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Saphira Elrose

"Do you need my help?" ~WIP~

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a character in “Fairy Tail: The Azure Knights”, as played by anything14



Full Name: Saphira Elrose

Nickname: Rose, or Saphy

Age: 22

Gender: female

Magic Type: Sky Dragon Slayer

Skin Tone: pale

Height: 5'3

Crest Color and Location: Dark blue on her arm

Weight: 97lbs

Hair Color: pale auburn

Eye Color: grayish blue.

Image Saphira has pale auburn hair, and striking gray eyes. She has pale skin, and is slender with a slightly athletic build. She is somewhat short, standing at approximately 5'3”, but she tougher than she looks.

Growing up on a mountain for a majority of your life does not leave a girl with many options. For the most part, Saphira will wear whatever she deems as comfy or is easy to fight in. She will generally wear a dark colored top with a similar jacket and leggings. While she will wear boots, she prefers to walk around with out shoes, as she had done so when living in the mountains with Vyaweck.

Distinct Markings:
She has a scar across her stomach where those who had killed her parents had attempted to kill her.


Being raised by a dragon for most of her life, Saphira is very shy towards and distrusting towards others, but will warm up faster to dragon slayers than others. However, if you break her shell, you will find that Saphira is a very sweet, kind and bubbly girl. She loves it when others smile because of something that she has done, and will often go out of her way to help or cheer up her friends. She is also very loyal and protective of those around her. She will often put others before herself, causing her to often do reckless things that even endanger her own life. She is extremely clumsy and is accident prone. During battle, she can seem cold and very serious, the polar opposite of how she normally is.

Weaknesses/Fears: Saphira can be very reckless, due to her protective nature, she can often put others before her own safety. She also has a tendency to lead with her heart, though she tries to be strategic, it usually blows up in he face. Like many other Dragon slayers, she suffers from severe motion sickness. She is also extremely clumsy and accident prone.
She fears of losing her friends(both physically and emotionally), and is secretly afraid of being alone, though she would never tell anyone.

helping others
making people smile

blood(but if focused enough, she will suck it up)
being hurt emotionally/weak
egotistical people
most modes of transportation(they cause her to become motion sick).

"Sky Dragon Slayer Magic":

Sky dragon Slayer magic allows the user to manipulate and incorporate the element of air into the users body. While geared more towards healing and supportive magic, Sky Dragon Slayer magic, like the other Dragon Slayer Magic, offensive magic are still very powerful. Offensive attacks taking the form of whirlwinds when used. The user may also consume the element to restore their body and vitality, however the quality of the air has a direct effect on the Sky Dragon Slayer user.

Signature Abilities:

-Healing: A strong healing magic thought to have been lost long ago. It is able to restore a persons internal and external state. Through the use of manipulating clean air, the Sky Dragon Slayer can preform feats of healing such as draining poison from a wound. Sky Dragon Slayer mage's can even revive a person from a near death state using a large amount of energy, leaving the user weak. They are unable to heal themselves.

-Arms: Through the use of an incantation, the user can generate an aura around their allies which amplifies their offensive attacks. It can also be used in conjunction with other supportive spells.

- Sky Dragon's Roar: the user gathers a large quantity of air, which is then released from their mouth in a tornado like blast. This can be combined with healing in order to counter attacks, or to heal their target( though it is only done in desperate circumstances as it would use a large amount of energy, leaving the user weak and open during a battle).

Strengths and Special Attributes:

Enhanced Smell
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Immense Durability
She is a very good singer, much like her mother, and is a very good dancer, though normally clumsy.

Equipment and Personal Artifacts: Saphira has one of Vyaweck's, her foster mother's, white scales, hanging from a leather strap around her neck, due to the fact that she will often miss Vyaweck greatly, and this helps deal with the heart pangs.

