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"With My power... I can't display..."

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Miyuu Minato


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Mage: Caster type
Element/Type of Magic: Caster Type//God Slayer//Magma
Volcanic Storm: Miyuu causes basically small eruptions on the surface of the ground allowing for large chunks of molten rock, burning rocks, and magma pillars to rocket out from the earth. It remains enclosed in a relatively small area for the greater damage to the opposition. Usually used to defend Miyuu in emergencies.

Lava Burst: Basically, what happens is Miyuu creates a rock that is somewhat molten, and can fling it like a meteor at a distant foe. Or she can throw it up and cause it to be like a meteor. Her third option is that she punches (Or kicks) the rock and sent it flying in a spread of smaller bits and pieces of molten rocks.

Armageddon: Miyuu's strongest attack, she bascially causes the crust around her to explode with pillars of magma, causing basically an Armageddon, destroying a huge area in her giant storm of Fire and death. It more or less destroys the area causing there just to be a scorch mark left excluding her. Though she has little control of the spell and only uses it as her general destruction of an area.

Volcanic Impact: Miyuu strikes the ground with a great force, causing the magma layer to ripple and shake the crust, and possibly even breaking it away. Though this causes general destruction.

Magma Plume: Miyuu creates a bolt of magma that she can throw, causing a small pillar of magma to fire up, can be used as an attack or to propel Miyuu into the air for a different attack. Causes very little collateral damage with the pillar since it was artificially created.
(I will add more as she learns and all. And I am accepting more ideas. I'm lacking them.)
Rank: B Rank (Her control is iffy)
Crest Location: Her left eye in a yellow lighter than her eyes.
Weapon: She carries a staff, and a bag with books. (Yes those books are used as weapons at times)
Height: ~170cm (translation: 5'6" and some change)
Weight: 61 kg (About 135 Lbs with some change)
Party: TBA
Appearance:For being a small person, Miyuu is not one to really take may hits, not saying she's one hit and down, but her body is more build for speed than defense. Yet she is quick to gaze around an environment with her golden eyes. With her clothes, she prefers her dark Magenta tunic, embroidered with a little decorative design, with her always common blue scarf that has on it's ends, a crest signifying her family's heritage, she's no noble, but her previous ancestors were. Amongst the tunic she wears, she usually has either her black tights, or a more warmer pants on which she tucks into her boots, which she ties almost to her knees. Needless to say, her clothes offer little protection as to the cold, though they help her with remaining flexible and extremely flexible. Though her tunic hides something, underneath her ribs, lay a scar that spans her whole front and is at least six centimeters wide, she hates talking about it, and usually ignores questions about it if it is seen. With her body's lack of defense, Miyuu makes up for it in any situation involving combat, with her speed and rather, her offense with her own magic.

Personality:When it comes to Miyuu, She is distrustful of people right off the bat. Not saying she's not willing to lat someone help her, more, she tends to see people as liars and cheaters. Not to say she's completely shut off from the world, but is slow to warm up to people and quick to judge and even hate. Though once one gets through her outer shell, they see a different Miyuu, one whom is kind and caring to all she can. Though she won't let you take blame for her actions, she can't and won't let you take fault for her. Nor will she allow you to sacrifice yourself for her, she'd rather take the blame head on and accept whatever she deserves. Yet in combat, is where her life on the streets pay off. She wasn't raised fighting, but she quickly learned how to in her own defense, that's to say, she never wishes to be the one to provoke a fight, rather she tries to defend herself and those whom are closest to her. Though, in the long run, her defense causes her to barricade herself in a (hypothetical) wall of ice that is very slow to come down to see who Miyuu truly is.
+ The cold
+ Books
+ Tea
+ Birds
+ Cooking
- Being lied to
- Her Distrustfulness
- Peppers
- Being overheated
// She's unwilling to rely on anyone but herself
// Her own kindness
// Miyuu lacks any good ability to swim
~ She is really agile
~ Her own style of combat
~ Miyuu is really good at cooking
/@/ Being alone
/@/ Entrapment
/@/ Being lost
/@/ Losing her allies

