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Virgil Noir

"Just take everything one step at a time, that's the only way to progress."

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a character in “Fairy Tail||A New Story”, as played by legacy14



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"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead

❝Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.❞

Full Name: Virgil Islen Noir

Nicknames: 'Vin'

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Mage: Caster

Mage Rank: B Class

Magic Type: Dark Écriture

Skin Tone: Slightly Pale

Height: 6'0

Crest Location: Lower Left Side of his Neck, almost touching his collarbone.

Weight: 176 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Typically grey, tends to shift and change based upon the light and use of his magic

Party: TBA

❝Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance.❞
- Jean de la Fontaine

❝The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.❞

Virgil is a slim man with close-cropped black hair that is styled in no particular way at most times, often blowing in the breeze or hanging as it will. His grey eyes hold an eerie light in them as they tend to shift upon the lighting and when he builds his magic. It can change from any color of blue and green in everyday situations and to a deep purple or bright red upon unleashing his magic. His crest can rarely be seen poking out at the base of his neck, displaying a dark blue hue that contrasts his pale skin.

A high-collared black coat hangs over the majority of his body as he is covered from nearly head to toe in a dark garb. Underneath the coat lies a sleeveless dull grey shirt that is accented by dark pants and rough boots. His hands, like the rest of his body, remain covered in his traditional dark garb fashion in the form of light gloves that hug the curves of his hands. The key feature in his wardrobe has to be the odd masks he hides his face behind. Each has a fairly similar design scrawled roughly on the front, but each is broken in a different place. The two most common are shattered around his eyes, revealing only one at a time.

Distinct Markings:
His Fairy Tail Guild Mark on the lower left side of his neck is the only real marking on his body.

❝Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.❞
- James Dean

❝A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.❞

Calm and Collected, Virgil tends to watch and listen rather than immediately jump in to reveal his thoughts. Although he's not completely detached from social situations, he finds himself to be nervous around larger groups of people, finding it to contain too many variables for him to interpret at once. At first, one would be justified to call him shy as he often tries to withdraw and refrain from drawing any attention to himself. Virgil is one of the most likely individuals to literally try blending into a wall in hopes of his presence being overlooked. This causes him to be quite straightforward when interacting in new situations, trying to get his point across, his intentions revealed, and whatever questions he may have out in the open as easily as possible. This has given him a reputation of being blunt or rude at times, quickly trying to rectify the mistake after.

Despite these hard facts, no one can dispute his loyalty and protectiveness of those close to him. Even in situation where there was no hope in his victory, Virgil has been known to interpose himself between a threat and his allies in any attempt to keep them safe. This is a rare occurrence, but it has been noted on more than a single occasion. Mainly because his ability as a back line tactician and his ability to judge crucial moments.

Virgil is not naturally strong or powerful in a physical sense, relying almost entirely on his magic and wire skill to attack and defend against any threats that come his way. This leads him to have a haunting fear of his magic not being able to protect himself or mainly, an ally that is in danger.

His basic fighting strength would be his talent in using wires and creating traps with his runes. He has an incredible talent and a decent mastery of Kokujou and Garrote Wire Fighting, a unique style that uses the manipulation of wires in combat. Aside from this, Virgil is a natural back-line tactician, able to break down specific strategic points, whether on a battle field, or simply in the use of solving a puzzle or predicament.

  • Books and Reading
  • Calligraphy and Puzzles
  • Music, Especially voices of talented singers
  • Amazing Food
  • Relaxing and sleeping

  • Spicy foods
  • Feeling Trapped
  • Mirrors
  • Boasting or Boastful Individuals
  • Sunburns....

❝Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.❞
- Abraham Lincoln

"Chaos Calligraphy"
❝The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.❞

Dark Écriture:
A form of Letter Magic that allows the caster to write runes, in Virgil's case, without the use of a focus such as a pen, quill, or weapon. This can be used in many variations and for a variety of uses, but essentially turns the written script or encompassed area to become a "written law", forcing the object(s) in question to abide by the rules. The properties of the Magic is centered on the writing of the runes; however, if rewritten correctly, the effects will change. The runes can be written on an object, person, or even in midair for the effects to take place. The runes can be written for different purposes, such as traps, and offensively can be cast upon an opponent to inflict either physical or mental injury.

A simple use of Virgil's magic, operational wings can be formed by his runes to enable him to fly or hover as he wills depending on his current magic power. Teleportation is possible as well, destabilizing Virgil and transporting himself to a pre-written rune. These runes are fairly simple and do not require much time to complete.

Pain, Fear, Suffering:
Virgil's general attack runes that can cause various effects of the same name. Uses can vary to almost any emotion or infliction, but many of these are typically not used in combat or other situations as Virgil deems them a bit of a waste. These runes are his fastest in his arsenal, able to be written with a swipe or connecting strike almost instantly.

An incredibly advanced form of Rune-Writing, this lost art can infuse runes onto Virgil's target (usually on himself as it is much easier). This can have varying effects based on what is written, enhancing strength, speed, magic power, or simply transforming his body into some unearthly being to enhance his physical capabilities. The runes are incredibly difficult to incredible, and take a great deal of time and concentration. Rushing this technique can have disastrous effects, and in some cases, possible loss of life.

    Equipment and Personal Artifacts:
  • A cracked or Broken mask is almost always present on his face
  • A remarkably long length of wire with a sharp blade on the end

❝Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.❞
- John F. Kennedy

❝Not all those who wander are lost.❞

An odd child as he grew up, Virgil was always quiet and a bit anti-social; preferring the company of books and his studies that of his friends or family. There were no significant problems other than this oddity that he is aware of. Books were his life and they were what made him happy, a simple fact that really had no life-altering impact on him. This is what he remembers to an extent of his incredibly cloudy past. He was a rather average child as he grew up, except there are quite a few gaps in his memory that he, to this day, cannot recall.

The very next memories Virgil has after those of his early childhood are much later in his life, more specifically, close to a few years before he joined Fairy Tail. Due to this, and the strange Magic he was now able to wield, Virgil would spend the next couple of years trying to figure out the cause of his memory loss. And the source of the strange runes that were so easy to inscribe, even with no memory of learning them.

Dead end met dead end for what seemed like an eternity, until he came across and old man that was famous for disassembling and countering certain types of magics. The Break user by the name of Briar had come across many forms of the runes in the past and knew quite a bit about them despite having no gift with them himself. The man explained to Virgil that the art of Dark Écriture that had manifested itself in the young mage's mind was a very volatile magic that required the utmost dedication. Virgil learned that his memory loss was due to the fact that the memories and skill required to use his magic had essentially pushed his memories out of his head, rewriting the space in his training of the magic's use. In basic terms, he had to forget portions of his own life to remember the use and be able to effectively use the runes in any fashion. Appalled that forms of magic were still allowed to be practiced, Virgil nearly broke down at the life he would never know. When it was revealed that Dark Écriture had in fact been outlawed some time ago, it only led to more questions that Briar had no answers to.

