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Dante Dreyar

New Generation Dragon Slayer are just as good as the Original Dragon Slayers

0 · 466 views · located in Fairy Tail Guild

a character in “Fairy Tail: The Winds of Change”, as played by Akionakamura



Dante Dreyar


Mage Type
Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic

Mage Rank
B Rank

before his grandfather Laxus die he implanted in to his body and told him only one thing "show the world that a New Generation Dragon Slayer can beat a Original Dragon Slayers so thats what his main goal is and the one of the reason why he join fairy tail (to beat Chesil Steelix Redfox) his other is to right all the wrongs that his grandfather did his fighting style is nothing like his grandfather where he was a very good hand to hand fighter where Dante's fights using two sword that he uses to makes his lighting attacks 10X stronger and he uses his speed and quickest that the lighting gives him where his grandfather use the power of it even though he is trying to achieve he doesnt share anything else in common witch him you could never tell that he is Laxus grandson

he loud and at times doesn't make much sense he is always challenging the Original Dragon Slayers users to fight he has yet to beat any of them but he says he is close to winning he is cocky in his abilities and says he can beat anyone in the world at times even though he wants to beat a Original Dragon Slayers he gets along with them very well he is cool headed most of the time the only times he gets mad is when some one bad mouths a New Generation Dragon Slayer or hurt his friends or the innocent even though he loved his grand father he hates anyone you share how his grandfather use to think

Magic Spells/Abilities
Lightning Dragon's Roar
generates lightning in his mouth and releases it in a concentrated blast. Even if the target survives, the lightning paralyzes them, keeping them from escaping his next attack.

Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd
forms lightning between his hands, creating a large spear made of lightning. He then hurls the spear at the enemy

Lightning blade
its his version of his grandfathers Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist where the blades of his swords become pure lightning and are able to cut throw almost anything

Raging Bolt
raises his clenched fist in the air and chants "Resounding through the air, the roar of thunder, plunge from the heavens and reap destruction!" A large bolt of lightning will then descend upon the target

So begins...

Dante Dreyar's Story