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Terry Bernhardt

"Now, we could do this one of two ways. The easy way, or the hard way. Please take the hard way."

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a character in “Fairy Tail | New Beginnings”, as played by Homesick Angel




|| Headstrong | Trapt ||
|| Invincible | Adelitas Way ||
|| Superhero | Simon Curtis ||

|| The Humbling River | Puscifer ||
|| Hey Brother | Avicii ||
|| Marchin' On | OneRepublic ||


∞ Nicknames/Aliases ∞
Terry | Sounds a helluva lot better than Terrance, does it not?
The Aegis| His alias. At his core, Terry is a protector, and he's willing to protect anything he holds dear..

∞ Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

∞ Mage Type ∞
Dragon Slayer

∞ Type of Magic ∞
| Earth Magic |
Earth Dragon Slayer Magic is a gift from none other than an Earth Dragon-- Where else? This Lost Magic instills the element of Earth into the user's body. The hard-head and stubborn streak however is all Terry. Because of his magic, he can ingest earth or more specifically rocks and dirt in order to regain lost strength and restore his body, like other Dragon Slayers. He's also able to control and cover himself in his element. Unfortunately, he has no means to create earth from nothing. There either needs to be a source of earth nearby for him to manipulate, or have eaten enough to produce that way. It's a good thing that nearly everything's made from dirt or stone then.

Terry's Earth Magic is defensive in nature, owing to the solidity and hardiness of stone. He can create shields of rock, barriers of stone, and even cover extremities in the stuff to protect both himself and others. This is not to say it's purely defensive, only that it's defensive capabilities outmatch the offensive ones. As they say though, the best offense is a good defense, and Terry's defense is the best. It is not without it's flaws though. Water is his antithesis, turning his earth to mud. His magic becomes difficult to work in water, not to mention it slows him down.

Image∞ Rank ∞
Basic Mage

∞ Crest Location ∞
Sits on the left side of his ribcage, right slap in the middle.

∞ Crest Color ∞
Mustard Yellow

∞ Weapon ∞

∞ Why chose that Guild? ∞
The stubborn old coot Graelimond didn't point little Terry in Fairy Tail's direction. No, he had to trip into the guild all by his lonesome. Graelimond was stubborn like that, always insisting that he find his own way even if he had to land in it ass first. But, there's no place he'd rather be than Fairy Tail. It speaks to him on personal level, powerful and strong, lighthearted and free, and the bare fact that he can't blink without having a good time hit him upside his hard head. If there's anywhere that could help him find Graelimond, and have a good time doing it, it's Fairy Tail.

∞ Faceclaim ∞
Lavi | D.Gray-man


What do you mean, no? You don't say no. You say, yeah, sure why not. You say, hell yeah, I'm in. Saying no is like giving up, and we don't give up. Ever. Understand?


∞ Hair color ∞
Red Clay

∞ Eye color ∞
Spring Green

∞ Height ∞

∞ Weight ∞
160 lbs

∞ Physical Description ∞ Image
From the leathery skin, to the wind beaten brow, and to the callouses on his palm, Terry looks like a man who has been places. He's not the tallest guy around, clocking in just around average, but all that means is he's compacted. He weighs more than he looks but muscle is heavier than fat, right? Not to mention thickened bones earned from childhood training under Graelimond. The Dragon would not allow his foster son to be weak, and it payed off in the end. Terry is gifted with a set of broad shoulders and stiffened spine. His physique is like it's sculpted out of the stone, if you'll pardon the pun. Terry is the strong, well-traveled type and he looks the part.

Now to address the elephant in the room point blank. Yes, that's an eyepatch, and no it's not just for show. Terry is a cyclops, but don't call him that to his face, unless you want a bop to the noggin. The fact of the matter is, he has only one eye, with the other socket completely bare. The eyepatch hides it, but the skin underneath is heavily scarred and whatever took the orbital did it with a fight. The eye that is left is a light green color, sparkling and dancing the sunshine. He doesn't let the missing eye hold him back, and he believes the eyepatch makes him look like an absolute badass. Otherwise, the face the eye sit on is relatively blemish free, barring the leathery quality.

Atop that face is a mat of red hair. The hair is allowed free roam over his scalp and tends to grow wild. He keeps it out of his eye via headband, but causes it to stick further up than when he doesn't wear it. Without it, the hair falls down around his ears and threatens to poke someone if they dare venture too close. And it can poke, Terry's hair is just as rough as his skin. Eternally dry, his hair always seems to have a layer of dust in it, somehow. Give him a good slap to the back of the head and see it for yourself, dust will fly.

When he strides, Terry strides. He's got a cocky way of moving, spine straight and arms a-swinging. A grin plastered to his face and eyes that are seeking the next challenge. Alongside that, Terry wears what he likes to wear. Which are layers of loose clothing that sits on him just right. He enjoys scarves and headbands of nearly all colors and owns a number that he tags in and out across the week, not to mention the pair of earings. The one constant in his dress, however, is the uniform eyepatch. It is the one thing he never takes off even when asked.


You can bet your life on me, I won't let you down. Just get behind me and watch the show.


