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Levy McGarden

Solid Script mage

0 · 257 views · located in Fairy Tail World

a character in “Fairy Tail:”, as played by maitsukino123


Levy is a cheerful and upbeat girl who gets along with everyone. She loves to read, study and research about many things. A flat chested girl who is shorter than normal people her age. She has been in the guild since she was 11. She is a part of the group shadowgear. She is polygot: she an understand a vast majority of languages

Abilities/ Equipment

Solid Script: Fire, Iron, Silence, Guard, Hole , Storm, Oil
Light Pen: Write and Rewrite runes
Gale Force Reading Glasses 18x: allows her to read 18x faster

So begins...

Levy McGarden's Story

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#, as written by Kirihe
Kyra sighed as she hesitated in front of the doors to the guild. She hadn't been back in a few weeks and wasn't expecting a warm welcoming. At the least Makarov would go on one of his lecturing sprees, telling her that as a member of Fairy Tail she had to be semi-present in the guild. She hated being inside most of the time, all loud noise and bustling people. She had to stay away for the sake of her sanity. Taking a final deep breath she pushed open the wide doors and stepped inside.

The onslaught was immediate. The first person to reach her was a flustered Mira. "Come, come in Kyra! How was your request?"

"It was fine Mira" Kyra winced as she was placed on a bar stool.

"Good, nice to see you're not hurt" Mira grinned.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lucy Heartfilia Character Portrait: Elizabeth Gadner Character Portrait: Levy McGarden
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Lisa's eyes were wide as she stared up at the large building. This was it. She could turn around. Go back to her parents, tell them she was wrong. No, now isn't the time to doubt herself. With a deep breath she pushed the door open. Along with the doors she was opening her mind, and her heart. She was opening her soul to accept the idea, the idea of wizards, of kindness. As she stepped forward she shed all bias and judgments.

It was loud. Bustling. Everyone was lively and real. She had never actually seen a wizard before, and now she was standing in a building full of them. No one noticed her. So she walked forward towards the bar, waiting to ask for the person in charge. There were many strange people, wearing strange outfits. It's so strange.