Despite being raised on a mountain, and being a sky dragon slayer, Saphira is severely afraid of heights.
Saphira means good hearted and free of heart, but it can also mean beauty and intelligence.
Saphira picked her last name from her favorite flower on the mountain, the Elrose, a flower that blooms in high altitude, it contains relaxing qualities when made into a tea, and is edible.
FC is Hakaze Kusaribe from Zetsuen no Tempest.
Saphira can't remember anything prior to living with Vyaweck
Like most other dragon slayers, Saphira suffers from severe motion sickness, and will often carry a variety of herbs to help treat it.

History: Saphira was born to a poor couple of kind bards traveling around the kingdom of Fiore with a band of traveling entertainers. When Saphira was around five years old, a dragon by the name of Vyaweck who was enjoying a sunny day out strolling in the woods that traced the eastern side of the mountain, she discovered the band, murdered. To this day, no one knows exactly what conspired. The only survivor was a small, female child, severely injured, but alive none the less. Feeling pity for the child, Vyaweck took her back to her cave home in the mountain, and healed her, using Sky Slayer Dragon magic. It took a week before the child finally opened her eyes once more, but her reaction to finding herself in a dragon's lair, with one not far off, was not one you would expect from anyone. Though shy, Saphira was enthusiastic and curious about her new surroundings. She approached the dragon as if she had been a human being and began asking questions one would expect from an overly hyper five year old. This fascinated Vyaweck, as the few who had come across her had either ran, tried to fight her, begged for their lives, or all of the above. At first, she only allowed the child to stay with her as a part of her curiosity towards this scaleless child, but as the time passed, she found herself growing more and more attached and even more mother like to the small child, and soon became Saphira's foster mother. Unable to remember her name, or anything else prior to waking up in Vyaweck's cave, Vyaweck gave her the dragon name Saphira, this only increased the bond between them even further.
As the years went by, Vyaweck taught Saphira Sky Dragon Slayer magic, along side history of the land, and knowledge of the numerous medicinal properties of the numerous plants that grew along the mountain side. She also learned hand to hand combat, but does not use this as much as she uses her magic. As Saphira's knowledge evolved, so too did her wondering of her own race, as she had figured out long ago that she was not a dragon like her foster mother. On her eighteenth birthday, or at least the day that she had woken up from her coma(which they had dubbed as her birthday), Vyaweck took Saphira down to Ebel, in order to experience what she had been missing out on. Saphira loved it, and was encouraged by Vyaweck to start her life among those of her own race. But Saphira refused. Three years later, Saphira approached Vyaweck and asked if she could return to Ebel, permanently. She wished to help others with her magic and join a guild. Though saddened, Vyaweck agreed to let her foster hatchling go, as long as she promised to visit from time to time. Before she left, Vyaweck gave her a necklace of one of her beautiful white scales, which Saphira had always admired as a child, so that she would not forget that, no matter what, she was always a dragon at heart. And with that, a teary eyed Saphira set out alone, to Ebel. When she arrived at the guild, she was happy, she could finally help others with her magical gift. She has been with the guild ever since.

So begins...

Saphira Elrose's Story


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■ Armin Chariot Wells ■

Ah...there goes Lilliana. Armin watched her run off rather quickly without saying much and he blinked in confusion. With his arrival were there just too many people around for her? Maybe she just didn't like sweet potatoes.

"Trying to fatten us up again Armin? I swear you always are concerned for the welfare of others. That's a rare sight these days." Veronica had said to him and he let himself focus on that rather than the reason why Lilly disappeared.

"I couldn't pass up sweet potatoes!" He said with his usual little smile, bringing the brown bag back against his chest. Veronica had begun to lecture Briar, who'd come down not long after Armin showed up, now about something that must've happened while Armin wasn't around since he couldn't really figure out what she was talking about, but he stood there quietly listening anyway, giggling a little when Veronica called Lilina a 'puppy'. Now that he thought about it the small girl did sort of act like one, especially with Briar. A pair of ears and a tail would probably fit her, to be honest.