Image∞ Personality ∞
Dammit Terry, why don't you listen? Terrence is a stubborn, willful young man and trying to argue with him is like banging your head against the wall. Repeatedly. He's the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and says what he thinks and means what he says. Blunt is the polite word, and the impolite word is best not said in polite company. It's not entirely terrible though. His heart is always in the right place and he means well. He's a fighter and a scrapper, and he always tries to fight for the right thing, though don't try to tell him what that thing is. He'll decide. He's a passionate man who does nothing in half-measures.

There lies a temper within the man, and the best way to see it first hand is try to tell him he's wrong. It's nothing dangerous, Terry's nothing if not a big goofy wappy dog yipping at your heels. The worst he'll do is start yelling and flailing his hands about while continuing to not listen. The best way to deal with him to suggest things to him that he by no means has to listen to. It's better to let him think it's his idea than to force it into his head, because nothing's getting through that.

It's only a small part of what makes Terry, Terry though. In spite of all that, he's actually very friendly and is most definitely a people person. He loves to talk to people and generally be around others. His foundation as he calls his friends. He's playful and tends to play up his stubbornness for comedic value. He'll more than happily ignore small contradictions in order to keep the peace, or flatly deny anything and everything you say is right just for the funnies. He's a trying man, and he knows this and tries to accommodate other people. he knows a joke when he sees one and can take one just as well. Just as long as you know the line between joke and insult, because that's when it starts getting personal.

He's loyal as they come and is a rock steady friend when you need one. He's a man who'll always be in your corner when you need him, blindingly believing in you. He's trusting to a near fault and is so gullible it's almost adorable. Almost. He's also a literal man, and hyperbole is difficult to recognize. He's also not the most intelligent man to walk through Fairy Tail's doors. He's not dumb as a rock, so don't go be expecting that pun to pop up, he's just... Thick. His idea of tactics is to punch it until it can't punch back, which is despite what it sounds like not a bad idea when you can punch like a mountain.

Terry's not all rainbows and honeycombs though. The man has a real fear of failure, of trying his best and not having it be enough. He's worried that one day someone will lean on him and instead of being able to support them he'll crumble beneath their feet. So he works hard so that when the time comes, he won't falter and he'll be able to stand his ground. He has a sensitive side, a soft underbelly if you will. He's the fellow who will always cheer for the underdog, and is always a strong shoulder for someone to lean on. He can listen when someone opens their heart up to him, and will respond in kind with his own big heart.

At his very core, Terry is a good man with closed ears but an open heart. He's stubborn, hardheaded, contradictory, and will be your best friend if you let him. There's no one else you'd want in your corner, and no one who's more willing to support you than him, all you need to do is ask. A rough man with a soft interior, willing to protect all those who would put their faith in him. Terry is nothing short of an Aegis.

∞ Likes ∞
    ❤ Rocks || "Mmm, delicious, scrumptious rocks."
    ❤ Dirt || "Who doesn't like to get some dirt under their nails? Nothing makes you feel more like a man!"
    ❤ Excitement || "Yeah! Let's go FIGHT SOMETHING! ARGH!"
    ❤ Hikes || "There's nothing in the world like a nice mountain hike... It reminds me of Grael."

∞ Dislikes ∞
    ✘ Water || "It's all... Wet and stuff. I'm also not the best of swimmers, so I keep away."
    ✘ Rain || "It's water that falls. Really, what's it good for anyway? It just makes everything muddy."
    ✘ Being Wrong || "I don't care what you say, I'm right, you're wrong, now shut up."
    ✘ Failure || "What can I say? I'm a winner. I need to win. I can't let anyone down..."

∞ Strengths ∞
    ✔ Headstrong || Sure, it can be a weakness as well, but Terry's inability to give up tends to help more than hinder. He's the kind of guy who can't take no for answer and won't give up unless his body does. Willful and stubborn, he is an immovable object when it comes to brass tacks.
    ✔ Reliable || Chalk it up to personality, but Terry is reliable as they come. He will do what he says, damn anything that gets in his way. If you ask him to do something, then it will get done. Whether it's done right or not however, is a conversation all on its own.
    ✔ Strong || He's no weakling, that Terry. He's not the punch out a dragon barehanded kind of strong, but rather dig in his heels and weather the storm kind. Stability is what Terry brings to the table, both literally and metaphorically.
    ✔ Protective || Perhaps not so much as a strength of body, but strength of character, Terry is the protective sort. He's the sort of protective that would wrap his body around another to ensure that they stay out of harm's way. It may not be healthy for him, but he refuses to see it as a weakness.

∞ Flaws ∞Image
    ☠ Motion Sickness || What's a Dragon Slayer that doesn't get sick when in a moving vehicle? Terry would much rather hoof it and experience the land than sit cooped up and feel miserable.
    ☠ Water || Terry and water do not mix. At all. He's like a cat in that aspect. More than that, it effects his magic and decreases its effectiveness and generally slows him down. That, and he's perhaps the weakest swimmer in the whole of Fairy Tail. Cue jokes about him sinking like a rock.
    ☠ Depth Perception || Try losing an eye and keep your depth perception. It just doesn't work. Terry has difficulty in judging relative distances between himself and an object. Fortunately for him, precision is rarely expected from him, nor should it ever be.
    ☠ Thick || He's not the most... Intelligent soul to grace Fairy Tail's halls. Though not as dumb as a rock, as funny as it is, thinking isn't his strong suit, nor is he perceptive. Terry runs off of emotions and instinct. He ain't got no fancy book learnin's.