Bio:Miyuu grew up in a rural part of Fiore, as in, her closest neighbour was well over a few hundred meters away. Thus a young Miyuu and her three siblings, her older brother, and younger twin brother and sister duo. Though their parents, were there for the first few years, it soon became evident that they were careless. As Miyuu's older brother and her grew older, parent interaction became less and less until finally, they disappeared on a mission they were on. This finally answered a deep sort-of anger for Miyuu, since her parents abandoned the four of them, leaving the kids to their own devices at the young ages of 13, 12, and 8. Miyuu and her older brother both had to bring themselves up "by their bootstraps" as some put it. As her older brother, Yansei worked around in different shops and factories, Miyuu worked mainly in taverns and restaurants making distinctly less than her older brother, but making enough that her pay made a difference. That lasted for about a year for Miyuu, until she, and only she was adopted off the street by the Minato family, whom after seeing her one day at a restaurant, got the right to take her in. Thus she was whisked away, rather, kicking and screaming, by her new parents as her brother Yansei, and younger siblings could only watch her be dragged off to live a possibly better life.

-- Two years passed in a blur to Miyuu, it was more of her regaining the strength she lost from her starvation, and her becoming a little less hostile to her new parents. Which that didn't take long, since she was told that her siblings were being taken care of by a friend of the Minato's. Thus she complied and soon was given most of what she wanted, and knew no such thing as hunger again. Though she never really fit into the higher class living. She spoke, ate, and acted like a commoner, with an accent too, she worked mostly at a farm, where she picked up a slight farm-girl accent. Which she has never really gotten out of, it lingers with her past, along with her knowledge of the harshness of the world. Yet something set her apart, she had no magic to speak of. At least until one day, about two more years later, she was about in where she grew up. It was nostalgic almost, her previous memories flooded about her, both the good memories, and the horrid ones. Though soon she saw someone she didn't expect, Yansei. He was still thin and looked pale when he found Miyuu, out of curiosity, she asked what had happened, what Yansei had said, caused Miyuu to snap. Yansei told her of what the Minato family said, that all three would be helped. They were never helped, and later into the months the two twins had perished, according to Yansei, by starvation. This caused Miyuu's magic to flow with the same rage as her element. The ground shook as she tried to suppress her own rage, within seconds, plumes of magma shot from the earth in a violent eruption, Yansei, having magic of his own, chose to flee while he could. It was basically an eruption of both emotion and magic as Miyuu realized that the two she care for more than her own existence had been taken from the world she lived in. It only lasted a few minutes, but, the damage was massive. The home they lived in was eradicated, along with the other homes nearby. Miyuu looked about seeing the destruction of her own magic, Yansei, fearing to lose his sister had rushed over, being spared from any harm, and told her something that shakes her to this day,

"Leave, Don't come back for me. I'll cover for your blame."

--She did so, not knowing what she was doing at all, having blanked. Though, knowing that, that day was the last time she saw Yansei. She traveled about after that... Though a year later, when Miyuu was eighteen, she stood in front of a Guild House, having never really seen one, she went in. Only to come out with a new mark in her left eye, that of Fairy Tail. Her next year, though adventurous, passed by and she was happy again.

Other:FT Forever

So begins...

Miyuu Minato's Story

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Anaida Quincy

It was the early morning, and just like any other morning, in the Guild, a certain woman sat at the bar. Her fiery dark eyes surveyed her domain, watching as fellow guild mates walked in and out and about her Guild. Not many had arrived probably because it was still pretty early but not for her. She was an early bird amongst the sleep ins and she was proud of it. Leaning back on the stool she sat upon, Anaida placed her elbows on the bars countertop behind her and breathed a sigh of content.

However it seemed her peaceful morning wasn’t about to stay peaceful for very much longer. Already she could see some of the more rowdy members coming in both new and old. Anaida didn’t pay much mind to it since she hoped with her being present they wouldn’t do anything stupid. For now Anaida would simply stay where she was and relax while drinking her morning coffee.