Briar pointed Virgil to the path of joining a guild, a prime place for mages of any type to be welcomed, protected, and able to freely seek out their own goals while in the company of friends. Virgil's skepticism must have been apparent as the older mage quickly struck him across the head and told him to "....stop being such a downer..." The Break master even went as far as to personally follow, or escort in Briar's mind, to the most suited guild for the budding young mage: 'Fairy Tail'. Only agreeing to stay to get rid of the older man, Virgil reluctantly agreed to joining. He quickly realized, however, that the guild was much more than a place for mages to stay and commune among one another, it was a place where people such as Virgil, mages with nowhere to go, could call a home. Promising the old mage to return and visit him once he master his Dark Écriture, Virgil was quite disappointed to find he was unable to locate the Break user some time later.

Virgil is still mastering his techniques, but is quickly becoming a mage to be recognized. He intends to keep his promise one day, and track down the old mage that pointed him to his precious new life.


So begins...

Virgil Noir's Story

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Anaida Quincy

It was the early morning, and just like any other morning, in the Guild, a certain woman sat at the bar. Her fiery dark eyes surveyed her domain, watching as fellow guild mates walked in and out and about her Guild. Not many had arrived probably because it was still pretty early but not for her. She was an early bird amongst the sleep ins and she was proud of it. Leaning back on the stool she sat upon, Anaida placed her elbows on the bars countertop behind her and breathed a sigh of content.

However it seemed her peaceful morning wasn’t about to stay peaceful for very much longer. Already she could see some of the more rowdy members coming in both new and old. Anaida didn’t pay much mind to it since she hoped with her being present they wouldn’t do anything stupid. For now Anaida would simply stay where she was and relax while drinking her morning coffee.

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The sun rose on Fiore, streaking the sky with the brilliant hues of dawn's first light. The mosaic above painted a beautiful scene in the chilly morning air to any who cared to glance skyward. Merchants, traders, and various other townsfolk scurried out of their homes and into the streets, ready to take on the day as it began anew, leaving endless possibilities to any that cared chase after them.

The masked man apart from the main square was not as optimistic as as many of the simpler folk around him this day. Clad in a wreath of dark clothing, it appeared as if the man casting his gaze into the water of the tiny stream that wound through the city was wrapped in an aura of shadow. Legs dangling over the edge of the bridge, Virgil watched the waters as they moved steadily to wherever their path would take them, his finger gently tapping the edge of a plain, yet slightly old looking book her held in his grasp. He had gotten to nearly the edge of town when he felt the book digging into his back, the pressure of his belongings pressing the book against the cloth of his bag. When he dug out the nuisance, Virgil knew he had to turn around. He knew he wasn't ready to leave.

'Treasures and Traps: A Guide to Runes and Ruins.'

The book was simple and detailed exactly as one might think, but Virgil smiled as he tucked the small tome back into his bag and made the short trip back to his tiny apartment. Elizabeth had given it to him a day prior, and he had finished it during his missed time the past night. His pack made its way to its designated spot in his simply furnished room as he made his way to the wardrobe on the far wall. His clothes were not worn from the night and a fresh pair would have been a waste, but his mask was needed to be replaced. Row upon row sat inside the wardrobe as he replaced his current and pulled a new one. Cracked and missing a large portion from the left side of it's face, Virgil's eye was exposed as he drew the sheet off of the mirror outside the door. He could only hold his own gaze for a moment before the sheet was replaced and he quickly made his way out the door, book in hand.

Minutes seemed to dissipate as Virgil's eye scanned a few key pages from his book as he ignored the whispers of those he passed in the streets. Before long, he found himself standing before the double doors of Fairy Tail, Fiore's pride and headache. His beloved guild. Doing as he always did, Virgil slid in without a word and as inconspicuous as possible, keeping out of everyone's way and apologizing to any the he blocked on his way into the main hall.

Virgil's path would bring him close to the bar and he paused for a second to equip his other hand with a small cup of tea. The aroma perked him up instantly as he regarded the other two seated at the bar. "Ma'am." He regarded their guild master politely and nodded to Johnathon nearby. "Pardon me."

With his tea in hand and the precious book in the other, Virgil spied what he was searching for in a corner of the room, apart from the commotion that normally surrounded the hall. Peering over the shoulder and past the blonde head atop to the parchments sprawled along the table. Lifting his mask slightly to see better, Virgil pointed with his book hand to a large ink blot on the paper. "You missed a spot Elizabeth."

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Julius Knoven

The sun shone, brighter than usual. It was as if someone had turned up the brightness as it pierced through the woods like a knife through butter. Julius rolled over before jumping up as if someone had thrown water on him. Squinting his eyes he tried to make sense of everything that happened and why he was in his bathroom lying on the floor.

"You do know that we have you outnumbered right?" A brutish looking man said as five other men dressed in tattered clothing surrounded Julius.

"I don't think that's ever mattered before. And gentlemen I'm not going to fight you all will be fighting yourselves." Julius laughed as he turned around and began walking away. In a matter of moments there were screams of fear as Julius disappeared into the darkness.

"Damn it!" Julius yelled as he splashed water on his face. He looked at his reflection in the mirror noticing his trademark golden eyes. It was supposed to be a simple job, sneak into the bar, steal the treasure back and return it. So how in the hell does it turn out that they have a dark mage hiding in the ranks, even though he got the treasure it still seemed to be mind boggling.

He grabbed his brown towel and wiped his tan face, not remembering the time. Ten past seven, he was running late but it didn't really matter seeing as how he had a long night. He ran into his room, hopping over his stool and grabbing a blue dress shirt and white tie; running out the house without having his shirt on yet, he caught a few glances as his black and white crest shone in the middle of his chest.

He noticed a couple of burn marks that were imprinted to the ground and thought of only one person. The red haired dragon or spit fire as he called her, Sera. This made him a bit more excited, because he could possibly see the elegant and ever beautiful Holly. Walking through the doors, he took in everything. The S class mages each in their own corner, the guild master drinking, the old man and the dragons. He gave a small nod to everyone as he went behind the counter and began prepping meals for everyone that would be going on a job.

The setting changes from Fairy Tail Guild to Fiore


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((wrong location again!))

The setting changes from Fiore to Fairy Tail Guild

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Elizabeth Valdine

A faint smile appeared on Elizabeth's face as she allowed the tranquil scratching of her quill drown out the slowly waking Fairy Tail. The few early-risers exchanged greetings with one another and a few began breakfast. A low growl in her stomach reminded her that she herself had not eaten and the scents of morning food were beginning to distract her from her task. With a huff of annoyance she hunched herself protectively over the paper that was now scented with smell of fresh ink. A few minutes passed by as another distraction entered her view, a book titled "Treasure and Traps: A Guide to Ruins and Runes" as well as the familiar hand that held it.

A quiet voice reached her ears "You missed a spot Elizabeth." , her crimson eyes darted down to the parchment before her and her faint smile turned into a firm line as the large splash of ink ruined the pristine snow white color of the paper. Nearly giving a childish huff out loud, before settling for sulking with her head on the table. With a practiced hand she gently took the offered book before using it as pillow to prevent any more ink accidents like her morning.

After about five minutes of well-earned sulking she glanced up at Virgil and the coveted tea in his grasp. Her eyes calmly searched the mask before her and finally spoke lightly "Seemed you enjoyed the book I lent you, although I am surprised that you showed up this morning. I do believe last time we talked you were ever so determined to leave without a trace. How dramatic of you Virgil.." Her tone was playful and light, perhaps even a bit more cheerful that her shy friend had once again not yet carried out his plans of leaving.

