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Icelynn Arendelle

Her happy ending didn't happen yet. Will She survive our world long enough for it to come to be?

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a character in “Fairy Tales in Real Life”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


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Icelynn Arendelle


Sexual Orientation:

Fairy Tale:
Frozen/The Snow Queen

Claire Holt. Blue-grey eyes, pale skin, light freckles, blonde hair.

-Ice cream
-Snow Cones
-Most Animals


-Drawing and Painting
-Winter sports

-Her father
-Her new powers
-Blindness/Inability to see
-Tight spaces
-confinement/Being Trapped
-Being Disliked
-Trusting others
-The Ocean/Boats

Icelynn has been extremely Conflicted ever since she ran away. She has always been extremely Kind and Quiet, liking to put others before herself as long as she was always separated from others, using distance as a wall to keep herself from getting hurt. Because of her family situation she has always been Insecure as well as Untrusting and has learned to be Cautious and Resourceful over the years. While she has always been Scared of her fathers her powers have made her Fearful of herself and of what others would think if they found out.

Real World Biography:
Icelynn ran away from her family and has been living in the woods on the edge of town. Her father was a drunk and abusive and her mother did little to stop him. Her younger sister didn't and doesn't know about it because her mother protected her. Icelynn graduated high school a year early but couldn't leave home cause her father threatened her. She finally ran away, 4 months before her 18th birthday and since her mother is a part of the town council and her father is a firefighter they reported her to the police as a run away a week and 5 days after she disappeared. Around a week after she ran away her powers also started to come back. Six nights ago when she realizes something is wrong she went into town and got as much supplies as she could with what was left of the money she had saved up and hasn't been seen by anyone since. She also moved her camp further into the woods, worried about anyone finding her.

So begins...

Icelynn Arendelle's Story


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-Icelynn woke up with gasp, flashes of images appearing behind her eyes from her nightmare. Shaking her head a little she looks around, taking a deep breath as she remembers where she is. Two and a half weeks ago she had been transported from their world to this new one, of course, she didn't know this. Icelynn remembers nothing of her old life in Arendelle not the death of her parents or the powers she was born with that are now returning. After four days in her new life Icelynn ran away, unable to stand the abuse. After she hadn't returned for a week and five days her 'parents' had filed a missing persons report to the sheriff, making Icelynn a runaway since she's still only 17. That being yesterday, Icelynn was glad she had went into town the week before and bought all the supplies she would need to last for a while. Her only worry was the sheriff. Despite how much further she had gone into the woods, now far away from the town, she still felt as if she wasn't safe especially now with the ice that she could somehow conjure.- ~It seems to get worse when I get upset...~ -Icelynn shakes her head and stands up.- "No more thinking about this. I have to keep moving...." -Icelynn rolls up her sleeping bag and grabs the rest of her stuff, shoving it in her bag as she starts to move through the trees, wanting to make her trail as confusing as possible so no one could find her.-


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a shop somewhere on fairy tale lane is loud with yelling "thats it i've had it maleficent when you daid you'd be sending send people from that world here i did know you'd send all the goodies they'll find me and i don't know what i'll do if i am forced to move to one diminsion ........................ OK OK your right i sti;; have my magic they have nothing so far just need some way of finding them well an ad in the world should work bye sweet dear mallie *ends the spell to comunnicate to that plain* so let see me my freinds and a little help from the local news and whala the add reads a happily living in a forever after and in print only thouse guys see come one and all to doc skulls house of help have memories you can't understand or mabye can't remeber why you have them i can come down too 666 drive to see me doc skull voodoo mabye used restions may aplie or something now to sit and what for my fist costermure malifacent will be surprised when i help them for once hahahaha."


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