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Miyuu woke from her nightmare again. She was panicked, that was the first time that she had a nightmare that vivid strike her as she slept. Miyuu looked at her hand, which the knuckles looked a bit bloody since she probably punched the wall in the terror that was present within her body. With a heavy sigh to calm herself, Miyuu soon rose gently and using her rather light weight, moved silently to the area she designated her changing area. In her one-room apartment, she has no real bedroom, kitchen, living room, and so on. The only separate room is her bathroom, which only contains what is necessary, nothing special. Thus she doesn't have 'rooms' and 'closets' but specified areas where she put the furniture to act like walls and by her bed, she keeps a little privacy curtain, though never really closes it unless there is a guest over, which is really rare. Thus she began her morning routine, get dressed in her usual clothes, eat some of last night's leftovers, and head out to the Fairy Tail guild.

It wasn't like Miyuu was poor, rather, she had a good amount of money to suffice her desires, she just prefers saving money and living off the minimum. Soon she was out her door, scarf around her neck, and rather covering her face a little, and blue ribbon tying some of her white hair back. She exited her building and stretched a little before moving on with her day, a gentle breeze went through, which her scarf, ribbon, and hair caught. She proceeded to walk against the wind, almost loosing her ribbon in the process, what occasionally happens when one does that. Yet she kept going with her trip. Eventually she reached from where she was, close to the docks of the city, to the guild house. She entered through the double doors and saw a few others had come in, she payed no mind to them and sat by Anaida before speaking to the bartender, "Hm, just a coffee please." Miyuu asked, it was sharp, though polite. Though she turned her head to Anaida and spoke, "Why, good morning Ms. Anaida." That was a little less sharp, but her daggered words were still present in her voice. Her hand had stopped bleeding, but ached from her earlier punch.

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#, as written by Damioa
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#, as written by Damioa
Damia Dantz

Opening your eyes to see the sun rising over the beautiful lake in Fiore would be considered the most peaceful relaxing thing in the world. At least, to Damia it was. So relaxing in fact, that he never wanted to wake up in the morning. However, like always, he slowly rolled out of bed until he fell on the floor and rolled around some more until he grew tired of it. From that point, he stood up to make his bed and went to eat. After eating he cleaned his bowl, went to take a shower, and from there he was ready to set foot on the road to his guild. Most people who saw the boys room would think that he was some type of neat freak even though that wasn't the case. He just liked to do as little work as possible to get the job done. As he saw it, by cleaning after yourself after you do something, you don't have to ever do those all day chores he dreads so much. Nope, a calm comfortable day sounded much better to him. He'd even settle for a loud fun day. Now that he was on his way to a place where days can vary, he hummed a little tune, excited to figure out what type of day it would be.

The walk was nice enough to tell him that nothing was really going on this morning. After his first wild morning in the guild, he found that he should always expect a burning set of buildings or random crowds of screaming people. This was just to relieve shock, but that didn't stop it from being an everyday possibility. Making it to the guild hall without any incidents happening the lad was free to enter his second home.

"Hey. I've been waiting for you," a familiar voice called.

"Huh?" Damia looked over to see it was none other than Garr, the latest victim to his schemes. "Oh. Good Morning, hehe."

"Don't hehe me pal. You told me that the guild master was giving rewards to those who mopped the whole floor and I was lucky enough to think to ask her before I started mopping."

"Wow really? Good job man. You cracked my evil scheme."

Garr spat into his holding cup. "Yeah, well now she wants to see you. So who's laughing now? Hehehe." The dwarf of a man walked away happily.

The words he left behind only seemed to slowly seek in Damia's stomach. There was nothing more time consuming than the hour it took to clean the whole entire guild hall. If that wasn't bad enough, the one person who he had to listen to no matter what. The one person who could make him do all the chores at once with no questions asked. The one person in the guild who he conceded to. She was the very same woman who he had to speak to. Passing through a couple of his guild mates, he quickly said "hi" to each of them before going in front of the woman. "Uhhh. Hey auntie." He greeted. The woman gave him a stare which almost made him leave the scene. "So uh... Yeah...... I was ...... Yesterday......" He quickly noticed that he had no excuse that he could give to her while she was looking at him like that, so instead he just bowed his head waiting to get hit.
"Ughh," he softly grunted. Raising his head and rubbing it with his right hand he said, "So yeah, I'll get the broom now."

