Miss Marsha Hare

Tea.. Anyone?

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a character in “Falling back to Wonderland”, as played by Polka


Who are you: The New March Hare
Who are your parents: The March Hare.... Though I can't quite recall who my Mother was....
Name: Marsha Hare
Age: 19
Personality: Marsha does have a somewhat obsession with tea passed down from her father. If Marsha does not get 'tea' when she wants it she can become rather nasty.
However if Marsha keeps topped up with tea she is rather sweet, constantly caring for The Hatter and the Door mouse. Especially when the Hatter has one of his episodes.
Orientation: Straight
History: Marsha grew up with her father and the Original Hatter. Never really knowing who her mother was apart from that she was a rabbit and not a Hare, makes Marsha half a Hare and Half a rabbit. She lives with Jamie Hatter and the Door mouse and even she is unsure of Jamie's Gender though in her mind he is male.
One trait that Marsha inherited from her father was his speed, she had had more than several run ins with the Queens guard, each time escaping with her agility.
Like: Tea, cakes, small sandwiches
Dislikes: The Queen, Latenes, rudeness

So begins...

Miss Marsha Hare's Story


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#, as written by Polka
Welcome to Wonderland

You being with a letter at your door, it invites you to a party. You aren't often invited to a party at the Hatter's house so you are intrigued...

' Dear _____________
You are invited to a tea Party at the Hatter and Hare's house
Please do bring cake
Yours forever Mad
Marsha Hare'

Image Welcome to our Home.....

Marsha Hare

Marsha had kept herself busy for most of the morning, brewing tea and making cakes and cleaning with Skippy clinging to her back. For some reason a party was being held, though Marsha could not really remember the reason why. However, the thought of seeing the other Wonderlander's excited her, though she hoped it would not put too much strain on Jamie... as they had invited the Queen too.

As she polished a huge red tea pot, Skippy stirred and squeeked in his dreams. She carefully took him from her back and put him onto a soft tea cup shaped arm chair.

'Jamie' she called ' You ready?'

And with that the small mouse began to stir, so she gently cooed him whilst pouring a cup of tea for herself and the Hatter.

OOC: Alise I have not included you as you need to fall down the rabbit hole :)


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Jamie opened 'his' eyes at the sound of his name. Looking around, he realized he'd fallen asleep again. Letting out a giggle, he sat up realizing he was on the floor of his bedroom. Why hadn't he slept on his bed? Shrugging, he got up and went to the kitchen, smelling tea and sweets. "Ooooh Marsha! Do we have cake? I am awfully hungry," he called out in a sing song tune as he pulled out his pocket watch, holding it up to his ear to listen to the familiar 'tick' of the clock. Upon hearing it, Jamie smiled widely and stepped into the kitchen.
Seeing many assortments of cakes, Jamie's smile widened even more and he grabbed a random sweet, starting to nibble on it. "And what do you mean 'ready'?" he asked tilting his head to the side, not sure what she meant. Right now, he was in an overly big black T-shirt and red pants, also known as his pjs.
Then it clicked, and he began giggling. "Tea time! Whose coming this time? White rabbit? Cheshire? Oh, do tell!" he yelled, taking a seat on the counter and swinging his legs. During this time, he dropped his watch and it fell to the floor, cracking the glass. Opening his mouth, the hatter prepared to scream at the top of his lungs.


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Azure eyed the letter quizzically, Who on earth would want her to come to their party? her eyes flick down to the bottom to see the sender.
The hare, She nods to herself knowing what to do I'm not going.
"But," She says quietly to herself, lighting her cigarette that was placed delicately in it's respective holder, "If I do not go they may just think I'm ill, but if I do go they'll know I hate them."
So with attending the party in mind she jumps up off her mushroom stool and over to her small mirror looking at herself.
"Oh!" She exclaims "What do I care what they think I look like?" She growls and walks out the door, cigarette still in hand.

She walks out of her small cottage and to the Hare and the Hatter's which is, quite frankly, impossible not to see whereas hers was almost invisible, hidden between trees and vines.

Walking up to the front door she knocks delicately, her knock almost impossible to hear.


"Oi Dan," calls Dean, close to his brothers ear as he pokes him in the ribs "get up we're going to-to-to the, um, the. Oh here." He sighs, giving up and handing him the invite.
Dan takes the letter and quickly reads it.
"Ooo, the Hatter 'n the Hare's house? We have to go, it's been, well, hmm," Dan gives up and sighs, "Too long."

They both nod simultaneously and then grin, "We can bring some of our special blue lemonade."
Dan nods "I'll get the, um, the-"
"Lemonade?" Dean offers, looking down at the word written on his hand.
His brother grins "Yes please." and they go to get a glass each, forgetting the party.

"Oh," says Dan through sips of their special brew "The party."
Dan smiles brightly, glad to have remembered something.
"Best be off." Nods Dean and gets up, grabbing the lemonade and a small tin of butternut cookies.

They leave their house and, eventually, get to the Hatters although they did get lost one, two, three maybe seven times on the way.
Noticing Azure at the door, they decide it's best to hang back for a bit - You never know what kind of a mood she'll be in.


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#, as written by Polka

' Yes love, there are lots and lots of cakes....some of which Skippy baked, probably best to leave those'
Marsha knew that Skippy was probably half asleep whilst making the cakes and would have probably used salt instead of sugar. Though she liked to appease the small mouse boy, so she put his cakes out in any case.
She was very mothering to the little mouse often worrying that Tracey's mood swings would wake him up.

' When I asked if you were ready, I meant ready to entertain our guessed' Marsha said.

At that moment she sensed company and heard the fainest of knocks with her large ears. She took a swig of tea and marched up to the door before....


One of Jamie's turns. She ran to him handing out her flask of tea.


Skippy blinked his eyes three times before rousing from his sleep. Only one thing could really wake him and that was Jamie.

He knew the action plan that went along with Jamie's outbursts.... grab the nearest bottle of tea and offer it too him. SO he sleepily ran toward the large multicoloured table in the middle of them room, grabbed a blue flask and one of his homemade caked and handed it out to Jamie.

'Please calm down' he pleased innocently.


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Jamie paused, staying out of sight of the door as Marsha welcomed guests. He didn't know Azure was going to be there, and now he realized everyone would probably be there. Will the queen..he cut off the thought before he could finish t, deciding to let it go. If the queen did come, he'd cross that bridge when they got there. Straightening up slightly, he walked past the door, briefly waving at the twins as he did, and went into the kitchen.
Seeing some cakes, Jamie picked up one that looked like it was more frosting than actually cake and took a bite. As he ate his cake, he began to look for tea too. For some reason, he couldn't seem to find the tea, even though it was sitting in plain sight. "Tea, tea, tea, tea..." he mumbled to himself, searching the area. Only when his face came about two inches from a tea pot did he realize it was there. Letting out a high pitched squeal, Jamie picked up a random empty cup and filled it. "Tea!" he yelled, before taking a sip and then continuing to eat the cake. If someone didn't stop him, he very well would drink all the tea by himself before the rest of the guests even got there.