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Fairy Tail: The Azure Knights

The Azure Knights Guild Hall


a part of Fairy Tail: The Azure Knights, by talonXdrakos.

The home of our guild, where most of our members reside.

talonXdrakos holds sovereignty over The Azure Knights Guild Hall, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Preeeeeetty self explanatory.

The guild hall is fairly large. The entrance area is furnished, but mainly it's just for visitors. To the right of that is the tavern, which serves as.. well, the tavern, the dining hall, and the unofficial meeting area. North of the tavern is the training yard, which has everything a mage could need to improve their skills, whether physically or magically.

To the left of the entrance hall is basically just the stairwell. The basement doubles as a laboratory and a storage areas. The second floor is the living area, which houses all guild members who don't have homes in Hibiscus. All rooms have bathrooms connected to them, so there is no need for shared bathrooms.

The third floor all belongs to Azura. She has a very large room with a very large bathroom. She even has what she likes to call an "audience room".
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The Azure Knights Guild Hall

The home of our guild, where most of our members reside.


The Azure Knights Guild Hall is a part of Hibiscus City.

9 Characters Here

Lilina Vanruth [2] "Oh, come on. Let's have a race for the food, okay?"
Ryden Krosslogia [1] "Calmness is the cradle of power."
Saphira Elrose [1] "Do you need my help?" ~WIP~
Veronica Sneke [1] "Care to share a secret with me? I promise to keep it safe"
Akio Nightingale [1] "Man, the sky looks nice today!!"
Armin Wells [1] "U-uhm...could I give my opinion now?" (WIP)
Lilliana Bernadette [1] "I want him to come home, so I can tell him about my own adventures!"
Jien Wudao [1] "Most mages rely too much on their magic, I rely too much on my martial arts. I hope to find the balance between the two one day."
Alexandra Lavoie [0] "I could care less about your petty jobs. I'm only here to get rid of the big guys."

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Character Portrait: Briar Cousland Character Portrait: Lilina Vanruth
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"Hm?" Briar's eyes slowly opened and his eyebrows began to rise as he realized he still couldn't see anything. At first, he thought it was still night, but knew that wasn't the case when a tendril of light broke through as whatever was on his face shifted. Plucking the cloth off in a tired motion, he stared at it as it drifted slowly to the floor. "A nightgown?"


There was no doubt in his mind who the article of clothing belonged to. The young girl was no doubt hiding in one of the many shadows still draping the room, waiting for him to freak out. 'Sorry Lili, not today...' It had been a long night, and any sort of extravagant reaction was beyond Briar's physical capabilities this particular morning. Instead, he grumbled a curse at the light streaming in through the window before swinging his feet down to the cold floor. "Yaaarrrgghh!" The yawn seemed to echo around the room as he stretched before rising to his feet. If he could stay in bed all day, he would. But there were things to punch, and food to eat out there. And right now, the later of the two was his primary concern as his stomach so admirably reminded him.

Throwing on his boots and tucking his pants into them, he tossed on his black, coat-like shroud over his bare shoulders and headed out the door, casting one last glance behind him in an attempt to locate the thirteen year old trouble maker. When he failed to do so, he descended the stairs of the guild and headed toward the main hall. The sounds reached him before the actual sight of the other members in the guild, and for a moment, his hunger was put on hold.

"Who turned on the sun?" Briar said walking up and leaning against the door frame to the guildhall as he shaded his eyes in the bright morning sun.

11 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jien Wudao Character Portrait: Golem Character Portrait: Lilina Vanruth Character Portrait: Saphira Elrose Character Portrait: Akio Nightingale Character Portrait: Rayne Griffin Character Portrait: Veronica Sneke Character Portrait: Ryden Krosslogia Character Portrait: Tatsou Ryuo Character Portrait: Lilliana Bernadette Character Portrait: Armin Wells
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A young child walked slowly, boots hitting the floor with a scuffing the cobblestoned road. No one noticed the child go about her business seeing as she made sure not to bring attention to herself. The sounds of wheels clacking every time it went over one of the many stones that made up the road made a steady rhythm to walk by.

She had been walking for over an hour now and surprisingly enough not many people wondered why she was traveling along and without her parents. Not that she had any and the closest person se could call family had passed away a few weeks ago. She wasn’t really sad about it nor could she really express it with words. It wasn’t a physical thing that she could see so she didn’t believe one could actually feel sad or even feel the emotion if it didn’t exist.

Blinking once or twice, her bright orange eyes disappeared with each blink. Taking in everything that she saw, Golem wasn’t used to all this hustle and bustle. When she was with Nana they usually didn’t venture past the white fence Nana had built a long time ago. So she really didn’t know much about the world beyond that white little fence. Golem did however know of the Azure Knights, ever since she was little she had dreamed of being part of Ebels greatest guild and become the best mage she could be.

With Nana’s approval of course otherwise she would still be living in the small cottage. Though it was lonely without her; not having someone to interact with. The steady rhythm of the wheels on her suitcase made her quite sleepy but she was determined to get to the guild before she let herself go to sleep.

Unfortunately that resolve didn’t last very long as in a couple more steps Golem’s eyes were closed. Thankfully she had been walking in the right direction of the guild so when she got to the doors she walked right inside. All one would hear were the sounds of boots hitting the floor in an almost shuffling manner. Golem continued to walk until she finally hit the bar counter. With a thud she fell on her bum, her eyes snapped open glancing around.

With a sleepy look Golem rubbed her head pouting a bit at having walked right into the counter. She got up rubbing her bottom as she picked up the handle of her suitcase. With her jacket being large and all most people thought her a boy at first sight and these fellows were no exception to this unless they were sharp enough to realize that she was indeed a girl.

Golem looked around her pouted turned into a yawn and she walked over to the nearest seat and plopped herself right on down. Not caring if the table was occupied or not. Her face rested flat on the table, her arms dangling at her sides as she went right back to sleep. A small snot bubble formed at the end of her nose which grew bigger then smaller with each intake of air and release of air from her lungs.