While sweeping he noticed that everyone else was enjoying their morning conversations so he scanned the area to see who he could mingle with. Over to his right and where the bar was, he saw Sera, Hannah, the old man, Anaida, and Miyuu, who seemed to hate him for some reason. Across from the bar over to the mission board, he saw Seto and Aaron. He really didn't feel like having a conversation about working. Soon he saw Roxie and Tiny, but he waved off the idea about hanging out with them so early in the day. "Wow." He thought out loud. "I'm really getting old huh. I use to have a whole bunch of energy in the morning." Since it seemed like a good idea to let everyone talk amongst themselves for now, he kept on sweeping in hopes that someone would come in and talk to him............and that he would never have to sweep again.

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Julius Knoven

The sun shone, brighter than usual. It was as if someone had turned up the brightness as it pierced through the woods like a knife through butter. Julius rolled over before jumping up as if someone had thrown water on him. Squinting his eyes he tried to make sense of everything that happened and why he was in his bathroom lying on the floor.

"You do know that we have you outnumbered right?" A brutish looking man said as five other men dressed in tattered clothing surrounded Julius.

"I don't think that's ever mattered before. And gentlemen I'm not going to fight you all will be fighting yourselves." Julius laughed as he turned around and began walking away. In a matter of moments there were screams of fear as Julius disappeared into the darkness.

"Damn it!" Julius yelled as he splashed water on his face. He looked at his reflection in the mirror noticing his trademark golden eyes. It was supposed to be a simple job, sneak into the bar, steal the treasure back and return it. So how in the hell does it turn out that they have a dark mage hiding in the ranks, even though he got the treasure it still seemed to be mind boggling.

He grabbed his brown towel and wiped his tan face, not remembering the time. Ten past seven, he was running late but it didn't really matter seeing as how he had a long night. He ran into his room, hopping over his stool and grabbing a blue dress shirt and white tie; running out the house without having his shirt on yet, he caught a few glances as his black and white crest shone in the middle of his chest.

He noticed a couple of burn marks that were imprinted to the ground and thought of only one person. The red haired dragon or spit fire as he called her, Sera. This made him a bit more excited, because he could possibly see the elegant and ever beautiful Holly. Walking through the doors, he took in everything. The S class mages each in their own corner, the guild master drinking, the old man and the dragons. He gave a small nod to everyone as he went behind the counter and began prepping meals for everyone that would be going on a job.

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~At the final sounds of what seemed to be a duel, Miyuu quickly came back to life as fast as she had gone back to sleep. In front of her sat the now cold cup of coffee she ordered earlier that morning. Though she was a bit tired, she rose towards the wash closet to clean up her disheveled face from her collapsing on the bar for multiple hours. Looking into the mirror, a good bit of hair of hers was over her face and quite honestly completely out of place of where she had it this morning, her cheeks were red from resting them on her arms, and she had saliva on her face since her mouth was almost propped open from her face moving down into her arms. Whisking her hand through her hair real quick, solved most of the problems concerning her hair, the rest was fine with her. Next came her mouth and throat, which were both dry. To alleviate that, she had stuck her head under the water, taking a few sips before rinsing her face. Her red cheeks and dead asleep arms would just have to wait.

~After all that, Miyuu exited the wash closet with a stone cold face. She moved towards someone she mildly knew, and spoke to Damia, with a cold manner, "Damia. What did I miss while I was asleep?" she asked without any hesitation. Though the coffee was cold, she still drank it, best not to let things she asked for go to waste. At least she'll know what had happened from the best source for information in the guild, since most likely she is giving the information to the rest of the guild. Though something eerie hit her, she recalled the dream she had while napping on the bar, an actually nice dream for what she usually had, it was mostly here with all the colourful faces she has met. Maybe she didn't hate everyone here...

