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Aina Scheherazade

"In my own assessment... I have no redeeming qualities whatsoever."

0 · 485 views · located in Fiore

a character in “Fairy Tail | New Beginnings”, as played by Feyblue



|Fighting Theme Songs|
Reincarnation ~ Unknown Dimension
Encounter - Secret Messenger
Re-Encounter - Secret Messenger

|Emotional Theme Song|
Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
Adlib - Hiroyuki Sawano
Refrain of Memory - Secret Messenger

|Face Claim|
Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou Project

Aina Kelleth Scheherazade



|Mage Type|
Holder Mage

|Type of Magic|
Lost Script-class Magic, Tome of Ark, details below.

Unranked guild member.

|Crest Location|
On the upper-left side of her chest, over her heart.

|Crest Color|

The closest thing Aina has to a weapon is the magic item she draws on to cast spells: the Tome of Ark. It's rather thick to begin with, but also periodically clears its pages, and regenerates those that have been torn out, so as not to have all of its space used up. It offers the user a much more efficient way to use rune magic, allowing the runes to be projected onto its pages just by touching it and thinking about them - although the runes must still be read aloud to activate their effects. Furthermore, the runes it uses are unique, with properties unlike those of normal script magic. There are two types of rune it can utilize - King's Script and Trace Script.

Whenever the caster comes into contact with a spell while holding the tome, the book automatically catalogs it, storing its data within the tome's pages in the form of Trace Script - runes which take on the attributes of the magic they connect with. This allows the user to replicate spells they've encountered first hand, given that they have the energy to do so, and that the spell is something that can be replicated. Other unique magics such as Dragon Slayer, God Slayer, or Lost Magics, cannot be imitated, although they can be analyzed.

King's Script, meanwhile, is the ancient magic from which arts such as Ecriture of Darkness were derived. It allows the user to make a single, absolute command that will redefine the nature of whatever the object is that both the caster and runes are touching. The upside is that it requires much less preparation than its more modern counterparts. The downside is that the only means of using it is with the Tome of Ark, meaning the caster can only use it when both they and the book are touching a target. Usually, this means tearing out a page of the book covered in runes, sticking it to an object, and then declaring the desired command. Of course, more powerful commands also require more energy, which can only be stored within the runes for so long after a command has been made. So, for example, while Aina could easily stick a page to a door and command it to keep someone from entering - thus making it nigh-impossible for the subject to open the door for a certain period of time - it would be much harder for her to, say, stick a page to a person and command them to serve her, thus forcing them to obey her orders, since she would need a phenomenal amount of power to keep such a complex command going, which she lacks. So, even though her runes could theoretically be used to alter the laws of reality in the same manner as Freed's, it would take either power beyond that of any mage due to the inefficiency of the medium for completing such a task, or extensive preparation to create a restricted area such as those he uses.

However, by combining the two types of runes, she is capable of dealing with most magical objects with ease - Trace Script to analyze the object's composition, and King's Script to alter it to suit her purposes - and possesses a near-perfect, highly-efficient defense against magic - Trace Script to analyze enemy spells, and King's Script to command her own body to be unharmed by those specific spells. Furthermore, she's also capable of copying enemy magic and using it against them, making up for her own lack of magical talent or knowledge by using that of her foes instead, and can also store energy in advance by writing King's Script but never issuing a command, thus allowing her an extra reserve of strength to draw on during battle. However, while useful, the book drains phenomenal amounts of energy to use repeatedly, and provides little protection against foes well-versed in eliminating mages through means other than magic, relegating Aina to a supportive role in almost any encounter.

|Why Choose That Guild?|
Aina ended up joining Fairy Tail for a few reasons. Foremost of these was that they welcomed her without question, even though she lacked power or talent. Another major incentive was that they were the most powerful guild in the country, which made them the obvious choice for someone who wanted an avenue to both prove herself and help others.

"I am a member of Fairy Tail. I may be weak. I may be stupid. I may be a worthless excuse for a mage, with no power of my own. But... even so... If you laugh at me, you're laughing at the guild that chose to accept me... And that's something that I won't ever allow!"


|Hair Color|

|Eye Color|

Five feet, five inches.

108 pounds.

|Physical Description|
Rather short, lithe, and curvy, Aina looks very fragile. Her skin is pale and smooth, and her body delicately formed, as though painstakingly crafted by some sort of dollmaker. With comparatively long legs and a large bust, yet a very thin body and weak, dainty hands, she looks trapped between the body of an adult woman and the body of a younger girl. This sense of awkwardness permeates her being, her eyes avoiding direct contact with those of other people, her face averting itself from view instinctively, her body usually hunching or somehow finding ways to hide itself behind a nearby object, leaving only her face peeking out at most, and her hands oftentimes seeming to fidget about, folding themselves or prodding at each other nervously with a mind of their own. Her hair is long and silky smooth, its straight locks usually managed into two distinct curtains on either side of her face, held in place by a girlish pair of blue and red ribbons. Her usual attire reflects this rather youthful aesthetic, usually consisting of lace-trimmed white and purple dresses and gowns with matching mantles, cardigans, stockings, or of course, her ever-present cap, adorned with a rather distinctive cross-ornament and ribbons similar to those in her hair.

