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Cheryl Lavont

Lady Luck

0 · 275 views · located in Fairy Tail Guild

a character in “Fairy Tail: The Winds of Change”, as played by RedRaine


Image Name: Cheryl Lavont

Age: 17

Mage Type: Magic-Card User

Mage Rank: A

Bio: Cheryl was born along with her twin Chris; the two were left alone to an orphanage after a devastating encounter with a Dark Guild. They spent most of their childhood within the orphanage but through a stroke of luck they were able to convince and nomadic mage to take them on as his students. Cheryl and Chris were complete polar opposites when it came to magic; Cheryl had a large amount of weak magical power while Chris had a little amount of extremely potent magical power. They were both trained with magical cards but the main difference between their magical powers was what set them on completely different routes. After their master was finished with their training he had them separate; one to join a guild and the other to explore the land. He felt that it was best for the twins to learn not to just be without another, but to carve their own paths towards their own future. Upon his recommendation Cheryl eventually found the guild Fairy Tail and hasn’t regretted it since.

Personality:Cheryl used to be quite passive as a child; she was always protected by her brother regardless the situation. However upon joining Fairy Tail Cheryl has become increasingly brighter and more relaxed around others. She can sometimes freeze up due to her shyness but when reminded of Fairy Tail’s atmosphere she can always break out of it. In battle she knows she’s weak but is one ready to get up no matter how many times it takes. It’s the Fairy Tail way.

Magic Spells/Abilities: Cheryl’s master, upon completion of her training, granted her a set of three titanium made cards out of a total four. These were special magical cards that, although they could be used by themselves just fine, were much more potent to combine with other cards. The final card was given to her brother who her master found would suit him much more. Although Cheryl wishes she had the full set she’s happy that her brother was more than ecstatic with his own.

-By itself Addition can boost the body’s electrical signals: this increases a flow of adrenaline that increases reaction time and overall body performance.
-Used in junction with other cards Addition can bridge the combination of two separate spells into one.

-By itself Multiplication can multiply itself into a multitude of blank cards that can be used offensively or defensively.
-Used in junction with other cards Multiplication can increase the power of one spell.

-By itself Division disperses a magical attack around the user away from harm; this ability does not divert physical attacks unless they are charged with magical energy.
-Used in junction with other cards Division can divide the power of one card to make a multitude of cards with a weaker effect.

Other Cards
-Cheryl holds a multitude of other cards that range from basic elemental spells, basic weapon spells and etc.

Ember Card
-Can create a flame the size of a human in a 10m radius.
Charge Card
-An arc of lightning is released from the card in the direction it is pointed at.
Vale Card
-Creates medium sized earthen structures ranging from spikes to walls.
Burst Card
-Causes a metallic object to explode as long as nothing is directly between the card and the object.

Lancet Card
-Creates a spear from the card.
Buckler Card
-Causes three torso sized floating shields to revolve around the user.
Turning Card
-Summons a bow and a set of arrows.

Edge Card
-Sharpens the edge of any thin enough object.
Wave Card
-Releases a wave of energy from the card.

Stage Card
-Creates a platform of energy that can be stepped on.

So begins...

Cheryl Lavont's Story