Her eyes once again focused on the mess before her, before grasping the ruined parchment gently one hand and presenting it to Virgil "A fair trade don't you think? My book for this piece of parchment..hopefully that rune magic of yours can somehow fix? I would really prefer not to rewrite these notes..". In all honesty she did not know the full extent of his magic or what tasks he could easily perform with it. Perhaps cleansing ink from paper was within one of his runes? Her eyes once again blinked slowly as she took in the mysterious mask, resisting the urge to see the face under it. She was naturally curious about many things, and that mask was just one of them.

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Virgil took it all in as he watched his dear friend's reaction to his appearance and the fine details that arrived along with him. "It wouldn't be very polite to leave when you still need me so much..." He said curtly, a bit muffled by his mask, as he indicated the sheaf of paper and cacophony of ink blotting it in what seemed like the most inopportune parts. He was quite pleased at his own response he found, being faster and much more intelligent of a comeback than he was normally used to in his exchanges. But even his small moral victory wasn't enough when he felt Elizabeth's brilliant gaze boring into the shield protecting his face from prying eyes.

Try as he might though, he still fidgeted a bit under her gaze as he took a seat across from her and tried to concentrate on the pieces of parchment before him. "U-um...." Clearing his throat, he pushed the cup of tea across the table toward her while he kept his gaze averted from her eyes, letting his hair fall a bit around the mask to help the mask in protecting him. "No doubt you skipped breakfast again..."

The paper was standard parchment as he tested it's weight and fingered the edge to test its consistency and thickness. The ink was thoroughly soaked through, obscuring Elizabeth's delicate script in quite a few more areas than he had initially suspected. The was no telling how long the ink had to set overnight to do the kind of damage it had already caused. Virgil had to mentally check himself before letting out an exasperated sigh at this happening. It was an affront to any sort of literature to let something like this happen. But his friend knew that better than anyone, he couldn't imagine how she must feel at it having happened to her own works. Which made his next words that much harder...

"I can't fix these papers..." It pained him to say so, but he wouldn't lie about it, not to Elizabeth. "The ink is too far set in, anything to remove it could destroy the par--" He didn't just stop his sentence, he cut it clean off with an abruptness that would have made a tavern wench blink. But the gears in his head insisted on shutting him up to allow them to work their magic. The eye visible to the world, peeking out from the shattered part of his guise, flashed an intense shade of vermilion as he poured a bit of his Écriture into the parchment in his fingers. The words lit up in the same intense light as they lifted slightly from the paper. materializing as words in the air. Shuffling through the sheaf before him as he held his concentration, Virgil pulled a fresh piece of parchment and settled the letters onto it, recreating the notes on the first. "Maybe not as good as new," he stated a little dryly, "but as good as any copy can be."

There was plenty more to do, and boasting wasn't his style as he continued the process on the other blotted sheets in the stack. It became easier and faster with each sheet, and he was quickly aware of how crowded the guild hall was becoming. People were storming about and becoming louder as the seconds ticked by. Virgil almost had a mind to leap across the table to hug his friend for choosing a spot away from the commotion.....Almost.

"Everyone is in a particularly rambunctious mood today..."

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"You are absolutely right Hannah, people are not meant to be alone. That is why we work together to lighten the load." Shin felt his back beginning to ache, his earlier rounds were beginning to catch up with him.

" Now you girls enjoy yourselves, there's a seat with my name on it and tea to be had." He threw something of an apologetic smile towards the pair, just a hint of his old mischievousness visible beneath it all. Shin took the chance to take his leave and have a seat, the ache subsided somewhat. Sure enough he also placed an order of tea, specifically ginseng to help him ease back into things.

His tea had barely arrived before Holly arrived, her loud greeting to her fellow dragon slayer was something he'd rather expected. The girl had her own ways of showing affection, and it was always a sight he enjoyed seeing. His gaze continued to pan across the room, Seto and Aaron were having one of their usual youthful comparisons. Shin felt a slight pang of sympathy for Aaron when he remembered Hannah's gym equipment, she always seemed out to beef the young man up. The idea made him question whether or not he should consider his own youth wasted, after all when he was their age the closest thing to a friend he had was certain individual out to kill him. Shin shifted his gaze again to avoid falling into the embrace of nostalgia.

Virgil and Elizabeth were the next pair he came across, if he had to say so himself he felt the pair oddly suited for one another. After all, one could almost say his interactions with the two were rather identical. If anything, the biggest factor second to their gender was Virgil's own behavior; were he a bit less reclusive, his grandchild like impression on Shin would be equal to Elizabeth's impression as his own granddaughter. Despite his urge to tease the two a bit, Shin let the pair continue their own conversation...he could wait. From there he shrugged and focused on his tea, he'd catch up with his rambunctious 'family' after a bit of rest.

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Elizabeth's lips merely twitched in amusement at rapid comeback from her friend before merely muttering "Please, you need me as much as I need you. God forbid you become a shut-in without my contestant prodding..Have I told you my theory that you are merely a phantom? ". Her tone was light in a joking manner, in truth she did worry about his constant determination to leave the guild behind. Her mouth twisted into a smirk as the elusive mage merely pushed his tea in front of her and observed as he began expecting her nearly ruined paper.

Lifting the warm cup to her lips, she silently watched with appreciation as the mage tested the capability of her paper. That was one of their shared interests..literature was a connection that words could never break. Glancing down at the cup in front her, she trailed a finger along the rim of the porcelain, not wanting to disrupt the concentration of her companion. As she heard a sigh come from Virgil, she returned her gaze to him, and her heart began to sink at his words of being unable to repair the paper. Repressing a sigh of her own she merely shook her head "it's alight Virgil..I..". His sudden halt of an apology gave her a tiny amount of hope as she watched his magic flow from his body. It was a sight she rarely got tried of seeing as supernatural vermilion eyes focused the flow of magic onto the drying ink characters..onto a pristine sheet of paper.

A warm smile graced her lips as she leaned against her chair in a relaxed manner, once again bringing the cup of tea to her lips as she continued to watch the mage perform life-saving magic on her precious papers. As a small apology came from Virgil's lips of his services being inadequate, she merely rolled her eyes and said "You have saved more of my papers than I can count, trust me my friend I do doubt there are any others who can be as successful at this as you".

As the commotion in the guild began increasing in volume she noted her friend's unease and his comment. Gently picking up one of restored papers she gently ran her finger along the dried ink before stating "Just another day for Fairy Tail. Virgil, after all this time you still are surprised at how 'rambunctious' everyone is even this early in the day..".

Her crimson eyes wandered throughout the guild, it was a typical day for many of them. Her lips quirked for a faint moment as she watched her ever valiant Guild master, begin to reprimand her more active guild mates and then order a beer. ~I too would drown myself in drink, if I had to put up with the blockheads..~ Elizabeth thought with amusement, before giving a small wave to Shin, who seemed to taking the part of a dog watching his flock. Typical of the old mage..

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Rune magic lit up the sheets of paper one by one as they seemed to float through the air to Virgil's hand and back to the table, neatly stacked into a calculated order in a single stack. Repetition had made the process increasingly fast as the last of the papers drifted into the pile. "Done." He declared in the usual nonchalant tone, his visible eye returning to its normal shade. There was no telling exactly how many papers he had tended to, but it really didn't matter as long as the job was done.

