fall asleep at the helm

fall asleep at the helm


When men begin disappearing at sea, the King of England sends out his most experienced crew to discover the truth behind the ocean’s secret army.

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don’t fall asleep at the helm
I lost my heart, my home is the ocean.
The waves underneath will soon be my home.
I will fall asleep.
I'll close my eyes and dream of days when I wasn't all alone.

All that I know is gone
(Take what is left of me now)
All that I know is gone
(Take what is left of me)
Fall deeper and deeper, the sirens are singing your songs.

I'll miss my breath, there's no more left.
I'll miss the sound of the wind at my back.
The depths have a number, they call you by name.
Fall asleep, Davy Jones calls you.
So fall asleep, fall asleep and dream.

All that I know is gone
(Take what is left of me now)
All that I know is gone
(Take what is left of me)
Fall deeper and deeper, the sirens are singing your songs.

~Sleeping with Sirens~

Two months ago, sailors from the King’s royal fleet have been disappearing, said to be pulled off of the side of the boat by beautiful woman dressed with nothing but their voices and scaly tails instead of legs. Few who heard their enchanting voices lived to tell the tale, but those who did have unbelievable need to return to the ocean to their awaiting maidens.

Only days before, a sailor on the King’s most reliable ship managed to catch one of these creatures and, keeping it in a glass coffin-like container, bring it back to show her to the King himself. Baffled by her beauty and singing ability, the King ordered the ship back out to see to investigate exactly what these creatures were.

They were to use the captured creature as bait for her sisters.

But little did the King know, he had two forces working against him. First off, the captured creature was Princess of her kind. Because of her capture, her kind have started preparing for battle. Second, the sailor who had captured the creature was already under her spell, blinded by her beauty, dragging his companions towards their doom.

The morning before the ship set off, the King named the creatures Sirens after the Greek monsters who dragged sailors to their deaths, drowning them.

Be careful, brethren.
The Sirens are singing.

Characters Needed
--ship captain--
--sailor (captured the siren)--
--sailor 2--
--sailor 3--

TAKEN--Princess of the Sirens--TAKEN
--blonde siren--
--brunette siren--
--black haired siren--

--sirens are all women of long hair and tails of ocean colors--
--they do not wear clothing although jewelry may be worn--
--once out of water they can transform into a human woman--
--their children are birthed while in the human state--
--at two years the child is introduced to the ocean where it will live for eternity--
--they can speak human tongue but speak telepathically to each other--
--when a mortal man hears the voice of a siren, they can be effected fully or only partially; fully being they are under complete control and partially being they have some control over their body’s decision making--
--royalty among the siren ranks is treated with the utmost respect and authority--

Romance Partners
--ship captain x brunette siren--
--sailor x princess--
--sailor 2 x black haired siren--
--sailor 3 x blonde siren--

--this is a mature roleplay--
--roleplayers will be expected to write lengthy, creative posts and contribute to the story--
--follow the rules of the site--
--romance, violence, and profanity allowed--
--anything past heavy kissing needs to be taken to PM or faded out--
--there is no reserving--
--submit a character and if you’ve put enough into it I’ll accept it--
--please don’t be offended if your character isn’t accepted--

Character Skeleton
Code: Select all
[b]Brief description (provide real picture as well) [/b]
[b]Skills (from fighting to knitting, anything you want that is useful) [/b]
[b]With “take it to pm”? [/b]

Code: Select all
[b]Brief description (provide real picture as well) [/b]
[b]Tail Appearance (length of human legs, should be ocean colors) [/b]
[b]With “take it to pm”?[/b]

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