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Fall of Golisage

Fall of Golisage


City undergoes Crime, a plague, and incoming forces to destroy the city.

927 readers have visited Fall of Golisage since Skirick created it.


First, the darkest plague in the history of Golisage hit. It caused the citizens to develope memory loss and they are slowly killed by an intense fever. After three years of the plague, people who were infected began going insane. So many crimes started being committed, that there was nothing the city's guard could do.

Skirick, the King, was forced to split the city into two sections, a thick wall being build in the middle. Those who were infected were forced on one side, and left to die. Those who became infected were either killed by the guards instantly, or thrown into the other side of the city.

After another two years, there were reports of a new rebel army growing, called the Night Blades. These were people that had once lived in the city. Most had family members casted into the infected side of the city, and had grown ever so angry with their treatment. The city's scouts reported that an attack could be expected within the next few weeks.

Skirick is forced to decide whether he should evacuate his healthy citizens, or if he could gather his army and fight the Night Blades. Senators are trying to influence him to make a decision.


-No GodModding
-No sudden time jumps in story
-One character per account

Roles Needed (you choose name)

-Skirick's Lover (1)
-Skirick's Son/Daughter (1)
-Body Guard(s) (1-2)

-Senators (3 max)

-Night Blade Captain (1)
-Night Blade Militia (inf)
-Infected Citizens (inf)

-Golisage Captain (1)
-Golisage Soldiers (inf)
-Healthy Citizens (inf)



Character Resume

Original Proffession:
Infected with Plague? [y/n]:

Faction (Night Blade/Golisage):



Special Talents (1 only):

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Skirick
A deep, dark alley way. Deserted. So many deaths due to the isolation. The plague killing those who were infected ever so slowly. The wall reminding them that they were left to die.

A shadow appears. A lonely guard, infected. He has been assigned to keep the civilians that were infected in check. He would die, either by the plague killing him, or an infected civilian. His fear causing him to imagine things that were not really there. His infection was spreading through his head. He was begining to go insane.

A soldier on top of the wall, was watching this lonely guard. He noticed the guard had an odd limp. Another shadow appears... A civilian, infected. He jumps at the guard, shrieking as it does so. It claws and bites at the throat of the guard... The soldier turns around as the guard falls, and a swarm of infected civilians jump at his corpse.

Skirick was reading a long letter. His trembling hands struggle to hold it... It reads:

"King" Skirick,

We are coming for your city... You have left some of our loved ones to die, and we are going to show you how it feels... When we get our hands on you, we will toss you into the infected side of the city, and watch them feed on your mortal flesh... You can run, but we will find you, and drag you down by the throat. But should you not be afraid just yet, here is another thing. We know everything about you... We know your loved ones, and the woman you have been secretly "visiting". You are dead Skirick...


The letter slowly floats to the floor.

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0.00 INK

Sirus slowly finished putting away his dining wares. Plates and cutlery were replaced in their appropreate drawers, and closed untill the next day. It was quiet in his large abode, an almost dead silence filled the building. He walked through the dining room, passing through the entry hall, and walking up the stairs in the grand room; a large room filled with valuables and treasures. He followed the acending path untill he saw the first door on the right. It was the master bedroom. He stepped inside, and began to disrobe, removing his regal garmets.

Suddenly, there was a loud metal clanging, which echoed within the halls. Sirus knew the sound well; his knocker. He quickly redressed himself, and strapped the sacred cutless that reside in the corner of his room to his waist with a belt. He slowly walked down the stairs, as the knocker seemed to impatiently slam on the brass. He reached the entrance, and opened the door agressively. Two scruffy looking men were at the door, with eerie grins. "Can I help you, gentlemen?" Sirus asked quietly, his orange pearls scanning them. They didnt wear armor, but were armed...

"Whoy, yes ye can, Sir." The taller, better clothed man said, with a slight accent. "May we com'in fer a min'ut'?" Sirus opened the door wider, keeping eyes on the men. They took a step inside, their slightly dirty shoes leaving marks on the bone-white stone beneath their feet. Sirus lead them to the grand hall, and sat down in a cushioned chair, as did the two guests. Sirus looked at the men with a stern look, and he need say no more.

"So, Mist'ah Sirus. I heard tales 'bout you. You're an monstah on tha bat'lefield. And I know tha' you aint worried 'bout the infected out here in your little home, away from the town. " The tall one said again. "Bu' we townsies, we tired of tha king. We're raisin' a...a lit'le army. We goin' ta kill 'im good, just like 'e left our friends tha' 'e left. We humbly come ta you...seein' if you'll fight for...the Night Blades!" The men grinned heavily.