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Miyuu was relatively confused, especially when she, for some brilliant reason, followed her guildmates to Annandale. Now, she had kind-of figured that something was up, but nothing could prepared her for what was to come. First, was the force field, which looked enough to keep people from entering or exiting. Though from how easily Anaida took it down, a simple Lava Burst would have easily broken the pitiful barrier. Finally, Miyuu understood what her task was in Annandale, hunting down Dark Mages and drive them out of the city.

Miyuu was one of the last to move out, and of course, she was solo in her pursuit, yet she paused before really moving in and spoke, "Anaida, do I have permission to use my Magic?" she asked, knowing what her spells have done caused many lives to be lost, and have the chances to level the whole town. It's not something she wants to repeat again with the mass destruction and loss of life. Miyuu also had the problem of the town's buildings, most of them were wood, which needless to say, burned when extreme heat was close. That and the few times she used it, even her lava burst ability has slipped out of control and left a few craters in the landscape of Fiore.

"Use it if you need to Miyuu." Anaida replied, though continued, "But, try to keep your damage to a minimum, and stay from where you'll do irreversible damage. Soon after, Miyuu moved out, knowing what she has to do to keep all safe. Other than the Dark Mage, they won't get mercy from the little Lavamancer known as Miyuu. Terrorizing a small town reminded Miyuu of her home, where some bandits ran around for a few months. Though this time was different, instead of someone else dealing with them, Miyuu and Fairy Tail has to deal with them, good thing too, she wanted to do something other than sleep in the Guildhouse.

While Miyuu ran around the streets, which it wasn't a super hasty speed, more like a jogging pace, normal for Miyuu on a mission. Typically, Miyuu would be far more cautious, but this time she wasn't in more of a battle hunger, she wanted to punish the Dark Mages that were here. Eventually, Miyuu decided to get to the rooftops, in theory she could see far better with a higher vantage point. Slowly she climbed her way like an assassin onto the rooftop of a home before moving on the roofs leaping from building to building. She enjoyed runs like this, where there is an element of danger to them. Miyuu stopped looking around seeing how far the next bunch of buildings were from her, she thought to herself before nodding.

Miyuu walked back to the other side of the roof she was on and got into a more sprinter-like stance, she was going to jump across using her magma plume to propel her upwards with her momentum, easy enough in her mind. Though it wasn't, she began running at a full sprint using the rather light frame she had and decided to take out her staff and used it like in a pole vault to launch her a little further. All seemed to be as Miyuu had planned in her mind, and soon the magma plume to launch her up again and jump from it, that was the wrong part of her plan, she didn't anticipate the force of the plume launching her high into the air, and way off target.

After a few minutes of flying it seemed, when it was more of thirty seconds, she realized she was now falling to the ground, and noticed where she was going, the massive funnel cloud extending far above her height in the sky. Miyuu's mind raced as she thought of multiple outcomes of the impact, Oh great... I'm going to die- she thought before hitting the side of the wall and after being carried a little, and even slowed by the wind, she finally landed on the ground rather gracefully.

Rather, about as gracefully as a drunken horse. Miyuu got a foot down and tried to stop, but ended up on her face behind Shinzaemon with her arms splayed out. Miyuu sat up, figuring that her foot was caught up by a stone from the street, or just the amount of momentum she had gotten from her fall, as she rose, she looked at the three others, One was Sera, the other was Shinzaemon, and the third was unknown to Miyuu, he was dark and looked like a huge threat. Though she looked to Shin and spoke in a hushed tone,

"Sorry to intrude Shinzaemon, but may I ask whom the dark man is?" she asked keeping her eyes on the man in case of an attack.

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Shin couldn't suppress his surprise at the statement given by the other mage. After all, if the man wasn't lying then Shin would have to also take care to avoid casualties- something that effectively sealed off his stronger spells at this point. The shock was enough for the man's next move to actually pull him off his platform. Only decades of experience allowed Shin to quickly sculpt another spacial prison to act as his safety against a gust that would otherwise force him into the wall of wind.

He belatedly realized that his opponent had been speaking, however it was probably to taunt or gloat in response to his most recent technique. Shin again felt excitement, he'd never fought a wind user of this caliber before. He looked around, from what he could see the gust was a constant. I can cover this much with a strong stance... who'd think an old fart like me would have to go back to the fundamentals Shin couldn't help but grin at the irony as he took a wide and low stance before dispelling his spacial barrier. However the arrival of a young woman from his guild, Miyuu if he wasn't mistaken took his attention.

