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Faith's Sovereign

Faith's Sovereign


[OPEN and ACCEPTING] Young deities vie for power in the form of faith. Will this presently harmless competition escalate into an all out war of the gods?

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The mortals claim it is the year 4003 After Creation, but you should have no concern for human dates or matters, for they are but bags of flesh with swords and pikes. You have been alive for many mortal lifetimes, but only recently have you matured. Wrought of physical and non-physical elements alike, you were given life by Father, and each of you were raised by him individually as well, though how he managed to raise you and your siblings at once without ever leaving your side you do not know. The Aether is your home, an immaterial plane far above the realm of man and beast. It's shapeless and yet ever-changing geography contains many realms and pocket dimensions, and perhaps you have made one of these your home within a home. Father disappeared not long before you matured, and when you reached that pivotal moment, you and your siblings were brought carefully to the Dais, the one place in the Aether that seems to remain still.

Below the Aether, you know there is another land, where man and beast live and die while you watch. You know it to be unlike the Aether in many ways. The tundra and its men of furs have always sat in the north, and the river running from the south to the north-east has always divided the far western desert from the plains. Where the plains turn into forests, the eastern mountains begin to rise, only for the sea to halt its progress and form cliffs. Across this sea there is another lush, green land, with jungles creeping up from the south, and rivers running throughout. A land-bridge in the north connects the two with treacherous but not impassable terrain. Islands rest in the sea, some large and some small. So it has always been, so it will always be.

Inhabiting these lands are the beings that may soon provide you power. Weak of mind they may be, humans are creatures who often rely on their faith in the gods to get through their troubled times. As their faith grows stronger, so too will you or your siblings, depending on who can sway the mortals first. As they wage wars and celebrate peace, as they eat, drink, and sing, they will look up and look to you. They are not immortal as you are, however, and you will constantly be looking for more and more of them. Their disembodied consciousnesses -- their souls -- will seek you out, and should you let them rest in your realm, they may reinforce your hold on power even after they die. Humans of even stronger conviction may seek your favor in their lifetime, and if you will it, they may become a champion of yours, spreading your word, be it through war, song, or gardening.

As you look down on the mortal plane, you can already feel your power fluctuating. Will you seek more? How far will you go for that power? Would you fight your own brothers and sisters for it?

OOC Information
Player Playable Groups
Gods - The most powerful caste of beings, gaining power from the faith of their worshipers in a less restricted manner than those of demigods.

Demigods - Either a mortal ascended to minor godhood, or the child of a god. They may, in time, achieve full godhood, but until that time they are a servant of a particular deity.

Champions - Mortals blessed and/or favoured by a god or demigod, capable of achieving far greater feats than other mortals, and possibly even capable of slaying a weakened deity on the mortal plane.

Non-Player Groups
Mortals - A deity’s primary source of faith. Mortals are weak of mind in comparison to ascended beings, and are thus generally easy to sway in your favour, or your enemy’s. Mortals have incredibly conviction for their status, which is what makes them a particularly strong source of faith.

Souls - The physical embodiment of a mortal’s consciousness, never taking individual form until death, at which point they wander unknowingly into the domain of their deity. Should a godless mortal die, their soul will continue wandering the mortal plane, to be snatched or destroyed by a god as they please. Souls themselves do not produce faith, but a well-treated soul can be used to augment the power a god already possesses, reducing the amount of power lost as faithful mortals perish.

Seraphims - The primary ‘workforce’ of a deity. Seraphims are souls (generally of particularly faithful mortals) that are bound by a deity to be used, typically as a soldier. They are the only non-deity being capable of harming a deity on the celestial plane, though it takes many of them to actually slay a deity. Seraphims can be slain by mortals if they find themselves on the mortal plane, though in single combat, a seraphim will generally defeat the mortal.

In Regards to the Character Sheet
These fields are required for you to be accepted. Optionally, you may include how your followers worship you or what your realm looks like.

Name: Character’s name
Group: God, Demigod, Champion
Gender: Male or female
Physical Description: Describe the physical traits of the character
Personality: Describe the personality of the character

Equipment: Any clothing, tools/weapons, or other possessions your character has
Domain: The general things you have control over; e.g., fire, life, earth, insects, music. Your powers must be related to them. I prefer that you have three or less domains, but there is no hard limit as long as they are all obviously related. Keep in mind, however, that the more broad of a domain you have, the more likely I am to restrict you. If you have domain over life, for example, that may include flora and fauna, as well as imbuing life in other things, which is a pretty hefty power set and may prevent you from having more. Also, the strength of your powers depend on the general amount of followers you have and their average faithfulness. A deity with one thousand moderately faithful followers is not going to be the same power level as a deity with one hundred thousand followers. You don't need to keep track of exact numbers of followers, but keep a general number in mind when roleplaying.

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding - You may not control other player characters without permission, even if it's just controlling something as simple as their reactions
2. No Metagaming - Your character does not know everything going on in the game world that you do.
3. Maintain verisimilitude - Don't do something completely otherworldly. If it seems odd to have it in the setting, it'll probably break verisimilitude.

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Character Portrait: Ardem

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God of Manipulation, Domain of Mind and Soul

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