∞ Quirks ∞
    ❖ Eating Habits || As a Dragon Slayer, Terry's eating habits are... Odd. To put it frank, he eats earth. Rocks, dirt, clay, Terry will clean his plate and then take it a step further and swallow the plate as well, given that it's ceramic.
    ❖ Literal Minded || Hyperbole? What's that? Subtlety is lost on him, and hints are best used elsewhere. If you want him to completely understand something, don't sugarcoat it and smack him across the head with it for good measure.
    ❖ Barefooted || Terry has this habit where he tends to kick off his shoes and walk around barefooted outside. To him, there's nothing greater than the feel of the dirt between his toes. The soles of his feet are thick because of this, almost freakishly so. The amount of shoes he's lost is best counted in the hundreds.


I was always taught to stand up straight with my spine locked. To always look directly forward, to never back down, and to never give up. If there is a wall in our path, break it down. We will not be stopped.



| History |

Where did it all start for little ol' Terry? Well, who knows? He's not completely sure himself, but one thing's for certain: he did not have an easy go of it. He doesn't know where he was born, or to whom, his first memories were those of crushing loneliness and abject poverty. He was orphaned at such a young age, he never did know his parents, much less their names. He survived on the streets of a small mountain town on the goodwill of others, but it was hardly what he would call a life. Life was meant to be lived, not survived. It wasn't long before he had enough and set about to traveling.

The fact of the matter is, he doesn't talk about this time in his life. Stories such as those evoke emotions of pity, and he's not the kind of guy who likes to be pitied. If asked, he scoffs and says he looks forward, not back. Efforts to pry the information out of him go about as well as one would expect. He offers the barest explanations for his tentative years, and it's not until he met Graelimond that he begins to open up. Graelimond was an Earth Dragon, a great and mighty creature that Terry refuses to call to anything but "Grael" or "That stubborn old coot."

Grael was the only father Terry ever knew, and though the old coot was strict and rigid as one might think an Earth Dragon would be, there was also a kindness there. Grael was Terry's protector from the day they met. It's another story that Terry doesn't like to tell, but it's also one he'd tell if the mood is right and the question is sincere. Basically, he was lost in the mountains, and night quickly approached. Terry was ambushed by a pack of animals. A better story would have Grael appear then and there, and save him from any and all harm. This is not a better story. Terry was mauled to near death, and lost his eye in the process. He had all but given up when rung a tremendous roar, something that he'd never forget. It sounded like a mountain being crushed and the shattered pieces grinding against each other. The ground beneath him quaked, the rocks trembled, and Terry lost consciousness.

When he awoke, Grael had curled up around him protectively, and lent Terry warmth. It was the dragon that nursed him back to health, and soon after Terry began thinking of the tough codger as a parent. Grael taught Terry everything he could to survive and protect himself, including Dragon Slayer magic. Years were spent like this with Terry and Grael living together, and at every chance he can Terry mentions that he often rode Grael and the old dragon hated it when he did. Grael taught Terry a lot more than how to protect himself. The dragon gave the boy a hardened spine and demanded that the kid stood up for himself and carve his own path, even if that path was made of granite. Terry grew to be as headstrong and as willful as his foster father. Terry mentions instances of yelling matches between him and the dragon, noting how he always lost by the lone virtue of the size difference; though not for lack of trying.

For all of his guidance, Grael did not tell Terry what he should do with his life. Whatever came next was in the boy's hands, not his claws. This he made expressly clear. Grael made the boy make his own choices. Terry mentions something about how Grael explained that he would guide the boy, but never hold his hand. He'd never always be there to protect him, so he had to learn to protect himself and make his own decisions. And he was not wrong. One day, Graelimond was gone with nary a clue nor trace to be found. After overcoming the initial shock Terry began to wander again.

What follows next is a hodgepodge of random stories. In contrast how his younger days were, Terry not only survived, but lived. He never stopped searching for Graelimond, and still looks even now, but he does not allow it to get in the way of his life, the life he chose to lead by his own hands. After few years, he joined Fairy Tail. They were men and women after his own dusty heart. Hardy mages of all types, who had the same love of life as he did and the same desire to live instead of mere existence. Entrance was as painless as "hey, lemme in."

Now he has something he wants to protect, and he will despite whatever may come. Graelimond not only gave him the ability to guard himself, but to be a shield to everything he holds dear. If someone wants to take that away from him, they'll have to chisel it out of his granite hands.



Well, you know. I could say something deep and meaningful. Something that would make you search your soul and ponder life's mysteries. I could, but I won't. That's not my style. The only thing I'm going to say is that you're free to choose your own path. But if you want company on that path, I'm your guy.


So begins...

Terry Bernhardt's Story