Sitting back to rest upright in his chair once more, Virgil turned his head slightly as he studied the rest of Fairy Tail. Elizabeth was right, there was never a dull moment in the guild, but at the very least, they could wait until after breakfast before trying to crush, batter, or maim something. Breakfast was, after all, a very important meal. Realizing he himself had not eaten anything, he felt a bit hypocritical in his own thoughts. "I guess it can't be helped..." It seemed everyone had their vices in the guild, he just wished a few of theirs were quieter.

As if on cue, a rumbling overtook the guild and in strode their wild mage as Hannah drug a cart full of, what could only be described as tools of cruel and unusual punishment, toward her typical target. Virgil cringed at the thought of what Aaron had to deal with on a daily basis with all of Hannah's training. He had no qualms with his guild mate, and had often had quite a few inspiring contests with Aaron, but wouldn't swap places with him even if he was paid. Somethings in life were just not worth spending a day aching over.

Returning his gaze to more important things, Virgil's vision focused once more on Elizabeth, vainly attempting to word anything witty enough to keep her attention of the papers in front of her for a moment longer. As he began to open his mouth to inform her of the carrot-shaped guitar he had seen in the market that would have been a hilarious edition to the young mage Roxie's collection, something grabbed at his consciousness and yanked his attention back toward Hannah and the others.

Seto had made his way toward the group and had sparked up conversation it had seemed, but Virgil's vision was averted toward his hands more than anything as the dark tendrils made themselves visible, coiling around his hands with dark energy. Seto's magic was like Virgil's. And in a way, Virgil could sense the dark energy as he could sense his own magic when it materialized.

Where Virgil's eyes narrowed at the emergence, Hannah's seemed to light up. 'As if the day hadn't gotten loud enough already....' He thought silently. Though, the development did pose some interest inside him. "Looks like things will get a bit noisy between those two." Pointing out what Elizabeth probably could already foresee. Virgil didn't particularly interested in the fight itself as the two began to leave, but it could provide useful information that he had yet to determine from Hannah's magic, as he was sure he could see in full effect against a wizard such as Seto.

"I think I'll watch this," Virgil announced to his literary companion. "Coming with?" Standing from his seat, he turned toward the door to follow the two out, waiting a moment on his companion if she decided to attend the fight as well.

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Virgil floated easily to the ground once more from his elevated position atop the roof of the guild, his selected vantage point for the brawl between Seto and Hannah, hovering for a brief second before letting his rune wings dissipate and dropping to the ground. Dissipate was a curious word to describe the process as he had explained it on previous occasions as the wings seemed to shatter like lavender glass into a thousand fragments before actually fading from sight. His musings about his own techniques aside, the wings had carried him to the top of a nearby roof to spectate on the S-Class sparring match. Close enough to analyze each detail, but far enough to keep the sand and debris from impeding his vision every five seconds as the two seemed to kick up enough of the stuff.

While most onlookers were quite pleased with the bout, Virgil's lips features ruffled into a ponderous frown as he compiled the information that had just played out in front of him. He was aware that every fight was solely based off the two combatants and the tactics used would be dependent off that fact, yet he had the sinking feeling that he would come up far short in talent and strategy if faced with the power the two mages before him had displayed. Shin's words only brought the feeling to a head once more at the advice he offered. 'Casting without speaking...?' His mouth opened to say his rebuttal to the opinion, but closed without doing so. Virgil's magic held considerable power when used in conjunction of both written and spoken word, but Shin knew his stuff and was more than likely referring to wizards apart from Virgil.

Shaking the thoughts off, Virgil followed the others as they assembled into the guild hall, cataloging the instances for later deciphering when he had more time. Positioning himself toward the back, Virgil leaned his shoulder against the wall as he turned his head in the direction of Anaida as she explained the situation, studying his guild mates from behind his mask. It was quite the inopportune time, a dangerous mission while two of their strongest members had depleted a large amount of magic trying to tear each other in half. Crunching the numbers and assessing the guild's current strength, he had no doubt that they would put up a strong front, no matter what was thrown their way. Yet there was one variable that still needed to be addressed.

Leaving his safe corner of obscurity, Virgil made his way to Seto and Hannah through the adoring crowd of onlookers and fan boys to take up a position behind Seto, still watching and assessing the rest of the guild. "Good fight, seems you two have gotten everyone quite fired up for the coming mission." And it was true, after the display outside, Virgil was even a bit ready to jump into the fray, but retained his calm demeanor as best he could. It was much simpler when his voice dropped and his tone took on a more serious note with his next words. "You threw quite a bit into that fight. How much magic do you have left?"

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#, as written by Flexar
Seto Takahashi

Before Seto could protest to Shinzaemon that casting creation magic spells without their incantations resulted in unstable products, he found himself being pushed off to the infirmary by the guildmaster. He didn't consider his injuries particularly serious, but he knew better than to argue with Anaida. He crouched down slightly so that Hannah could lean on him for support more easily and hobbled off to the infirmary.

The nurses rolled their eyes the moment they saw Seto and Hannah and scurried off to fetch bandages and other medical supplies. The blood soaked binding that Seto had used to stem the bleeding from Hannah's talons was replaced with a fresh, clean bandage after the wound had been sprayed with disinfectant. Surprisingly, that was the only serious wound Seto had received, everything else was just small, shallow cuts and bruises.

Despite not being in the guild hall, Seto could still hear the guildmaster's booming voice with no difficulty. He smiled at the mention of taking out a dark guild; as a former dark wizard he knew exactly what made them tick and how to take them out. Hannah's reaction was even more enthusiastic, and Seto couldn't help but have some of her enthusiasm rub off on him. However, what he was not so enthusiastic about was the idea of getting into teams. Seto had always worked alone, and had no desire to change that. Other people were just extra burdens, and more often than not couldn't keep up with him. If he were to team up with anyone it would probably be other S-Class wizards, but even then there would be problems. Hannah was completely incapable of subtlety, Jonathon had fantastical ideas of chivalry wedged into his head, and Elizabeth... Seto couldn't think of a reason not to team up with Elizabeth; perhaps he'd ask to join her if he couldn't slip off on his own without being noticed.

Seto turned when he heard Virgil's voice and smiled slightly at Virgil's first comment, a smile that only grew wider when Virgil expressed concern for him and Hannah.
"I've still got a fair bit left." Seto replied, releasing a few sparks of dark energy from his hands to prove his point, "I'll be back to normal in a couple of hours as long as I have something to eat. I wouldn't be able to call myself an S-Class wizard if one friendly scrap put me out of action."

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Elizabeth Valdine

Elizabeth observed quietly from her viewpoint leaning against the strong doors of the guild hall as the dust and magical energy in the air seemed to simmer like that of bacon in a frying pan..before fading into the still air. Her eyes narrowed at the bold declaration from Hannah, whose enthusiasm had landed others, namely herself in hot water just once. Elizabeth wasn't looking forward to getting scalded again by her 'feral' magical talents...Seto, however his talents were under control in his mindset. Running a hand through her hair she merely smirked at the loud whoops coming from the interior guildhall as the guild master announced the latest mission of ridding a town of a Dark Guild by the name of Nightmare Heart. ~Well, this will definitely be a cause for celebration ~ Elizabeth thought wearily as demands for caskets of ale rang would only be a matter of time until some hothead threw a chair. Quickly pausing at the bar to swipe a piece of fruit before it was overtaken by alcoholic beverages.