As Veronica and Briar talked Armin let his eyes move across the guild hall. It didn't look like everyone was here, but quite a few of them had already showed up, including Saphira who, before even finishing whatever she was going to ask them, went off to stand by Jien and the other two guys. As he was about to turn back to Veronica he stopped when he spotted Tatou. That's right, he'd passed them by not too long ago and was now eating...rather vigorously by himself.

"In any case, who cares what I did last night? I'm more concerned for what I'm going to eat today!"

Armin moved his eyes back in Briar's direction, tensing up a little once he noticed how intently the man was staring at the sack of potatoes in his arms. "O-oh, well I-" He began with a sheepish smile, only to have his sentence cut off when he found himself being picked up without warning. He let out a small yelp in surprise, quickly holding the bag up so the potatoes wouldn't get mushed as he was slung over Briar's shoulder.

"C'mon, I'm starving!"

"B-Briar-san! I'd rather you not carry me like a child!" He said in a sort of helpless tone. It wouldn't be much longer until Armin turned 17, yet he could still be picked up and thrown over someone's shoulder so easily. Something about that made the blond boy feel kind of small... Of course he was small, but still...

Armin let his arms relax as he held tight to the bag in his fingers and let out a sigh.


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Sometimes the chaos at the guild overwhelmed Jien, this was one of those times. Many things were happening at one time. Both Lilly's were being... Well themselves. Veronica was trying to kill Akio. Granted it was all normal, he just didn't like it when it all happened at once. He was relieved when Saphira walked up to him. "Why didn't you tell me you were injured Jien?"

"You weren't here." Was Jien's blunt and honest reply, then after a moment of thought added, "Would you mind healing it? I'll be going on a job with Ryden in a few hours."

He didn't think that it would slow himself down, he had fought through much worse. Even as a child. He wondered what the other guild members would think if they knew that the injuries he showed up with were, technically, self inflicted. Not just normal training injuries, but ones that he had given himself, with his own magic.

So far the only ones who knew about the legendary skill of his family was Saphira, as she was the one who always patched him up, Ryden and Veronica, since they were his partners, and Azura. But he planned on tell the others at some point. Once he mastered the technique that is.

Unless they asked where he was getting his injuries from, Jien was a terrible liar.


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Veronica merely watched the scene between Briar and Ryden with mild interest. Her eyes widening slightly as Ryden put Briar into a headlock ~I don't understand these men at all. How does violence equal friendship~ she thought with amusement as the redhaired man was brutally lectured by Ryden on the qualities of training. Shaking her head slightly, a faint smile on her face at the antics of them.

She glanced at the two Lilys' wondering how they would react now that their muscle on the team was dragged away from them. Although knowing Lillian, she would cause antics to piss off Ryden and then use Princess as a peace agreement. Or at least thats what Veronica would have done if she was in their place. Still the puppy was a troublemaker and it wasn't even near noon. Deciding it would be best to stay out of the way planning she walked over to the quieter location where Saphira and Jian were sitting. From the looks of their expressions Saphira was motherhenning Jian on his training techniques. The kid did push himself a bit too far sometimes, but on the other hand Saphira needed to lighten up a little bit on the mothering.

"Saphira, I think you don't really understand Jien's training methods. His determination seems to be his driving force. I don't he minds a few nicks and bruises every time he makes a mistake. I think that is a wonderful way of learning. Am I right Jien?" She asked quietly, trying to be neutral in the event that it could turn into an argument. Although Saphria was a Dragon Slayer. she seemed to have none of legendary temper bestowed on the magic users.