"You see, we're the voices o' the commander. We aint rightly 'llowed ta say 'is name. But, take our word for it when we say 'e is goin' ta take the King down a few pegs. An' then some. He person'ly sent us out ta find you!" He said with enthusiasm. "So, we fin' you, and now we ask you. You want to wet your blade again wit' blood? You miss it, don'cha? The violence. The thrill. You want to have it back! Whot do ya say?" They added on. This only seemed to agitate Sirus, as his look of contentment was turning to a scowl. They gave him a few minutes, which resulted in silence, and their eventual answer.

"Leave this abode now." Sirus stated, and stood, begining to walk away from the men. "He aint bitin'. Come on. We do this the 'ard way." They said to eachtother, before drawing their weapons. Sirus heard the familiar scraping of weapons leaving their sheaths. Her turned roughly on his heels to see one of the men brandishing a shortsword, and the other weilding a crude club. Sirus didnt hesitate to draw his own weapon. The sheen of the blade was dazling, and seemed to glow in the fireplace lit room. The one whom did all the talking took the first action, taking a sharp step towards Sirus, attempting to slice him. Sirus sidestepped, letting the man hew air, and he placed a firm boot to his back, causing him to stumble over, and roll into the nearby wall.

The untalkitive one was next to act, in a leaping attempt to attack Sirus; bring his club down on his head. Sirus took a small leap back, and away from the impact zone. The man landed in a crouching stance, where Sirus brought his lightly covered foot up to meet his face in a vicious punt-styled kick, causing the man to recoil back, holding his face. He then turned on his heels again, to meet the man with the shortsword in a clash of steel. The man was a brute, and had more strength then Sirus. However, he knew exactly how to deal with this. He feinted, jerking his blade away from his foe's and stepping to the side, and using the handguard of Formortis's Cutlass as sort of a brass knuckle, and bash the man's forehead, leaving an impression of the thick line.

But this manuever took too long, as the man with the club had time to recover, and run up behind Sirus, and grapple him, holding him similarly to a full nelson. "Got'cha, fool!" He said with a cocky attitude. Sirus struggled against the man, but with little avail. They were both extremely strong, most likely brigands of some kind. "Le's mess 'im up. I call first shot to his pre'y lit'le face!" The opposing bandit said, sheathing his longsword, and walking over to the restrained noble, cracking his knucles. He reeled back, his fist going behind his head, and lurched forward. Sirus crunched his waist, and brought a leg, placing it on the man's chest, keeping his punch from hitting it's target. He pushed off on the man, causing him to stumble back. "Lit'le cur! Hold still so I can clobber ya!"

Again the tall man spent a lot more time preparing this punch. He even gave it a little windup. Sirus grinned, as this gave him time to see if this little plan of his would work. He placed his leg around that of the man holding him, and placed his other foot as firmly on the ground as he could. He waited for the man to start his punch...and when heard the man let out a small roar, he knew it was time.

Sirus jerked his shoulder as hard as he could, adding the pressure the kneecap of the man's whom held him. It caused the two to preform a sharp 180 turn. The taller man's punch landed straight on the bulkier man's spine, causing him to somewhat spasm in pain. It caused his grip to loosen, and Sirus much took this to his advantage. Sirus deadweighted himself, it being appearently enough to cause the man lose his grip, and let Sirus land on the floor. He brought his elbow up to the man's groin, causing him to stumble over in pain. He then stood, and focused his attention to the man whom had his whole situation flipped on him. He quickly redrew his short sword.

Sirus let the man come at him again with the shortblade, and met steel with him a few times. But the end result was more than predictable. Sirus let the man overextend himself, at which he plummeted his blade through the man's chest. Lukewarm blood spilled over his nice white sleeve, and the man's body fell limp, the blonde haired man withdrawing his blade from him.

The other invader had reaquired his club, and charged at Sirus. Sirus ran backward, keeping him in a charge, untill he hit a wall, at which he took a drasticly large sidestep, causing the man to smash a rather expensive porceline vase. Sirus stabbed the man's ribcage with his blade, withdrew it swiftly, before lopping the man's back, the blade embedding itself deep within his flesh, even cutting through his spinal cord. The man fell to the floor, and began to wimper in pain.

Sirus left the men where they lie, and raced upstairs. He locked his door just in case one of the bandits were able to get back up. He quickly put on his armor, and donned his over attire, which made him look almost unarmored, excluding his legs. He then reached under his massive bed, and withdrew Nocternal Misfortune. If the Night Blades were this hostile to try and command him by force, then they were no good people.