"No need to be formal, Shin is just fine...as for him. Let's just say he's a wind mage in need of some discipline."

Beyond that he couldn't exactly think of anything to tell Miyuu, Seto's story wasn't his to tell and he didn't exactly recall the young man offering his name.

"Also, while I lost track of her Sera should be around here somewhere. Hate to say it, but I was really relying on her so far. This guy is too fast for my old eyes to keep up with and her fighting style was perfect to keep him from using that speed. Also if his words are to be believed, the entire town is effectively hostage...effectively sealing away my stronger techniques." Shin's grip tightened on his staff at the admission.If he wanted to win this fight, he'd have to either sacrifice town's folk or hope someone else can turn the tables for him. That much was as obvious to him as the ground beneath his feet.

That's it! Shin got an idea on how he could turn the tables himself- however given the circumstance he'd much rather avoid the attempt. After all if the wind mage had back up, Shin wouldn't have anything left over for the fight afterwards.

"Miyuu, I don't suppose you've got an ace up your sleeve...or a way to let us move the battlefield do you?"

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Boreas vs. Miyuu&Shin

Boreas watched with anticipation as a figure came falling from the sky. However what occurred next was near impossible considering the intentions behind him forming the funnel of wind. Instead of tearing the girl to pieces it actually carried her to the ground. Furious Boreas snarled at the newcomer, “I’ll have you flayed alive for that little stunt.” In saying that he swept his hand to the side as if to slap something and a sickle of wind went straight for Miyuu. He continued swiping at the air three more times before pausing long enough to see how they fared. Having been fighting the old mage for some time now he understood that he probably moved out of the way but he could tell that his age was getting to him.

“You still in one piece down there?” Peering over at their last location.

To further conserve energy, Shin was forced to use his own spacial distortion as a blade to slice through the sickles of wind before they reached him. He couldn’t afford to be more liberal with his magical usage until he got some form of confirmation from his teammates. With no direct answer forthcoming, he began trying to inch his way towards the nearest building. If he could get nearby or indoors, he might be able to actually check on whether there were really still people in the town. His old warrior self just couldn’t believe it since the entire notion was so impractical for a battlefield. However as a member of Fairy Tail, Shin couldn’t just shrug off the notion and fight on anyways. From his artificial eye, he eventually noticed his opponent looking in his direction.

“Sorry but I’m still here, something of an annoying skill you develop when reaching my age.” It was a poor attempt at banter, but Shin REALLY didn’t want to be the center of attention at the moment.

Miyuu glanced at Boreas with a mild determination, she managed to get through the wind, just to have three Sickles going for her as if to slice her. Noticing where they were she prepared a dodge and a possible counter, though, she noticed Shin handled them, she looked at Shin with a nice smile, “Thanks. And no, I cannot move the battlefield… But I could dissipate the vortex... ” she replied, keeping her eyes on Boreas, she continued with a sigh, “I could level the town. But then Innocent people could die, and I’d rather not have more than my fair share of blood on my hands.

The thought of Miyuu destroying another town was horrifying to her to say the least… Since the last time she destroyed a town, her brother took the heat and she hasn’t seen him ever since then. Her mind raced, especially with the thoughts of more dying to her magic, clenching her arm, she thought of the outcomes of her magic that turned bad. It was noticeable Miyuu was absorbed into her thoughts of the destruction she could cause, pressing her hand on her leg, she relived her own past, where she killed many in a rage of losing her family. Slowly Miyuu’s body tensed up in her past, with her eyes welling up in her own self-pity and sadness. Ready to break down, as the heat in her body slowly welled around her body.

Boreas huffed in irritation upon seeing Shin and the other girl still standing. "And here I thought I had finally gotten rid of you." Folding his arms over his chest Boreas stayed in the air waiting until all was clear for him to see them well enough to attack again. Laughing at the girls words Boreas spread his arms wide as an open invitation to attack. "I dare you to break this barrier girl just know it'll be costly."