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Saphira smiled at Veronica, sensing Veronica's slight annoyance at Saphira's over motherly ways, "I have nothing against getting a little scraped up when one trains, it's a part of the process and in the end will make you stronger, it's the fact that no one ever comes to me for healing after the fact."
She lowered her head, the sense of uselessness swept over her like an unwelcomed storm. She hated that feeling. It was the same feeling she had felt everyday as she watched her friends come and go from missions, fulfilling their sense of purpose that seemed to always surround them, while Saphira sat in the infirmary wing, continuing just to be a burden to the guild. She had longed to go out on missions, but was far to shy to ask any of these still somewhat unfamiliar faces if she could team up with them. Her saddened blue eyes turned back to Veronica, "I hate seeing all of you walk around injured. It breaks my heart to know that my fellow guild members are in pain and think so little of me that they do not even bother to stop by and ask the burden of the guild if she could heal their wounds," Saphira paused, she had revealed more of her feelings than she wished to, or had ever done with anyone else.
With a shake of her head, she turned her attention back to Jien, Saphira stepped closer to Jien, her bare feet barley making any noise against the ground beneath her. This wasn't the first time she would have to heal one of his training injury's and she did not expect it to be the last. She just wished that he wouldn't be so hesitant to seek her out whenever he was injured, instead of her having to see the blood soaked skin around the injury. A shiver went down her spine at the thought of Jien walking around, or magic forbid, go on a mission with an his injured arm.
Closing her eyes, Saphira tapping into the magic, just as Vyaweck had taught her how so many years ago. A warm, tingling sensation pulsed with every beat that her heart took, as the magic formed in her body. Breathing deeply, she focused the sensation into her hands. Opening her eyes once more, Saphira carefully leaned in closer, allowing for a better look at the cut. While it wasn't anything life threatening, it was a pretty decent cut. Saphira's heart dropped at the sight of the wound, silently wishing herself that the young man had come to her sooner. Placing her now glowing blue hands gently on the wound, she pushed some of the magic from her hands and into Jien's cut. Saphira smiled slightly as she felt the skin knit back together quickly, happy that her magic was helping a person who she cared for. When the cut had healed, Saphira expertly severed the magic link to her hands, and dropped them to her side.
"All done," she smiled at Jien, the way she did to all of her patients after a healing session. "have fun on your mission with Ryden....which reminds me, I need to go see if there are any missions still available. Goodbye guys, and Jien, please don't hesitate to come and see me if you are injured again."
Pivoting on her heel, she began to walk off to the guild to check to see any current missions. She was barley a few inches away from Akio and Rayne, when she heard "we will be the Azure Knights greatest team,"
screamed into her ear.
Saphira felt her heart jump at the sound and volume of Akio's voice. She whipped her head towards the loud boy, when, suddenly she felt her foot slip out from under her. Saphira was on the ground in a second, her palms tingling, though whether from the fact that she just used healing or the fact that she had used them so that she didn't do a face plant, was a mystery even to Saphira.
"Not again," Saphira sighed as she once again found herself face to face with the floor.


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As Saphira wandered away..and ended up nearly face planting on the floor due the shock from Akio's loud voice. Shaking her head wearily she glanced at Jien newly healed shoulder and asked "So what exactly where you doing when you injured yourself? Don't you think it would be wiser to have one of the more experienced members observe you before you end loosing a limb doing some fancy swordsmanship? I am sure Briar or Ryden would be willing to..". Her voice sounded neutral at first, but bits of worry crept into it as she began to imagine much worse scenarios happening."

In truth, she did worry when Jien got flashy with his swordplay..even more dangerous when he mixed his own style of magic into it. Cocking her head to the side with a slight smile on her face she asked softly "Speaking of training..I haven't had the chance to spar with you yet have I? Would mind training with me today? At least before your job today..". Her tone was hesitant as if she was worried about getting rejected..even by one of her teammates. She was interested in seeing his magic, maybe getting to know him a bit better. ~Although hopefully Brian and Ryden haven not destroyed the training area yet..~


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Akio would hear a loud thud, akio would look around and see Saphira on the ground. what kind of guy would akio be if he didnt help her up?

