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Holly Doemaster

[Dress blows up] "Quit looking!"

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a character in “Fairy Tail||A New Story”, as played by Mousie


Holly Doemaster

Age: 18

Mage: First Generation Dragon Slayer
Element/Type of Magic: Water element: The Ice Dragon slayer primarily uses spells that evolve around freezing water however, with experience and practice there are spells that allow them to heat up their attacks and defences creating a variety of strong slayer magic.

Rank: Aspiring to be S-Rank
Crest Location: On her outer left thigh (Light Blue)

Weapon: She has no designated weapon but catch her in a bar brawl and she'll use anything within her reach, so be prepared to get a chair in the face.


Appearance: Holly has pale blond hair that is both thick, wavy and unruly. She usually wears it in a long, scruffy plait or piled on top of her head. When down, her flaxen locks fall just below her waist. She has pale skin and a clear, creamy complexion. Holly has what some would call a petite face with enviable features and slanted, icy blue eyes.
Holly is still a teenager so she doesn't yet possess all the womanly curves of an adult but subtly her slender figure is becoming fuller and at least for now her bust is a boastful size.

If Holly isn't wearing a tight bodice with shorts or skirts, she'll be wearing short, floaty dresses. She always get's moaned at by the guild for flashing her underwear whenever her dresses or skirts whip up (which is often). Her favourite colour is blue and silver so it's no surprise her wardrobe is rammed with these colours. If she's not wearing sandals, she's not wearing any shoes at all.

Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 8 stone

Personality: | Hot-headed | Valiant | Antsy about personal space | Naive |

Holly is a vibrant member of the Fairy Tail guild, she's as passionate about her magical family as every other member of fairy tail. Despite being a prestigious "dragon slayer" she's a little clumsy and always ends up knocking over chairs and tripping over feet (including her own). This mainly comes from her barging around like a bull in a china shop. Holly is pretty carefree and reckless in nature, and, despite her consistent brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, she is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. Holly takes exceptional pride in her appearance and is confident in her sex appeal, despite this she still gets embarrassed when rude remarks and other sexual gestures are made.

She has inherited her dragons stubbornness and his teachings about refusing to give up, even when all the odds are against her favour.

As passionate as the guild is, you'd need to travel around quite a bit to meet someone as fiery as Holly. She's a carefree girl but some of the guilds antic can get her wound up, like finding Hannah in her bath tub! That's a thing about Holly, she does get uptight about her personal space, there's nothing that will set her off quite like an inappropriate grope or discovering someone taking advantage of her apartment when she's not around.

If Holly get's strong emotional vibes from someone, she'll try to connect to them even if they are the enemy, this makes her a little naive at times but also open to helping others see the light.


  • Fighting, there's nothing better than a fulfilling fight with a promising opponent. She's always leaping on the s-class mages.
  • Dancing, nothing like a bit of festivities.
  • Fancy underwear, if she's always showing it she might as well make sure it's nice to look at. It'd be no surprise (even though disappointing) that one of the things she's well known for in fiore is her fine body and cute under garments.
  • Parties
  • Being too hot
  • Being suffocated and encased with hugs and other restricting things. It embarrasses her.
  • Crying in front of others- that's also embarrassing.

  • It's safe to say sometimes she can be a little too uptight about things and needs someone to cool her off.
  • Can someone care too much? I think Holly does, and when a loved one's involved it can deeply affect her functionality in battle
  • It's no secret that Dragon Slayers suffer with motion sickness.

Wouldn't say that Holly has many exceptional talents.
  • Eating large amounts
  • Having a crazy streak that gives her the confidence to do many things others wouldn't dream of doing.
  • Dancing, not the kind that wins awards but she's got some moves.

  • Being left alone again: Holly has made a home for herself with fairy-tail. She never wants to feel the kind of alone she felt when left standing in the ruins of a town she no longer recognised. Others may not know, but sometimes Holly sleeps near the homes and resting places of other guild members, to ensure that when she wakes up there will still be at least one person around.
  • Never seeing Hanoku again: He left and she's happy with her new family but, never seeing Hanoku again would leave a barrel full of regret in her heart for the rest of her natural life. He's one of the first things she can remember, even though she remembers missing her parents she can't remember their faces. When someone asks her about her parents, her mind immediately jumps to Hanoku.

Dragon Slayer Magic: Magic that Holly has mastered.

Ice Dragon Roar: Holly consumes a large amount of her element and unleashes a powerful roar equivalent to that of a dragon roar, it's freezing cold and flecked with sharp ice.

Ice Dragon's Claw: Holly incases her hands and feet in sharp claw shaped shards of ice and this increases the power and damage of her kicks and punches.

Ice Dragon's Shard fist: The release of deadly shards of ice via the fists when punching.