She has few distinctive features aside from her doll-like appearance, lacking any real birthmarks, blemishes, or tattoos - aside from the guild crest of Fairy Tail, which has a tendency to poke out from beneath the edges of her more low-cut outfits, given its somewhat symbolic positioning. However, there is one notable thing about her, a secret series of scars she bears - rather prominent white lines across her back, old wounds which show beneath her tender skin: the marks of a whip.

"Erm... I just... That is... I'd like it if you'd... Never mind. Sorry to waste your time..."


Aina is... something of a doormat. Quiet, shy, and reclusive, she generally avoids other people. Although she's certainly capable of dealing with ordinary conversations - albeit awkwardly - she's very uncomfortable with anything even remotely personal. She hates to ask other people for favors, feeling like she should be able to handle whatever comes her way herself, and not wanting to bother them with her troubles. Nevertheless, at the same time, she'll agree to help anyone who asks her for assistance, even if it's a task she is incapable of, or uncomfortable doing, as she finds refusing people who ask for her aid to be nearly impossible.

Unused to having anyone pay much attention to her, she finds it incredibly nerve-wracking when people do. Feeling embarrassed by her own shortcomings, she tries to avoid any subjects that hit too close to home, and always acts very humble about herself, even to the point of self-deprecation. Lacking in confidence and self-esteem, she feels guilty about many things that aren't even her fault, such that apologizing is one of the things she does most. If at all possible, she'll avoid other people entirely, as she doesn't want to monopolize their time, or get in their way. Although she's not clumsy, persay, she is somewhat neurotic, and finds it almost impossible to complete even normal tasks when people are watching, sometimes even shutting down completely and running away to a nice, quiet place - preferably one with a great many books - to help calm her thoughts.

On that note, she's quite the bookworm, spending most of her free time reading novels, grimoires, and generally anything interesting she can get her hands on. When this fails, she can often be found perusing her Tome of Ark, reviewing all the spells she's encountered during her career as a Mage, so as to be ready should she need to either use them or combat another user of the same magics. Determined to be of use no matter what missions she's given, she takes training as a mage very seriously, oftentimes over-exerting herself even in basic magic exercises to hone her skills, and pouring all her remaining energy at the end of each day into the Tome of Ark, so as to have access to a large reserve of power in dangerous situations.

A closet romantic, she oftentimes views reality like a storybook, and as such, can seem like a bit of a space case at times, predicting what might happen next based on literary cliches and oftentimes reaching rather bizarre conclusions. This image is only reinforced by her otherworldly naivete, viewing even ordinary, everyday courtesies as some sort of great benefaction, and mundane privileges as fabulous luxuries. She's notoriously bad with sarcasm, completely failing to see the hidden meaning behind words spoken in jest. She does, however, love a good joke - for a certain definition of the term. Actually, her favorite kind of humor is puns, and rather bad ones at that, as many other jokes, like sarcasm, slip over her head completely.

However, for all her faults, there are a few good things that can be said about the idealistic, brave, yet lonely girl. Aina, while finding it difficult to connect to others, views any kindness shown her as a debt to be repaid, making her fiercely loyal to anyone she calls a friend. Capable of keeping her wits about her in a fight, she makes up for her own lack of experience and her guildmates' straightforward approach to things through an intensely analytical approach to magic. She takes her obligations seriously at all times, and is generally a very nice person, no matter how many problems may weigh heavily on her mind. She can be very clingy at times, though, coming to rely greatly on the company of those who treat her well, even if she's too dishonest with herself to admit it. This leads to a sort of paradoxical shy avoidance of people she likes, yet always turning to them in times and need, or helping them however she can when they need her aid. This leads to her seeming a little bit two-sided, running between hot and cold depending on whether she's predominantly feeling loyalty or shyness at the moment. Both gloomy and distant, and yet sweet and faithful, she's an enigmatic girl to be sure.


    โค Like |Reading books.| "The stories are my favorites. Seeing people overcoming hardship to live happily ever after... it's so inspiring. I think the real world should be more like storybooks, sometimes."
    โค Like |Being praised by her guildmates.| "They've done so much for me... the least I can do is make them proud of me."
    โค Like |Helping those in need.| "I know what it's like to be sad, lonely, and powerless. Above all else, I never want anybody else to feel that same sense of despair and agony."
    โค Like |Sweets.| "S-so what if I have a bit of a sweet tooth...? There's nothing wrong with liking good food..."

