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". . . " *Pouts* " . . ."

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a character in “Fairy Tail: The Azure Knights”, originally authored by Polarisbear12, as played by RolePlayGateway




Height: 5’0
Appearance:Golem’s overall build is small and lithe yet a scrawny body of a young child. She has short choppy white hair that is cut a little past her earlobes and is combed a bit so it’s not too messy. Her overall skin tone is a dark tan that is riddled with scars and minor burns that she has acquired over the years. Her eyes are a bright orange that easily express her emotions much to her avail. She is often seen wearing a black sleeveless dress with a white color that reaches all the way to the middle of her thighs with a pair of black boots and a jacket that hides her dress. But because of her androgynous body most people think she’s a guy at first glance. Golems voice doesn’t help much either since she doesn’t speak more than a word or two. But don’t judge a book by its cover, Golem is actually stronger than she looks able to carry twice her weight or more if she tries really, really hard.

Color/Location of Stamp
Because Golem has just arrived at the guild that morning she doesn’t have her stamp just yet. But once she does it would be orange in color and located just below her collarbone.

Personality:Golem is a rather expressive young girl but is silent in how she goes about doing so. She is very hard working always trying to meet the needs of others and often forgetting about her own. However despite her initial personality Golem can be kind towards those she befriends.
Overall Golem is a very calm and rational person but is capable of showing other aspects of herself though she usually goes about unnoticed. Initially cold towards those she doesn’t know after a while she will eventually warm up towards others and becomes a bit more open in expressing herself. Golem can easily become attached to a person depending on the circumstance of them meeting.

There is one major flaw to her way of thinking, if she can’t see it; then it doesn’t exist. Ultimately things like love, hate, anger feelings that she doesn’t know how to express do not exist in her eyes as she cannot “see” them. However one side to her that often contradicts this way of thought is the fact that way Golem expresses herself. Because she doesn’t talk she will try and communicate with those around her by facial expressions and people find this childish. And to add to this childish nature is the fact that Golem is easily bored meaning if you don’t hold her attention with something interesting she will fall asleep right then and there.


Intense heat or fire
Water or cold temperatures

Sand Manipulation: Golem is capable of controlling the finely divided rock and mineral particles of earth and control, shape and otherwise manipulate it to her advantage.

Density Control:She can manipulate the density of sand to make it dense and solid enough to stop a moving vehicle or diffuse and liquid or almost mist-like characteristics; which can be deadly if it were to be like a sand storm stripping a person of their flesh within a matter of minutes.

Signature Abilities:

Dehydration:She is even able to dehydrate the moisture out of anything containing moisture such as plants, dirt or animals, causing them to crumble into sand/dust. Unfortunately Golem dislikes taking a human life and often uses this ability on her surroundings to produce sand for her to use. The larger and more moisture it carries the longer and more energy it takes to dehydrate the object.

Bury: As the name states Golem is able to bury a person(s) under a thick layer of sand that is constantly moving so it is difficult to break free from. It works in a similar manner to that of a boa constrictor. The more one struggles the tighter the hold becomes until eventually said person is crushed or loses conscious due to lack of oxygen. Golem usually uses this to keep someone from moving and likes to keep their head above the moving sand so they can breathe.

Sand Mimicry: Golem is able to transform her entire body into that of sand, taking on an exact replica of her human form with organs and such or into a homogenous form with no part of her form being more important than the other. The drawback to this ability is her lack of raw power and durability of other earthen materials such as stone or metal. What she makes up for this is her flexibility, being able to manipulate her body with ease. Golem tries to stay away from using this ability since intense heat or large amounts of liquid can hinder her movements or kill her all together.

Misdirection:This is more of a skill than anything else and has nothing to do with her powers. But due to her rather silent and unnoticeable personality she can easily go about without being noticed almost like a ghost of sorts. All she has to do is make it so she doesn't do anything that brings attention to herself or by making herself seem like a person you need not concern yourself over and she pretty much disappears from view with no one giving her a second a thought. Golem is always using this ability but not at a high level just enough so no one notices her.

Golem is always seen wearing a large gourd on her back. It carries the sand that is infused with her magic so it’s easier to control and requires less effort to use the sand that she has already prepared.

Due to her dislike for taking a life Golem is unable to use her powers to their full capacity.
Water can make manipulating sand incredibly hard or simply negate it all together
Intense heat can turn the sand Golem controls to glass meaning death if she were to become the sand itself.
The more sand she has the more magic is needed and the same applies for dehydration. The bigger and more water it contains the harder and longer it takes to reduce it t nothing more than sand.

Bio: Golem was born to a couple who did not want her and to a world that simply would not accommodate for such a small child. But that isn’t to say she lived a difficult and sad childhood rather she did just fine without them. Golem was taken in by an old lady and raised with the upmost care so as not to hate the world that gave her up, and so began Golems life.
At an early age it was obvious something was wrong with Golem, for one she didn’t learn to speak a single word until she was about 8 years old. Even after that Golem rarely spoke a word not because she didn’t know how but rather because she always had difficulty speaking aloud. So she learned to express herself through facial expressions but didn’t really know what it was they meant.

But that didn’t bother Nana, as Golem called her, too much she was just sad that she would be unable to hold a conversation with her daughter. At the age of 10 Golem began her studies in magic and she had a knack for it too. It was one of the few things she enjoyed doing, Nana wasn’t able to teach her but instead gave her a few books on magic saying Golem should try and teach herself how to use magic.

