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Dakota Maverick

"My heart isn't cold, it's just broken."

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a character in “Fallen Family”, as played by ChaosxChild13



Full Name:
Dakota Maverick
I don't do nicknames.
Electricity Manipulation: Death inducement by overcharging victim with electric currents, placing electric currents into weaponry and electric devices, projectile attacks [Shock waves/blasts, beams, and possible evaporation if able to produce enough power.]
Limitations: May short circuit if it hits water, May become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate, could always backfire. My powers are controlled by my emotions.

Being alone, cigarettes, weapons [I mostly make my own], control... [duh..], people who are tough -- No, I don't like them, but I'll tolerate. There's a difference between tolerating something and actually liking...

I don't dislike many things. I'm extremely indifferent. The one thing I will not tolerate is stupidity. Go take that somewhere else. Along with ignorance, romance.. Tried it once. Didn't really work out. People lying to me.

People have called me, cold, sinister. Demanding. Detached.

They couldn't be more right. I don't care what you do, just don't get in my way. I will have no problem shooting you in the kneecap if you screw up, or if you decided to rebel against my commands. If you're on a hunt with me, you better let me lead. I can't stand not leading. With that said, mostly people let me be and do my own thing. I don't follow rules, I have a hard time understanding boundaries, and I could care less if you cry due to my blunt attitude. I speak the truth, and I don't hold my emotions back... Well, just the necessary emotions. I don't do sappy emotions.

Maybe underneath my tough shell I GUESS I'm a bit softer. But that's a rare side that got hidden away a very long time ago. And that part of me isn't coming back anytime soon. Trust me. I don't take other people lying to my face, or hiding things from me.

What I enjoy? Well... I don't know... Archery, being alone, making my own weapons, reading, and being physically active. Sometimes people say I over exert myself.

To be honest, there is nothing I care about more than myself.. Well... Besides one person.. But we're not getting into that...

Do I have to talk about this right now?... Well, shit. Looks like I haven't got a choice... I grew up in a stupid orphanage. Pathetic sob story... My mother was too young and she gave me up, unable to keep me.

At least that's what they told me. Until I found out the truth. My mother was an Angel, and my father, well he was a Demon. Which makes me a mixed baby. Of course, this didn't sit well with the other Angels. When I was born, my eyes were all black, even the sclera. My mother fought for me, and was thrown out of Heaven for doing so. She couldn't keep me so she left me on a doorstep, hoping my powers might never arise and I would live a peaceful life. What she didn't know, that my powers are triggered by emotions. Whenever I would cry, the electricity in the orphanage would flicker and whenever I would scream out, the lights would go completely black. I was called a 'demon child', a 'freak', and was sent from orphanage to orphanage until one finally took me in when I was two years old. By that point I was completely shut off from people. They always leave, so why even try to be friends with anyone. That was until I met Camleigh Alysson Davis, she was nice enough to try and talk to me, get me out of my shell. While I would sit there in the corner, she would come and sit next to me. Sometimes not saying anything at all. Not that I enjoyed it at first. I would give her dark glares, but one day she didn't come and sit next to me and I felt suddenly alone...

That's when I found my first friend, at least it was as close to a friendship as I had ever had. We were inseparable, and we had kept in touch, until we were adopted by different families.

I was adopted by a wonderful couple -- Annalise and Damien Maverick. They never pried about anything, or even attempted to try and coddle me. By the time I was four I was on my own doing things and my adopted family respected me. When I was ten, I realized I was gay, and Annalise and Damien were extremely accepting of this, even if anyone in Bumblefuck, Fort Smith, Arkansas wasn't. I was tormented daily by kids, but I soon became the one that no one messed with in Middle School, and I've had that reputation ever since.

By the time I was in High School, Camleigh came back... And oh man, she was gorgeous. She had grown so much. I'm pretty sure I started crying a bit --not that I let her see that... Whatever...

We became best friends, and we seemed like an odd pairing. Me being the dark, sinister one, her being the gorgeous blonde. It's not like we really cared though. I was reunited with my best friend, and I couldn't ask for anymore... Although, feelings did start to erupt, feelings of comfort, and ... not only that but love as well.

One day something strange happened. On my way home from the skate park, I was suddenly stopped by some freaks with a bunch of heavily armed weaponry, who talked like they were from Shakespeare's time. What I didn't know at the time, and what I soon found out, was they were the Arch Angels who killed my mother, and they were searching for me. Her child.

That's when I became a Hunter, leading a double life as a normal High School sixteen year old, and by night a Hunter. I wasn't going to be found, and if I was, I wasn't going down with a fight. Only problem was... Camleigh had a secret that I had no idea about, then again, she hadn't known my secret either... which just caused the boat to rock...

Anything else?: I am a Fallen Angel/Demon mix. My demon side gives me great reflexes/enhanced senses, and my inherited power? Electricity Manipulation. My Fallen Angel... Well, I haven't really figured out what I got from my mother...

So begins...

Dakota Maverick's Story