Dragon Force: Holly is able to enter Dragon Force. This ability is said to be the final and most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain, and it has been said that the power becomes comparable to that of a real Dragon's. Holly gains black eyes together with a longer hair, now white instead of blond, that points upwards towards the sky. She also gains silvery blue scales, similar to that of her dragon's, on her body.
Enhanced Speed: Through the use of Dragon Force, Holly has improved speed.
Enhanced Endurance: With the help of Dragon Force, Holly also has greater physical stamina.

Unison Raid : A spell which allows two Mages to unite their Magic into a single, combined and stronger attack.

Hand to Hand Combatant: Considering how hot-headed she is, combat is something Holly is tangled in on a daily basis, especially close-range confrontations. Holly can combine unarmed attacks with her Ice Dragon Slayer Magic in order to make up for her size, making the blows she lands very strong.

Immense Strength: Holly has shown an incredible amount of strength in the past, considering her size she's uprooted trees with her bare hands. Her emotions seem to be directly linked to her power.

In Holly's eyes, the world started with a shadow. A shadow that cast darkness over an entire town. After a moment of complete silence, there was screaming and towns people running from their homes. A thick blizzard of black snow fell from the sky, and the ground shook. Holly remembered the fright she felt inside when she couldn't find her parents. It was a feeling she can still remember today, in the dark of night, when she is alone.

One moment there was chaos, and in the next she was alone in the ruins of a town. A darkness was clearing and the air was freezing. Holly was only a little girl and was still dressed for bed. That was how she met Hanoku, the Ice Dragon. She cannot remember a time where she was frightened by the sight of him, only comforted, which gives her conflicted feelings when all the facts suggest Hanoku was the one to destroy her home.
It has rarely occurred, but a Dragon taking on a human infant is not unheard of and for some reason Hanoku found it in his heart to adopt Holly. She spent years by his side, enjoying life with the kind of parent no one messed with. Saying that, they lived in relative isolation. Hanoku even taught her the rare dragon slayer magic.

Then he disappeared.

Holly thought they were happy together. She's certain he wouldn't just leave without saying goodbye. Not unless he had a good reason. It took a while for her to gather the sense to move on, it took time for her to realise he wasn't coming back. Holly wondered for a while; hurt, confused and struggling with a nagging sense of betrayal. Holly stumbled along in the beginning, trying to remain alone at first. Being solitary wasn't the same without her mentor and guardian though.

Would it seem so radical that Holly set her heart on Fairy Tail after picking up a magazine left on a coffee table in a town she was passing through. She had seen other mages on her travels, but the front cover of the magazine locked her attention. Dragon slayers, that's what the magazine claimed the guild had. She read the magazine from front to back and decided in that moment that going to fairy tail would be her first step forward. She had to hope that maybe other dragon slayers would know where her dragon could have gone, maybe even have seen her dragon. She had no intention of staying at fairy tail but then...the guild is like that.

(More will be added)


So begins...

Holly Doemaster's Story

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Anaida Quincy

It was the early morning, and just like any other morning, in the Guild, a certain woman sat at the bar. Her fiery dark eyes surveyed her domain, watching as fellow guild mates walked in and out and about her Guild. Not many had arrived probably because it was still pretty early but not for her. She was an early bird amongst the sleep ins and she was proud of it. Leaning back on the stool she sat upon, Anaida placed her elbows on the bars countertop behind her and breathed a sigh of content.

However it seemed her peaceful morning wasn’t about to stay peaceful for very much longer. Already she could see some of the more rowdy members coming in both new and old. Anaida didn’t pay much mind to it since she hoped with her being present they wouldn’t do anything stupid. For now Anaida would simply stay where she was and relax while drinking her morning coffee.

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#, as written by Mousie

The sun was busy shining down by the time Holly decided to lift her head from a bundle of blankets and quilts. She vaguely remembered Hannah crashing through the crisp morning silence at some point but that was a fuzzy memory of the past. Holly was no early riser, and despite being a pretty girl she rose like the dead. Yawning dramatically, she rolled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to try and control the flowing mane of blond hair she had, as well as get ready for the eventful day ahead. The rent for her apartment this month was fastly approaching and therefore it was time to find another job.

It took quite some time to select the right underwear and outfit for the day. Eventually refreshed and looking pretty in a floaty blue dress in the shape of a bluebell, Holly rushed down the street waving at a few locals she recognised. A slice of toast hung from her mouth as she tried to run and chew at the same time, a more difficult task than she initially thought. On her way she could already hear the murmurs of Sera being back, a rumour she gladly chose to believe. The dragon slayers had a peculiar relationship, leaving Holly craving and despising Sera at the same time.

Reaching the guild a few members saw her coming and hastily removed themselves from firing range. The sheer looks of panic on their faces fired her up even more. Bursting through the open doors she tumbled over a bar stool but managed to keep her footing. Climbing on top of the stool, and earning a few groans, her bright eyes scoured the guild for a flash of fiery hair until they settled on the one and only... "SERA!" She yelled.

