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Skippy the Door Mouse

Twinkle... Twinkle little bat, how I wonder what your at?

0 · 241 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “Falling back to Wonderland”, as played by Polka


Character Skelly :)
Who are you: The Door Mouse
Who are your parents: The old Door Mouse and a beautiful Mouse who you can't quite remember
Name: Skippy
Age: 11
Personality: Skippy is often found sleeping in Marsha's arms... He is pretty big for a Mouse. For such a young age Skippy is quite brainy when he is awake but with a childlike mind frame he often want the Hatter and Hare's attention.

Orientation: A bit too young to say :)
History: Skippy does not remember his mother, so he often treats Marsha as his Mother, which she loved. He does not remember much about his life as he slept through a lot of it, something which he acquired from his father. He lives with the Hatter and the Hare, often treating them like his older siblings and depending upon them entirely.
When Skippy is frightened he turns into an actual door mouse .


Pretty Girls

The Queen
The Hatter's mood swings
Being woken up

So begins...

Skippy the Door Mouse's Story


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#, as written by Polka
Welcome to Wonderland

You being with a letter at your door, it invites you to a party. You aren't often invited to a party at the Hatter's house so you are intrigued...

' Dear _____________
You are invited to a tea Party at the Hatter and Hare's house
Please do bring cake
Yours forever Mad
Marsha Hare'

Image Welcome to our Home.....

Marsha Hare

Marsha had kept herself busy for most of the morning, brewing tea and making cakes and cleaning with Skippy clinging to her back. For some reason a party was being held, though Marsha could not really remember the reason why. However, the thought of seeing the other Wonderlander's excited her, though she hoped it would not put too much strain on Jamie... as they had invited the Queen too.

As she polished a huge red tea pot, Skippy stirred and squeeked in his dreams. She carefully took him from her back and put him onto a soft tea cup shaped arm chair.

'Jamie' she called ' You ready?'

And with that the small mouse began to stir, so she gently cooed him whilst pouring a cup of tea for herself and the Hatter.

OOC: Alise I have not included you as you need to fall down the rabbit hole :)


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#, as written by Polka

' Yes love, there are lots and lots of cakes....some of which Skippy baked, probably best to leave those'
Marsha knew that Skippy was probably half asleep whilst making the cakes and would have probably used salt instead of sugar. Though she liked to appease the small mouse boy, so she put his cakes out in any case.
She was very mothering to the little mouse often worrying that Tracey's mood swings would wake him up.

' When I asked if you were ready, I meant ready to entertain our guessed' Marsha said.

At that moment she sensed company and heard the fainest of knocks with her large ears. She took a swig of tea and marched up to the door before....


One of Jamie's turns. She ran to him handing out her flask of tea.


Skippy blinked his eyes three times before rousing from his sleep. Only one thing could really wake him and that was Jamie.

He knew the action plan that went along with Jamie's outbursts.... grab the nearest bottle of tea and offer it too him. SO he sleepily ran toward the large multicoloured table in the middle of them room, grabbed a blue flask and one of his homemade caked and handed it out to Jamie.

'Please calm down' he pleased innocently.