Nate Black

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a character in “Falling Forever: An Unconventional Love Story”, as played by By Starlight


Nicknames: Nate

Age: 22

Sexuality: Straight

Band: Dark Creatures

Band Role: Lead singer


-Loud music/crowds
-Expensive things
-His band
-Red hair
-Animals (large/dangerous)
-Bright colors

-Boring people
-Stupid people
-Too quiet places
-Sober parties
-Being told what to do
-Seemingly flawless people/things
-Spending nights alone
-Being ignored
-Not getting what he wants



Addictions: Sex

Illnesses: Extremely narcissistic

Personality: Nate is a complex character. There are many sides to him, and many people never learn more than one of them.
When you first meet him, he's cocky and arrogant. Some might say he sits upon a high horse when, in fact, this is an extreme understatement. This ‘horse’ might as well be the empire state building. Atop the tower’s peak rests a cushiony, golden embroidered throne where Nate comfortably resides. Surrounding his towering perch is an air of high self-esteem and self-importance that never seems to fade or waver. He's very witty, and likes to joke around often, but he acts as if he's superior to everyone around him. Being like this, he doesn't care for the opinion of anyone, even if he acts like he does.
His facade is generally bored if he's stuck in one place, but he always has an amused look if he's wandering around. His mind is often else where -no matter what he's doing he seems a bit distracted, but he doesn't usually rush. He's more one to constantly be checking the time, mentioning he's late, and not doing anything about it.
Because of his obvious act of importance, many don't see beneath it. When he isn't being forced to socialize, he's generally aloof and mysterious. He never fully explains anything, and answers any questions you have for him extremely vague and shiftily. Depending on him is extremely unstable situation, because he is everywhere he isn't expected to be, and no where others plan him to be. There's a dark mystery about him that leaves curious people wondering more about him. Who really is Nate? Just another snobby celebrity? Think again.
Nathan has an IQ of 130, and is a jack of all trades, master at many. He's conniving and clever, keeping those he wants to on their toes. He's sarcastically serious, especially when he's dealing with business. Many times one wonders if his comments are jokes or an actual statement. He's very intelligent, and finds himself easily bored with people who can't capture his attention span well. He dislikes stupid people, and absolutely hates people who pretend to be dumb.
He likes to think he can do whatever the hell he wants, and that everyone is only there to entertain him - which is true a lot of the time, because he's often paying for entertainment. The world seems to lay at his feet, and he takes advantage of that. Destruction of private property, trespassing, stealing (more like just casually taking), or almost any kind of illegal activity easily falls in his category. Going off of that, he's basically all talk unless there's a serious need for back up. When that happens, knives and guns start to get pulled. He's one to taunt, but when it comes to something like a fight, he always fights dirty.
You may ask why he seems like such an idiot when he's so smart. The reason for that is that he can be. He has the opportunity to be a jerk, and he enjoys to show off his knowledge to make other feel dumb. He likes to succeed in every aspect he can because, of the fact that he's able to. His motivation isn't anything more than the fact that it's probable.
When it comes to women, he finds it's a game. He's never really had to "settle down" because no girl has ever given him the incentive to do so. No girl has ever really push for it or tried because they easily assume he doesn't want that or they're just too scared of running him off. He's an excellent lover when he tries, though that's rare. Mostly women are objects to him, which he can't really be blamed for thinking because that's somewhat how he was raised. Ever since it was legal he's been hanging around strip clubs, night clubs, and working girls because he can. Women flock to him especially if they know who he is because he's pretty loaded with money. He doesn't have any trouble with girls, but finds that he doesn't really have a need for them. He enjoys their company but he never has the incentive to go out and get one of his own.. He often wakes up with a new bed partner every other night.
His lifestyle only increased as he became more famous, and he loves the attention of it. There much less breaking the law, because he can find other sources of entertainment now.
His last and final side, that really only comes out in their music, is a deeper part of himself he rarely shows. Slightly cliched, Nathan hides his sadnesses from the world, drowning them out in heavy guitars, loud drums, and screaming crowds. He numbs them with drugs, alcohol, and sex, and merely pretends they don't exist until he has to write another song. He's somewhat twisted and broken in his own way like many creative souls are. He's caught between who he is and who he wants to be. The ghost of a badboy, famous, loved singer, and the shell of the empty boy looking for a temporary fill. He has a problem with admitting there's a problem, and also deciding what he wants. He loves living in the moment, constantly meeting new women and sleeping with them, but wonders if anyone will love him for more than his fame. There's an underlying feeling of distrust that most have when they gain fame, of not knowing whether a relationship is real. He blows it off, pretending he doesn't want someone to call his own, but the more he does it, the worse he gets. Drowning in more temptations.