Glancing around for Virgil, she guessed the quietest location in the guildhall at this possible moment as well as what the tactician would be doing after such a battle. Quiet conversation reached her ears as she reached the almost tranquil silence of the infirmary as she saw Virgil and Seto, looking a bit battered but nothing to the extreme. A faint smile reached her lips as she caught the last segment of his conversation "-wouldn't be able to call myself an S-Class wizard if one friendly scrap put me out of action.". Despite his quiet persona Seto did embody the Fairy Tail mentally of never knowing when to quit. Merely pulling a nearby wooden chair she straddled it in a relaxed position before voicing in a lazy tone " Would you really just call was I just witnessed a 'scrap' really Seto, I hope you aren't turning another Hannah with your enthusiasm..I think one of her would be enough..". Her tone turned a bit frosty at thought of the rambunctious female mage..before she tossed the bandaged man the apple she was planning on eating. Yet one glance at the injuries man, Elizabeth would consider her giving up her prized fruit as her good deed for the day.

A few seconds later, the sound of glass shattered rang outside the quiet refuge of the infirmary as an audible sigh escaped her lips as she felt annoyance flash in her mind as the possible arrangement of being stuck with short-tempered, irresponsible mages during the mission to confront Nightmare Heart, running a bandaged hand through her hair once again out of habit she merely posed this question to Virgil "Why exactly have we chosen this guild as our home Virgil. I doubt even someone of my patience would avoid accidentally punting one of these mages off the cliff side on the way to Nightmare Heart. That is unless I manage to get on a team I will be able to tolerate. Isn't that right Seto? I doubt you are willing to put up antics for very long..". Another piercing sound of glass breaking flooded her ears as she rubbed a hand across her face as if that moment merely proved her point, her crimson eyes blinked slowly as she observed Seto "Unless you are planning on working solo for this job..which I seriously recommend against Anaida would tear you a new one. Personally I find Virgil to be fairly tolerable most days..when I am not having to hunt him down for my books..". Her tone turned teasing as she mentioned Virgil, who did seem to leave often only to be reminded by her books. That being said, Elizabeth had been forced to track those she lent her books to..with extreme retribution.

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#, as written by Kestrel

“We will be fine after we eat.” Hannah answered Virgil, echoing Seto's response. Her mind temporarily drifting off to she hadn't had even a single bite yet that day. Hannah's stomach growled. Between all the excitement, she had forgotten about how hungry she actually was. “Worry not, Virgil.” Hannah said as she put her hand on his shoulder and smiled reassuringly. “We will be ready when we need to be.”

Hannah's enthusiasm however, somewhat dwindled as Elizabeth joined into their conversation. Hannah was often confused as to what the blood and paper mage was trying to achieve, but knew better than inquire by now. Elizabeth never had forgiven Hannah for a past mistake and the two had avoided each other ever since... Even in shared company, it seemed Elizabeth made a point out of it not to address Hannah, as she evidently did now. The huntress' eyes passed to Seto's, then Virgil's for a moment, glinting a hint on her feelings towards the off-hand remarks by slightly baring her teeth. Although she was eager to learn how it was to fight beside Seto rather than against him, and curious as to what Virgil's magic could bring to the table, the rift between Hannah and Elizabeth was still too big for them to work in one team.

“Good luck.” Hannah said resolutely, before suddenly leaving the infirmary in wide strides. If she was lucky, there would still be some of Julius' cooking left in the guild hall... Instead, however, Hannah's attention was drawn to Aaron asking their guild master to team up.

“You are making a team?” Hannah inquired, pleasantly surprised, as she shoved herself into the conversation. Anaida usually operated on her own. Any chance to see their guild master fight, Hannah knew would be a learning opportunity. At the same time, she was also curious about Aaron's improvements. Although he frequently tried to get out of Hannah's training schedule, he did have the ambition to become one of the wizard saints...

“I will join you.” Hannah declared, as she threw an arm around Aaron and Anaida each. “Together, we will let Nightmare Hearts taste the power of Fairy Tail.” Hannah cheered, eager for their mission. This was going to be good, she just knew it.

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Considering the words, Virgil almost cast a questioning glance at Hannah as she assured him they would be fine and not to worry. It wasn't a matter of worrying so much as gauging the guild's current strength. It was a matter of importance instead of faith, a form of information to catalog....and then he realized it was just a mannerism to assure him of the power of the S-class mages before him. Nearly berating himself for having the mental rant he nearly tore off on, Virgil tried to cast an apologetic smile at the woman before he noted it would be pointless behind his mask.

Food was another issue though. The point of eating brought up first by Seto and again by Hannah was one that brought his stomach back to the forefront of his mind once more, remembering that he had skipped breakfast on this morning. At that moment, he could feel his stomach starting to tighten up and the inevitable beginning to happen. 'Don't growl, don't growl, don't growl....'


The awful sound making it's way through the silence in Hannah's departure broke through his mental commanding as it let loose from the depths of his body. "I don't mind being carried by the likes of two of our guild's stronger wizards," Virgil reached up and scratched behind his head as he addressed Elizabeth and Seto once more, "but food is kind of a must right now." I'm going to grab something to eat and then head out if possible." Moving toward the door once more, he placed a hand on Elizabeth's shoulder as he passed her, silently thanking her for including him in the plans of the stronger two mages of the guild.

If the guild was riled up before, it was exploding with energy and enthusiasm now that Anaida had made her announcement. Virgil would prefer people conserving their strength and preparing for the upcoming fight he was sure would ensue, but it wouldn't be Fairy Tail without the raucous.

The kitchen was generally empty due to the earlier fight, but Virgil looked around to see if Julius was anywhere to be found. While he had not spent much time with the man, his cooking was a marvel. A disappointed sigh left his mouth as the man was nowhere in sight at the moment. Virgil helped himself to a few things, packing some away for the trip later as well. With nothing else coming to mind that was needed as he walked away from the area, Virgil decided a timetable on events was the best course of information he could acquire at the moment. And to get that, Anaida was the woman to speak to.

Virgil found her among a few others, Aaron and Hannah the most prominent. Not wanting to intrude too much, Virgil hung a bit away as he approached and addressed the Guild Master. *cough* "Ma'am? Everyone seems ready to go, or close to. When do we depart?"

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#, as written by Flexar
Seto Takahashi

"Would you really just call was I just witnessed a 'scrap'? Really, Seto, I hope you aren't turning into another Hannah with your enthusiasm. I think one of her would be enough."
Seto turned at the sound of Elizabeth's voice to see her slouched into a chair behind him. He did not reply immediately due to the exchange of angry stares between Hannah and Elizabeth. It was always awkward for him when he ended up in the crossfire, and he would very much have liked to just get up and leave to avoid any further awkwardness, but doing so would just cause more. The tension between the two was almost enough to stop Seto from noticing the apple Elizabeth had thrown to him, but he caught it at the last moment and offered her a nod of thanks. He wasn't going to take sides in an oestrogen-fuelled rivalry he didn't understand, so he just sat quietly and ate his apple until Hannah left. He gave her a small wave of goodbye before returning his attention to Elizabeth and Virgil.
"You won't have to worry about that." Seto reassured Elizabeth, "Confidence and lack of self-control are hardly the same thing. Besides, I've been through worse."
This was indeed true. Plenty of times, both during his current and previous career, had he scraped through life-threatening situations, not to mention the time Hannah had curb-stomped him when he had decided that the flu wasn't a good enough reason to take some time off.

