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Narcissa de Leone

"Mothers are some of the most dangerous creatures alive."

0 · 535 views · located in Magna

a character in “Fallen Wings”, as played by Everscale


Full name: Narcissa de Leone
Nicknames/Aliases: Cissa, the “Dark Beauty”
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Occupation: Dragon Rider
Appearance: Image
Narcissa was nicknamed the “Dark Beauty” in her hometown for a reason. A reason which had absolutely nothing to do with her true personality. She looks powerful, she looks dangerous and arrogant, like she would stab a man for looking at her. She is tall for a woman, thin but not brittle. A healthy woman with muscle, an hourglass figure and ample breast. Her skin was once pale as cream, but has since grown tan with the touch of the wind and the sun. Her hair sweeps to mid-back in such a dark brunette that in the right lighting it looks black, except at the tips where it grows paler with age, and seems to turn red. Her eyes are a stormy gray, and framed by naturally curling, thick lashes. Her features, caught between round and straight in a perfect mix of strength and feminine charm, are alluring and seem to make her eyes glow with a flirtatious aura. Her lips, full and dark, are even more enticing. But be careful – in spite of her personality, she really would kill you for touching her without permission. She is rather fond of red velvet and trimmings of thick, dark fur. She wears an overdress of it, while underneath she wears a simple brown tunic and breeches. She does not usually wear all that much armor – it hinders her fighting. She is a pretty casual person, and sometimes shows a bit of chest – as a result, most people have seen the deep, puckered scar over her heart.

Personality: The Dark Temptress, the Dark Beauty… her nicknames give not the slightest hint of who she really is. She is a beautiful woman, brimming with confidence and sensuality, but she is not cruel, and she would really prefer not to kill anyone if given the choice. She is a lover more than a fighter, a sweet young woman who will always prefer taking care of the baby dragons over swinging her spear around. She is playful and energetic, a friend and sister to all. She likes to have a good time, and when she was younger that meant dancing for money, which is how she got her reputation. In spite of popular rumors, however, she would never just take anyone to bed with her. She believes in true and deep love and would not dream of doing anything with someone she was not completely certain of. This is not to say she does not do rash things, just not those rash things. She has a bit of a temper, prone to exploding at people who do things she does not think are right. She can be volatile when displeased, and has been known to stick someone with her sword when they pushed her too far over the edge. Too many times someone has had to rein her back in after someone teased her or one of her friends. She is not in a position of command for a very good reason – she would probably get everyone killed.

Strengths: Loyalty, intelligence, confidence, a large heart.
Weaknesses: A volatile temper, powerful attachments to others, overconfidence, and weak lungs (she has been known to collapse on occasion.)

- A simple sword – she does not need anything fancy.
- A robe of red velvet, trimmed in dark fur, and boots of dark fur, for cold nights and cold flights.
- Scented oil – to help with her lungs.

Abilities: She is very good at fighting on the fly, less so at fighting on the ground. She is a remarkably dancer, and has been said to be capable of seducing any man. Or, for that matter, most women.

Brief history: Narcissa was born into a poor town, into a human community which viewed women as possessions. The women in her home were remarkably proud – they did not consider being possessions demeaning in any way. They were very strong-willed, free to do whatever they liked as long as they pleased their owners, and they were always fighting to raise their prices, because the higher a woman’s price the higher her status. It was not uncommon for women there to pick up new talents, in order to raise their prices – Narcissa became a talented and seductive dancer, and before she was nineteen years old, having been bought at fourteen, she was the most expensive woman in her village, and in much of the villages in the area. She was happy to wear her collar, with its designs of precious stones and its chain of pure gold. She was happy to lie each night with her owner, to defend her pride with her knives, to live out her life that way.
It did not turn out well. She fell in love with a man from outside, a man who did not own her. She lay with him.
She became pregnant, and her owner knew it was not his. He had lost the ability to have children in battle before she was even born. He threw her out into the streets – pregnant, with weak lungs, living alone in the wild, she would undoubtedly have died had she not been found by the Dragon Riders. They took her with them – what else could they have done? – and the rest is history. Her history. Now, twelve years later, she is a Dragon Rider, and her son Vell is growing up among Dragons, preparing to become one himself.

(For Riders)

Dragon Name: Ithaca

Dragon Appearance: Image
A rather small dragon, but nonetheless impressive, with brilliant golden scales and wings almost two times his length. The horns on his great head are lethally sharp, and he has been known to sharpen them even more by scoring his head up the side of the mountain. He is thin and long-legged in build, and Narcissa has always believed he looked a bit like a female dragon, a fact reinforced by the amount of time he spends around chicks. He does not really appreciate being compared to a female.

Dragon Personality: Though being compared to a girl does often annoy him, he is not an easily irritated creature, and not as proud as most of his kind. He is energetic and playful, a great big goofball, entirely unafraid to make a fool of himself to get a few laughs. He is well-known for his odd, quirky, sharp-toothed grin, and for trying to mimic his humanoid companions. He loves to chat, even with people other than Narcissa. He does not always think things through, a bad match with his rash and passionate Rider, and on more than one occasion has almost killed someone for making lewd comments about Narcissa. He and Vell have been playmates since the young dragon was barely the size of a small horse.

Breath: He breathes sleeping gas, relatively harmless but very effective.

So begins...

Narcissa de Leone's Story