History: He was a child of two parents. No, his father didn't get drunk and abuse him, or his mother for that matter, and no neither of them were very mean to their children. They just lacked care. They lacked compassion. They were two people just trying to get by, do what they thought they had to and nothing more. They both worked, they both were present at home. They didn't give much affection, and always seemed to be bored with themselves, their lives, and their kids.
Their mother was a beauty queen at 18, she was gorgeous. Her mother, (Leo's grandmother) had entered her in pageants since she was 4. The little girl had grown up fine, but didn't have much of a social life. She was popular, and everyone seemed to envy her beauty, but she was untouchable. No one could really get close to her because she was reserved and closed off.
His father was an average kid. I guess the reason he never spent time with his own kids was because his parents never spent time with him. The moment he was 18 he moved out. He didn't want them, they focused on their dreams, never his. And because of that, he never could spend too much time on others, so set on figuring out what to do next, he never strayed far from the home though.
When he left, he stopped in a convenient store. That's when he met her mother. I don't know if you'd call it love at first sight, but they got to talking. She said she didn't want to be in the town anymore, but she had nowhere to go. He told her he had nowhere to go, but he was leaving. Somehow it lead to him inviting her to join, and eventually they were married.
They had two sons, who they neglected as much as their parents had to them. Their mother just wasn't the type to really lower herself to play with her first child once he'd come to a more roughhousing age, and at the same time left her second son to play alone, with his father, or his brother. On top of that, she didn't know how to be affectionate towards them, so she wasn't the classic cuddly mother. Their father was similar, mostly out working or just out in general. So they grew up somewhat alone, but dinner was always on the table.

So begins...

Nate Black's Story


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Blair loved being on the road, touring because it meant she got to see her fans and staying at home could get rather boring when you’re used to being on the road so much. They’d been on tour a week and both bands were still getting to know each other for the most part. They knew each other from parties and what they read, but they didn’t really know each other.

She’d kept to herself mostly. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to get to know the other, it was just how she was. Aside from Larey and Hudson, she didn’t talk much. She had slept a total of eight hours over the past seven days, her insomnia kept her from sleeping. But, she honestly didn’t mind it, the motion of the bus and the dim lighting of her bunk felt more like home to her than anywhere else.

They were currently on their way to Miami, Florida for tonight’s show. She glanced to her IPhone, the screen reading 6:23. Which meant she had at least another hour or so before anyone else was awake. She thought about texting Nate, they’d somehow become texting buddies over the past few days, she had to admit, he was an ass hole, but his constant flirting was growing on her. She decided against it though, he probably wouldn’t be awake.

She put her head phones in and pressed play, drowning out everything around her. She grabbed her make-up or at least that what everyone assumed it was. She pulled her curtain closed cutting her off from the rest of the bus. She pulled out a new needle and filled it with the toxic drug. She tied of her arm with a tourniquet as she slid the needle into the inside of her elbow wincing. She moaned softly as the drug ran through her veins like liquid fire.

She shoved everything back into her make-up bag and shoved it underneath her pillow as she lend back against the wall, letting the drug take over. She closed her eyes listening to the song play as it added to relaxing her. She hated being an addict, but in all honesty, the drugs controlled her nightmares and as fucked up as it was they kept her sane.

After laying there for a while with her eyes closed, she decided she was hungry. She quietly hopped down from her top bunk. She was in nothing but her favorite bra and boy short set., she didn’t bother to put anything on, considering Larey was normally the only guy on their bus aside from their driver and it wasn’t like she didn’t wear more revealing things on stage.

She made sure to keep quite not wanting to wake anyone else as she grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of water, sitting on the small couch a few feet from the bunk bed as she checked her Twitter. Commenting and Retweeting stuff from the fans.