Seto cringed slightly when Elizabeth mentioned that Anaida would "tear him a new one" if he tried to work alone. Seto had expected Elizabeth to put it more eloquently, but she was right, and Seto certainly didn't intend to end up on the wrong end of the guildmaster's wrath. Working with Elizabeth and Virgil seemed like the second best option, as nobody else in the guild was capable of being calm for more than a few minutes.
"Well then, it seems that we have a team." Seto commented, "But this is for this job only, once we're done I'm going back to working on my-"
Seto was cut off from a loud, gurgling noise emanating from Virgil's stomach. He almost gave Virgil a dry look, but stopped himself; Virgil couldn't control the workings of his stomach. Instead, he gave Virgil a wave of goodbye as the older mage went of to find some food.

Seto rose from his chair to stretch a bit; his whole body still ached slightly from the strain of fighting another mage of his calibre, so he did a few stretches to loosen up a bit.
"I know this is probably a silly question," Seto began as he turned to Elizabeth, still doing his stretches, "But I don't suppose you know anything about this 'Nightmare Hearts', do you?"

The setting changes from Fairy Tail Guild to The Town of Annandale

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Anaida Quincy

Anaida was indeed reminded of how her mages have grown since they joined. In this case it was Aaron who showed improvement by questioning her previous words with what she assumed was hostility. Eh so you don’t like to be called kid uh? Watch you tone with me boy, you ain’t done growing just yet, she thought to herself with what may have been a smirk. A devilish grin on her face, Anaida reached out grabbing Aaron’s head and putting him into a headlock while messing up his hair. “You’re still but a kid Aaron, so stop acting like a know it all.” she teased. Looking up she saw Virgil approach her, something she found amusing seeing as he normally stayed away from the presence of people.

"Ma'am? Everyone seems ready to go, or close to. When do we depart?" Giving him a questioning glance, Anaida continued to hold Aaron in a head lock. Looking around the guild hall, Anaida realized Virgil was right so with that she let go of Aaron by pushing him aside. Of course the older woman made sure to glance back at him with a small smile on her lips. Clearing her throat Anaida stood with her hands on her hips and a mean smile, “Alright everyone! Time to get going! Hurry up into your groups, you can formulate plans as we reach Annandale!”

Looking back over at Virgil, “Let’s get going shall we?” Anaida waited for some of the other members to get on their way before getting some of her own things ad heading out.

Half a day later

Their trip to Annandale was relatively fast thanks to some of the other members magic. Soon enough they stood at the outskirts of the town’s perimeter, watching the town from a distance. Anaida had them stop since some didn’t realize there was a magical barrier around the town. Walking up to the barrier, Anaida looked up at it before placing her hands against it. “Looks like they were expecting us, or they just didn’t want anyone to leave. It doesn’t look strong,” she spoke to herself, “Lets test it out.” pulling her arm back, the air around it rippled with magic and it seemed to change shape, but just as quickly as it came it went. In that instance Anaida punched the barrier with all her might. Stepping back while shaking her hand, Anaida watched the barrier as it began to crack where she had punched it. Frowning a bit she walked forwards to it and gave it a good punch but without the use of her magic. The cracks finally began to spread outwards until finally the barrier shattered completely. With a triumph humph, Anaida smiled turning to look back at her mages, “Alright now, no need for me to tell you what to do. Go find these dark mages and drive em out of this town.”

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#, as written by Flexar
Seto Takahashi

Seto remained in silence for the majority of the trip, speaking only to answer any questions that were directed at him. He was rather annoyed that he couldn't just slink off and do his own thing, but if he had to be grouped with anybody, it would definitely be Virgil and Elizabeth. Fortunately, the trip wasn't a particularly long one, so it wouldn't be long before Seto could do what he did best.

Seto made sure to take a couple of steps back once Anaida drew her arm back to punch the barrier; it was never a good idea to get to close to her when she was punching things. Seto watched in admiration as she took down the barrier with only a couple of punches, expending a minimum amount of magic. Woe betide whichever dark mages were unfortunate to cross the path of the guildmaster.

“Alright now, no need for me to tell you what to do. Go find these dark mages and drive em out of this town.”
Seto definitely didn't need to be told, and began walking calmly but briskly into the town, resting his left hand on the hilt of his katana, and motioned for Virgil and Elizabeth to follow him with his right.

Seto hadn't gone too far into the town when a loud "Hyaaaaaaah!" erupted from behind a bush, along with its source, a man requipping an axe as he leaped. However, the process was stopped by a katana being driven through his gut, making him lose focus and drop to the ground, clutching at his wound in an attempt to lessen the blood loss. Seto knelt down and used the tip of the man's cape to wipe his katana clean, before pressing it lightly against the man's neck.
"Don't worry, you'll live. I know the human body's weak points like the back of my hand." Seto reassured his terrified victim, who was now dripping with cold sweat, "Providing you tell me what I want to know, that is."
The dark mage merely stared at Seto in dumbfounded terror, so Seto pressed his katana slightly harder against the man's throat, drawing a small droplet of blood.
"Anything!" The dark mage suddenly burbled, "I'll tell you anything, just don't kill me!"
"That's better." Seto stated with an eerie smile, "Who's in charge around here, are they feared and respected, and where can I find them?"
"G-guildmaster Kisara." The dark mage began, "S-she runs ev-everything here. W-w-we always do as she says, u-unless you say otherwise!" Seto drew his katana back from the dark mage's neck slightly to make it easier for him to speak, "I think she's in the manor house, but I'm not sure. I don't know any more than that, I swear!"
"If someone were to incapacitate this Kisara, would the rest of you have the sense to stop fighting?" Seto inquired, making sure that the edge of his katana was still gently grazing the dark mage's neck.
"P-probably?" He stammered, "I-I th-think..."
His head slumped backwards and his eyelids slowly closed. He was still breathing; he had merely passed out, most likely from a mixture of terror and blood loss. He had been nice enough to co-operate, and Seto had never really had any intention of killing the man in the first place, merely to make him frightened enough to talk. He sealed the man's wound with dark matter and returned him to his bush, so that he would be out of the way.

"Well, that was easy." Seto smiled to his team-mates as he sheathed his katana, hoping they weren't too horrified by his rather extreme methods. Old habits died hard.
Seto turned his gaze to the large manor house in the distance. He wondered how strong this Kisara was; it would be nice if she wasn't much stronger than her underlings, but if she was that weak she wouldn't have been able to take the town.
"So, shall we be off?" Seto asked before he began to make his way towards the manor.

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Elizabeth Valdine

It was a short trip to the captured town with minimal problems as far as Elizabeth could see at least with her own group. Perhaps the only bump in the road was the fidgety nature of Seto, displaying his desire to go and be off as the dark hero to save the wayward town. Yet under the watchful eyes of Anaida, Elizabeth knew the swordsman would not even attempt to slink away from his team. As the guild master easily destroyed the barrier to the town with her fists alone, Elizabeth mentally praised Seto's willpower to resist his need to be the single hero as she could easily see that those punches were just the smallest of ones compared to Anaida's actual strength. Flexing her hands out of habit she silently followed Seto's lead as the trio walked into the seemingly deserted town.