Akio would rush over to her he would knee down next to her, "you know Saphira you should be more careful. you would be doing the world a dis severance if you where to damage your pretty face." Akio would hold out his hand which was cover by a glove that he wore to hind his burns. "what kind of guy would i be if i didn't offer to help you up? and while we are on the subject of helping would you mind helping me on a job, just the two of us. i know with the two of us any job with be a breeze"

Akio would laugh at his own very corny joke "i did ask Veronica and Rayne but now that i have thought about it our personalities are to different, we would only end up fighting most of the job. but you are as fun and care free just like me." Akio would thrust his fist into the air "we will be The Azure Knights greatest team!!!"


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Saphira smiled as she graciously took his hand, her cheeks gaining a rouging ever so slightly at the word pretty, a word she was not used to hearing. But quickly scolding herself at blushing for a compliment the guild's flirt had payed to her.
As he helped her to her feet, he began to talk about the question of her helping him with a job. The second the question left his mouth, Saphira's brilliant blue eyes shot up at him in shock. No one had ever asked her to come on a job with them before.
When Akio had finished, his gloved hand high above his head in a position unfamiliar to her, she just stared at him for a moment, believing this was a dream, or cruel practical joke, like the ones Lily liked to play by sneaking up behind others and scaring them with her speed.
But soon, her shook turned to pure glee. A fire danced in her eyes as a dimpled smile erupted across her face. "I would love to go on a mission with you, it would be an honor to fight along side a skilled mage such as yourself," she said trying to make herself sound as professional as possible.
But her child like excitement quickly removed any trace of professionalism from her as she threw her arms around Akio's neck, screaming "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you," repeatedly.
Bouncing, she held Akio at an arms length, "I promise I won't let you down."
"My first mission," Saphira smiled, staring up at the shimmering blue sky above her.
She was finally going to be able to see the world outside the guild, the one that she had been born into, but had never gotten to experience.
Turning back to him, her eyes connecting with his equally blue orbs, "So, when do we start?"

The setting changes from Ebel to The Azure Knights Guild Hall

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A young child walked slowly, boots hitting the floor with a scuffing the cobblestoned road. No one noticed the child go about her business seeing as she made sure not to bring attention to herself. The sounds of wheels clacking every time it went over one of the many stones that made up the road made a steady rhythm to walk by.

She had been walking for over an hour now and surprisingly enough not many people wondered why she was traveling along and without her parents. Not that she had any and the closest person se could call family had passed away a few weeks ago. She wasn’t really sad about it nor could she really express it with words. It wasn’t a physical thing that she could see so she didn’t believe one could actually feel sad or even feel the emotion if it didn’t exist.

Blinking once or twice, her bright orange eyes disappeared with each blink. Taking in everything that she saw, Golem wasn’t used to all this hustle and bustle. When she was with Nana they usually didn’t venture past the white fence Nana had built a long time ago. So she really didn’t know much about the world beyond that white little fence. Golem did however know of the Azure Knights, ever since she was little she had dreamed of being part of Ebels greatest guild and become the best mage she could be.

With Nana’s approval of course otherwise she would still be living in the small cottage. Though it was lonely without her; not having someone to interact with. The steady rhythm of the wheels on her suitcase made her quite sleepy but she was determined to get to the guild before she let herself go to sleep.

Unfortunately that resolve didn’t last very long as in a couple more steps Golem’s eyes were closed. Thankfully she had been walking in the right direction of the guild so when she got to the doors she walked right inside. All one would hear were the sounds of boots hitting the floor in an almost shuffling manner. Golem continued to walk until she finally hit the bar counter. With a thud she fell on her bum, her eyes snapped open glancing around.

With a sleepy look Golem rubbed her head pouting a bit at having walked right into the counter. She got up rubbing her bottom as she picked up the handle of her suitcase. With her jacket being large and all most people thought her a boy at first sight and these fellows were no exception to this unless they were sharp enough to realize that she was indeed a girl.

Golem looked around her pouted turned into a yawn and she walked over to the nearest seat and plopped herself right on down. Not caring if the table was occupied or not. Her face rested flat on the table, her arms dangling at her sides as she went right back to sleep. A small snot bubble formed at the end of her nose which grew bigger then smaller with each intake of air and release of air from her lungs.