And so she did and within those five years Golem became pretty good at manipulating the sand. Sadly Nana became sick not long ago and being old she passed away. Golem wasn’t that devastated since she died peacefully and not because some evil guy killed her. Happy that Nana no longer had to suffer, Golem decided to complete her goal. It was something Nana didn’t approve of much but after seeing Golems eagerness to learn and get stronger on her deathbed Nana finally said yes. With Nana’s approval Golem headed off for a certain guild that is known throughout Ebel, the guild known as The Azure Knights.

Fun Facts:It's rare for people to ever notice her so she is almost invisible to the senses. And even if you know her for a while you still won’t notice her being there and she will use this to her advantage often startling those around her. Because of her short hair and small scrawny body most people mistake her for a boy when they finally realize she's there. Golem has a knack for falling asleep just about anywhere. Whether it be on the floor or right in the middle of a fight once she gets bored she will often fall asleep. And it has been noted that she has even gone so far as to sleep walk somehow managing to get out of peoples way but will usually just go in one direction. Although Golem isn’t the name Nana had given her she prefers it over the other one since it sounded to girly for her likes.

So begins...

Golem's Story

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A young child walked slowly, boots hitting the floor with a scuffing the cobblestoned road. No one noticed the child go about her business seeing as she made sure not to bring attention to herself. The sounds of wheels clacking every time it went over one of the many stones that made up the road made a steady rhythm to walk by.

She had been walking for over an hour now and surprisingly enough not many people wondered why she was traveling along and without her parents. Not that she had any and the closest person se could call family had passed away a few weeks ago. She wasn’t really sad about it nor could she really express it with words. It wasn’t a physical thing that she could see so she didn’t believe one could actually feel sad or even feel the emotion if it didn’t exist.

Blinking once or twice, her bright orange eyes disappeared with each blink. Taking in everything that she saw, Golem wasn’t used to all this hustle and bustle. When she was with Nana they usually didn’t venture past the white fence Nana had built a long time ago. So she really didn’t know much about the world beyond that white little fence. Golem did however know of the Azure Knights, ever since she was little she had dreamed of being part of Ebels greatest guild and become the best mage she could be.

With Nana’s approval of course otherwise she would still be living in the small cottage. Though it was lonely without her; not having someone to interact with. The steady rhythm of the wheels on her suitcase made her quite sleepy but she was determined to get to the guild before she let herself go to sleep.

Unfortunately that resolve didn’t last very long as in a couple more steps Golem’s eyes were closed. Thankfully she had been walking in the right direction of the guild so when she got to the doors she walked right inside. All one would hear were the sounds of boots hitting the floor in an almost shuffling manner. Golem continued to walk until she finally hit the bar counter. With a thud she fell on her bum, her eyes snapped open glancing around.

With a sleepy look Golem rubbed her head pouting a bit at having walked right into the counter. She got up rubbing her bottom as she picked up the handle of her suitcase. With her jacket being large and all most people thought her a boy at first sight and these fellows were no exception to this unless they were sharp enough to realize that she was indeed a girl.

Golem looked around her pouted turned into a yawn and she walked over to the nearest seat and plopped herself right on down. Not caring if the table was occupied or not. Her face rested flat on the table, her arms dangling at her sides as she went right back to sleep. A small snot bubble formed at the end of her nose which grew bigger then smaller with each intake of air and release of air from her lungs.

The setting changes from The Azure Knights Guild Hall to Ebel


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■ Armin Chariot Wells ■

"Ah, good morning Armin."

Before Tatsou had replied to Armin's suggestion to go to the mission board, Rayne had found a place to sit down across from them with a plate of food and greeted him with a smile before helping herself to her breakfast.

"Good morning, Rayne."

"Good morning!" Armin said with his usual smile, turning back around to face the dark-haired girl.

"So, what are you two up to this morning?"

Armin sat down next to Tatsou again and placed his hands in his lap, smiling politely as the Dragon Slayer explained what the two of them were planning to do. It was when Tatsou questioned if Rayne would be interested in joining them that his expression turned into a curious one. As far as Armin could tell from the time he's been at the guild, Tatsou's never really been the kind to ask anyone to go on a mission with him. But now he's asked not only Armin but Rayne as well? It was nice really. Perhaps Armins's assumption that maybe Tatsou was just shy was correct after all.

The blonde smiled and stood up, placing his hands on the table in front of him and leaning towards Rayne slightly. "What do you say Rayne? You don't have an official team yet either, right?" He paused a moment before shaking his head a couple of times, "N-not that I'm saying that we could be a team or anything! Nothing like that! But it wouldn't hurt to all go on a mission together just once, yeah? What do you think, Rayne, Tatsou?" He said, his face moving from Rayne and then to Tatsou as he said their names.

Suddenly there was a small thump sound behind him and he turned his neck, noticing that a small child had somehow strolled in and bumped right into the bar counter before landing on his rump. Armin blinked curiously, trying to recall if he'd seen this child at the guild before. No, he'd made sure to introduce himself to everyone in the guild when first coming here, so he'd remember if this child was a member or not. He continued to watch him, guessing that he was probably a boy, as he sat herself down a couple tables away from them and instantly fell asleep.

" that child...a customer maybe? I've never seen him in here before." Armin kept his head turned and eyes on the child for a few seconds before turning his head to look at Tatsou and Rayne.