A loud "HYAHHHHHHH" broke the unsettling silence as the owner of the voice attempted a 'sneak' attack only to be a victim of Seto's blade. Elizabeth rolled her eyes at the attempt ~Sneak attacks only work when the target is attempting to be quiet~ she thought with amusement as Seto's interrogation tactics had the dark mage mentally pissing himself. Eventually the coward let a torrent of information fall from his lips at the request of Seto's none too polite tactics, effective but brutal. A scoff of disgust came from Elizabeth as the coward slumped forward into the dust of the road as Seto had gained all the information he had needed so it seemed. The swordsman merely put away his blade before gesturing the group forward with a 'Shall we be off?" and took the lead once more heading toward an extravagant mansion the supposed headquarters of the dark guild.

~What a bizarre town this is~ Elizabeth thought as the once again unnatural silence settled around the trio. Not even a single dog or bird had made any noise upon the group's arrival into the town. Pursing her lips for a moment Elizabeth decided to break the silence with an inquiry "So have your interrogation tactics always been so....forceful Seto? Not that I am surprised or anything you have always been a man of action rather than words." Her tone was polite enough with just a small amount of curiosity. A faint chill went up her spine as she suddenly stopped in her tracks as the trio reached the entrance to the mansion's courtyard "Is anyone else feeling..odd about this silence. It's not natural at all..". Easing her book from its halter at her waist, she wordlessly flipped through blank pages before settling on one. Placing the item on the dusty road, it's page fluttering slightly as a slight breeze came through the town as crimson droplets fell on the pristine pages as Elizabeth dragged the sharpened tip of her quill across her fingertips, clenching her fist allowing blood to flow faster onto the pages as words barely legible began to form on the page surrounding a bloodied emblem of a man shrouded in shadow

"Let the pages of past stories be continued through the gallant lies and words of the Rouge.Begin the chapter now" Elizabeth's voice broke the silence as a torrent of pages ripped from the book as the crimson words spread apart onto each torn page..the pages glided in an eerie fashion around the trio with an individual word in elegant penmanship was visible pickpocket..liar..thief...lover. The paper was the word "Lover" was quickly snatched out of view from Seto and Virgil by Elizabeth's quick hand as faint crimson spotted on her cheeks as her lips hissed at the book "Start the chapter now". A disembodied chuckle seemed to echo through the air as the pages once again conjugated along the book before slamming shut as the owner of the voice assembled behind it "Still not one for showmanship, Elizabeth...or telling secrets so it seems". The voice was warm and distinctly male as gentleman wearing a black top hat, torn and frayed yet matching an equally worn down suit. His eyes, a mischievous green behind shaggy auburn hair. A different type of crimson coloring appeared on Elizabeth's face as she struggled to control her surge of anger toward the 'showman' "Stop talking and get to work". Her tone was serious and cold as the Rouge merely shrugged nonchalantly before scaling up the side of a nearby building with ease. Elizabeth's hand clutched around the offensive paper before letting out a small sigh and picking up the leather bound book, dusting it off with her free hand. Returning the book to its proper place, she began bandaging her fingertips in silence, hoping her two companions were oblivious to the paper.

Minutes passed as nothing happened that was until a familiar face appeared from an alleyway dragging an unconscious mage behind him. A Cheshire smile was on the Rouge face as he presented the mage to the trio before stepping on the man's clutched hand, possibly breaking the bones that were of little concern though. Markings on the man's body faded as the unnatural silence of the environment surrounding the trio was broken, Elizabeth merely dismissed the Rouge with a wave of her hand as a job well done. The troublesome pickpocket merely pouted "What that's all I get for my troubles.." Elizabeth's mouth turned into a firm line as she clutched her hands together resisting the urge to punch the fool. Sensing the woman's temper flare up once again, the Rouge merely put his hands up in a defensive gesture "Relax, I was joking..". Fiddling with her hand wrappings, Elizabeth stated flatly "Chapter End". Nothing happened as the Rouge resisted the pull of the book before grinning once again "You seem to forget I am in fact a thief..I have a tendency to take what I want. What I want is a satisfactory reward for nabbing this moron". Rubbing the bridge of her nose in an effort to ignore her urges of throttling her ever-chatty summon, Elizabeth opened her mouth to dismiss the Rouge once again, her eyes widened as a faintest touch of his lips against hers, feather-light and fleeting. The Rouge form burst into shreds of paper as an amused echo came from the shreds "Thanks for the reward..". Elizabeth stood shell-shocked as the shreds of paper drifted down to her feet as her cheeks flushed the deepest red possible as her voice strained "Well shall we continue now.I doubt without that silence barrier it will be harder for 'stealthier' mages to sneak up on us...

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#, as written by Flexar
Seto Takahashi

"So have your interrogation tactics always been so... forceful, Seto?"
"Oh, I used to be worse." Seto answered in a very matter-of-fact manner, "Much worse."
While Seto was hardly going to lie, he did not go into a great amount of detail, as he preferred to keep the details of his past to himself. The only members of the guild he had told about it were those who had already been there when he joined, and even then Shinzaemon was the only one he had told his life story to. Of course, Elizabeth could have been tipped off by someone who had been in the guild for longer, but she was a sensible woman, not the sort who might expect professional assassins to show any mercy.

"Is anyone else feeling... odd about this silence? It's not natural at all..."
"I admit, it is a bit odd," Seto replied, "But the villagers will all be hiding in their homes, waiting for us to finish our job. I would, however, expect to see more dark mages, but perhaps they just don't want to be stabbed."
Seto watched inquisitively as Elizabeth summoned the Rogue through what seemed to be a rather long ritual, part of which Elizabeth clearly didn't want her two companions to see, as she wasted no time in snatching one of the floating pages out of the air. Seto was able to make out a "ver" jutting out from under Elizabeth's tightly clenched fist. He was rather curious as to what the rest of the word was, but he doubted he'd get any answers from Elizabeth.

Seto watched the Rogue go about his work rather intently. He had never actually seen Elizabeth's magic in action before, and was rather interested in how it worked. Unfortunately, Seto didn't get to learn much about how it worked, as the Rogue scuttled off fairly quickly. What he did get to learn was that it did work; it didn't take long for the artificial silence to lift and the Rogue to return with an unconscious dark mage. While his work had been laudable, his actions against Elizabeth before allowing himself to be dispelled certainly were not; had he been a human as opposed to a magical spirit he would find himself facing (quite likely several) charges of sexual harassment. However, Seto could not pass up the opportunity to tease Virgil.
"Looks like someone has a competitor." Seto chuckled as he gave Virgil a knowing look.

"Well, shall we continue now?"
"I believe that would be best." Seto responded, and wasted no time in pressing onwards towards the mansion.

Upon actually reaching the mansion's front doors it seemed that they were locked, but that was going to be a problem.
"Shadow Make: Gauntlets." Seto chanted as he summoned dark matter around his arms, drew his left back and proceeded to strike the door at full force. The burst of dark energy was enough to reduce the door to a pile of splinters, and revealed a rather confused and shocked dark mage in the mansion's hallway. Before he could decide whether to run or defend the mansion, Seto was upon him. Seto's gauntleted fist sent him sprawling onto the floor, unconscious.
"How did this guild ever manage to take the town in the first place?" Seto mused aloud, "We haven't run into a single capable fighter so far."
Seto looked down the hallways and noticed no other dark mages, so he dispelled his gauntlets and turned back to his companions.
"Well, this mansion isn't exactly small, and this Kisara could be anywhere in it, so I suggest we split up." Seto suggested, his desire to slink off on his own becoming painfully obvious, "We'll cover more ground, and we need only shout to alert each other of this Kisara's location."

