful mission and maybe she ought to pick up a small trophy of accomplishment. "I guess I could." she said, sounding rather indifferent, but contrary to her voice her eyes were already peering out the window and gazing into the windows of other shops as if already trying to identify an appropriate item. "Perhaps some barrettes to replace the ones I lost to the wyvern." She added with a small smile, once again amused by the mental image of whomever found her clips before glancing at Miya who wasn't quite done eating yet. "Miya, if you're not finished eating yet, would you mind waiting here in case Dyandin and Rin or the carriage arrive?" Aria said as she stood up and stepped out of the booth, turning her unreadable violet eyes to Tatsuo as Miya nodded in response to her request. "And if you're finished, Tatsuo, you're welcome to join me."

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