If Miyuu was able to break it the barrier wouldn't just dissipate but rather explode as the ferocious winds escaped their confinement to that specific structure.

Shin couldn’t help but internally groan at Miyuu’s response, he’d have to do things the hard way after all. Fortunately, the distance between him and her allowed the old man hastily regroup. More of a cautionary measure than anything he dropped a hand on the girl’s head- he’d already coated it with magic just incase she was hot enough to burn.

[color= orange] “Then I’ll indulge an old habit of mine...cover your eyes for a bit, this won’t be pretty.”[/color] He turned towards Boreas, offering one last sentence before he made his move.

“ Were I sixty years younger, this could have been much more interesting. Shame that this is just about the best I can show you these days.” Shin explosively rose his magic levels with the sentence. The old mage thrust his staff into the sky before lowering the head towards the ground. Shin once more refrained from calling out the spell Sema, since the spell took a while he wished to keep the attack unnoticed. After all, the force of a meteor would be more than sufficient to level a town this sized on its own. However, he couldn’t be too sure due to his lack of knowledge on the wall of wind. However, the hope was the wall would be strong enough to protect most of the outside town but still give out. While Sema drained most of his energy, he had enough to do one more large spell. To protect Miyuu and himself from Sema, Shin managed to pull the energy together to cast Yagdo Rigora. The two spells would annihilate each other in the air- but the power produced would be greatly increased without reaching the ground. The trick was Yagoo Rigora was the faster spell, he couldn’t afford to cast it until after the sky fully blackened before opening again to reveal the meteor.

“Young man, I do believe you’ll enjoy the result if nothing else.”

Boreas laughed aloud at Shin's words, "I'm sure it would have been old man." Thinking up a new way to get under Shin's skin was difficult and he also wanted to attack one more time. However he wasn't able to complete it due to the sudden darkening of the sky and a meteor falling from the sky. Knowing it was headed straight for him, Boreas reinforced his wind barrier. Upon contact it seemed his barrier would hold giving Boreas a sense of triumph until it shattered under the pressure of such a large force.

Eyes widening in surprise the dark Mage was pushed back by the sheer force behind the meteor. Grinding his teeth Boreas tried to cushion his landing and hopefully add a resistance to the pressure but that too fell away and he finally succumbed to the attack.

“Yagdo Rigora” much to his embarrassment, Shin actually had to vocalize his spell. The figure emerged around himself and Miyuu before erupting upwards like a cannon of light. As planned, his two attacks annihilated each other. However the flash of light temporarily left Shin blind- and he’d used up his reserves of magical energy. All effort aside, the combination still left none of the structures that had been within Boreas’ wind wall standing.

Miyuu, although distraught by the idea of killing so many people, saw the opportunity to end the fight. It was right after the dark mage hit the ground that Miyuu rushed forwards to close the distance between them. A seal formed a suddenly a piece of molten rock erupted from te ground the size of a large ball and kicked it with all her might. The dark mage barely had time to put up a small defense to protect himself from the incoming projectile. However the molten rock burned the air and hit him, it was cooler than before, right in the abdomen, sending him flying back.

The molten rock burned right through his clothes and bite into his skin. Screaming in pain beyond measure, Boreas soon passed out from the excruciating pain and shock from the heat produced from the attack. He was barely able to move it off him without burning his hands too badly but from the looks of it, the mage was finally down for the count.

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Anaida Quincy

Led by Dami through the mansion, the two arrived before the entrance to the tunnel. Pausing at the entrance, Anaida ran her hand over the edges of the tunnel. The two entered the the tunnel but this time the guildmaster took the lead. It wasn't hard to know where to go, the older woman could feel the dark power from the crystal Dami informed of. After a while the tunnel opened up into an immense cavern. "It's over here." Following his directions, Anaida turned to the right and now stood on a wide ledge that went around the entire cavern from what she could tell.