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Kisara Magetsu

It didn’t take long for the first couple of mages to enter the area surrounding the mansion. Watching from the tower that was a part of the guard house, Kisara wasn’t all that surprised that the mages were unaware of Oliver’s’ and her presence. Sitting with one knee bent under her chin, Kisara watched them with amusement glittering in her eye. Now wouldn’t be the best time to confront these little mages, it’d be one on three. Glancing over at Oliver she knew he wouldn’t mind her counting him out in a fight. Even with his precognition, it wouldn’t be good to rely on solely his precognition in a fight against experienced mages.

Unlike those who had gone out to deal with those in wondering the town. Kisara was well aware of the surprises that come with fighting a mage. Just because they looked weak or were too young meant nothing in this world. The woman had seen it enough times as well as experienced it first-hand. Thinking back on it, Kisara realized she could also be counted in one of those surprises when she was younger but she wasn’t sure if it would count now that she was older and it was expected of her. The very idea of having some of the mages in her Guild assume she’s the guild master for being the strongest was a foolish notion.

From the looks of things the only female amongst the three mages had a rather interesting magic. From her vantage point it was a bit difficult to see what exactly she had done but there was some sort of commotion going on between her and whatever it was she had made. A man? That very man scaled the walls with ease. Standing up so to follow the movements of this man Kisara glimpsed at the scuffle between him and one of her mages. “Pitiful but they were smart in doing so.” looking over her shoulder at Oliver, “Looks like we can’t surprise them here.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders as she followed the man back to her original position. The silence barrier she had the mage put up was no more as the sounds of their surroundings came back.

Once the barrier was down the trio ventured off towards the mansions doors. Standing up once more, she turned to Oliver beckoning to follow her. “It would be best that we get moving.” Taking the stairs to the ground floor of the watch tower she made sure to keep hidden by whistling a soft tune. It was only temporary and it really wasn’t the greatest trick in the world but for the time being it would keep any mages from really seeing her and Oliver. They’d only be able to see them at the corner of their eyes but it would be near impossible to actually look at Oliver and her directly.

She caught up to the trio just in time to see one of the men reduce the main doors to nothing but splinters. Oh a shadow mage, this should be quite interesting. The ends of her lips curling to form a Cheshire like smile. Kisara followed after the trio making sure to keep her distance from them but enough for her to watch them. It began to annoy her that their apparent leader was referring to her as “this Kisara”. The small spell she put herself and Oliver under kept the trio from noticing their presence as well as any sound they made but she would soon have to dispel it in order to take a proper breathe. That was really the only downfall in using this particular spell, but that never kept her from using it.

As the trio eventually split up she followed the one who had yet to show their magic. Pausing just enough to speak to Oliver, a sly look on her face. “Why don’t we play a bit of cat and mouse.” Focusing her attention back at the man (Virgil) she quickly stepped around him making sure to brush against him lightly so he’d know of a presence. Making sure to stay just outside of his peripheral vision as she let go of her spell for just a moment, Kisara made a quiet sound that could have been a giggle but as soon as she did she took a proper breathe and resumed her spell from earlier. It seemed Kisara was having fun in playing with the fellow (Virgil) her spell’s effects and her randomly dropping it could make any one person rather paranoid about them not being alone. With Oliver’s help Kisara was able to stay out of range of some of his attacks to the being that was accompanying him but none met their mark. The fellow continued to unwilling follow Kisara as she led him to one of the artifacts. This one would be better suited in dealing with the fellow and soon enough they entered a large chamber.

Turning around to make sure where it was she had placed the artifact, a smile fell upon her lips when her eye caught hold of a small urn. There we go walking over to its location Kisara pulled Oliver close, “I need you to throw this at our friend here and then run.” kicking the urn to Oliver’s feet Kisara brought a hand to head as if in salute and dropped her spell. Virgil would finally be able to see who it was that had been tormenting him but it was already too late. “Now!” the moment Oliver threw the urn at Virgil Kisara raised her hand, snapped her fingers and motioned towards where Virgil stood. A small circle of sound formed around her fingers which then left her hand and straight for the urn. It was almost like throwing a rock but without the rock. The moment it came into contact with the urn it exploded.

Suddenly a flash of light could be seen accompanied by a strong pulling sensation like a black hole. The urn swirled sucking up everything within a few feet of where it was and one of those things was Virgil. Even the ground around him was taken with. The light then went out and the urn fell to the ground spinning a bit until it settled on the ground as if nothing happened. “Well that gets rid of one person now for the girl.”

The setting changes from The Town of Annandale to Fairy Tail Guild

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Anaida Quincy

Anaida led her Guild back home, making sure everyone’s injuries were sought to. It took them a little longer to get back home than it did getting to Annandale since they now sported a group of roughed up Dark Mages.

The first stop they made was in a small village by the name of Crawstoack. There Anaida sent a group of S-Class mages to gather the Dark Mages and head off towards the courts that would put them on trial for their actions. The following morning they set off once more to Magnolia. With the Dark Mages no longer being there, the Guild Traveled a bit more quickly and they arrived home as the sun was setting. The majority of them broke away from the group heading to their Guild Hall to go home.

The Guild Master was one of the few who went back to the Guild Hall. Opening the large doors, when they reached the Guild, Anaida stepped into the dark building. The darkness didn’t seem to bother her at all as she gracefully navigate around the tables, while the other mages stumbled about, grumbling about not being able to see well.

Eventually they all made it to their rooms and had fallen asleep before their bodies hit the mattress. Anaida on the other hand continued to walk around the interior of the guild. Checking up on the few who slept there, a smile found its way onto her face every time she peered into the rooms of sleeping mages.

Roxie Albernet

The young girl mostly stuck to herself, strumming her guitar out of boredom on the way back. When they finally reached Magnolia, Roxie split ways with her guild after a while of walking with them. Roxie realized she had never stopped by her house to tell her mother of her departure a few days ago. Biting her lip, Roxie quickened her pace back home.

When she got there, Roxie was glad that the lights were still on within the house as well as outside. Skipping up the doorsteps, Roxie stopped in front of the door thinking of knocking when she remembered her key. Oh right” She dug into her pocket, pink tongue poking out, and breathed a sigh of relief upon pulling out a small grey key. “Oh good, I didn’t lose it”

Inserting the key into its keyhole, Roxie turned the knob and quietly entered her home. The small girl made sure to be as quiet as possible, tip toeing around as she took her shoes off and set her guitar down in the hallway. Looking ahead, she saw that there was a light in the living room, most likely coming from their fireplace. She’s still up? came the concerned thought as Roxie poked her head around the corner.

She was glad to see that her mother had fallen asleep but she could tell it was a light sleep by her fluttering eyes. Roxie walked over to her mother and smiled down at her. Shifting on her, Roxie turned to the fire place and took out the poker to move the logs a bit. The sound was loud enough to wake up her mother, which she did, and Roxie quickly put the poker back down. Turning on her heel, Roxie pushed herself into her mothers unsuspecting arms, burying her head into her mothers shoulder. A small gasp was the only sound her mother made before she returned the gesture. “I’m home mum”