    โœ˜ Dislike |Being insulted.| "There's really no reason to be mean to people, is there? H-huh...? No, I'm not crying! I'm not..."
    โœ˜ Dislike |Being touched.| "I-it just makes me uncomfortable, is all..."
    โœ˜ Dislike |Making direct eye contact.| "Please don't stare..."
    โœ˜ Dislike |Not knowing things.| "It makes me feel stupid. If it's important, it's my job as a mage to find out what it is and understand it completely."

    โœ” Strength |She's capable of analyzing enemy magic completely, allowing her to counter it.|
    โœ” Strength |She can neutralize enchantment and rune based magic with her own magic, allowing her to deal with traps or barriers that might otherwise threaten or impede herself or her allies.|
    โœ” Strength |She possesses a vast range of utility in other, more mundane matters than battle, including healing, research, and matters of personal convenience.|
    โœ” Strength |She has a vast well of energy from which to draw power due to the amount of magic stored in her Tome of Ark.|

    โ˜  Flaw |Aina is very weak physically, incapable of holding her own in anything but a direct confrontation of magic without a great deal of preparation to throw the odds in her favor.|
    โ˜  Flaw |She is very frail, easily catching cold, and easily incapacitated by comparatively minor wounds.|
    โ˜  Flaw |She has a rather small store of her own energy, having to resort to the Tome of Ark's energy storage capabilities to give her enough power to effectively do battle. Thus, she's easily worn down by consecutive fights, and once she runs out of power, it takes a long time for her to recover.|
    โ˜  Flaw |She lacks self-confidence, and thus has a tendency to hesitate when forced to make important decisions on her own.|

    โ– Habit |She is a very sleepy person, and oftentimes will just doze off if left sitting around with nothing better to do.|
    โ– Habit |When embarrassed, she has a tendency to hide her face behind her book, even when it's obvious she's not reading.|
    โ– Habit |She snuggles up to things in her sleep. Given how often she dozes off due to her poor sleeping habits, this can result in some rather awkward situations.|

"All I wanted was to be able to help others instead of relying on them and dragging them down. If my past self saw me now... would she praise me?"

|Personal History|
A child orphaned by a devastating earthquake, Aina found herself "adopted" by a Dark Guild as a scavenger and ritual assistant. If she worked for them, she got food to eat and a bunk to sleep in - and so work she did. However, among the children brought in by the less-than-scrupulous guild, she was one of the least talented magically, and her constant failures to perform properly often earned her a great deal of scorn and punishment, resulting in her thin, fragile appearance, the whipping scars on her back, and her lack of confidence. Isolated as a pariah due to her failures, she seldom interacted with other people, causing her to become fearful of ever doing so. She hid herself away whenever possible, doing what she was told and simply trying to get by without disappointing anyone, afraid of the punishments that would follow. Nevertheless, weak as she was, she was derided as useless, an insult which burrowed into her consciousness and festered there over the years.

Finally, she could take no more. She wanted to make her own life, to never have to worry about failing anyone again. As it turned out, the Dark Guild that had accepted her had stumbled across a secret library, and made it their base of operations. Looking through this library for a means to improve herself, Aina stumbled across a dusty old tome. Opening it, she found it to be empty, yet an instant later, her own thoughts and desires began to paint themselves on the page in the form of runes. Comparing these strange characters to those she knew, she at last deciphered their meaning, and realized their true power. With the forgotten magic of the Tome of Ark, she was able to match the power of those around her, and even exceed it. With it, she would no longer be forced to obey and suffer under her masters. And so, fleeing with the book, she found herself wandering the countryside of Fiore. Although she managed to get by for a while by begging, she soon realized that she'd need a job to stay alive. But the only thing she knew how to do was use magic through the Tome. And so, she stumbled upon a delightfully simple solution one night when she stumbled upon a guild called Fairy Tail, and begged them to give her room and board for the night. The closely knit guild welcomed her with open arms, and she realized that she'd finally found a place where she could be useful. Asking the guild master to join, she was allowed into the strongest guild in all of Fiore as a new member. Nevertheless, she couldn't complete many tasks on her own, given her frailty and lack of confidence. She was going to need a team, but to get anybody to work together with her, she would need to do that which she so dreaded. She was going to have to open up to others.

|Personal History|
On occasion, Aina wears a small pair of spectacles to better her eyesight. While she can see without them quite well, she's a bit farsighted, so she often uses them to read.

"Thank you for reading my story..."

So begins...

Aina Scheherazade's Story