She looked over her shoulder at the young Mage, "Stay there Dami. I don't want you to get hurt. " The crystal stood all alone, dark waves of power rolling off its obsidian surface. With a deepening frown, Anaida now stood in front of it. Anaida placed her palm on the smooth sides and took a deep breathe. The crystal was a part of the cavern ceiling, meaning once she destroyed it, the cavern would cave in. "Dami I need you to leave now. I can't guarantee that this place will stand on its own very soon." Checking to see if the crystal Mage did leave, she was relieved to see that his was nowhere to be seen.

Anaida looked up, sizing up the crystal and a small smile crept onto her lips. "Mm you'll be a fun one." Stepping away from the crystal, Anaida shook her hands then pulled back her fist. Suddenly rocking forwards, as her fist neared the crystal it took on a scaly appearance as it slammed into the sides of the crystal. A shock wave erupted upon contact shaking the surrounding area within the carvers. It only took a split second for a crack to form and then spread throughout the crystal. Quickly stepping back, Anaida could see that the crystal was crumbling in on itself as was the cavern.

The Guild Master spent no time getting out of the carven. As she entered the manor she checked to see if her guild mates were still inside. Walking out, Anaida saw that everyone had gathered in the front grounds. Seto still had Kisara, along with the other dark Mage that was with her, tied up by dark tendrils. She wasn't sure how many of the dark mages had been taken care of and how many were able to escape, however for now she was happy to see that everyone was there. Beckoning for everyone to gather around her, Anaida placed her hands on her hips with a look of triumph on her face.

"You've done well today. Today Fairy Tail has set free a town once held captive."

The setting changes from the-town-of-annandale to Fairy Tail Guild

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Anaida Quincy

Anaida led her Guild back home, making sure everyone’s injuries were sought to. It took them a little longer to get back home than it did getting to Annandale since they now sported a group of roughed up Dark Mages.

The first stop they made was in a small village by the name of Crawstoack. There Anaida sent a group of S-Class mages to gather the Dark Mages and head off towards the courts that would put them on trial for their actions. The following morning they set off once more to Magnolia. With the Dark Mages no longer being there, the Guild Traveled a bit more quickly and they arrived home as the sun was setting. The majority of them broke away from the group heading to their Guild Hall to go home.

The Guild Master was one of the few who went back to the Guild Hall. Opening the large doors, when they reached the Guild, Anaida stepped into the dark building. The darkness didn’t seem to bother her at all as she gracefully navigate around the tables, while the other mages stumbled about, grumbling about not being able to see well.

Eventually they all made it to their rooms and had fallen asleep before their bodies hit the mattress. Anaida on the other hand continued to walk around the interior of the guild. Checking up on the few who slept there, a smile found its way onto her face every time she peered into the rooms of sleeping mages.

Roxie Albernet

The young girl mostly stuck to herself, strumming her guitar out of boredom on the way back. When they finally reached Magnolia, Roxie split ways with her guild after a while of walking with them. Roxie realized she had never stopped by her house to tell her mother of her departure a few days ago. Biting her lip, Roxie quickened her pace back home.

When she got there, Roxie was glad that the lights were still on within the house as well as outside. Skipping up the doorsteps, Roxie stopped in front of the door thinking of knocking when she remembered her key. Oh right” She dug into her pocket, pink tongue poking out, and breathed a sigh of relief upon pulling out a small grey key. “Oh good, I didn’t lose it”

Inserting the key into its keyhole, Roxie turned the knob and quietly entered her home. The small girl made sure to be as quiet as possible, tip toeing around as she took her shoes off and set her guitar down in the hallway. Looking ahead, she saw that there was a light in the living room, most likely coming from their fireplace. She’s still up? came the concerned thought as Roxie poked her head around the corner.

She was glad to see that her mother had fallen asleep but she could tell it was a light sleep by her fluttering eyes. Roxie walked over to her mother and smiled down at her. Shifting on her, Roxie turned to the fire place and took out the poker to move the logs a bit. The sound was loud enough to wake up her mother, which she did, and Roxie quickly put the poker back down. Turning on her heel, Roxie pushed herself into her mothers unsuspecting arms, burying her head into her mothers shoulder. A small gasp was the only sound her mother made before she returned the gesture. “I’m home mum”