He walked across the hall to another door, rasping on it lightly. He opened the door, and called in a soft voice. "Vembrant, I've made a mess down stairs. Kindly pick it up, would you?"
Vembrant, Sirus's sole retainer was lying in his bed, barely awake.
"Of course sire...but at this hour?" The older man pushed himself out of his bed.
"Yes. I'd ask you to take care of it in the morn, but by then it might smell fiercely."
"Alright sire....why are you dressed? Are you going somewhere."
"Yes, Vembrant. I'll be gone for some time, but I promse to be back. Help yourself to any funding you might need, and the house is at your disposal."
"Ah, of course sire...farewell, and safe travels to you!" His caretaker said as he walked out of the door.

Sirus almost flew down the staircase, when he saw the thicker man crawling to the door. He calmly walked over to the man, his metal armor clanking on the tile. He leant down to the man and calmly said.
"It looks like the voices have been silenced." He brought his leg high in the air, and brutally down on the skull of the downed man. A sickening crack was heard, and the man made no further movements.

Sirus walked out of the house, closing the door behind him. The town was maybe a two hour walk from here. He could make it there by roughly midnight....

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#, as written by Skirick
Skirick is forced awake by a teenage woman who was told to fetch him for breakfast. The Senators were downstairs, unable to dine until Skirick had taken his seat...

"Wh-... What is it?" Skirick asked with a raspy tone. His throat was extremely dry.
"Excuse me sir, but breakfast as ready." She pauses for a moment, as if pondering to ask why he was sleeping in his wooden office chair. She shakes her head, and leaves the room silently.

After a few moments, Skirick stands up, heading to his bedroom. When he enters, he finds three young women holding his clothing for the morning. They hand him his attire with a smile, and leave the room, giving him privacy to change.

He inspects himself in the mirror. He looks so exausted with his long black hair leading to heavy, purple sacks under his eyes. He brushes his casual "citizen" clothing, but completes it with his long, violet-red cape. He slides the crown on the top of his head slowly... He hated wearing this now. No matter the decision he makes as king, someone disagrees. There is no "correct" way to do things. He placed the infected in quarentine to protect to healthy until a cure was discovered. Now HE is the criminal while the infected digest themselves.

A knock on the door causes his posture to erect. He opens the door to find one of his only male servants, he thinks his name is "Jahger". He leads Skirick to the large dining hall, where the entire Council awaits. They all smile as he enters.

His thoughts consume him, These fake smiles I have never gotten used to. They look like jestures trying to take me by the strings and control my decisions. They have a knife to my throat, and my decision will not determine whether they slit it or not, but will determine which direction they thrust it in me.

"Well then," Skirick said with a well rehearsed smile, "Let us eat!"

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0.00 INK

Sirus's trip was no longer than expected. He had reached Golisage within the night, roughly 12 AM. He dragged himself to the nearest inn he could find, and rented a room for the night. It had been such a long time since his nomadic days, and he was very unused to traveling. Not to mention he had fought before leaving as well. He flopped down on the bed, and almost fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

He awoke a few hours later. Perhaps nine AM. He pushed himself off of the bed, and to a stand. He still had time to spare, so he left his gear up in the bedroom, while he went downstairs to eat. He had a sweetroll, and a glass of wine, a fairly decent breakfast on the go. He didnt waste any time as he walked back upstairs, reaquired his gear, and walked out of the inn.

The town was fairly busy, villagers walking around with their hands full. Sirus waded through the crowd, and made his way for the castle. He didnt stop for any detail whatsoever, making his way through the crowd. Some pointed and whispered, others couldnt believe their eyes. They had never seen Sirus this close to the town in almost 3 years. It didnt bother him, as he remained silent, nodding to the few he knew, and those he didnt.

He finally reached his destination: The castle was gated and walled, as he figured. He stood at the gate, and looked through the iron bars. "Excuse me...someone open the gate?"

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#, as written by Skirick
"Skirick, you really should evacuate the city before the Night Blades get here!" said a senator.
"Are you kidding Fredrick? There is no time for an escape! We need to be on the offensive! Gather an army and fight Skirick!"

The senate continues to argue amongst themselves. Skirick decides to ignore them. He wanted to make his own decision, and wouldn't have any of this. His young woman servant enters the room, having a bit of haste.
"Sir Skirick," she bows low, "There is someone outside the gates... This might require your attention."
"Do you realize how many people visit the castle daily, miss? Why would this person be any more special?" says a Senator. Skirick's eyebrows raise.
"Now now, this woman has served me for a few years. This must be important." Skricik stands, giving a slight nod to the senators, "Finish you breakfast, my friends. I must see what is going on." And with that, the woman escorts Skirick out of the room.

