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Arabic Royal Guardian

0 · 311 views · located in Refugee campsite

a character in “Fallen Heroes”, as played by SarahGracie


Name: Ameriah (Ameera)
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124lbs
Hair Color: Dark Mahogany
Eye Color: Cinnamon Brown
Complexion: Very tan
Physique: Defined yet girlish, well muscled, Has two obvious scars - Three long scratches on her left forearm, cresent moon-shaped scar on her collarbone
Citizenship: None

■Quick-Minded and quick on her feet
■Protecting those around her
■Sword Combat as well as throwing daggers

■Often Arrogant and quick to judge
■Often can have a quick temper

■Excellent with Arabic swords, throwing daggers and stakes
■Hand to hand combat
■Can be very persuasive


Ameriah has often been described as mysterious. She usually keeps her face and hair hidden most of the time (as most women from her part of the world). Although she possesses a flaring temper she keeps quiet, keeping most of her haughty remarks to herself and keeping her smirk hid behind her robes. She was taught to be seen and not heard in her years protecting an Arabian princess. These strong and silent characteristics have been stuck with her, however she sees that most women of the North are more outspoken and envies their rather loose tongues.

She is not religious, although most from her land are. In the current state of the earth, she often wonders how anyone could believe in anything anymore. She is not one to have relationships. She simply defends and fights against the monsters that roam her world.


One Arabic sword
6 Small Daggers Hidden at Various places on her Body
One Stake

One Pack when Traveling


Ameriah was born into a laboring family in a small village in the dessert planes. She was thought to become a laborer as the rest of her family, however a Royal Advisor took an interest in her. Her father agreed to sell her into slavery at the young age of ten years old, such things happened often in her land. The advisor took her to the palace where she assumed she would be cooking, cleaning or perhaps a servant to the princess and she hoped not part of the Sultan's servants. To her delight she found she would be working for the princess, however it was not in the typical way she assumed. She would not be applying face paints or adorning her jewels... Ameriah would be protecting the princess. Ameriah immediately started her training from some of the most skilled fighters across the lands.

In eight short years she would take her role as the Princess' personal body guard. Ameriah was to risk her own life to protect that of the princess. It was something she done in pride. She loved the training, loved the combat, loved every part of being a guardian. All of her teachers and instructors admired her for both her skill and dedication. She was rare because she was a female guardian, but also because she was close in the princess' age. This allowed the Princess to have both a friend and a guardian.

After a year of spending almost every waking moment with the Princess, it was hard not to become her friend. Ameriah only let the princess know the person she truly was under her hard guardian shell. Things seemed to be going smoothly. She mostly had to protect the princess from other people. There were many of envied her position and status. Ameriah knew of the evil creatures lurking the earth, but most tended to keep away from this land. Demons were the only exception. The harsh conditions had no effect on them. Part of Ameriah's training had been to know how to send away demons before they could hurt or possess the princess. Ameriah had to use this skill often. Also part of her training was learning to kill both vampires and werewolves, even though she had done so very few times.

On the Princess' 21st birthday, her father through a huge celebration. As tradition would have it, the princess would meet her betrothed husband that evening. The palace was abuzz with excitement. There were so many people arriving, it was truly unheard of in this land. The Sultan spared no expense. The security was increased and this allowed Ameriah to attend the event as a special guest by the princess' personal request. Being the first time she ever attended such an exquisite event, the princess treated her to both a dress and to put it simply, the royal treatment. Her hair had been done up, along with face paint and beautiful jewelry.

The evening seemed to be doing well. It was shortly into the dancing segment that things began to go awry. Ameriah learned from another guardian that there had been a breech and a few vampires had been stakes on the south end of the palace and now word was that the north-west wind was also being infiltrated. It was soon after that, the guardians attempted to move the guest to safety, however it was proving to be too late. Vampires swarmed the palace. They were too quick and there were too many people and not enough guardians. It was quickly turning into a massacre. Ameriah's only concern was the princess. She sought her out and arranged for them to flee to a hidden area of the palace. The chaos proved to be too much and they were quickly separated.

Ameriah battled and killed many that night. The vampires soon fled, not for lack of strength, but simply due to the fact it would be even a long journey for them to cross the dessert and seek suitable shelter. They captures many and took prisons to take back with them. Ameriah realized one was the princess. Ameriah almost immediately set out to hunt down these vampires and attempt to rescue the princess or in the very least avenge her death. Many week later she found the group of vampires that had attacked and also found the princess who was not part of the un-dead.

Teaming with a few mercenaries she met along the way, they destroyed the group of vampires. Ameriah herself staked her only friend, the princess. She now resides with the mercenaries, not sure what else to due with her life. She has been trained to kill and so far has executed it to the fullest of her abilities. That was until she received a letter... She assumed the story of both the battle at the palace and the one in this new land must have gotten out, but was unsure how anyone even knew her name. Deciding to investigate, she followed the letter instructions.

So begins...

Ameriah's Story