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Julius Knoven

The sun shone, brighter than usual. It was as if someone had turned up the brightness as it pierced through the woods like a knife through butter. Julius rolled over before jumping up as if someone had thrown water on him. Squinting his eyes he tried to make sense of everything that happened and why he was in his bathroom lying on the floor.

"You do know that we have you outnumbered right?" A brutish looking man said as five other men dressed in tattered clothing surrounded Julius.

"I don't think that's ever mattered before. And gentlemen I'm not going to fight you all will be fighting yourselves." Julius laughed as he turned around and began walking away. In a matter of moments there were screams of fear as Julius disappeared into the darkness.

"Damn it!" Julius yelled as he splashed water on his face. He looked at his reflection in the mirror noticing his trademark golden eyes. It was supposed to be a simple job, sneak into the bar, steal the treasure back and return it. So how in the hell does it turn out that they have a dark mage hiding in the ranks, even though he got the treasure it still seemed to be mind boggling.

He grabbed his brown towel and wiped his tan face, not remembering the time. Ten past seven, he was running late but it didn't really matter seeing as how he had a long night. He ran into his room, hopping over his stool and grabbing a blue dress shirt and white tie; running out the house without having his shirt on yet, he caught a few glances as his black and white crest shone in the middle of his chest.

He noticed a couple of burn marks that were imprinted to the ground and thought of only one person. The red haired dragon or spit fire as he called her, Sera. This made him a bit more excited, because he could possibly see the elegant and ever beautiful Holly. Walking through the doors, he took in everything. The S class mages each in their own corner, the guild master drinking, the old man and the dragons. He gave a small nod to everyone as he went behind the counter and began prepping meals for everyone that would be going on a job.

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After a few weeks away, Zane finally returned back. The Dragon Slayer dragged himself off the train before collapsing on the platform, he lifted his head for a moment before going back to laying on the platform for a few more minutes, "I wasn't mean't for that kinda travel, I'm gonna be sick... he then dragged himself to a garbage can. Most of the people didn't stare or even paid attention as this was always what happened to Zane after travelling on any mechanical means of transportation. It still didn't stop a few people from asking if he was alright. His only reply was a sort of grunt as he barely moved from his prone position on the platform.

After gathering his strength and letting his stomach settle, Zane made sure he had everything before moving on, he'd decided to stop by the Guild and check up on everyone before going back to his place for some much needed rest and relaxation after his time away. Along his way he bought a few things from the stalls, which he promptly stuffed inside his bag that contained a few books and other things that he needed on his travels.

He walked through through the door and glanced around, he took in a deep breath. It was good to be home after the trip and it looked like everyone was already here and the day was already under way. Zane smiled as he moved towards the bar beginning to cross the room, he spotted the Guild Master who had probably already been here since early morning and nodded to her with a smile. Zane stopped in his tracks and turned to hear Holly on a bar stool yelling Sera's name. "Good, Sera's back as well..." he smiled and chuckled as he continued making his way to the bar noting to talk to Sera about how her trip went.

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"You are absolutely right Hannah, people are not meant to be alone. That is why we work together to lighten the load." Shin felt his back beginning to ache, his earlier rounds were beginning to catch up with him.

" Now you girls enjoy yourselves, there's a seat with my name on it and tea to be had." He threw something of an apologetic smile towards the pair, just a hint of his old mischievousness visible beneath it all. Shin took the chance to take his leave and have a seat, the ache subsided somewhat. Sure enough he also placed an order of tea, specifically ginseng to help him ease back into things.

His tea had barely arrived before Holly arrived, her loud greeting to her fellow dragon slayer was something he'd rather expected. The girl had her own ways of showing affection, and it was always a sight he enjoyed seeing. His gaze continued to pan across the room, Seto and Aaron were having one of their usual youthful comparisons. Shin felt a slight pang of sympathy for Aaron when he remembered Hannah's gym equipment, she always seemed out to beef the young man up. The idea made him question whether or not he should consider his own youth wasted, after all when he was their age the closest thing to a friend he had was certain individual out to kill him. Shin shifted his gaze again to avoid falling into the embrace of nostalgia.

Virgil and Elizabeth were the next pair he came across, if he had to say so himself he felt the pair oddly suited for one another. After all, one could almost say his interactions with the two were rather identical. If anything, the biggest factor second to their gender was Virgil's own behavior; were he a bit less reclusive, his grandchild like impression on Shin would be equal to Elizabeth's impression as his own granddaughter. Despite his urge to tease the two a bit, Shin let the pair continue their own conversation...he could wait. From there he shrugged and focused on his tea, he'd catch up with his rambunctious 'family' after a bit of rest.