The gate slowly rises, and Skirick with a bodyguard at each side await. Skirick smiles politely, "Welcome to Golisage, how might I assist you?"

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0.00 INK

Sirus watched as the gates rose, and the King, Skirick, was now in his view. Sirus was of noble blood, but he still remembered how to respond to someone of higher standings that he. He bowed deeply, and regally before introducing himself. "My name is Sirus Reighfox. You might've heard of me, Sir. But I come to you this day with a warning." He started. he held his equipment non-threateningly, to make sure that the King understood that he came in peace.

"You've undoubtedly heard of these Night Blade few. They've told me that they are citizens outraged by your rule. They aim to shorten your reign. Drasticly, my leige." He continued. "They have come to my own abode, seeking my aid personally. I fear, that if it has come to this, then the assualt is quite near."

"My father was a man of regality, and he knew that you were only doing what was best for Golisage. He respected you, as do I. I come to fight for you, Sir." He lead in his monotone voice. His orange eyes looked deeply into the King's, and seemed to speak for themselves when you could tell that he was sincere with his words.

He waited for the King to respond, unsure of what he'd say.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Skirick
"It is quite interesting, your timing, Sir Sirus." He signals for his guards to leave him. They walk away, hesitantly, eyeing Sirus. Skirick begins to walk down a small sidewalk leading to a pond outside the castle, speaking as he does so. "You see... The senate is trying to pursuade my decision, but they are mostly focused on what the citizens would like... Not on what is best... I can see that you are very wise, my friend, and would like to know what you would do... Should you be in my situation, of course."

He smiles politely as he waits for an answer. ((Sirus may or may not realize that Skirick is testing Sirus's wisdom in this question))

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0.00 INK

Sirus walked along side the King, keeping his eyes level. He kept pace with the noble man aside him. He smiled at Sirus. "...Violence would be the last resort, only if these men could not be reasoned with. Or that they drew first blood." Sirus said, looking up into the morning sky. "Diplomacy, however, would be my first choice. See what these men wish. Pacify them first, then try and make peace with them. If that didnt work, then by all means, try to flee." He said stopping.

"These men have done nothing personal to you, yes? Then you should try every possible route other than hostility." He said, finishing, the king most likely was analyizing his words.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Skirick
"Aye, but they believe I have done something personal to them. I fear they will not be reasoned with. I received a letter, saying that they will show no mercy. If I wish to be civil with them, they will slit my throat without hesitation. They had loved ones who became infected, they want vengance."

His eyes look deep into Sirus's. His face shows much uncertainty, "If I were to choose to stand in fight, would you fight by my side, Sirus? Would you lead my army? Or would this be another foolish decision by your king?"

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0.00 INK

Sirus stopped and thought for a moment. He disliked fighting, but was cursed with excelling at it. Beyond excelling, even. "Sir, I've already stated my side. If you fight, then I fight. You have my lance, Sir. And it will be yours untill it falls." He stated. His orange eyes returning to the King's, and nodding hard.

"As for commanding an army, I'll have to pass...I'm no commander. I'm just a fighter. Nothing more."

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#, as written by Skirick
Before Skirick can continue, a senator's eye catches the two conversing, and walks over with haste.
"Sir Skirick!" He bows slightly, "You left the meal in such a rush, I was unable to speak with you privately." Skirick is almost unable to hide is annoyance, and nods.
"We will have to continue this another time, Sir Sirus. I thank you for the information." He calls over his young woman servant, "Prepare a room for our guest, and you are to do whatever he asks." He smiles at Sirus, then walks away with a hand on the Senator's shoulder.

"Sir, you really should not be speaking with men like him!" The Senator shows a worried face, as Skirick stops and faces him... The Senator continues, "There were dead citizens found inside his home not too far from the town. He is a murderer, Sire."
"Excuse me? Where is it your position who I speak with or not?" Skirick seems furious, "You senators do not give a rat's tail about me! You want this city to yourself! None of you have done anything to assist my rule, and it seems you are trying to take my thrown, my crown, and my pride! Should you continue accusations, I will file my own on you, you corrupted, mindless fool!"

Skirick storms off, by himself, heading to his cuarters to ponder a decision.

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0.00 INK

It wasnt long before Sirus was lead to his quarters. He took the oprotunity to thank the woman, before settling in a room. He was still tired, and needed to rest. He placed his weaponry beside his bed, and lied down upon it. He made himself comfortable, and closed his eyes, hoping that sleep would embrace him.

What seemed like hours passed, and yet sleep didnt take him. He tossed. He turned. He was uneasy...something just didnt feel right...but he couldnt place his finger on it. But...there wasnt anything amiss either. It was a creepy medium feeling...

He could only wait for something to happen.

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